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“Well done, boy.” My words are a soft murmur in his ear. That’s all this boy will ever need of his Master’s voice. He is, without doubt, the most disciplined submissive who ever walked through my door.

When the time eventually comes for correction—and it always does—that too will be best accomplished by a velvet glove.

Dane’s hands grip fistfuls of my shirt while his heaving body struggles for breath against my chest. It would be monstrous of me not to hold him.

He startles for a second when my hands reach his back. “Easy, Dane, let me bring you down.” I feel his warm breath through my t-shirt as he exhales and accepts my touch as he did in scene. “You did really well. I’m proud of you.”

“But I almost . . .”

Up and down his back, I create a soothing rhythm, drawing him into my body with each caress. “You almost came?”


I pull him closer. “All you had to do was ask, Dane. I would not have denied you.”

Of course, the monster would have denied him on the brink and watched him fail. Why did I not anticipate this?

“God, no. I’m so sorry you assumed that.” In the care of my relentlessly reassuring hands, his body eventually gives up its fight; through the discipline of stilling my own anger to calm Dane, he eases my outrage—a perfect reciprocity.

He’s still hard inside his jeans, and we’re still attached at the hips. If we don’t stop soon, I’ll have to deal with the issue again before long.

“I’m glad I did,” he says, sounding pensive and far away. “I’m not sure how I’d be feeling right now if I had . . . you know, even with permission.”

I would have been shocked if he’d let go the first time, too. Shocked but delighted. “I understand.” And it kills me.

His sigh sends a vibration through his thin body right into my hands.

“You did the right thing, using your safe word.”       

“You’re really not mad?”

Reluctantly, I pull back, letting my hands drop from his body and causing him to let go of me and stand on his own. His hands instantly fall into place behind his back.

“I’m really not mad. In fact, I’d like to reward your good behavior.”

He immediately recoils. “Reward?”


“Sir, with all due respect—”

I hold up my hand. “In my vast experience, that particular phrase almost always precedes something that lacks the proper respect. I don’t want to see you fall into that trap, Dane. Not after you pleased me so thoroughly by using your voice to warn me you were having a hard time and then taking care of yourself by safe wording.” I’ve answered his objection without making him say it. “I made you a promise about today’s session, Dane. Do you happen to remember?”

“Of course, Sir. I remember everything you’ve written and said.”

He must read the disbelief on my face, because he immediately adds, “You wrote, ‘Put yourself in my hands. You will sleep well tonight.’”

“You’ve memorized my messages?”

“Force of habit, Sir. I can try to stop if it displeases you.”

And I have chills. “Dane, there is nothing about you that displeases me, not in the slightest. I’m just a bit flabbergasted.” And you should keep your damn mouth shut about it.

Relief seeps out through Dane’s half-smile. “As I wrote in my email, your words provided me with much-needed comfort.”

“So I remember.” Fuck if I wasn’t memorizing his words right back. “I’d like to hear more about what frustrated you.”

He masks it quickly, but I catch the briefest flash of betrayal as he decides how to answer. If he’s smart—and I believe he is—he will tell me everything.

“I was . . . in a state . . . and I couldn’t fall asleep . . . so there was no relief.”

“That sounds miserable.”

“Yes, Sir.”

This conversation is becoming difficult. Today is about removing obstacles, not creating them. I step to his side, giving Dane a break from the burden of direct eye contact.

“Tell me, Dane, how did you come to be in such a state?”

“I was thinking about our session today.”

Oh, I know, boy. “I’m a huge fan of details.” No doubt, he’ll remember that, too.

“I was remembering our last session, when you asked me to dance for you . . . how much I enjoyed turning you on—or at least trying.”

He cannot seriously doubt that. “Indeed, you succeeded.” I chuckle, and my poor, unrelieved cock shifts inside my boxers. The day I won’t need to wear them around Dane will be a very fine day.

“I know it’s not proper for me to want anything when we’re in scene, Sir, and I try very hard to achieve that discipline over mind and body. It’s just sometimes . . . later, when I’m not occupied with obeying my master or remembering routines . . . when my mind wanders . . .”

I set my gaze on the blank wall behind him. “You want.”

Dane completes his shameful admission. “Yes.”

“I’d very much like to hear what you want, Dane.”

He’s far too disciplined to break his pose, but there’s a conspicuous effort to his speech that wasn’t there just a few minutes earlier. “It’s just a fantasy, Sir.”

“Occasionally, fantasies do come true, you know? Tell me what had you tossing and turning. Tell me what you want, Dane.”

One glance at his suspicion-clouded features saddens me beyond belief. “This isn’t a trick, Dane. I promise.” The fucking monster.

Dane nods and allows himself to continue. “I was on my knees . . . for you . . .  pleasing you.”

“You were sucking me off?”

His head jerks sideways at my crass words, the ones he could not bring himself to say. “Yes, Sir.”

“What else?”

“I . . .” He reddens. “I didn’t get much further than that. It was too much.”

“What was I doing while you were hard at work pleasing me?”

He tips his head ever so slightly, truly confused. “You were enjoying it.”

I am rock hard for this boy, desperate to have his lips around me, but there’s more to be gained than a quick release.

“How would you like to live out your fantasy right now in my dungeon?”

“Nothing would please me more, Sir.” His smile is so genuine, it nearly blots out all the pain he revealed earlier.

I smile back. “Okay, Dane, let’s make a deal.”

“Like the TV show?”

“I don’t think Monty Hall ever offered any of his contestants this particular deal. I will trade my pleasure for yours. You get your wish, and I get not only what I’m quite sure will be the most enthusiastic blow job I’ve ever received, but also the opportunity to watch my new boy in the throes of a glorious, self-induced orgasm. How does that sound, Dane?”

At this point, I can only pray the promise of my pleasure will override his aversions.

Those deep brown, expressive eyes betray his desire. He clearly wants what’s offered, but I’d sooner force my cock down his throat than command him to orgasm against his will. “What’s it going to be, Dane? Will you take what’s behind doors one and two?”

“Thank you for the kind offer, but . . .”

Muted horns play the Let’s Make a Deal “zonk” music in my head: Wah, wah, wah, waahhh. Surely, he’s not about to refuse his new master?

“Might I be allowed a caveat, Sir Monty?”

His lightheartedness is a rare treat—one I will not waste. “Let’s hear it, my bold contestant.”

“Your pleasure precedes mine.”   

Considering I’m ready to burst, I’d say that’s an excellent caveat. “Fair enough.”

Dane’s smile is bright and easy. “You have a deal, Sir.”

Before I open the dungeon door, I turn back and remind Dane to keep his attention on me and me alone. I don’t need his eyes wandering around the dungeon right now. We’ll explore together as I deem fit. Tonight is about acclimating Dane to the space so the idea of the dungeon doesn’t become larger than life. I trust he’ll do as well as can be expected, considering he’s mildly terrified.

I spent my afternoon moving furniture, defining the open area in the center of the room with a large brown shag rug. Dane follows me onto the carpet, and as I turn to face him, I notice his toes curling in the tall nap. I’m pleased he’s making himself comfortable, but I’m feeling way overdressed for this occasion—a situation that will soon need to be remedied.

“Do you remember your safe word?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Let me hear you say it.”

“Mercy,” he says, flinching just enough to tell me he’s not quite over the self-recrimination. That’s okay; we’ll get there.

“And mine is?”

“Enough.” As if he’d forget.

We’re here for rewards and pure enjoyment, and I’m not the kind of master who’s afraid to smile in the dungeon. Lifting my arms out to the sides in a universal gesture of surrender, I say, “Let the pleasing begin.”

He’s a wiry panther, tensed and ready to pounce, but his training holds him back. “Sir, may I ask—”

“Yes, Dane. Rule Number Four: You may ask me anything, anytime, unless you’ve been expressly forbidden. In fact, if you have a question, you must ask. How’s that?”

“Crystal clear. May I be permitted to remove your clothes?”

Hell yes. “That sounds wise.”

He nods. I wait. He’s still afraid to move. “Dane, what do you need from me right now?”

Powerful emotions are gripping him, and I pray they are of the cathartic variety. “Is it weird if I just want to say thank you?”

This guy. My heart. I want to laugh and sing and kiss the crud out of him. I want to touch him and tease him and fuck him ‘til tomorrow. I want to cry and hold him and make it all up to him.

“Yes, it’s a little weird, but it’s also kind of perfect.”

“Fair enough,” Dane answers with a wry grin as he makes one of my expressions his own. I have a feeling I can expect more of the same in the future—a future I am starting to anticipate with great optimism.

He leans forward, as if he wants to whisper something, so I meet him halfway. “I’m breaking pose now. That’s okay, right?”

The laugh starts in my belly and rolls up my throat. “Unless you plan to undress me with your mouth.” Ah, fuck, that’s not such a terrible idea.

“I’d rather save my mouth for the good stuff . . . Sir.” Dane grins and his hands are on my shirt before I can process the movement. “Besides, I can get your clothes off quicker with my hands.”

The panther becomes a playful kitten tearing wrapping paper off a ball of catnip. In his enthusiasm, Dane tosses my shirt across the room, whipping his head around toward my laughter. “Sorry, Sir, I might have gotten a little carried away.”

“It’s good for you.” Hell, it’s good for me.

Dane’s wide-eyed horror gives way to relieved surprise, followed by childlike curiosity. His gaze sweeps across my shoulders and down my chest and belly. If not for the obvious arousal reflected in his hooded eyes, the examination would be nerve-wracking and intolerable. The years and pounds that make me fret now melt away under his adoring inspection. Without comment, Dane sets shaking hands to my belt, his knuckles bumping the skin just above my boxers.

I’m having a devil of a time standing still as he unbuckles the belt and opens my pants. His thick, brown hair is a playground my fingers itch to explore; as if sensing my fading restraint, Dane drops to his knees and removes the temptation from my reach. Bent over to untie my boots, he exposes the smooth skin of his back and the tight cords of muscle that disappear into his low-riding jeans. Freed from boots and socks, my toes flex happily in the lush carpet.

Dane looks up, and I recognize the glassy-eyed arousal. Sinking to his knees transitioned the boy deeper into submissive mode. I’m aching to see his cock right now; I’d bet good money he’s solid as a pole and pointing due north.

He grips the heavy fabric at my hips and tugs down my pants. Using his body as a counterweight, Dane efficiently guides the pants over my feet and out of our way. This is not the natural order of things—the master more exposed than the sub—and I remind myself yet again that this man kneeling at my feet and raising his mouth to my cock is no ordinary submissive.

The first hot breath over my black boxer briefs weakens my knees. Dane nuzzles in and draws a deep breath. His eyelids droop and close; he’s sunk inside that fantasy that plagued him last night. I reach to cup his cheek but think better of it just in time.

Dane slips a finger under the waistband, freeing my cock from the elastic before sliding the briefs down my legs. He places his palms flat against my calves and slides upward, bringing half-lidded eyes and eager mouth with him. His thumbs glide up the insides of my thighs until one hand breaks away, wrapping around my shaft and lifting it, making way for tongue and lips and slow caresses. Dane is a champion ball licker, but it’s not his technique so much as his enthusiasm for the job that keeps me on edge. He honest-to-god loves what he’s doing to me, and the feeling is quite mutual. My balls are singing with joy at the fervent attention, but my cock is screaming with need.

Just when I can’t wait one second longer, Dane’s warm hand wraps around my shaft and pumps . . . once, twice, three times . . . and I’m swallowed by a warm, wet, tight tunnel. Anticipating my loss of balance, Dane presses his shoulder to my hip, and my hand falls to his back. When he doesn’t seem to mind—or even notice—I lean on him.

Coherent thoughts are few and far between. Everything is sensation. Dane is reading my mind—harder, slower, lick right there, deeper, another finger, tighter, open wider, my grunts, his moans, don’t stop . . . nnnnng! The orgasm starts in my thighs as a subtle, rising melody, and Dane teases it out like a mad conductor orchestrating every piece to a stunning climax. Grasping the vibrating baton, he coaxes every last note to sing until there is no more voice.  

When I regain my wits, I gaze down at the boy between my legs. Gently lapping at me, Dane looks up and smiles. I’ve seen most of his moods by this point, but this is the first time I’ve truly seen him content.

“Was it good, Sir?”

“You know it was, Dane.” Little shit, makes me come like a prize bull and pretends he doesn’t know it.

 He relaxes back on his heels. “I’m happy I could please you.”

That sweet, joyful face, those beautiful lips, still glistening with my stain, the sweaty hairs stuck to his forehead . . . a stranger walking into the room right now would be hard-pressed to figure out which one of us just came in the other’s mouth. I hope to God my next statement doesn’t erase all that.

“Time to open door number two.”

Looks like Monty made a good bargain! What do you think? Will Dane be able to follow through when door number two is opened? Love to my team and to each of you who comments and hits me up to talk about these two. MWAH!

Looking for a sweet Marineward (this one is Bella/Edward) saga to cozy up to on a long winter's night? Here's one that will twist your heart around and make you cheer, and she just posted the last chapter. Robsmyyummy Cabanaboy's Tip of the Spear. Enjoy!


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    And finally the best bit for me..correction = velvet glove, I can breathe a sigh of relief as I struggle with painful punishments although I suppose the velvet glove could be holding something nasty lol

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    1. Thank you for your beautiful words, Jarvis. I really appreciate your sense of connection. Was that you asking me to write you into a scene with them? *wink*
      True, things do seem to be progressing quickly here. Is it the power of fiction, or are these two men really both hoping this is the right thing? Is it real or is it too fast? Hmmm.

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    1. I love that you feel close to them! I think Jarvis wants to get right into the I'm working on that! I agree, Dane is probably equally mystified by how easily he can separate asswipe from Marcus and start to feel at ease. However...not there just quite yet (she said, as she went back to penning chapter 75).
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