Wednesday, April 30, 2014


“There’s no way for you to fail tonight, Dane,” I tell him as I tighten the last knot. “You may speak or not, orgasm or not, and you won’t be able to move anything but your head . . . which I plan to keep very busy. How do those bonds feel?”

Dane blows out a heavy breath. Spread-eagle on his back and cuffed to all four bedposts, he’s settling into his sub space. This evening was meant to be about taking away all his responsibility, all his choices, all conscious thought—freeing his mind by binding his body.

“I’m good, Master.”

I smile down at my captive. “I’m glad you didn’t try to tell me you were just okay—not with that erection.” I would’ve called him right out on that one.

“No, Master, better than okay.” His voice has that drifting away quality, here but not entirely here.

I press my hand to his shoulder. “Good, Dane. Your Master has a special treat for you tonight.”

Dane glances at my crotch, where he can surely make out the bulge behind my jeans. “Thank you, Master.”

“That’s not what I meant, boy, but you are getting that, too.”

I run my hand up the inside of his right thigh, and he tenses when I get close to the top. “I’d like you to relax for me. Take another deep breath . . . and blow it out.”

He watches me carefully as I reach into my pocket and pull out a tube of lube and an anal plug. Dropping one knee between his thighs, I slick up the plug and do the same with my fingers before reaching for his hole. He hisses as the cool gel hits his skin. “You’re going to like this, Dane. I promise.”

His jaw drops open as my finger finds its way inside the tight ring, and I’m pleased to see he’s not fighting it. Twice in one day—not too shabby, Marcus.  A groan accompanies my second finger’s intrusion, and I work him open gradually until the tension leaves his body.

“Okay, Dane, here comes.”

The tip of the plug breaches his opening, and Dane greets it with a sharp gasp. “Easy, boy. Breathe easy.”

I twist the cool metal cone back and forth as I drill it inside him gradually, running a calming hand back and forth across his abdomen until he relaxes again. His head tips back, eyes to the ceiling. My slicked up fingers glide along his shaft, which is still sporting a beautiful hard-on. “You like that, Dane?”

His chin angles down so his half-lidded, half-dazed eyes can meet mine. “Yesss, Master.”

“Good. That’s really good,” I answer, stroking him and caressing his balls. “I want this to feel really good for you. That’s why I locked you down so tightly. I wanted you totally at my mercy so I could give you this gift.”

Dane grunts as my words sink in—how helpless he is, how much pleasure he is about to receive, and how he can’t do a damn thing about it but enjoy.

And now, for the fun part: I click the remote.

“Ahhh,” Dane responds with a contented sigh as the vibrating plug kicks on at its lowest setting.

“I’ll bet that feels even better now.” I brush my thumbs along his sac and behind it, stroking his shaft with my other hand while he gets used to the sensation.

“Yes, Master.” 

“Good. You just lie back and enjoy that while I get undressed.”

Dane’s gaze follows me to the side of the bed, and we stare at each other with hungry eyes while his body absorbs the pleasurable pulses delivered deep within his body. His chest rises and falls with an exaggerated amplitude not present before; as if without horizontal movement as an option, his body expresses the added intensity on a vertical plane.

I take a leisurely pace kicking off my shoes and socks, pulling off my shirt, unclasping my watch and setting it next to him on the nightstand. This won’t be the frenzied blowjob that followed his spanking this morning, but a mellow, unhurried build, resulting in a pair of blissful orgasms and inspiring a restful night’s sleep. I want him giddy and dizzy and oozing endorphins.

I don’t know if he does it on purpose or if it’s just a reflex, but Dane opens his mouth revealing a flash of pink tongue as I peel off my jeans for the last time today. Bless him, he whimpers as I run a fisted hand up and down my cock.

“Want this?”

“Yes, Master, please,” he answers, dropping his unfocused gaze to my erection as it draws nearer.

“I hope you don’t mind if I kiss you first, because that mouth of yours is really driving me crazy right now.” The bed creaks as I straddle Dane’s trim waist with my knees and settle on top of his belly. The low thrum of the vibrator sends dim echoes to my ass and balls, and I flex my hips a couple times. “Mmm, that is nice, isn’t it?”

“Yes, Master,” he answers tentatively, as if afraid I might take his new toy for my own now that I’ve discovered how good it feels.

Running my hands up his chest, I play at his sharp nipples while leaning in for a long, deep kiss. I’m careful to give him plenty of chances to breathe, causing our kisses to become a loud, squishy, lip-smacking affair. Damn, I love loud kissing him!

Adjusting his pillow, I grasp the back of Dane’s neck gingerly and place the tip of my cock at his lips. He opens eagerly and swallows me down while his soft brown eyes drift up my body and meet my gaze. So fucking sexy.

“That’s nice, Dane . . . feels really good.”

He moans around me, strains forward, and reaches for more. I cradle his head with both hands, raking my fingers through his hair, easing him back to a comfortable angle.

“Slow down, sweetheart. I’m not going anywhere until you’ve finished the job.” Appeased, Dane relaxes his neck and takes a more passive role. “That’s it, just let me do the work tonight.”

I feed him my length in rhythmic thrusts, careful not to gag him—not before his opening night as a soloist. “That’s just right, Dane. I love the way you feel around me.”

I give the clicker a little nudge, ratcheting up the intensity.  “Mmmm,” he moans around me, his eyes wide with surprise.

“A happy Master is a happy sub is a happy Master.”

He signals his appreciation of my philosophy lesson by lifting his hips in a subtle rhythm that matches my thrusts.  All the added stimulation is working its magic on me as well, and even this relaxed, easy pace is building to a climax.

“How are you doing, boy? Everything feel good?”

Dane is able to nod, confirming the motion with an enthusiastic, “Mmhmm,” even with his mouth very full.

“You need a little more to get off?”

His eyes glint with excitement.

“Is that a yes?”

“Mmm!” He nods again.

“Then, 'yes' it is!”

I click the control to the next level. Dane loses his mind a little at medium-high, his eyes rolling back in his head and his hips jumping off the bed and thrusting uselessly toward a phantom partner. The rumble in his belly shoots straight up my dick, right into his mouth, and we’re linked with a continuous circuit from his pleasure to mine.

I ride his bucking hips like a rodeo pro until it becomes dangerous for me to have my cock in his mouth. He can’t be held accountable for his actions at this level of stimulation, and I don’t really want teeth marks on my shaft. I shuffle down to his hips and sit right down on the base of his aching cock, taking my own in hand.

Dane’s head thrashes about side-to-side, his eyes wild and unfocused.

“Don’t think, Dane. Just feel the plug vibrating deep inside you. Feel me on top of you. Do you feel good?”

“Mmmm, yesss!”

“Watch us come, Dane!”

I lift his cock to mine, holding both in my hand while I ride him hard.

“Oh god, Master! Feels so good!”

His abs constrict like steel cable, and the next instant, I’m tossed forward by the force of his orgasm. Dane’s strangled groan dissolves into heaving breaths as he struggles for air. The sight of his hot spunk ricocheting off my chest onto his is all I need to set off my own climax, and soon it’s impossible to tell where Dane’s milky release stops and mine begins.

“Master, please, too much . . .”


I slide the button on the remote, and his eyes sink back inside his head. I give him a couple transitional minutes at low before turning it off. Dane closes his eyes and sighs, a long, breathy release. He lies there: one big, lump of happy while I remove the plug, uncuff him, and clean him up with a warm, moist towel.

“Mmmmmm,” he moans while I work on kneading out any possible tension left in his arms. The very last thing I’d want is for Dane to cramp up. “D’you spoil all your subs this way?” he asks, slurring together his words into one lazy chain.

“That’s a trick question,” I chuckle. “You know I don’t have any other subs.”

He opens his eyes and sets them and his blissed-out smile on me. “You know what I mean.”

I shuffle down his body, and my hands move to his right thigh, plying the muscle with my thumbs. “Aftercare is always an essential part of any scene—bringing you back from your sub space, working out any strain I might have put on your body, treating any broken skin . . .”

“Mmhmm, so just another day in the dungeon for you, then?”

Three times he’s pressed, Marcus. Stop being an ass and tell him what he deserves to know.

“It’s possible you might be receiving a wee bit of star treatment, I suppose.”

His watery eyes regain their twinkle, and those beautiful lips hold a touch of I knew it moxie. He watches me silently while I switch to the other leg, straddling his knee while I run my hands up and down his thigh.

“I hope you won’t let it go to your head, Dane.”

Dane reaches out and clasps my wrist, jarring me for a second. “Don’t worry, Master. I won’t.”

He barely moves a muscle as I pull the covers over him and turn out the lights. I snuggle up next to his body, resting my head in the crook of his neck and tracing soft lines up and down his chest. The cloak of darkness affords me a looser tongue.

“I want you to know, Dane, it’s not just any sub I’d give so much input into a scene. ‘Don’t leave me sore; don’t make me think,’” I add, moderating my voice to emulate Dane’s.

His widened smile brushes against my cheek, giving him away despite his response. “I wasn’t aware I had so much power over you.”

In a different moment, this bald-faced lie would be plenty sufficient cause to turn him over my knee. That won’t do right now. “Well then, I suppose I’ve just tipped my hand.”

Dane can’t help but chuckle, and I resist the urge to tweak the nipple between my fingers. I really don’t want to rile him up.

“In that case,” he begins, and I hold my breath for whatever he might be planning to drop on me, “may I make one final request for the night?”

“Let’s hear it,” I hedge.

“Would you take my turn reading tonight? I don't think I can manage anything intelligent.”

Not what I was expecting.

My fingers tiptoe up his chest, locating his mouth for me in the dark. I brush my thumb across his lips before closing over them with my mouth. My beautiful, sweet boy.

“Of course,” I answer, once my tongue finally lets him go. “Close your eyes.” I click on the light and reach for the book. “Just for the record, while I don’t believe in censorship as a general rule, I refuse to read to you about any spankings tonight.”

Dane smiles and throws an arm over his closed eyes. “Understood and appreciated.”

And because it’s impossibly hard to resist kissing him again, I stick with Master’s voice. “And stop picturing that image in your head, young man.”

“Yes, Master.”

About halfway through the chapter, Dane’s soft snores draw my attention from the words on the page. Without jostling him, I set the bookmark in, set the novel aside, and watch him for a few minutes before turning off the light. With each relaxed breath he draws into his lungs, I feel the swell of pride and peace in my own heart.

I tuck myself against the length of his warm body, wrapping my arm around his chest and resting my lips on his shoulder.

Sleep, my beautiful, sweet boy.

I hope you're feeling the bliss. Sigh...I guess plush-toy Dane has a string you can pull to make him snore, Gigi! XXX


  1. Who knew a chapter that centered on an anal plug could be so heart-warming?!?! lol

    Stricter, more regimented scenes are a lot of fun, but this was delightful for the mood that Dane asked for today: "There’s no way for you to fail tonight, Dane." Love that Marcus asked him flat out what he wanted, and boy is Dane getting it!! Hopefully he can reflect on all these warm and fuzzy blissed out feelings on his big day and channel it into a stellar performance!

    Soo encouraged by the fact that even while Dane is crawling out of the depths of sub space, he was able to tell his Master "too much." I get the feeling that at a different time, perhaps he would have suffered in silence...

    I love their little moment before Marcus started reading. Dane poking around to get some very important info for himself while trying to play it off as a super casual question.. (I recognize it, because I may have seen it in myself before....)

    I love the way things are going for these two men. Sometimes I forget that they are technically in contracted trial period- they just seem to work together so well, there's no way this could be temporary!!

    1. BAHAHA! Right?
      I love that you noted Dane's comment there at the end. Poor guy was just on overload and Marcus wouldn't have known. LOL on the poking. Yeah, he wants/needs to know, even though...don't you think he knows?

      Okay maybe you read the prologue! CHEATER!

  2. Yes Dane your Master does think you are more special than all the rest. I think he is going to need that confirmation for a while, but it will get easier. Marcus will make sure of it. Really was a sweet chapter. xoxo

    1. Yeah, Dane is sending a message loud and clear that he needs some reassurance. Hopefully that need will fade with time, but you read it exactly the way I saw it.

  3. "it's possible you might be receiving a wee bit of star treatment, I suppose". Well done to Marcus, he's happy to show Dane little bits of himself, given that he is conscious of their difference in age and his body image, he is brave to put that out there but as usual he is responding to Dane's need to know that.

    I'm sure Dane can't believe his luck, his Master is undoing all of Wayne awful work, one scene and one orgasm at a time. He is a lucky, lucky boy.

    I'm loving every minute of this but also looking forward to the trial ending and perhaps an eventual collaring way, way down the line at about Chapter 150??

    Thank you


    1. I love that you characterize Marcus as brave. I totally agree! In the presence of the grace and beauty that is Dane, Marcus must feel completely intimidated, poor fella.

      GASP!! 150?? LOL, cut that in half and you might have yourself a deal, sweet J.

  4. This has to be my favorite chapter yet! The level of trust and affection demonstrated by both men here is a heartwarming sight to this woman's semi-jaded view. I just loved all of what you wrote here. Dane's teasing of Marcus shows his comfort level here and just a bit of fishing for compliments makes it oh so sweet. Marcus obviously loves this man and I love that he isn't afraid to stretch the limits of what a Master "should" be in i his almost gentle treatment of his lovely sub. Just fucking wow...

  5. Sooooo sexy and amazingly sweet!
    “That’s it, just let me do the work tonight."
    Marcus is just as precious as Dane. . He reads his boy so well, even with the "suggestions" from Dane, he knows what he needs and how to give it to him perfectly.
    Soo soo good!

  6. You killed me. I'm dead. Gone. Oh God, Marcus cuddling up to Dane as real size lovely cuddle buddy, even with the soft snore, is what dreams are made off (pun intended.) I can imagine it more like a lulling comforting soundtrack for Marcus's dreams. Thank you for that ending, it was incredibly sweet. I found a lot of meaning in a Marcus snuggling himself against Dane during their aftercare talk as well as the clear significance in him letting Dane chose his pleasure here and in the last chapter as well. Their relationship has become more balanced and has gone beyond the standard Dom-sub agreement. The nice shift in power and the willingness to compromise on both parts is a lovely testament of the felling they share for each other, and not talking about Love, but something which is farther more difficult to come by: Trust. I love the scene also so erotic, it had such a cadence to it. Amazing to see how Dane has change and how much he can express himself through his submission. Marcus excels at being a Dom and we knew that, but when he is Dane's Master his Dominance has a different meaning and depth.
    On a more graphic note, I have to admit that in spite of all the sexy and kinky scenes they have had so far, none has gotten to me as much as Marcus holding both their cocks in his hand, unf, there are no words for it.
    I'm looking forward to Dane's debut in his new role, I think I might be more excited than Marcus about it.
    I love this boys, I really do.
    Thank you so much creating these character, for writing this story, for sharing it so generously, and for taking the time to replying to every review so kindly.
    Gigi (The Cuddler / Hopeless Romantic)

    1. Cuddle buddies! I agree. They have certainly gone beyond beyond! Please hold on to your distinction between love and trust. We'll get back to that...;) I love that you noted how Marcus is different as Dane's master than he has been before with anyone else. Without even seeing him in scene with more than two other men, you can be sure you're right!
      Ah, the magical frottage! Yeah, there's something that gets me about that too. It's so EQUAL- they are getting the same pleasure off each other. So lovely and raw. Thanks for mentioning that! I think when the time comes to watch Dane, Marcus will have you beat in the excitement column, but we can chat about it then! *wink*
      Thank you for all your sweet, wonderful words.

  7. Cracked up when I noticed Digi Fict's review of: Who knew a chapter that centered on an anal plug could be so heart-warming?!?! lol

    Exactly what I was thinking. LOL

    Loved that Dane was seeking out if he was special to Marcus. Perfectly natural human response. Glad that Marcus gave that to him. It is important.

    Sweet chapter.

    1. The weirdest thing, Keye. Almost every single chapter I set out to write has an "opposite element" to it. I actually have to be careful now not to do it every time. I start to write, thinking I have a decent plan, when all of a sudden, I look out at my screen, and the complete OPPOSITE of what I expected has happened. Characters that were gleeful are teary, and the exact opposite. Strength becomes vulnerability, Ego becomes humility. It's almost as if all three of us (M, D, and I) are each learning something new each time. I don't remember this happening before, at least not so blatantly. So there you have it with the anal plug. I am as bewildered as the rest of you, I swear!

      I so agree. Dane needs, wants, and deserves to hear all that.

  8. Giving Dane reassurances and being perhaps more open with him than he has been with any other sub before this just makes my heart melt. He'll do absolutely anything for that boy and with a smile, unless it's a punishment. The cuddling at the end was....perfect.

    Favorite line... Three times he’s pressed, Marcus. Stop being an ass and tell him what he deserves to know. ...Perfect.


    1. He WILL do anything for you will soon see! *WINKETY WINK WINK!* Oh, I had to call Marcus out for being an ass. It was so much fun! Wheee!
      MWAH! Love it when you get some free time to dig in!

  9. I see it as growth that Dane could push for an answer about how special he is to Marcus. I can't help but think he is worried about the end of the 30 days.

    1. He's still living with that baggage of being kicked out for not being good enough. And yeah, Marcus is committed for 30 days. Neither man knows what happens after that.

  10. Again -I'm sensing growth growth with Dane that he is seeking reassurances to his insecurities with Marcus. He wants to be special - but can't quite believe that he is.

    And the thought that Marcus put into this scene so that Dane could let go an relax... so sweet.

  11. I'm glad Marcus is very telling to Dane how special and how much effect he's had on Marcus. Dane was deprived of so much. I think he needs to hear these things. How gorgeous, intelligent and talented he is, in sub space but especially as a person, inside and out. Again it does make Marcus any less of a Master that he's do helplessly in live with the boy. In fact it makes him more of one bc while he has such strong feelings for Dane, he can still distinguish clear M/s lines between them when the time is right.

    I love them sleeping together. I get all the warmest fuzzies!