Thursday, April 24, 2014


I can only think of one better way to wake up than being greeted by Dane’s enormous smile and “Good morning, Master,” and it takes me all of five seconds to make it happen.

“Good morning, Dane.  Climb on top of me and get your lips around my cock.”

His mouth drops open before he schools his features and hops out of the covers with a hearty, “Yes, Master.”

As he scurries to straddle my shoulders, it hits me that Dane woke before me and might have already spent his morning wood, but my worry is impressively shooed away by the heavy pole now dangling above my chin.

Dane bends forward and swallows down my shaft with a long, low groan, then jumps when I tug his erection into my mouth. Catching on like a champ, he spreads his knees wider and sinks lower. As we tease each other with tongues and fingers and teeth and nasty, dirty noises, I’m filled with a warm, glowing epiphany that life really doesn’t get any better.

Hazy with his ass and balls smashed against my face and whatever the hell Dane is doing to me down below, I am barely coherent when my hips let go and start pumping off the bed of their own accord. Dane slides out of my mouth while I struggle for oxygen, and my hands take over where my mouth cannot. Seconds after my hot release streams into his warm mouth, Dane is grunting and painting my chest with his own milky spray. 

His upside-down grin appears between his thighs. “Good morning, Master.”

I smack his ass and toss him off me. “To the shower with you!”

By some magical feat of modern dance, he leaps and sticks a graceful landing on the carpeting, laughing and swaying his perfect ass all the way to the bathroom.

“Thank you, God,” I say out loud to the ceiling as I wipe up the residue using last night’s towel.  Heading into the bathroom, I hear the surprising sound of Dane’s singing in the shower.

Singing in the shower!

Must be one of his new songs from the show—I vaguely remember it from my theater bombing last week. I stand there listening like a damn creeper until he catches me, shakes his head, and laughs it off. Hell and no!

Opening the stall door, I step inside and grab the soap out of his hands. “Hey, don’t let me stop you.”

“Sorry, I didn’t realize I was singing out loud.”

I spin him around and soap up his back. “Are you seriously apologizing for being so happy you forgot to be inhibited? That’s only the best thing that could ever happen.” It’s pretty much been my overriding goal with Dane from the start.

Dane’s shoulders slump under my hands. Shit, what have I said? My soapy palms massage his back, waiting . . . always waiting. Dane reaches over his shoulder, grabs my wrist, and pulls it to his cheek.

“You . . . make me happy, Master.”

And breathe.

I step up to meet his back, wrap my other arm around his stomach and drop my forehead to his shoulder. Dane’s free hand curls around my neck, locking me in place—as if I’d move. The spray rinses away the soap and warms us as we rock together as one unhurried unit.

Dane’s abdomen expands under my hand, and bringing back his rich, deep “Jim” voice from last night, he bellows out, “Ol' Man River, dat Ol' Man River. He mus' know sumpin' but don't say nuthin'. He jes' keeps rollin'; he keeps on rollin' along.”

He turns his head, sharing his enormous grin and eyes just barely visible beneath the sopping wet bangs glued to his forehead. Aw, what the hell! I lead him in my favorite verse, and he joins right in with a delighted chuckle:

“You an' me, we sweat an' strain,
Body all achin' an' wracked wid pain.
Tote dat barge! Lif' dat bale!
Ya get a little drunk an' you lands in jail.

Ol’ Man River, dat Ol’ Man River
He jes’ keeps rollin’ along.”

Our concert fades out with a duet of soft, traded laughter, but the gentle rocking continues even after I eventually turn off the water. The confession weighs heavy on my tongue, and I can’t see what might possibly be gained by holding it in.

“You make me happy, too, Dane. Really happy.”

He spins in my arms, and our mouths come together for a long, sweet kiss.

“Good, Master. You deserve it,” he says after our lips have parted.

“So do you, my sweet boy.”

Dane gives me one of his bashful grins, and I know I’ve maxed him out.

“Perhaps we should get our happy asses out of this shower now.”

“You’re the boss, Boss,” he says with his usual spark.

I respond with, “Mmhmm,” skeptical as ever about who’s really in charge here.

Wrapped in our towels, Dane considers his reflection as we do-si-do around the sink and mirror. “Master, I’m sorry, but I have to shave today.”

“Of course you do. Dane, it goes without saying that you have your professional appearance to uphold above all else.”

His eyes meet my reflection, and silently, he drops his towel and turns to check out his ass in the mirror. I observe with great amusement while he contorts comically to get the best view.

“Somebody besides me going to see those pink cheeks, Dane?” I tease.

His head snaps up, dark brown eyes wide and uneasy. “Backstage can be a bit of a free-for-all,” he answers, then quickly adds, “but we all wear underwear . . . mostly.

Now it’s my eyebrows that pop up, and I feel my hand coming to rest at the back of my head. I guess I hadn’t exactly pictured it being quite that communal though I know they have some quick costume changes. Anyway, his light pink cheeks give nothing away. “I’ll keep that in mind in the future.”

Realizing I’m not angry or upset or anything other than appropriately cautioned, Dane goes back to the rest of his grooming routine while I choose my clothes for the day. My pickin’s are getting slim at this point, having only packed for a week, and it would make sense that Dane’s also running low.

Dane takes the warm mug of coffee I hand him and roots around in the mini-fridge for breakfast.

“I need to go home today,” I tell him. “I’m running out of provisions.”

That gets his attention. “Are you coming back? Are we keeping this room?”

“Of course, and yes, I reserved it for another week. Wouldn’t you like to stop at home and recharge your batteries?”

Dane glides into the chair next to me, setting out his coffee, yogurt, and a bright green apple on the table. “I could probably use some clean clothes, but my batteries are good.”

I sip at my coffee while I watch him go about fueling his body. “Dane, are you sure you don’t have anywhere else you need to be, any friends you want to see, or just have a little time alone to. . . sing in the shower if you want?”

He shrugs, the very picture of nonchalance, except for the tightness in his voice. “I could if you want me to. If you need a break from me.”

I wrap my feet around his ankle and tug until he looks at me. “I don’t need a break from you. I was asking what you need. Your head is my concern.”

He sets the spoon down next to the yogurt. “My head feels best when I’m with you.”

“Okay, Dane. Just checking. Don’t be afraid to tell me if you need a little space.”

He guffaws. “No, Master, I don’t really like space that much.”

Which reminds me—“Don’t forget to make that appointment today.”

“I just sent him an email.”


“And I got a text from Sean, saying he wanted to have coffee sometime.” Dane starts spooning in the yogurt again, but his eyes are all over me.

“That’s nice.”

“Is it?”

I shrug. “Seems like it. Don’t you like him?”

“Did you ask him to babysit me?”

My gut twists. “I asked him to reach out to you as a friend, that’s all.”

He’s reached the bottom of the container, and he now makes it his mission to scrape every last drop from the bottom. I wait until I can’t bear it anymore.

“You do like Sean, right?”

“Yes, and I like Riley, but that doesn’t mean I want to be their job.”

“You’re nobody’s job! They care about you. I wanted you to have someone your own age you could talk to.”

Dane levels me with his hurt puppy dog glare. “I wish you hadn’t gone behind my back like that. I feel like a case again.”

My blood runs cold. It won’t help to tell him this is exactly why I need him to see his therapist again. “Dane, I’m sorry I overstepped with Sean.” I chance reaching out and covering his hand with mine. When he doesn’t withdraw, I feel slightly encouraged. “My mistake. Forgive me?”

Dane’s eyes are watery, and mine are too, but nothing surprises me more than the smile that widens over his cheeks. “Did you just apologize and admit you were wrong?”

“Yes, Dane. It happens on occasion.”

He wipes at his tears with the back of his hand. “Sorry, I just . . . wasn’t expecting that.”

And now I’m a teary mess as well. “Expect the unexpected, Dane.”

“Yeah,” he chuckles, “apparently.”

I give his hand a little jiggle. “So what do you say about Sean? Despite my bumbling, he really does want to be more involved in your life. Will you give him a call? For you, not for me.”

“Master, you had me at ‘sorry.’”

How about that? A Master who knows how to apologize. Damn, is there anything sexier? Truly. 

"Ol' Man River" is a song from the 1927 musical Show Boat, music by Jerome Kern and lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II. If you haven't heard it in a while (or ever) you might want to check it out here. I wouldn't mind hearing that in the shower.



  1. I'm still not 100% but ,oh BOH you had me at the song. My teary eyes can hardly see what I'm writing.
    Those last chapters covering their night were SO intense that words fail me; it was more, much more than I cld expect, the total surrender from both, the trust *and not just the thrust, perv mind*, the little couple-ysh tidbits *sappy Muse*
    And Dane calling on Marcus for his move? "I wish you hadn’t gone behind my back like that. I feel like a case again" *shivers* Memorable!

    You do realize this is my first time reading a same gender love story, don't you? I admit I was quietly surprised to see that I've enjoyed reading it though I'm not sure I'll repeat the experience *bear with me, I'm an old kitten*
    Marcus was my first and may as well be my only.
    And I'm content.

    1. Oh, but MUSE! I have so many more boys for you!! C'mon, you trust me, don'tcha? Okay, I won't be greedy. It's a huge compliment that you're here and reading this one, and hey, you've already managed through the um...yeah...scene! It's all downhill from here, baby! ;) Glad you're feeling better if not yet 100% and so happy you enjoyed their sappy as well as the intense.

  2. In my humble opinion- no, there is nothing sexier than a Master who knows how to apologize. lol. none of that half-assed, "well.... maybe I could have said that differently, but...." No, he immediately owned up for hurting Dane's feelings despite the fact that he probably thinks he's right- Dane does need more friends. Master can't be everything for him. (he can be a lot for him, but not all)

    back to the beginning of the chapter- my favorite sentence was one of great contrasts: "As we tease each other with tongues and fingers and teeth and nasty, dirty noises, I’m filled with a warm, glowing epiphany that life really doesn’t get any better." gah. nasty, dirty noises AND warm, glowing epiphanies? awesome!

    Love the duet in the shower. they are so adorable, I almost can't take it! And once again, I loved the visuals of them getting ready for the day side by side, especially since, Dane was trying to check out his own ass! lol.

    Hope Dane gets to see the doctor so he can continue down his path to becoming a happier, more whole man. Methinks he's doing well, and this might just be the honeymoon phase of the relationship speaking for him, but he needs to realize that a little space is healthy, and extra friends never hurt, and it's always nice to have family there for you.

    Loved these happy, moosh-y boys today, and early congrats to you on number 50 arriving soon!! it's been a fantastic, hot, AND moving journey so far and I can't wait to see what comes next. :)

    1. Obviously I'm with you on the apology = sexy front, and my husband happens to be a particularly gifted apologizer. *wink* I think Marcus understood that he truly did overstep, that perhaps his masterly ways need a bit of remastering where this boy is concerned, and he's genuinely contrite. Perhaps his sentiment was right but his method backfired. Whoops!

      BAHAHA, nothing says warm glow like nasty noises!

      Well spotted about the honeymoon phase. I think it's a great reminder that these two have not been together very long, and Dane has a habit of trusting quickly and putting all his eggs into one basket. Perhaps Marcus sees the writing on the wall, especially where we have our first "spat" of any consequence. With his maturity and experience, he knows they will both be better individually and together if Dane has other people in his life to rely on as well.

      Thanks for your kind words, as always, and for being here every step of the way! xoxo

  3. mmmm, what a way to start the day, some serious sexy time, a shower and a show, breakfast , and a spat. I like how quickly Marcus owned up to his mistake and owned it. I am a little worried about Dane being all about Marcus and nothing else.
    Those "nasty noises" had me lol'ing m'dear!

    1. Heehee, the movie version will have full sound effects, Vicki!

  4. I am amazed and delighted that dane expressed to Marcus how he felt about Marcus setting up a meeting with Sean. For him to be able to express that he felt "managed" or however you said it, is a step of huge proportions. I am less amazed that Marcus apologized. Not that I think he didn't have that within his range of behavior, it's just that my idea of how a Dom should behave just got smashed to pieces by that one act. i think dane found it surprising too! I love it that I am continually surprised by the ongoing progression of events taking place in this story. It gives me joy and hope for the human condition. Something I don't always have when reading other stories or even dealing with real life. I want this story to never end, LOL!

    1. I totally agree with you about what Dane's tiny rebellion reveals about his mental state. He NEVER would've had the strength to do that in the past, and clearly Marcus encourages the behavior in a most healthy way. YAY for both of them!

      I love that I can surprise you. Marcus is human, but in my eyes, he is the model of a caring dom. Of course, Dane is getting the bright beams version of that, which perhaps makes Marcus both a bit better and a little bit more careless as a dom- I'll let you be the judge. I don't have much respect for anyone who can't apologize when he/she has made a mistake, and I think it would be especially dangerous for someone in the position of power and control. No way one of my protagonists will ever behave that way! (Even if he doesn't get it at first, he will always see the light)
      Thank you for your sweet curse. (but no thank you!)

  5. Well, I agree with Vicki that chapter had a bit of everything, all the S's. Sex, showers, singing, smooching, a spat, a sorry but no longer any stubble unfortunately. I'm so glad Marcus apologised and that Dane was able to broach the subject the way he did, hopefully because of M's reaction Dane will see how being direct and honest with each other will only increase their connection. I hope this bodes well for when the tough times to come AND I know they are coming, it's just a matter of when. Marcus and Dane are putting the groundwork in and I so want it to pay off,

    I'm relieved that Dane emailed the therapist, he needs some outside help to understand his issues and to hopefully realise that having friends and families and individual interests will make them so much stronger together as Dom and sub.

    Loved Dane calling M Boss and I'm still thinking of other names, "sweet boy" is just right for Dane, what about "Finn" for M ;) The connotations would only be known to them or "Huck" lol but that could be a bit awkward in company, especially if the company are a bit hard of hearing.

    Thank you Born for your wonderful writing.


    1. OMG I AM LAUGHING OUT LOUD at Huck!! That's cute- Finn. All the s's, huh Jarvis? CUTE! That reminds me of some line I heard once about the man's 3 private pleasures: shower, shit, and shave. :P Thanks for your sweet note.

  6. No there is nothing sexier than really anyone being big enough to apologize when they really need to. Makes it even better that it is a big, bad ole Dom like Marcus, doesn't?

    I think, if Dane stopped to really think about it, he would realize that Marcus "interfering" with Sean, he would see that Marcus has his best interests at heart. As he has proved he always has. Dane probably knows that it is just he is not used to being treated well.

    1. Makes it even better that it is a big, bad ole Dom like Marcus, doesn't it? YES!!! I think Dane probably knows his intentions were good but maybe felt a betrayal he hadn't expected from this perfect master. And for his part, I think Marcus realized he was wrong, despite all his good intentions, if only for the reason that Dane was hurt by it. Oh, talking is so good! :)

      Thanks, Keye! So great to see you all caught up...going backward now to check your earlier comments!

  7. I love their sexy times, of course! But, what I love more is their connection. Their openness to each others feelings, thoughts, and responses. I adore that Marcus said he was sorry. He is showing Dane how a true relationship works.
    Even though Dane is controlling Marcus' heart, Master is still in control of his boy.

  8. im sniffling and grinning at the same time *wipes tears* that moment between them in the shower was so emotion filled i got a bit thingy! Then, marcus goes and says sorry for the whole sean thing. i want his babies. just sayin. lol. love love loved this chapter!!

    1. HAHA You're the first to want Marcus's babies! I guess that would be good stock!

  9. And breathe.
    Oh how my heart is aflutter for these two. Bit this bond they are building is spectacular to witness. Pates said it right.... Danes controls Marcus heart...but Master controls this blossoming relationship.
    I love that even a well seasoned Dom can be so emotionally stripped by a sub. Dane def needed Marcus but I think Marcus needed Dane more.

    1. That's a wonderful summary of this story: even a well seasoned Dom can be so emotionally stripped by a sub. Gorgeous. Hard to say who needs who more in any relationship, I think. Maybe you can tell by who changes more once they get together? It's a wonderful question. Thank you for it, KM.

  10. So sorry, but I'm going back to work tomorrow, so catching up with a few things before then.
    It was a lovely waking up treat for Marcus, both Dane pleasuring him and then Dane singing in the shower. It is a delight to see him so happy. I loved the fact that he wasn't really aware that he was singing out loud. I do that all the time, but for me is dancing or at least bouncing to music. I do not realize I'm doing it half of the time, until I catch my husband looking at me and smiling. So f¡drawing from my own personal experience I gather that Dane must feel extremely comfortable and safe with Marcus to let his guard down like that. They were so adorably domestic during their grooming routines and what a lovely and funny thing for Dane to check his cheeks. Such a big step for Dane to get the ball rolling starting contact to set up therapy sessions and also addressing his discomfort over Sean being contacted on his behalf, but I think Marcus handled it so well, specially by providing sometjing that had been missing from Dane's life, an apology.
    I loved the chapter. I'm going to catch up with the rest of them.
    See you in the review section of the next chapter in a few minutes.

    1. Ah...yes. One doesn't sing in the shower if he's feeling too guarded, so you're spot on with that observation. So happy you enjoyed all their little domestic moments together. I always loved watching my parents put on the final touches at the mirror- the splash of cologne, picking out jewelry, final hand thru hair, etc. and always thought that was really what marriage was about.

  11. R & H - staples at this house.

    "You make me happy" Powerful words. without all the expectation that "I love you" has. Something I should use more.

    Marcus apologized! He is showing Dane what it means to be an healthy adult.

  12. So of course I sang along in my head - you just can't read song lyrics if you know the music!

    Dane's response to Master's apology felt very familiar... except along with my hubby's shock and amazement of my admitting to a wrong doing he gloats a bit. Do you remember Debbie Allen's "told ya so" dance in Will in Grace? ;-p

    1. I don't see Dane as a gloater (hubby take note!) Maybe he was just so shocked to hear the apology he couldn't respond!

      LOL on the told ya so dance. I know you're dying to post the gif!

  13. Ahhhh my heart. You had me at the song in the shower. Well actually you had me at the 69er but a little decorum for the masses, yeah? I mean it's not even 8 am yet. Hahahhahha...

    I love that this chapter showed Marcus stripped down a bit. The singing in the shower seemed such a human moment for both of them. I loved it. And such a classy choice. A performer like Dane would know of it.

    Ahhhh so Dane did feel a little butthurt... oh pun, by Marcus going behind his back and setting things up with Sean. Makes me think again of how he'll feel about Marcus digging on Wayne. Marcus apologized. Again showing his human side. Everyone makes mistakes/bad decisions of have moments of dis clarity and judgment making. Whether you're the world's best dom or sub. Its important to show your other that you understand that you might have done something that hurt them and you're sorry about it. Marcus might be sorry Tha it hurt Dane but is he really sorry that he took that step in the first place? For Dane's well being? I think he had Dane's best interest at heart. I for one think it might be good for Dane and he'll probably see it in the long run. Dane does need some people to be around outside of Marcus.

    That said it was important that Marcus acknowledged that his actions hurt Dane and that he understands where he was coming from. And apologized as well. It very portal that Dane knows that his thoughts and feelings are considered as cared for just as much as his body.

    1. LOL who are these masses who want decorum? Sure nobody I KNOW! Nice pickup on your question about Dane will feel about Marcus in the Wayne situation. Marcus is walking that fine line as Master and figuring out where/when/how and IF he has the business to intrude. It's sometimes a tough one to figure out. Love your insights.