Monday, April 28, 2014


“Chapter three. Well, I got a good going-over in the morning from old Miss Watson on account of my clothes; but the widow she didn't scold, but only cleaned off the grease and clay, and looked so sorry that I thought I would behave awhile if I could.”

I stop right there and tip Dane’s head up with my hand in his hair. “You think Huck’s ‘good going-over’ was as good as yours, Dane?”

I love it when he blushes, and reminding him of my strokes with the crop does the trick swiftly and thoroughly. “No, Massuh, Ah reck’n mahn was better,” he answers in his best Huck Finn twang.

We both chuckle, though mine has a definite air of damn-I’m-a-lucky-fucker to it. Yes, I’m the lucky fucker who had my exquisite submissive bent over and clutching his ankles while I got him nice and worked up with my crop and took full possession of his pinked-up ass until we collapsed into a spent pile of exhausted body parts.

“I reckon so, too, Dane.”

I read on, thoroughly enjoying the semi-sadomasochistic tales of Tom and Huck—though I’d certainly never viewed them as such when I was a kid. All the chasing and beating! But it’s the talk of genies and magic lamps that stirs my interest, and I can’t resist drawing Dane into the story again.

“’Who makes them tear around so?’
‘Why, whoever rubs the lamp or the ring.  They belong to whoever rubs the lamp or the ring, and they've got to do whatever he says.  If he tells them to build a palace forty miles long out of di'monds, and fill it full of chewing-gum, or whatever you want, and fetch an emperor's daughter from China for you to marry, they've got to do it—and they've got to do it before sun-up next morning, too.  And more:  they've got to waltz that palace around over the country wherever you want it, you understand.’

“Tough gig being a genie, eh, Dane?”

“Yes, Master. Lots of tearing and waltzing around,” Dane says, false concern dripping from his voice as he barely contains a grin.

“’And what's more—if I was one of them I would see a man in Jericho before I would drop my business and come to him for the rubbing of an old tin lamp.’
‘How you talk, Huck Finn.  Why, you'd have to come when he rubbed it, whether you wanted to or not.’"

“I can totally relate,” Dane offers, sending us both into fits of laughter.

“Simmer down, boy. There are only a couple more lines here.”

“I’ll try, Master.”

The only way I can get through the last two paragraphs is by completely blocking out the goofy expressions he’s making, trying to trip me up.  “Thank goodness we got through that,” I say, absently inserting the bookmark before shutting the cover.

Dane’s head pops up off my chest. “Whoa, go back a second . . . Was that what I think it was?”

“What do you—holy shit! What the hell! How did I miss all this as a kid?” The picture heading up chapter four is entitled “The Spanking,” and a young boy is folded over an older man’s knee receiving a lashing with a cane.

“Mark Twain was some kind of kinky bastard, huh, Master?”

“Apparently so. Here I thought I had chosen something wholesome for us.” I shake my head, but Dane just laughs some more.

“And it turns out you’re corrupting me,” he comments drily.

“Oh brother.” I click off the light, and we sink under the blankets together, happily wrapped in each other’s arms. “Dane, I know Friday is going to be a big day for you. What can I do for you tomorrow?”

His arms tighten around me, and he nuzzles his face into my chest. “Mmm, I’d love not to have to think. And, uh, since you’re asking. . .” he pauses, chuffs, and continues, “I guess I’d appreciate it if you didn’t leave me too sore, if that’s okay?”

So, no pounding tomorrow.

“Of course, Dane. I asked because I genuinely want to know.”

“Thank you.”

“What about the rest of the day? I know you have rehearsal, but would you like to do something special in the morning?”

“Could we start with Ben Ash?”

My chuckle jostles his chin against my chest. “Sure. And afterward? Would you like to take in the MoMA?”

“Actually, um . . .”

“Dane?” I tip my chin down so I can see what’s brewing, but it’s too dark, and he’s too hidden.

“Ugh, okay. That picture in the book is kind of plaguing me.” He holds his breath after he gets the words out.

I respect that it’s not easy to make a request like this, and I also know that there’s a huge element to a spanking that has very little to do with actually being struck. “You want to come back to the room and . . . read?” I tease, gliding my hand down Dane’s back and giving his ass a friendly tap.

Dane flexes his hips against my thigh and lets out a soft grunt. Poor baby.

“Not exactly,” he answers. Bold! I like it.

“No? Hmm,” I start, swatting him again, “no reading? What, then, boy?”

“Master—” His voice is a breathy groan.

I cup his chin with my other hand and force him to look up at me. Even in the dim light, I can make out his desperation. “Ask me for it, Dane.”

“I . . .” He rocks, thrusting his heavy cock against my leg. “Would you please . . .”

I help him along with another swat, though it’s muffled under the covers. “What do you want your Master to do to you, Dane? Are you feeling a little naughty?”

Thrust, flex, rub. “Yes, Master.”

Poor boy is not able to get it out right now. Might be just as fun this way.

“Hmm, shall I turn you over my knee and take down your pants?”

He blinks twice, licks his lips, then answers, “Yes, Master, please!”

My finger slides along his crevice; he’s grinding shamelessly now. “Are you going to squirm tomorrow, Dane? Because if you’re planning to squirm, I’m going to have to hold you down nice and tight.”

Dane groans. “Yes, Master, I might squirm.”

“Oh, don’t you worry, boy. Your Master will make sure you can’t get away. I’ll lock your hands behind your back and lift up this juicy bottom. . .” I press my thigh between his legs and pull him against me from behind. “And then I will spank you . . .” I throw off the sheets and give him an open-handed slap that resonates through the room. He’s breathing hard now, getting closer. “Is that what you want? You need your Master to give you a spanking?”

Dane has a hard time looking me in the eye. “Yessss, Master.”

I swat him again, just enough to fuel his fantasy. “I can do that, Dane. I can do that for you.”

“Thank you, Master,” he says, nearing his breaking point.

“Look at me when you come, Dane. I want to see that need in your eyes.”

“Oh god!”

One more open-handed slap sends him over the edge, and his eyes pinch closed despite his Herculean effort to keep them open. He pistons his hips like a jackhammer while hot spunk splashes our joined bellies. His breath is running a sprint, trying to chase down some oxygen. As his pumping slows down and breathing returns to normal, he opens one eye.


“Whoops,” I repeat, adding a chuckle. “I wasn’t really expecting you to be able to keep your eyes open. You were way too far gone for that.”

Dane hides his face against my body and groans. “That was embarrassing.”

“Yeah, that’s part of the fun.”

“Fun for whom?” he mutters into my chest, making me laugh.

“Both of us, don’t you think?”

“I’m sure I don’t know.”

“Oh, I’m pretty sure you do.”

After a little while, he pulls away from my body and looks up at me. His face is a roadmap of complicated thoughts. “I guess it’s different now, with you.”

“How’s that, Dane?”

“What used to just feel borderline abusive now feels . . . arousing? Is that weird?”

“No, Dane, not weird at all. That’s what happens when you’re safe. You know I’m not judging you or looking down on you for your desires. I love taking you to those places you’ve never been able to explore before. I want you to enjoy yourself. That’s all that matters.”

“It’s funny, Master. With you, I feel like I’m going back to all the things that used to turn me on, before . . .”


“. . . everything made me just feel bad about myself.”

“That’s good, Dane. We’re gonna have some fun with this tomorrow.”

“We’re really doing this? Oh, God,” he mumbles, shaking his head and hiding again.

“Not God, just Master,” I tease. “Sweet dreams, sweet boy. And no masturbating in the morning. I want you good and horny for your post-pancake spanking.”

“I don’t think that will be a problem.”

I chuckle once more. “Neither do I.”

Blame Mark Twain. For everything. (All quotes and drawings are from The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, same edition I mentioned in a previous note.)

A note of thanks to Team Marcus- for encouraging this very naughty indulgence and making my words better: Chaya, Jayme, Apoc, and Meredith.

And two recommendations- Shellshock81's Building Hope - Shell just posted the epilogue to this beautiful, brave Edward/Emmett story of hope and growth: 
Edward has devoted himself to improving the lives of at-risk youth, but his Home for Hope can't keep them off the streets at night. Enter Emmett McCarty, the man who can single-handedly fund his dreams. They say to never mix business with pleasure, but maybe it'll be okay just this once.
and Postapocalypticdepository's Skater Boy and Boarder Girl - Apoc's lyrical language and character depth will pull you in. Eight chapters in and getting better with each one: Risk-taking, thrill-seeking, foul-mouthed, skateboarding girl, badass Bella has difficulty keeping her impulsive, trouble-making nature under control. Figure-skating, perfectionistic, straight-laced, well-mannered, A-student, Edward just wants to focus on his Olympic goals. What happens when these two polar opposites collide?

Happy reading, everyone! :) xx


  1. I may never look at Huck and Tom the same again! LOL
    I love that he is begging for it. He realizes he is safe and adored. *sighs*

  2. Loved the Huck Finn and they are certainly taking their time to read it, which is good, no way will they be finished by the end of their trial period ;) Perhaps Marcus could buy Bleak House next to read, I think even Dane would be grey by the time they got to the end of that one!!

    Our Sweet boy has come so far and soon he will be able to ask for what he wants.

    Dane's simple words about how different it feels with Marcus and how he is going back to how he used to be are said quite casually but are so telling and must make Marcus feel positive about the future.

    So Dane's big performance is the next day and M won't be telling Dane about Wayne just yet as that is bound to make him feel unsettled. I hope nothing scuppers his big break. Perhaps that conversation can wait until Sunday and M can offer comfort if necessary on Dane's Monday off.

    Thank you Born for a lovely chapter.


    1. BAHAHA, yes. Let's go even dimmer, shall we? :P

      Ahhh yes, the big night! :) Here's hoping! (love that word SCUPPERS!)

  3. I'm in love with these two wonderfully different men. Different from each other, I mean. Their relationship soars by leaps and bounds each chapter. I find my self getting a bit twitchy just reading about, and anticipating, the next spanking.....!!!

  4. This just sums it all up for me:

    "You know I’m not judging you or looking down on you for your desires. I love taking you to those places you’ve never been able to explore before. I want you to enjoy yourself. That’s all that matters.”

    Should be that way for everyone.

  5. I thought my hubs was bad, when the kids were little he would make The Little Mermaid as dirty as possible, but you are taking Mark Twain and making him bad too. LOL. Yeah Dane, you are finding yourself again and that is a wonderful thing. xoxo

  6. Who would have ever thought Tom Sawyer as ever being kinky? LOL Love that Done was able to admit he was feeling better about himself. So love these two together!


    1. What can I say? American Literature was all a smoke screen for a whole big pile of kink! Did I say that out loud?

  7. Lovely to see how they interact now, they are so great together. There have settle in a relationship that works for them and it is amazing to see how much Dane has changed in the time they have been together. Dane has always been so so sweet, even in his pain he was beautiful, but since he has stepped away from Wayne's shadow he has become a protostar on the way to become a red giant. I'm so amazed at how he can now allow himself to enjoy pleasure as well as pain, and how he is able to admit and somehow express he has needs. It is also amazing how Marcus has been able to let go to the only way of life he knew,and how much pleasure he derives from Dane's joy.
    I'm looking forward to Dane's big night and curious as to what Marcus has prepare to celebrate.
    It was great to be able to enjoy such a playful chapter after going back to work again, the alarm going off at 5:30 was a harsh reintroduction to reality. Well, at least we only have to work three days and then a five day weekend, gotta love all the holidays in May.
    As always thank you for sharing your writing and your replies to all reviews.

  8. If I had only one word to describe Dane, it would be sweet. He radiates it. It's his best quality and also the one that caused him to fall for all the wrong shmucks. But in Marcus's hands, he can shine like that red giant and not worry about getting squashed. Ahh, the big night. Yeah...

  9. "I click off the light, and we sink under the blankets together, happily wrapped in each other’s arms." Best way to end the day.

    "post pancake spanking" you crack me up.

    Dane can actually verbalize the difference between little d and M. That is so impressive.

    1. Mmm, always my favorite few minutes. Nose into chest, big strong arms wrapped around me, deep breath of man smells. :)
      Yeah, Dane's a smart, thoughtful guy, and he's really finding his voice now.

  10. Well I might have to finally read some Twain ;-) The comfort THAT Dane is feeling - able to vocalize (for the most part) his desires. Marcus might have created a monster for sure!!

  11. Ah god I love these two. Their bed time reading ritual is so fucking domestically cute it hurtssssssss. And who can say no to a little dirty teasing and raw fuckery before bed?

    I srsly need to go reread Huck Finn so I get all these underlying themes... Heh.

    And woah Dane is hot and ready for that spanking. Love that he admitted to finally enjoying things that he thought were abusive. He needs to know that that asshole was the abusive one and there's no shame in loving or being turned on by the things that bring him pleasure. So that was a pinnacle in this chapter for me. Dane admitting that. Marcus wants to show him so many things and I'm glad he's finally letting loose and enjoying the ride.

    So much fun tomorrow! Counting on it.

    1. I did enjoy picturing them in this domestic bliss, glad you did too!