Sunday, April 20, 2014


Maybe tomorrow, I’ll regret that I can’t remember most of our elegant meal—though the experience of sparring over the “longbone” with Dane certainly provided a memory worth holding on to. I’d have to blame Dane’s uncanny knack for turning the ordinary act of eating into a festival for my eyes though I suppose it would also be fair to blame my own imagination for conjuring so vividly all the things I wanted so badly to do to him later. At this moment though—this perfect moment when “later” merges with “now”—I have no regrets.

“I have to admit, I’m a bit torn here, Dane.” My fingers glide along the blue fabric, from one shoulder blade to the other. The terrain of his back tempts and taunts just beneath the surface.

“Why is that, Master?”

My hands keep moving downward, undeterred by my indecision. Dane pulls in a sharp breath as I reach his clasped hands, gripping them against his lower back. Our experiments with bondage play have imploded inside his psyche, like a beehive spewing gallons of thick, gooey honey.

There’s a subtle offering, a hopeful plea, that wasn’t present a week ago. His self-monitored hand clasp is that much stricter; he’s just that much more pliable and cooperative. And there’s no question about his arousal. Dane is craving restriction, desperate for the rush and the escape of offering every part of himself up to another’s control. Tonight, I plan to take him exactly where he needs to go.

“Well, I’m fairly certain you know what this outfit has been doing to me since this afternoon,” I reply, leaving his wrists in my left hand while my right glides down to the plump mound covered in black wool. “But then again, clothes can be so damn . . .” I pause while I yank the shirt out of his pants, “inconvenient, don’t you agree?”

The clipped words of his, “Yes, Master,” tell me exactly where Dane is—well on his way to sub space.

My fingers dance along the sliver of bare skin above his waist, working their way around front and dipping inside his trousers. Dane struggles for balance, groaning when I cup his heated flesh.

“It’s harder when you’re able to move, isn’t it, Dane?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Don’t worry, boy.” I stroke him with some vigor. “Your Master knows exactly what you need, don’t I?”

Oh, this would be so much easier for Dane if I’d only stop asking him to participate in his own demise. Comfortable scenes have their place, but Dane is the proverbial hot iron ready to be struck. After hearing everything I needed to hear tonight at dinner, there’s no question in my mind he’s ready. Holding back would be an injustice to both of us.

“Yes, Master!”

Jesus, could I get him to actually ask for it? What a tremendous leap that would be! Not quite yet, though. I’m only going to get one shot at this tonight. I won’t risk having him feel like a failure. Let’s draw back this slingshot as far as the rubber band will stretch before releasing the stone.

Dragging my hands around his middle, I round Dane’s tense body until we’re standing toe to toe. “The first thing you need, my sweet submissive, is to taste my kiss and remember what it means.” I grab a handful of hair at the back of his neck and yank him to my lips. My hand on his hip is there to steady him again when his balance wavers.

My mouth demands everything and accepts nothing less. Setting aside the sweet joining of lips for another time, I pry him open and ram my tongue inside. Dane moans at the sudden intrusion and at the unexpected nip of teeth along his lower lip. When I’m finished devouring him, I tug his head away, leaving us both panting.

“Have you remembered anything, Dane?”

His answer comes from a place deep within his core. “I’m yours, Master.”

Fucking perfection.

“Very good answer, and now what you need—what we both need, Dane—is to get you good and naked. I think we’ll strip you together tonight. Release your pose and get started on that shirt; I don’t have the patience for buttons right now, and I’d rather not trash my new favorite shirt!”

While Dane rises to the fine motor skills challenge, I lunge indelicately for the belt. He grunts as his hips are tugged against mine, and our stiff cocks crash together.

“Kick off your shoes for me.” If anyone can manage two tasks at once, it’s this boy. He could probably do both standing on his head—a feat I just might like to see one day.

Button, button, hook, zip . . . thank fucking Christ that’s over with!

I knew Dane was wearing the white briefs today, and dammit, they’re not even my favorite of his colorful collection, but I linger—just long enough to imagine putting my warm, wet mouth right on top of that big, juicy bulge—before hooking my thumbs in the elastic and guiding them out of my way.

“Master?” My eyes ride up his statuesque thighs, over the evidence of his arousal, the rippled muscles of his tight belly, and the hard, pointy tips of his nipples. He’s holding out the shirt, following his most recent instruction in absence of a direct command.

“Thank you.” I give the shirt a toss in the general direction of the other clothes and step back to admire our handiwork. Dane’s back in his pose before my gaze reaches him again.

“Ah, yes, that is much, much better, don’t you agree?”

“Yes, Master.” Short and sweet.

Dane is all business, and that’s exactly where I want him. Though I love it, there’s no room for that devilish grin right now. I won’t have him as my equal in his sub space tonight.

“See, Dane? Master knows exactly what you need.”

My hands are on him again, but not like before. Instead of the slow, predictable glide, I give him the hunt and peck. A tweak of a nipple, a pinch on the ass—jabs, not caresses. He answers each attack with a soft grunt and a stiff erection. Now, let’s name it.

“Sometimes, you need it a wee bit rougher, am I right?”


“Dane, remember, you can yellow or you can safe word. Otherwise, I need an answer to my question now. Do you need it a little rougher tonight?”

He finds me through the blur of his hooded eyes, as if trying to recall the name of a friend he recognizes but can’t quite seem to place out of context. Shit, he’s lost me—or rather, I’ve lost him, is my immediate worry, but then I realize that’s not the case at all.

It’s Dane he’s found again.

“Yes, Master,” he answers, “a little rougher, please.”

I could dance the fucking jig right now, but levity has no place here tonight.

I reward him with a long, deep kiss. “Yes, my beautiful boy. I am going to take such good care of you.”

His shoulders slouch with the sheer relief of the lifted burden, and he thanks me. This fucking boy . . .

“Come with me, Dane. We’re going to need some of Master’s toys tonight.”

I lead him by the elbow to the side of the bed, leaving him to ponder his fate while I root through my supplies. A sub of Dane’s caliber will be running wild with fantasies right now, and anything I say will just constitute a counterproductive distraction. Sometimes the best mastering is just knowing when to shut the hell up.

I toss cuffs and rope out of my bag, adding a few other toys gratuitously to watch his response—nipple clamps, a crop, and a leather paddle.


“What you need more than anything right now, Dane, is to be locked down tight. So tight that you don’t have to think about being still; you can just give it over to me and let go.”

His mouth drops open, and that sweet pink tongue peeks out and takes a slow, fruitless swipe across his dry lips. He’s ready.

“Am I right, boy?”

His head nods before he says anything, as if his entire body wants to scream out the answer. “Yes, Master.”

Hold onto your hats, folks. Here we go.

“And what do you need from your Master while your hands and feet are bound and your ass is in the air, nice and pink from my paddle, Dane?”

The noise that escapes him is a pained whimper. His cock twitches and releases a bead of creamy fluid. This may be the hardest waiting I’ve ever done in scene or out. He’ll get there; I’m sure of it.

I reach into the small zippered compartment inside the bag, my go-to spot for a handy condom and lube. Curling my hand around both, I stand in front of him and press once more.

“What do you need when you’re so full of longing, you just don’t know what to do with yourself? What do you need from me then, Dane?”

I open my hand, revealing its contents, and I wait some more. Dane barely glances down; he doesn’t need the answer key.

“Master,” he starts, and it’s a voice I almost don’t recognize, a soft, pleading voice strangled with desire, “I need you to fuck me.”

“Yes, my beautiful boy. That’s the right answer.”

I love it when he knows the answer. Don't you?  So sorry to have delayed today's posting. Mister needed a rematch out on the golf course (and now I've gone and beaten him again!). Thank you for missing me...or was it these two? Never mind!

I received a lovely gift from the Easter Bunny today- an unexpected review of this story from the Books and Fandom blog. You can check out the kind words here. I'm still glowing in bright pastels. What a sweet treat. MWAH!


  1. Wow, what a chapter and what an ending to the perfect day off for Dane, he will be soaring higher than ever tomorrow in his show. We are almost there, we have come so far, I hope so much that Dane doesn't have a freak out but if he does I trust Marcus to help him through. Dane is like a different boy, we know that he has been too trusting in the past and he trusts now but Marcus is unlike anyone he has met before.

    I almost can't wait for the next bit but then on the other hand I want to take time and savour every stage, I'm sure they will both feel the difference between this coming together and others, especially Dane with his awful recent history.

    Is it just a matter of time before we hear the L word? I CAN wait.

    Born, I've been thinking about terms of endearment for public settings and I can't think of the right one to suit these two yet. The best I've got so far is "Boss", which goes quite well with M calling him boy I think, but I'm waiting to see what you have planned ;)

    Thank you


    1. That name thing is a real tough one, Jarvis. Keep thinking!!
      Aren't you sweet, wanting to savor but wanting to move forward, too.
      There's beauty in every step of the way for these two. I love that you see Dane soaring, even as he is sinking into sub space- especially as he is, in fact!

      MWAH! xoxo

  2. Well smack my arse and call me've killed me. Dead.

    Okay, initial shock over, now onto the other bits. I know I've been a terrible reviewer but I can't wait to read this so I read on my phone or iPad mostly and damn it if it won't let me post a review from there. I really love the flow of this story. From M's inner musings to D's reactions to anything from seeing friends that M has surprised him with to his deliberation over how to explain himself, these men are such three dimensional characters to me. I have gone back and reread from the beginning a few times now just because I love getting lost in their story.

    Favorite line... There’s a subtle offering, a hopeful plea, that wasn’t present a week ago. ...This one little line screams of progress for them both. I love that Dane sees Marcus as such a positive part of everything and can now differentiate between him and the asshat Wayne *totally whines out that name*.


    1. Does that make me Hansel or the evil lady who tried to bake them? I LOVE that you went back to the beginning! That is so cool and generous of you.
      Oh yes, Marcus has created miles between himself and the specter of Wayne-o. I hope you continue to love this one, V! Thanks for your sweetness.

  3. Oh my! Here we go...just a little bit rougher.......just what they both need. Geez, Born, I'm loving the current direction this story is we get the full scene tomorrow or will you torture us some more?

  4. Wow They finally got there, this chapter was so erotic, there was such eroticism and overwhelming sensuality in the way Marcus set the scene.
    Sometimes things unravel in a few seconds or minutes, but in our minds we lose the ability to measure time. These chapter felt like that, like it could have been hours that went by. Like every action even though it was fast and efficient, was done in slow motion. Like every word even though it was spoken at the right time, took ages to be thought of let alone spoken.
    I love the fact that after everything they shared with each other and after they both own up to their feelings, what they are about to do is actually make love, even tough calling it fucking is very sexy and appropriate for the scene.
    So beautiful that he realized that the key to opening Dane's body was to open his heart and mind first.
    Dane was so ready to be himself, to just let go and to be freed through his submission. I look forward to their first time, because I believe that for Marcus this will be a first too.
    Congratulations on your victory on the golf course and on the review, you deserve that and more.
    Thank you for sharing your writing even on Sundays and for replying to all reviews.
    Happy Easter

    1. I'm not positive about your conclusion about them making love. Let's talk after you read the next chapter, okay? ;)

      Thank you for all your beautiful words and many kindnesses. I love the way you read this story.

  5. this chapter was so tantalising! the tension, the longing, the lust between these two - gah i hope you have a supply of shamwows hun, because jeepers the next chapter's gonna be spongeworthy! ;) great chapter as always x

    1. Oh how poetically fluid! I've got my got yours?

  6. Gahhh, woman!

    I remember when I first stumbled upon bdsm in fic, I read about a lot of dark and strict and cold doms (whether that was because the authors didn't care to create more of an emotional connection, or that they didn't know how, I'm not sure), but as I had more time to think about it, I think my desires got a little bit more refined. I know that there are people who can have fulfilling scenes without a certain emotional intimacy with their partner, but more often than not my head doesn't go that way- and the stuff I have been lucky enough to find these days goes right along with that- a strong emotional bond furthering a physical connection.

    All that being said, I love that at the height of Marcus and Dane's emotional bonds (up to this point, at least) we're getting a stricter feeling scene. asking Dane to "participate in his own demise," hair yanking, demanding kisses, the "hunt and peck" of Marcus trying to get Dane worked up, etc.

    I might not be quite as excited to read what's about to happen to Dane as Dane is to experience it (because let's face it, that'd be pretty hard! lol), but I felt like you were talking to your readers with the "Hold onto your hats, folks." haha.

    Loving how intense this scene feels- the heightened tension is going to take Dane places he didn't think he could get to, and I'm very excited and optimistic about what happens next! :)

    1. That's beautiful, Digi. I think there's probably a place for that sexual titillation as a story too, but I guess it's just not the story I need to tell- at least not with my E/B or these two. As you point out, I also don't want to lose that edge that Master has over Dane, because that wouldn't be them either, and it wouldn't be the path that gets Dane where he needs to go. I love that you (as Marcus's proxy) ARE getting worked up as well, but yeah, I hope it's better for Dane too. *wink* MWAH and thank you for your reflections as always.

  7. oh Born, what a big step for Marcus' boy. You wrote the tension and tenderness beautifully. Even threw in a personal grab and hard kisses...mmmmm. This just get better and better...for me and for Dane. Read the review you got. What wonderful words to describe what you share. xoxo

    1. Marcus can't resist Dane's hair. Thanks, Vicki. It was a really nice review. Felt great. As do your beautiful words on every chapter. Thank you for that.

  8. I don't know who's more excited! Dane, Marcus, or meeeeee! Gaaahhhh! LOLOL
    Well, actually that would be these two boys!
    Oh sweet Jeezus woman! Your gonna kill me DED!
    I truly adore that Marcus is helping and pushing Dane past his limits. Where they are headed not only physically, but with the trust is just amazing. AMAZING! I love the trust that Marcus has built Dane to have in him.

  9. Now the hearts going round their heads are interspersed with Master's toys. Ha.. M gets Dane back to who is that wants this life. Dane is proud to be a submissive. The more he is able to act like himself in a scene, the more of himself he reclaims. The MASTER is back. Not that he was ever really gone.

    1. Ah...nice observation. Master doesn't really leave but he does weave in and out a bit as Marcus gets blindsided by Dane's Daneness.

  10. Houston we are go for buttsecks.

  11. 'Jesus, could I get him to actually ask for it?'

    Well at the end there, he didn't really ask for it. But he admitted to wanting it. And that's almost as good, right? Besides there's still time for asking/begging. *wink*

    Wow... Dane is fucking beautiful in sub space. And Marcus in his Mastering moment... unf. I'm so bad at picturing characters in my hand but you write the scenes so fucking well. Its vividly clear in my mind every damn time. I love how Marcus coaxes what he needs out of Dane. So fucking sexy when he asks him all those questions. Knowing full well how turned on Dane's answers would make them both. I'm practically squirming on a bus here. Lord help me.

    Reading on tho. I'm so ready for this.

    1. Loads of time left for begging! Thank you for your lovely compliments and for squirming. You're WELCOME! Teeheee!