Sunday, March 23, 2014


Drawing him to his feet, I ask, “How would you be most comfortable doing this?”

Dane chuffs. “Comfortable?” His soft headshake is not a refusal to perform but an indication of the difficulty he’s having as he faces the task.

“Okay, then let go of comfort. This is you living up to the bargain you made. It’s the honorable thing to do, and you have no choice in the matter.”

He nods grimly.

“Dane, you haven’t forgotten the reason behind the deal?”

“No, Sir.”

Of course not. He forgets nothing.

“Then you’ll recall you are doing this purely for my pleasure. Your orgasm is my gift.”

His shoulders drop visibly as he lets out a deep sigh and reaches for his fly. Our eyes are locked together as he opens each button, and when the first hint of white peeks through, I can no longer resist looking. Andrew fucking Christian.

Andrew fucking Christian fucking bikini briefs!

His pouch is full; my cup runneth over.

 Marcus, old fellow, you are losing your edge—a disturbing revelation I’ll have to deal with outside the dungeon.

As the jeans descend, Dane’s thighs appear—inch by deliciously carved inch. A dancer’s legs. I can’t be bothered to even pretend to look away; it’s all I can do to keep my hands to myself. Despite his apprehension, Dane’s eyes twinkle when he sees my response.

“You’re pleased, Sir?”

“I’m getting there.” And so is my cock, a secret to neither of us. “You probably don’t want to tease me right now, boy.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Tucking his thumbs into the elastic band, Dane peels away the scant fabric, revealing a well-groomed patch of pubic hair and a smooth set of balls nestled snugly under a nicely proportioned, cut cock. He seems to have trouble raising his eyes once he kicks away his briefs.

He takes his cock in hand and starts the party, but his touch has the reverse effect. Rolling his wrist and gripping tighter, Dane watches with mounting anxiety as his body fails him.

“I’m sorry, Sir. I’m trying.”


He lifts his eyes, and I smile. “Relax.” I watch his astonished gaze drift to my hand as I lift my own half-awakened cock and begin a patient stroke. I don’t allow my focus to waver from his face as he starts again though it’s not easy to deny myself the view.

Not about you, big guy.

Truth be told, the gratitude in his eyes is a far greater reward.

Dane’s breathing picks up as pure biology takes over. I can’t see his cock, but I see it in his face—the mounting tension, the sweet anticipation, the pleasure of each glide of his hand. My own need is rising but manageable. I won’t come before the boy again; I fear he’ll never be motivated to finish if I do.

There’s a ripple across his forehead and a clench of the jaw. He’s hit a plateau. Out of long, cruelly-ingrained habit, his body is rejecting the pleasurable sensations. The shoulders tense, the tendons in his neck strain for control. My boy needs help.

I step forward, still palming my cock but careful not to touch his. I don’t want him spooked, just distracted. Right now, he's a squirrel trapped in the middle of the street with a car barreling around the corner. Advance? Stay? Retreat? The tiny hairs on my neck bristle as his quick breaths wash over me.

In my most soothing voice, I ask him yet again, “Dane, do you remember your safe word?”

He seems confused by my question at this juncture, but ever-obedient, he answers, “Yes, Sir.”

I nod, then lean in closer and press my lips against his. I let him take a breath, give him time to think about his safe word, then cover his mouth again. This time, I don’t plan to pull away. He opens and responds, but I’m in control of this kiss. It’s my tongue that slides into his mouth, my lips that regrip after gasped breaths, my rhythm that dictates our dance—a rhythm I match to the pump and whirl of my hand.

My taste still lingers on his tongue, but it’s Dane I seek to discover within our joined mouths. Who are you? What do you care about? What’s in your heart? Will you let me draw you out? Can I take away your pain? Can I bring you joy?
At last, I allow myself the pleasure of cradling the back of his head, burying my fingers in the soft layers of hair. Dane responds with a moan; encouraged, I grasp him more firmly against my mouth.

Breathless, Dane breaks our kiss, resting his forehead against mine while he sucks in some air. I’ve got him right back on the ledge—on the verge of his last safe word—and I pray he won’t use it again. His pumping picks up speed and intensity. I jerk myself faster.

Teeth clenched, he enters battle again, the poor son of a bitch. “Let it go, Dane. Spray us both with your cum.”

He groans and tugs harder, a terrible sight to witness, and I fear I’m making his frustration worse. I can’t let him fail again. It’s premature, but I have to chance it.

“Dane, come for me. Come for your new master!”

As if I’ve cracked the boy open and snipped the proper wires, all the fight drains out of him. The fierce combative edge makes way for devotion, and his softened chocolate brown eyes burrow deep into mine. I welcome him inside my soul.

“Yes . . . MASTER! Ahhhhhhh!” Dane’s head snaps back, and his eyes pinch shut as his whole body quakes with his release. I pump myself furiously at the sight of his gaping mouth, having now claimed it with both my lips and my cock, as all the noises of his orgasm spew forth. His hot, thick spunk hits my belly.

This second orgasm of mine takes its time, snaking its way through my body, hiding and eluding me. My cock knows its master—my hand always winsbut it’s almost painful coaxing this one out.

“May I suck you off, Master?” Dane asks, but I have a better use for those lips.

“Kiss me, Dane.”

He’s punch-drunk as he presses his lips to mine, but the boy knows how to kiss. He’s sexy and confident, a man who knows he is exactly where he belongs. I’m so focused on our kiss, I don’t even notice at first that we’re rocking together. He’s grinding his hips against me, closing the distance between our bodies, leading this dance of flesh gnashing against cum-slicked flesh.

Dane’s tongue presses and slides; his soft grunting noises are pitch perfect with my desperation, and I pull away from his mouth as I reach the brink. Dane lifts his arms to the sides and offers himself as my canvas without saying a word. I pump myself furiously, painting him with violent streams of cum he receives as if I were gifting him with the finest jewels. Dane’s proud grin matches my own, I’m sure. 

“For the record, I’m pleased now.” I’m far, far beyond pleased.

In the aftermath of this huge milestone, I take a chance and reach for his shoulder, giving it a squeeze when he doesn’t flinch. “I’m so proud of you, Dane. This was a big moment for you. How do you feel?”

“Like I could leap from one end of this room to the other. I’m not sure I’d ever touch the floor again.”

I have just received the holy grail of dom performance reviews. I’m floating right along with him.

“That’s perfect, Dane.”

I need to wrap up our session—god knows my cock is through here—but I find myself reluctant to let him go. The mooning dom, that’s what they’ll call you.

“I especially enjoyed kissing you today. Thank you for tolerating the contact.”

Dane chuckles. “It wasn’t too hard to tolerate.”

His easygoing tone tells me everything I need to know. “Good,” I reply, “because I love kissing you. You can expect a lot more of that in our future.”

“I look forward to it, S—Master.” His delight is a dancing light that shines in his eyes and bright smile.

“It’s Master from now on—assuming you agree to put yourself into my hands.”

“Any time, Master.”

“Be careful what you promise, boy,” I reply, only half-kidding. “Dane, so you understand, unless I command otherwise, you are free—and encouraged—to take care of your needs as they arise.”

“Understood and thank you, Master. And I should continue to write you every morning?”

“Do you find it burdensome?”

“Not at all, Master. It almost feels as if . . .” I can feel my whole body leaning toward the words. “I can roll over in bed and talk to you first thing before I start my day.”

Fuck me. "Now, I think I'll enjoy those little messages a whole lot more."

Enough with the true almost-confessions. I grab a towel from the chest against the wall. After mopping up my stomach, I toss the towel to him. “You’re more than welcome to use the shower.”

“Thank you.”

“No, Dane. Thank you.”

Seems Dane has himself a MASTER! *throws confetti* And he DID it! *paints the blog with hot ribbons of thick cum* much to celebrate! See you soon? XO


  1. *faints* H00r down!

    Kisses. Cum. Cute words.


    That is all.

  2. AaaaaaaaAaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!
    Daaaaaaaaane! I'm so proud of him!
    And HOT CUM! That was HOT!
    He enjoyed himself. He's flying! *sighs* I'm so happy for him!
    Now, Marcus....THIS!
    "Who are you? What do you care about? What’s in your heart? Will you let me draw you out? Can I take away your pain? Can I bring you joy?"
    I cannot wait to watch *giggles* them grow together. I adore Marcus' inner thoughts.
    I love their "confessions".
    Sooo good, Born!

  3. "H00r down" *dies laughing* That was a good one! LOL

    Glad the boys could get this all worked out. Seems as though they are both happy campers now. Will be interesting to see how it all progresses from here.

    1. Yeah, 2 happy sappy campers. Just how I like 'em!

  4. Loved, loved it! So far in so little time. Dane is making such strides with touching thanks to a good teacher, I mean Master. Anxiously awaiting my next email update!


  5. That was great, I was a bit worried about door 2 and there were a few barriers to their mutual pleasure but they hurdled them together. This line “Like I could leap from one end of this room to the other. I’m not sure I’d ever touch the floor again.” conveys so well how Dane is feeling!!

    Marcus is such a kind Master we saw from the flashback that he always has been but I wonder if Dane is touching parts of him others haven't.

    Thank you


    1. Thanks, Jarvis. I was trying to put myself into the shoes of a dancer there and feel how he must've been soaring!
      I LOVE your comment about Dane TOUCHING MARCUS where he hasn't been touched! Way to turn the tables.Beautiful.

  6. Yep I am thinking they are both feeling more than a Dom/sub connection. It is making all the difference in the world I think. Both of them are going to have to adjust. Dane because of his previous directions, and Marcus, because he has come close (*cough* Edward*cough*), but never had such feelings before. Truly this is a sensual romance!

  7. That was superb. Who knew this old woman would truly enjoy man love. I sincerely do. I love this story and can't wait to read more!

  8. ooooh i think you'll have quite a few h00rs down this chapter! *counts self in*. Marcus knew when to play the Master card, and Dane's joy as well as Master's was palpable. Loved this chapter!

    1. Right! He had the ACE up his sleeve! Hmm, what else has he got up his sleeve, down his pants...?

  9. Um, wow. Good thing I didn't give into temptation and open this one while the family was here. *cue furious blush* That would have been hard to explain. Nicely done, Master Marcus! I think they have crossed the greatest hurdle, since the first time is usually the hardest to get past. Maybe next time Dane will have this better memory at the front of his mind.

    1. Let's just assume that when these two get together, it's not gonna be SFW, okay? I think you're right about the first time, Gumi.

  10. Note to self: When a Remastering update alert shows up on Sunday morning Do Not read it before church! Shut down all electronics and run the other way until after Noon. (Yeah, Born, I liked it!)

    1. Oh dear! Say three Hail Marys and call me in the morning.

  11. *Pulls out party horns and hats and poppers and...and...* YAY DANE!!!!!!!!!!! I had every faith but did wonder for a moment if he was going to defeat himself. LOVE how Marcus turned the tide. It was just what D needed. That push to help him realize how right it all is. For all the primal-ness of its subject matter this was a very poetic chapter. Loved it. Love the progression. Love these

    Favorite line... Right now, he's a squirrel trapped in the middle of the street with a car barreling around the corner. Advance? Stay? Retreat? ...I know. It's not sexy in the least but this imagery illustrated D's frustration in such an amazing way for me.


    1. Yeah, it's SO RIGHT! Love that you felt it was primal and poetic. What more could I ask for? Thank you for your lovely words.

  12. Still recovering from this. Smokes another cigarette and turns the AC a few degrees cooler.

  13. Oh my goodness, what a breakthrough, masterfully navigated by Marcus.

  14. That thought that won't let go. Dane, stuck and stuttering in his mind. Master knew how to quiet the voice. I'm particularly liking that Marcus is making humor a part of this. I think it's part of who they are and it seems to set a better tone than ST is used to.

    You are wonder with the sexual tension. I was giggling over the fact that I call Dean ST for Sweet Thing, but the Sexual Tension may work too.

    1. I think "ST" never realized he could have fun with it or even be a wee bit irreverent. He's learning, Marcus is learning, we're all learning here. Thanks for your sweet words. They mean so much.

  15. I love our painted boys. I'm not to much of an art person - but this is painting I can appreciate!

  16. Rahhhhhhh... this chapter was everythinggggg. I knew that Marcus would coax him out and gah I'm sosososososo happy he did. It felt right and true and honest. Especially the part where you spoke about how the tendons straining in Dane's neck and the tense set of his shoulders indicated that his body was withholding his orgasms based on habit. Marcus commanding him to come had to do it. And gahhhhklgssjkjgy simply amazingly written. Pretty soon it was be instinctual and Marcus will not have to command him, his body will reel into conformation all on its own.

    THIS LINEEEEE RIGHT HERE >>>> “Like I could leap from one end of this room to the other. I’m not sure I’d ever touch the floor again.” MY FUCKING GPOY RIGHT NOW! jesus

    I love how happy, pleased, lighter Dane seemed after his orgasm. He needed that. More importantly, he needed that from his Master! So excited to see where these two go from here.

    BTW... there are still ribbons of cum all over your blog. Heh

    1. EWWWWWWWWWWWW and LOL! So pleased you enjoyed this one, Packy! So happy you felt the conflict within Dane, how hard it was for him to let go. But who could resist this Master? *wink*

  17. yay!! he did do it! i bet he could leap a tall building on the way home too. :D the boy has made huge strides and i hope it continues. my heart was just breaking for dane while his body was betraying him. quick thinking on marcus's part or it could have all turned out badly.

    funny thing, i work for a small company that sells toys and lingerie, basically a sex shop, and we're the exclusive andrew christian retailer in the area. dear god those boys are hot! and i could perfectly picture dane in a pair of AC briefs!! *drools*

    1. I may have a very strange obsession with underwear boys. :) LUCKY YOU!