Saturday, April 26, 2014


Dane’s quiet on the walk home. Maybe he’s tired after a long day, I figure. God knows, I packed as much as I could into our hours apart. Still, it’s as frustrating as ever not knowing what’s going on with him. After this morning’s show of defiance, I guess I’d hoped Dane was ready to be a little freer with his thoughts.

I can’t wait to get him back to the room, back into my sphere, into the fantasies that have coated my brain cells during the commute back to the city and the hours I waited for him since.

Jesus, I am stiff as a board.

I try initiating a little chatter to see if I can gauge his mood. “Did you have a chance to stop at your apartment?”

“Yes, I grabbed a few things and went through my mail.”

“Everything okay at home?”


Okay, so . . . not talking. I know how every inch of him responds to my touch and my words, to pain and pleasure. The mystery of the man’s mind feels so out of sync with my intimate knowledge of his body.   

He’ll tell me when he’s ready—I hope. For now, my head has already gone to rewriting our scene to accommodate his mood. I won’t torture him with making him verbalize tonight. If Dane needs to get outside of his thoughts, I’m here to provide just that kind of release for him. With the awesome power he’s granted me, I can alleviate all the pressure of talking. In fact, I’d be surprised if he weren’t craving exactly that. By the time we arrive back at the Fillmore, my revised plan is ready.

Dane follows me into the room. It feels different being back here with Dane after spending time at home today. I’m disoriented for a second but find my bearings again in the props I set out earlier for tonight’s scene. I turn on Dane as the door clicks shut behind him, taking his hand in mine.

“Anything you want to talk to me about before we start?”

“No, Master.”

Pushing aside my slightly bruised ego, I reach in for a kiss.

“Take off your clothes—all of them—and meet me at the table.”

Without emotion, Dane obeys, stripping off his coat, kicking off his shoes, swiftly pulling his shirt and tank over his head, sliding down his soft black pants and briefs. He strides over to the table and takes his pose.

“Have a seat in the chair, Dane.” He takes the place I set with water and salad while I reheat the vegetable lasagna he likes.  

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. And until further notice, you are to restrict yourself to ‘Yes, Master,’ ‘No, Master,’ and ‘Please, Master, may I come?’ You’re always free to say yellow or your safe word as well. Understand?”

Those deeply expressive eyes of his don’t quite mask his surprise, but he nods and immediately answers with, “Yes, Master.”

“Good. Now, eat up and enjoy. When you’re finished, you may clear the dishes and do what you need to do in the bathroom. Knock on the bedroom door when you’re ready.” I press my hand into his shoulder and leave him in peace while I reorganize my supplies.

After about ten minutes, I hear the metallic clank of dishes in the sink followed by the soft rush of water in the bathroom. I’m just hanging up my shirt when he knocks.

As much as he didn’t want to talk, Dane doesn’t appear at ease in silence either. Whatever’s on his mind, I want to take the weight of it away for him the best way I know how. I crook my finger, beckoning him to the foot of the bed. When he gets close, I open my hand and reveal the rubber-tipped tweezer clamps hanging from both ends of a short chain. His gaze fixes on the device, and he stares for several seconds before leveling his eyes back on mine.

No long preamble, no more reminding. He knows what he can and can’t do. “Okay, let’s go.”

He flinches as I pinch one nipple between my thumb and forefinger until I’ve achieved the same pressure the clamp will apply. “This should pinch for about thirty seconds,” I warn, clipping the tweezers closed and sliding the ring up just enough to hold the mildest tension. Slowly, I pull away my hand, watching his breathing to ensure it’s not labored. I give him a good minute to adjust to the sensation and the new reality before clamping the other nipple.

“Good, Dane. Nicely done.” Running my hand down his arm, I step behind him and praise him for holding his pose so beautifully. “It would be easier for you if I cuffed your wrists, but I’m not going to. I want you to do all the heavy lifting tonight.”

“Yes, Master,” he responds in a tight voice.

I run my hands down his body, over the delicious curves of his bottom and back up, across his shoulders and around to his chest, carefully circling the tightened buds without agitating the hardware. He releases a grunt as my hands glide lower, tracing the soft line of hair leading to the prize. 

There are no two ways about my touch—it’s a gauge of his arousal, pure and simple. I’m measuring his response to the pain, and Dane knows it, too. I’m guessing he’d apologize for his lackadaisical response right now if I hadn’t imposed the no-talking rule, another reason I’m glad I did.

I roll my palm over his flaccid penis and place my lips near his ear. “What’s wrong, Dane, aren’t you happy to see your Master?”

“Yes, Master,” he answers.

“You missed me today, didn’t you, boy? I know I missed you.”

There’s a stirring there; he’s trying, I’ll give him that. “Yes, Master.”

“Concentrate, Dane. Right . . . here.  Put all your energy right here, under my hand. Ah, yes, that’s better. Good boy!”

Yes! We have liftoff! He stiffens in my palm, and I keep up the stroking while giving the chain a slight tug. Dane groans at the unexpected intrusion, and his erection meanders away.

“Down on your knees, boy.” He sinks to the floor and looks up at me, two warm, brown, shining eyes, a little bit confused and a little bit frustrated. I unzip my pants and feed him my cock right through the zipper, and he settles again—nipple clamps and softening cock temporarily forgotten. I grasp his head with both hands, coaxing him not all that gently, feeling those lips and that tongue and the back of his throat and holy shit that feels good! Then a hand on my balls and . . . Whoa, WHAT?

With great effort, I pull his head off my dick, which is really not on board with the program right now. Sorry, buddy, a casualty of what seems to be turning into a rough night. I send him a silent apology and tuck him away for later.

Dane gives me a quizzical squint before realizing his mistake. “I’m so sorry, Mas—oh no, I . . .” Thoroughly disappointed in himself, he shakes his miserable head and sinks back onto his heels, belatedly yanking his hands behind his back and scowling even deeper.

“Stand up, Dane.”

He manages to put his feet under him and rises to his full height, but he refuses to look me in the eye, focusing instead on the patch of carpet between our feet.

“I need you to talk to me now, all the words. What happened there? It’s not like you to break form.”

“I’m sorry, Master,” he starts, his voice catching on my title.

“Dane, I know you’re sorry.” I cup his chin and gently tip his face toward mine. “You made a mistake, and I’m going to take care of that in a minute, but right now, I need to know why it happened. Is the pain too much?”

“No, Master, I mean the clamps are uncomfortable, yes, but I’m okay. That’s not—”

And the tears well up. So there is something wrong with him. Something he doesn’t want to tell me. Shit.

“Dane, are you having regrets?” My blood runs cold when the thought strikes me. “Has your therapist expressed misgivings?”

“God, no! Nothing like that!” he snaps. “It’s just me . . . and work. I did something stupid tonight—on stage. I messed up one of the dances. I’ve done it a million times! I must not’ve been concentrating. I guess I was watching Rob and Jeannie . . .”

Shit. Rambling Dane is not a good thing.

“How bad?”

He shrugs. “Not too awful, I guess. Nobody fell.” There’s the slightest hint of a smile, but it fades quickly.

“It’s a live show six days every week. I would imagine stuff like this happens all the time. Isn’t that part of the fun of seeing it on stage?”

“I guess, but it sucks when you’re the one who messes up.”

“Yeah, I’d imagine so.” I drop my hand away, but he holds my gaze. “What did Matt say?”

“He told me I was working too hard.”

“Really! That’s awfully understanding.”

Finally, Dane’s misery lifts. “He said he felt bad for keeping me on the line while I was working so hard to learn the new stuff, and . . .he told me I didn’t have to perform again until Friday. Just have to go in for rehearsals.”

I want to lift Dane up and twirl him over my damn head, but I settle for grasping his shoulders. “Well, that’s all good, then, isn’t it?”

“I guess.” Poor Dane isn’t quite ready to be cheered.

“Now tell me why you messed up with me.”

His attention snaps to my face. No, Dane, you’re not off the hook.

“I’m sorry. I guess I was distracted.”

“What was your first mistake, Dane?”

“I forgot to keep my hands clasped behind me.”

“No, that was number two.”

He looks truly mystified. “I’m sorry, Master. I’m not sure, then.”

I’d so much rather be kissing him or getting the rest of my blowjob or bringing him off with my hand despite the clamps, but this is where the Master has to step up and be better than an urge or two. “You weren’t mentally prepared for our scene. You walked in here with something on your mind—something you chose to keep from me—and it got in the way.”

His cheeks pink up. “I was embarrassed.”

My heart flips over at his bold honesty. How does one respond to such a confession? Before conscious thought has its turn, my arms loop together over his head so our faces are inches apart. “Dane, pride is not your friend here, not with me.”

His eyes are darting every which way, poor guy. “I didn’t want you to think . . .”

“Aw, sweetheart . . . what? That you’re fallible? Do you really think it makes me look at you differently? I’ll tell you what; anyone in the audience who did notice your little blunder probably went away admiring how quickly you regrouped. I’m so fucking proud of you, it’s not even funny, Dane. Did you honestly think a little misstep is going to change that?”

“But what about . . . what I did here?”

“Another misstep, not a tragedy.”

“Excuse me, Master, may I ask?”

“Yes, Dane. The talking ban is over. Ask what you like.”

“You don’t seem angry.”

“I’m not.”

He tilts his head, skeptical. “Disappointed?”

My thumbs have found their way into his hair, playing at the ends while I think about how I want to answer. “I’m going to be honest with you, Dane. It doesn’t feel great that you didn’t trust me earlier or that you chose to carry this around inside rather than unburden yourself by telling me. So yes, I’m disappointed, but not in you, just that we’re not quite where I thought we were.”

“I think that makes me feel worse.”

“Yeah, well, if it makes you feel better, your first discipline session should bring us much closer.”

“Oh, terrific,” he chuffs.

And now, I’m grinning. “It’s not the end of the world. You made a mistake; you’re going to make it up to me; we’ll kiss and make up. End of story.”

Finally, Dane cracks a real smile. “How can I make it up to you, Master?”

Does he need to be so goddamn adorable right now? It’s not really fair. “For starters, your clamps need a minor adjustment.”

His eyes widen as I step back and reach for the first clamp. “If these had been a little tighter, I don’t think you would’ve gotten distracted.”

Dane takes a breath as I slide the ring up the tweezers; he’s no stranger to the equipment.

“Don’t forget, Dane, your safe word will still halt everything that’s going on. We’ll come back to your punishment another time, but if it’s more than you can handle, you have a responsibility to tell me. Understand?”

“Yes, Master.”

I work the second ring into place, and he exhales. “Good boy. Now, go in the bathroom and get the oil and a bath towel. Your Master has a few kinks to iron out.”

Only the discomfort of the clamps keeps Dane’s smile from being positively radiant. “Thank you, Master.”

While he hustles to the bathroom, I remove my pants. Dane gives my limp cock an apologetic glance. We’ve reached that moment where the punishment hurts me way more than him though we both know how the boy loves to have my cock in his mouth. Seconds later, he returns with both items in hand. I spread the towel out along the carpet and sit down on it, dropping back onto my palms.

“I want you to kneel behind me and massage out all the knots in my shoulders.”

He says, “Yes, Master, my pleasure,” and squeezes a generous layer of oil across my shoulders. As Dane starts to knead my muscles, I close my eyes, sinking into the warmth and pressure of his fingers, not to mention the delightful thwapping of his belly against my back every few strokes.

Not quite the blowjob we interrupted, but entirely pleasurable. So pleasurable, in fact, I find myself with a nice hard-on before long. Hell, why not?

“Hand me the oil, boy,” I command, mostly so I know he’s watching. I squirt a generous glob into my palm, stretch my legs out ahead of me, and take my cock in hand. I’m obnoxiously loud, moaning and producing obscene noises with the oil. I drop my head back and lean against his chest; his hands never stop moving even after his eyes cloud with need.

His erection presses against my lower back, and as much as I hate to deny him, he’s earned it tonight. “No orgasm for you tonight, Dane.”

“No, Master.”

“Move that cock away if you need to.”

I might be sadder than he is when he pulls his hips back. It strikes me that this punishment is exactly the kind of scene Dane would’ve wished for not long ago—minus the nipple clamps, of course. But now, having tasted release—not as a delicacy, but as a staple in our diet—especially knowing how much pleasure his pleasure brings me, he’ll feel the sting of denial.

“That’s nice, Dane. Your hands feel wonderful on me,” I tell him.

“I’m glad, Master.”

“My hand feels pretty good too, I have to admit.” Oh, the theatrics!  Tug, swirl, squelch, groan.

“I’m glad for that too, Master,” he says, not an ounce of sarcasm in it.

“I know you are, boy. You wouldn’t want to deny your Master his release just because you found yourself in hot water, now would you? . . . unnnngh . . . ahhhh . . .”

“No, Master.” Shaky voice. “Never.”

“You’re a good boy, Dane.”

His hands increase their intensity, move to my neck, glide behind my ears. We seem to have migrated into erotic massage territory.

“Are you still hard, Dane?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Good boy. Such a good boy. I want you to watch me come, Dane.”

“Yes, Master,” he squeaks, peering over my shoulder.

“Don’t . . . stop . . . moving . . . your hands,” I force out.

His breathing picks up as he fixes his eyes on the action. His hands adopt my rhythm as their own; it’s as if he’s stroking me by proxy. I can’t allow him the pleasure of bringing me off, but this will keep him connected.

“Ahh . . . ahhh . . . nnnghh . . . feels so good . . .”

My eyes are on my boy’s face as the first stream of hot spray flows out of me. His mouth forms the “o” I’ve seen time and time again when his pleasure overtakes him. He grunts along with me as I wring out the last drops, and finally, his forehead drops to my shoulder as he struggles for breath. For one terrifying moment, I believe he may have let go too, but a quick glance backward reassures me—the boy is rock hard.

“C’mere, Dane.”

My voice rouses him, and he walks on his knees around to my side.

“Straddle my hips. I need to take those clamps off you.”

Dane bites the insides of his cheeks as he raises a knee over my lap. As he settles himself over my thighs, he’s careful not to bump into the wreckage of my sloppy release with the erection folded tight against his belly.

“Clasp your hands behind you and take a deep breath.”

Holding the clamp in my right hand, I press my left thumb and forefinger near the nipple, then open the clamp and release the tissue. Dane groans as the blood rushes back to his nipple, and I caress the skin under my thumb and soothe him with praise.

“You’re lucky, boy,” I tell him. “This hurts far less while you’re still aroused. Your Master did you a giant favor not getting you off tonight.”

“Thank you, Massster,” he hisses as the second clamp is removed. His head drops back as he fights to keep his hands behind him.

“You’re beautiful, Dane, so perfect. Look how you hold your pose for me when you’re not distracted. That’s my good boy. Now, come closer and give Master a kiss.”

He scoots forward on my lap, the bumping of our cocks unavoidable at this point. I pull him into my arms and kiss him tenderly. “You’re forgiven everything, Dane. Are you ready to start fresh?”

Gratitude lightens his features like a heavy satin curtain opened to the morning sun.  “Yes, Master, thank you.”

“Good, because Huck and his gang are waiting for us.”

Aww, Dane's first punishment. What did you think of how Master handled his infraction? xx


  1. Oh poor Dane, this is where I struggle a bit Born with BDSM, it's no criticism of you obviously and thank you for not making the punishment worse but I wish M had still allowed Dane to have his pleasure. We know why he was down because of his mistake at work and he should have told Marcus how he felt but he was embarrassed to admit his error, would a sorry not have sufficed?

    I suppose if Marcus had accepted the apology because of the mitigating circumstances and they had both had a happy ending then it wouldn't be a BDSM story would it Lol. I don't know I'm probably not explaining myself very well but these sorts of chapters always leave me feeling a bit sad.

    The clamps I have no problem with although they may be uncomfortable, Dane could have yellowed and I can understand suffering a little for your significant other's pleasure, I could manage that bit I know.

    I'm not being very sympathetic to Marcus I know and I'm sure his feelings were hurt after his busy day and rushing back to Dane to find him not very forthcoming, I'm sure he felt like his balloon was popped but I'm just peeved at him right now :)

    At least now they can move on to Huck Finn and put the evening behind them, I don't suppose M will bring up Wayne tonight will he?

    I hope this doesn't sound like a whiny review, I'm sorry I can't express myself clearer, I still love the story, Dane and you Born and I will probably love Marcus again later once everything settles down inside of me Lol

    Thank you


    1. First off, let me reassure you that your review isn't whiny nor do I feel criticized in any way. Honest reviews are always welcomed and appreciated. Maybe I can reframe the scene for you from the perspective of the submissive. Yes, it was a "punishment" for Dane not to be able to get off and even more so for him not to be the one to pleasure his Master, but I believe the main purpose of the punishment was achieved- to help Dane get past his guilt for his behaviors. Not just with Marcus, but in a way Marcus was able to absolve him of what happened on stage. He freed Dane in a way that only he could. Hope that helps

    2. Thank you Born, it does help, a bit Lol. I suppose as long as Dane feels better than he did before, as you say, absolved, then the punishment did it's job and so did Marcus as his Master.

      There are always so many things to think about after reading a chapter and maybe other readers are like me and affiliate themselves with one particular character and imagine how we would feel in their place.


    3. I love you for sympathizing so deeply with Dane! I wanted to help you see the "discipline" through Dane's eyes. I don't believe he would've felt Marcus's actions harsh at all, but rather, he would've been comforted by them. I laid out Marcus's (i.e.-my) philosophy about discipline in KEA 23. Maybe reading the flashback will help?

  2. I thought things were going along too smoothly for them in the "dungeon." I was wondering when a scene that Marcus set up would not go as planned. In a way I am relieved; Dane would not be simply "all better" and they would live happily ever after. At least this was a way for them to work some things through. And the punishment seemed tame, but now that Dane has tasted sweet release, I’m sure the denial wasn’t much fun for him at all. Maybe now he will remember that Master is there for HIM, and He wants to know about Dane’s highs AND lows. All in all, I feel that their relationship is a bit healthier now that I have seen that Dane is not always going to be the absolutely perfect sub that he wants to be for his Master.

    1. I agree that things are not always a straight line, gumi. Despite whatever is going on in Marcus's head, we don't know and he can't control what is going on with Dane all the time. Dane needed to see it wasn't the end of the world if he messed up. They ARE stronger for it.

  3. There are those obscene noises again lol. Poor Marcus had such wonderful plans, but he really is quick on his feet to change them when needed. I forget how little of time they have actually known each other, and with all his previous issues, Dane will make mistakes. Even when it comes to trusting Marcus. Marcus does the right thing though. Dane is punished and it is not nearly as bad as his imagination was probably making it out to be. One more point in his "Trust his Master" column! xoxo

  4. I knew Marcus wouldn't punish dane by inflicting pain. I just knew it. dane may never be ready for that. I do think that the punishment of danes denial was almost as bad for Marcus as it was for dane. I do love that the "all is forgiven" message got through to dane. I'm sure he wasn't used to those kinds of punishments in the past and I'm glad to see he is learning to trust Marcus, even though if he'd trusted more to begin with, he wouldn't have gotten the punishment. I think none of us can avoid missteps in life so punishment is usually inevitable at some point .......thanks again for a lovely chapter!

    1. Everything you wrote! Now Dane can trust Marcus to alleviate his burdens when he messes up.

  5. I was wondering how Dane would be punished when something went wrong. Anything on either of their minds can certainly be a distraction, and Dane's learning he can unburden his worries to Marcus, in fact he must, in order for them to proceed with a scene.

    1. It was a real challenge trying to think up the scenario for which Dane would be punished. He's so perfect for Marcus- it had to be something that originated elsewhere. And they needed to get this first disciplining out of the way so Dane could trust fully.

  6. I think it is good for Dane to see that Marcus is not angry at him for not being present in the scene. But instead, stopped the scene, got to the root of the problem, doled out the punishment for Dane's infractions and moved on. Hopefully this will go forward in making Dane even more secure with Marcus.

  7. An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward.
    I'm a firm believer that there is a lesson to be learned in every situation, so I have been often told that I'm crazy. But even in my darkest times I have learned good valuable lesson and have always managed to find a positive in every negative. So this little set back accompanied by it's punishment, brought a lot of growth for Dane and their relationship. Dane has learned to share his mistakes, to be more open, to accept forgiveness, to reach for absolution, and maybe most importantly that Marcus will be there for him.
    Marcus must have been a teacher in his previous life, he reminded me of something I read recently in an article by a teacher named Beth Lewis: "A teachable moment is an unplanned opportunity that arises in the classroom where a teacher has an ideal chance to offer insight to his or her students. A teachable moment is not something that you can plan for; rather, it is a fleeting opportunity that must be sensed and seized by the teacher." So keep on teaching Marcus and make every moment count.
    Now unto chapter 52

    1. As a parent, I, too, have often contemplated the teachable moments. I absolutely believe in the idea of "discipline" vs "punishment"- fact is, Dane doesn't need punishment at all. He needs to know that he can wipe the slate clean and start anew without backlash or lingering issues. He CAN trust Marcus, even with his (Dane's) faults.

  8. I wish Dane would have had enough faith in himself to tell Marcus what was wrong. Even though, I do get why he is still insecure at times. But, Marcus will get him there. He will have him feeling so confident about the trust they will have in each other, that it won't matter. We all mistakes from time to time. Luckily, Dane has a Master who can help wipe the slate clean and start fresh. One who won't hold it against him. I think that Master knows what punishments will work best for his boy.
    Now, that the punishment is over let's see what happens next!

    1. Yeah, weird thing about pride, I guess. I agree, things will get better. :)

  9. Dane needs the absolution Marcus can give him. He also needed to know how M would discipline. I wonder how long he has worried about it. Marcus too has worried about getting past a punishment. Another milestone.

  10. "the wreckage of my sloppy release" - you are a poet lady!!

    1. How many different ways are there to say "a thick, hot stream of gloppy cum"?

    2. Apparently a bazillion more way than I ever imagined!! Keep 'em cumming hehehehehe!

  11. Guuuuuh... jesus!

    Okay where to start. Dane's slip up. I think I saw it coming. We all knew something was wrong when he was that quiet and generic while on the way home.

    Now, I hmmmm... the punishment. I'm mixed on it. On one hand, I respect Marcus'decision to punish. Because he is Dane's Master and when Dane step out of line or compromises in scene, it's within the Master's right/jurisdiction to handle the situation as he sees fit. I mean, how else will Dane learn? It's also good that before the punishment they had talked about it and Dane understands why he's being punished.

    On the other hand, I'm a bit on the fence about the forbidden release because it was one of the hard spots with Wayne. Though it's important that Dane knew that this denial of release was not just forced upon him or he's not being taken advantage of. I just hope Dane fully understood and does not get sucked back into that awful head space.

    Then again there's the fact that this was kind of punishment for them both. We know how mug it thrills Marcus to get Dane off and bring him pleasure he's been denied for so long. Feeling Dane's hard cock on his back must have been torture in itself for him too. And maybe if Dane knew just how much he was deprivindepriving Master just as much as himself, it would be a motivating factor to try not to mess up like that again.

    Again Born, Iadore how you portray their relationship. Still so many kind to work out and a long way to go. But they're both trying and they will get there. One step at a time. Rome wasn't built in a day.... nor thirty!

    1. Yeah I know it was a little bit harsh and potentially dangerous for Marcus to take Dane there, but Dane understood the scenario and the context and he appreciated his Master caring enough to be firm (so to speak), anything less would have invalidated Dane's ability to fully serve as a submissive. I think you're right about that motivation- Dane would always do for his master what he could not/would not for himself.
      You got it, Packy!