Thursday, March 3, 2016



There are times I literally cannot get enough of Master. No matter how enthusiastically I lick and nuzzle and bury my face between the man’s legs, I can never possess all of him the way I desire. Even Master’s mightiest orgasm, capped off with frenzied hair-yanking and thunderous quaking of his thighs, leaves me wishing I could please him harder.
No matter his assurances, I crave more—for both of us. This is Master’s curse, one I wouldn’t trade for the juiciest role on Broadway. It is the sweetest torture, the ultimate masochistic agony.
My thoughts provide little mystery for Master in the delicious moments after his release. He offers a hand, pulls me to my feet, and cups my head against his chest. His other hand skims down my arm, raising a shiver on my bare skin. “Thank you, Dane.”
“My pleasure, Master.” Truer words have never been spoken.
Master’s gentle laughter rumbles through his chest and meets the ear pressed tightly against his shirt. “I believe you.”
I tip my head back so I can revel in the bliss reflected in his eyes. “It’s that obvious?”
“I’m aware you’re a professional actor, but even you couldn’t be that convincing.”
“Luckily I don’t have to fake anything with you.”
Master smiles and drops a kiss on my forehead. “I don’t need to know where you found your inspiration for that blowjob, Dane, but feel free to visit that place whenever you like. That was one of your very finest performances.”
Despite his invitation to mentally wander, I need Master to know that he is my inspiration. I press my palm to his heart. “My place is right here, Master.”
“Hmm,” Master says with a grin, “so not a thought to our young friend with the overactive lips?”
He tolerates my eye roll. “Obviously, all that teasing and his kiss—”
“Let’s not forget the epic ass grab, Dane.”
“Fine . . . and the ass grab . . . got me revved”—a state Master chooses to leave me in, apparently.
Master clears his throat with a good-natured, “Ah-hemmm.”
“But I can assure you, Master, once my knees hit the floor, you were the only man on my mind.” 
“Well then,” Master says, “let’s be grateful I can still order you to your knees whenever I like.”
“Indeed.” Releasing a sigh, I snuggle closer and allow Master’s rhythmic stroke to calm us both.
“Are you ready to debrief, Dane?” he asks after a few minutes have passed.
“As you can see, I have no briefs, but sure.”
“Come on,” Master says, grinning at my lame attempt at humor, “let’s go into the den.”
From the office to the den. It strikes me, not for the first time, how effectively Master uses physical space to achieve a perfectly calibrated tone. Kitchen: relaxed, casual, perhaps the one place in the house where Master can completely surrender to my expertise. Master suite: the inner sanctum, outrageously cushy with creature comforts like heated floor tiles and thousand-count towels, opened to welcome my presence, then sealed again around the two of us, the place we’re most likely to express our love outside the boundaries of master and submissive. Dungeon: unequivocal surrender, the sexy stage where Master’s wicked plans come to life, the place we tend to get raw and real, deep inside our own souls and each other’s. And then there’s the den.
Not gonna lie, I haven’t always loved Master’s den. The first time he brought me in here was just after I’d lost my shit big time. I wasn’t particularly keen on dissecting my pain, piece by agonizing piece. Hard enough giving the man my body, I’d felt, and here he was demanding every thought that crossed my heart as well.
I didn’t sign up for this, I remember thinking (code for I cannot do this) followed closely by, If I don’t, I will lose him.  
Before despair could sink its bloody hooks into me, Master turned the tables . . . on himself, revealing his own secrets before demanding mine. Never since has Master asked anything of me he wouldn’t freely give of himself. No longer do I enter this den with trepidation; rather, I walk into this sacred space with a certainty that we will leave together with a deeper understanding and respect for each other when our conversation is through.
Master slips his hand into mine and walks me across the living room floor to his sanctuary. From the beginning, Master and I have entered this room without barriers between us, including clothing. Out of respect for our custom, Master peels off his t-shirt and tosses it to the far end of the sofa, a.k.a. “Master’s couch of truth.”
Master sinks into the corner of the couch, extending his legs on the chaise while stretching his arm along the back of the adjacent seat. Master glances up and eyes me with boyish anticipation. I wouldn’t disappoint him for the world. I spice up my mount with a backward somersault off the long side of the sectional, landing dramatically in his lap.
He greets my arrival with an Oof! and a rolling chuckle that gains momentum as I wriggle in against his warm body. “I swear, Dane, one of these days, you’re gonna break off an essential appendage.”
“Never, Master.” I settle into my favorite position, my back to Master’s chest, the sprinkling of silver hairs tickling my skin.
He closes his arms around my belly. “So . . . where should we begin?”
My fingers find the leather “M” resting on my chest. “You already know where I stand.”
“I suppose I do.” Master pauses to place a kiss on my shoulder. When he speaks, his voice is tight. “How bad was it for you—whatever made up your mind?”
“Not bad. I promise.”
Master accepts my answer with a slight nod. He doesn’t press for details, but he gives me space to answer if I want to. I can’t leave him wondering or blaming himself.
“It was the aftercare. As much as Tyler needed it—and I was so pleased you provided it for him—I couldn’t watch Tyler’s response; it was just too intimate.”
“I understand, Dane.”
“What about you, Master? Were you disappointed in my decision?”
“Of course not, though I have to admit it was awfully fun to have two of you to play with at once. You boys really went to town on each other. I quite enjoyed seeing your bossy side.” Master gives my belly a playful scrub. “And I think it was probably good for you to have had that chance, brief though it might have been.”
“Was that a crack at Tyler’s staying power?” Longevity is still one of my strengths, a quality Tyler does not appear to share.
“Fishing for compliments are we?”
“I think you’re avoiding the issue at hand. You enjoyed dominating that boy, did you not?”
“I guess.” I give the matter some attention before delivering my conclusion. “I don’t think I need to do it again.”
I can feel Master’s smile against my cheek. “Well, you let me know if you change your mind, Dane.”
Now, this is interesting! I turn my ahead far enough to see his whole expression. “Why, you’d sub for me?”
“Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten the ‘Great Blindfold Experiment.’” He tickles my sides until I join him in laughter.
“Uncle! Mercy! Mercy!  I remember. Limits can change, remember?”
“Fair enough, Dane.” Master lets out a happy sigh, relaxes back against the couch, and I flop back with him like a scaled carp. “Ask me again in thirty years. Crap, I’ll be really fucking old in thirty years. You’ll have to handcuff me to my walker!”
Sensing a rare opening, I swivel around and tap my hand against Master’s cheek. “Don’t worry, I won’t take advantage of you when you’re decrepit.”
A leg closes over my thighs, and suddenly, Master has me in a decidedly undecrepit scissor hold. I guess I didn’t wear him out after all.
“I think hanging around Tyler has made you a little fresh, boy.”
“Pshh, as if I’d ever show up fifteen minutes late on purpose.”
“He admitted that?”
“Sort of. He says he didn’t do it on purpose.”
“It was important you were there for Tyler during his correction.”
“What did I do?”
“You trusted me not to hurt him. He felt that.”
I crane my neck to smile at him. “You knew he was baiting you.”
“Of course. I used to see that all the time before I quit my kinky day job.”
“You didn’t give him what he wanted?”
Master smiles back. “I gave him what he needed, what he might not have accepted if given the choice.”
“What he needed?”
Master buries his face in the crook of my neck and draws a line of kisses toward my ear, leaving a trail of goosebumps.
“Dane, that boy is starved for affection. The only place he’s ever found it is on the cruel end of the whip.” Master’s voice trembles with compassion, and it might be the sexiest sound I’ve ever heard.
“I hear what you’re saying. Doling out pain was the closest Wayne ever came to expressing physical intimacy. I did everything in my power to avoid his whip, but he always found reasons to punish me.”
Master’s heartbeat pounds against my back, but he holds his thoughts inside.
“He didn’t enjoy whipping me because I couldn’t take it, and that used to frustrate him even more. That’s when he’d pull out the psychological warfare—leaving me alone on his cross for long stretches, threatening to kick me out, bullying me into asking for the lash—all for my ‘own good.’”
“It sickens me to think of you with him.”
I pull Master’s arms tighter around me. “Don’t go there, Master. Those memories have lost their sting. It’s like watching a movie someone else is starring in. I see it, but I can’t feel it anymore.”
He releases a heavy sigh. “Thank God for that.”
“Something like that.” I turn so he can see my smile, and Master responds with a modest shake of his head. “You must have seen the scars on Tyler’s back when you had him strung up.”
“Yes, I’m sure the animal was quite proud of himself for marking his sub.”
“It’s almost a compliment to say he did it on purpose. Might just have been the complete lack of aftercare.”
“He was a charming package, wasn’t he?”
“I like the past tense,” I tell Master with a grin.
“Dane, I promise we’ll find someone who will take great care of Tyler.”
Master’s promise is good and well, but masters like mine are few and far between. “What if the next guy doesn’t read the signs as well as you?”
“Without standing in the dungeon, I can’t guarantee every interaction will be perfect. Hell, even accomplished masters sometimes misread a situation. What I can do is find someone who’s the right personality fit for Tyler and then vet the hell out of him. And to the extent Tyler allows it, I can share what I know before they set foot in a dungeon together.”
“What kind of personality do you see fitting with Ty?”
“Someone with a healthy sense of humor, for starters. Your friend has a wicked wit once he gets comfortable. You want a dom who appreciates that—respectful of master, place, and time, of course.”
“Yes. I loved watching him loosen up as the day went on.”
“He’s a frisky one.”
“He reminds me a bit of Riley.”
Master releases a booming laugh. “Now that you mention it . . . The right dom is going to have a lot of fun pushing Tyler’s limits.”
“Yeah, about that . . . we never discussed tickling when we were supposedly planning this scene together.” I inject just enough sarcasm to let Master know I am onto his tricks but stop shy of getting myself into trouble.
None of it works, of course, as the man is utterly unapologetic. “Correct.”
“That was particularly evil of you.”
“Thank you.”
I spin around so he gets the full effect of the stink-eye I don’t really mean. “Having a spectator wasn’t enough to handle?”
“Ah!” Master’s eyes crinkle with delight, as if he’s been waiting all day for this question. “Tyler wasn’t your challenge; he was the lighter fluid on your flames. I’ve been saving up for this one for a long time now.”
“Saving up what?”
“The tickling. Waiting for the perfect opportunity to get you so horny, you’d blast right through your limit.”
“You don’t think I would’ve done it for you alone?”
“Oh, you would’ve jumped through hoops for me, and you would have been brilliant, I’m sure. But this way, with the show-off factor, you rocketed straight to the finish line. Now we know what you’re capable of—with or without an audience.”
“I’m not sure I like the sound of that.”
“Not to worry, Dane. If you need that special je ne sais quoi to inspire you, I can always take you to one of the dozens of clubs vying for our patronage, string you up to the rafters, and torture you in front of a much larger audience.”
And the erection that never quite went away is now a steel rod between my legs. “Not. Fair.”
“No,” he says, “I don’t suppose it was.” Master reaches lower and strokes me, making everything that much worse.
“Mmm, Master, if you keep that up, I won’t be able to hold up my side of the conversation.”
“We’re almost done, Dane.” Relentless, he loosens his grip on his favorite toy but continues to fondle me—distracting but unproductive. “Tell me where your head is, with regard to Tyler and Jay.”
At the moment, my head is firmly seated in the base of my cock, but I’m pretty sure that’s not the correct answer. Entirely at his mercy, I can’t tear my eyes away from the mesmerizing roll and tumble of his wrist in my lap. The shortest distance between now and relief is the path that brings Master the truth.
“I think I’m good now, seeing that they’re both okay or getting there. Jay and I have emailed back and forth a few more times, talking about topics for the sub workshops. I think that might eventually develop into a friendship offline. I’ll have to wait and see what he wants.”
“That’s great, Dane, but don’t forget to see what you want, too. You’re getting to be a busy boy.”
Master’s concern is not trivial, and he deserves to know I won’t desert him for my new friends. “True. And don’t worry, Master, I will be very protective of our time together.”
“I’m sure you’ll find the right balance,” he says. “How’s your conscience on the Tyler front?”
Tyler. My initial encounter with the boy shook me to my core, but now that we’ve gotten to know him, I see he’s not the damaged merchandise I assumed he’d be.
He’s not me.
“Tyler’s actually much stronger than I thought he’d be. Wayne didn’t seem to destroy him quite the way he did me.”
“I think you’re right. Despite the beatings he endured, Tyler held back a piece of himself. You’re incapable of protecting yourself that way, but that’s exactly what makes you so magnificent. You give all you have, then dig in and give some more. That’s where you find your joy.”
I crane my neck around to smile at him. “So that’s your excuse for working me so hard in the dungeon.”
“Does that mean Ty is better off with someone who will let him off easy?”
“Honestly, Dane, I don’t believe anyone is. Trust me, I’ve seen my share of bratty subs whose doms are just plain lazy about follow-through and pushing their subs to meet their potential. The question Tyler’s going to have to answer for himself is whether he’s a true submissive. He did well in the three-way scene. I’d love to see him settle in first with a one-on-one with someone he can trust, but then, he might really take off with other subs in scene.”
Master’s hand stops. He twists my shoulders around so he can see my face. “What’s wrong, Dane? You jealous of the hypothetical subs Tyler might play with one day in the imaginary future?”
“Maybe. A little.” Honesty is tough, especially when the revelations happen to be a bit startling. “Especially if we become close friends. I really like him.”
“Aww, sweetheart.” Two firm hands rearrange my hips so I’m facing Master, seated on his thighs, sword-to-sword. “Dane, there’s no door that can’t be reopened.”
“I don’t think I’m ever going to feel differently about sharing you.”
“Well then, you’re shit outta luck, because there is no way on god’s green earth you’re ever subbing for another master.”
“I believe we can both agree on that. Door closed and locked. Key thrown into the Hudson River, never to be seen again.”
I’m rewarded with the enthusiastic return of Master’s hand right where I want it, and not a moment too soon. Master is wearing his serious face, but with the pressure increasing around my dick, I don’t imagine it’ll last too long. “Am I to assume that you’ve unburdened yourself of the guilt?”
“That’s a fair assumption, Master.”
Sure enough, a wide grin spreads across his face. “Then I guess that means the wee-willied wannabe has no further claim on your soul?”
I clasp my hands behind Master’s neck and lean forward to kiss him—hard. The kind of kiss that lets my Master know he owns every nook and cranny, inside and out.
“I’m afraid this hot mess is all yours, Master.”
“Likewise, I’m sure.” Master chuckles, then traps my lips in a new kiss. He takes his sweet time, knowing the rest of tonight—and whatever comes next—is ours alone.

:) I'm going to leave them right there for you, locked in blissful embrace in their most intimate space. Sigh.

Thank you all for taking this journey through Dane's head. Special note of thanks to Jayme, for strategizing with me on how to tell this story, asking all the right questions, and coaxing all of us through the threesome. And to my sweet, smart Chayasara, for giving her loving attention to the words and the blank spaces between them. I know I'm a better writer because of you.

So, is this "it"? The outtake to the outtake to the sequel of the drabble? Hahaha, maybe. Maybe not. I can't help but wonder what Riley and Sean are up to. *heehee* Anyway, whatever comes, I always appreciate the support, insights, challenges, and love you seem to hold for this story. Thank you so very much. XXX ~BOH