Friday, April 18, 2014


I clasp hands with Dane outside the nondescript steel door. “Okay, Dane. Let’s go over the rules. You don’t speak to anyone but me. You are not responsible to anyone but me. Stay at my heel and keep your eyes on my back. Don’t let go of my hand, and if you have any kind of problem at all, squeeze my fingers. Got all that?” I ask the boy with a perfect memory.

“Yes, Master.”

Tonight, we’re merely passing through the halls, not pausing to take in the scenery or become a part of someone else’s fantasy. This is a convenient pit stop. That said, there’s no denying the added heat between us; entering a club as dominant and submissive under any circumstances is bound to churn the blood.

I pull Dane into my body, drawing his mouth to mine with my gloved hand. My tongue finds his, and we tangle and twist until I feel him relax his stiff shoulders. Gliding my thumb across his lower lip, I look straight into those warm, brown eyes and say, “Bottom line, Dane, you’re mine.”

Holy hell, the rush I get when the boy whimpers in response!

I step past Dane and pull him into place behind me before knocking three times. The man who answers was a boy last time I was here. Obviously, he’s continued his training, because he snaps to attention and greets me with the utmost respect. “Master Marcus, is that really you?”

“Yes, Eli. You’re looking well.”

“Thank you, Sir, as are you. How may I serve you today?” He’s careful to keep his eyeballs where they belong—on me—and for that, I am grateful. Calling him out would spoil the mood.

“I need a playroom. Anything on the second floor is fine.”

“Absolutely, Sir. Let me get those packages for you, and please allow me to get you a key.”

Eli steps aside, and we enter the reception area. This place has all the warmth of the clothing store, but at least it makes sense here. The Toolshed’s charm, so to speak, is in the severity of the décor and the utilitarian furniture and equipment. It’s not a place to bring a first date, but if you want to get right down to business, you’ll find everything you need. Right now, that works for me.

“Here you are, Sir. Room twelve is all yours.”

“Thank you, Eli. Is Stephen still here?”


“Great. Have him put it on my tab.”

Eli nods. “Of course.”

He shuffles away, and I lead Dane over to the staircase. I tuck him against the wall behind me, steering him clear of the naked, collared boy on all fours sucking off a leather-clad man leaning against the banister.

“Are you with me, Dane?” I need to hear his voice.

“Yes, Master.”

“Do you need to talk to me about the color of the sun?” I ask, as we trudge up the stairs.

“No, Master. Thank you.”

At the landing, I give him an extra little tug to speed him past the first room, where a trussed-up sub is being flogged in plain view of the open door. Either the boy is an exhibitionist, or he is in big trouble because it is all out there on display. Another day, I might’ve at least paused to look, but there can’t possibly be anything here to hold a candle to Dane.

We’re practically jogging by the time I reach room twelve and fit the long tubular key into the lock. With a satisfying click, the tumblers align and the door opens, revealing your everyday, basic bondage den. I close and lock the door behind us while Dane takes in his surroundings.

I step in front of him, deliberately blocking his view, and start unbuttoning my shirt. “Dane, do you trust me?”

“Yes, Master.”

“I’d ask that you keep that in the forefront of your mind right now. Remind us both of your safeword, please.”


Pulling off my shirt, I turn and drape it over some metal rack with so many accessories, I’d need the instruction manual just to figure out which end is up. “I want you to take off your clothes and hand them to me.”

“Yes, Master.”

The room offers an infinity of kinky options, but so many are still off limits. My brain pushes through different permutations, plotting what I want to do with Dane and calculating which equipment will serve me best.

Meanwhile, Dane strips down with his usual fluidity, revealing an eager cock that matches my own. I set his clothes down next to my shirt, and by the time I turn back, he’s already posed and entirely delicious.


High overhead, dangling from a pulley is a rope with a set of cuffs. I leave Dane in place and crank the gear on the wall until the rope drops to shoulder height. Dane’s eyes are all over me as I walk back and take hold of the first cuff. “Wrist.”

Without faltering, Dane offers his left wrist and waits patiently while I clip him in.

“Wrist.” The second one costs him a deep breath and a little more time, but the right hand is presented as well.

I know Dane won’t be shackled long, but I still take every precaution to make sure his blood is circulating. I work quickly and without speaking, letting Dane get used to the restriction and the stretch as the pulley draws his hands over his head. His feet adjust naturally to the re-centering of gravity. His eyes are focused straight ahead, his feet slightly spread, and best of all, his erection hasn’t lost any of its vigor.

Maybe I’m not objective, but I can’t remember ever seeing anything quite as beautiful as Dane elegantly extended, taut as a cello bow, and comfortable in his bondage.

“How do you feel, Dane?”

He hisses as my palm meets his belly, his flesh pebbling in a telltale patch of goosebumps.

“I’m okay, Master.”

“Just okay, Dane?” I run a fingernail across one of his tight nipples, and he flexes away with a groan. “You look more than okay to me, boy. You look downright aroused.”

My thumb sweeps along the valley where thigh meets groin, and Dane’s cock does a twitchy little dance for me. That’s it, boy. Let your body beg for it.

“Yes, Master.”

That was too easy. I give his thigh a squeeze and push him a little. “Yes, Master, what?”

His eyes flash at me. Dane’s a hot mess, but he’s in a healthy head space. “Yes, Master,” he says, forcing out, “I’m aroused.”

Well, fuck me six ways to Sunday. Now, my cock is doing the goddamn cha-cha.

I step into his side, stabilizing his torso while lightly brushing my fingertips down his chest and back. He shivers and strains against the cuffs.

“Were you teasing your Master earlier, Dane?”

“No, Master. Just wanted . . . ungh . . . to please . . . you.”

One palm comes to a halt just below his navel, the other glides over the perfect contours of his ass.

“Hmm, pleasing . . . teasing . . .” I circle his cock with my finger, and he mewls and closes his eyes, “such a fine line, isn’t it?”

Kneading his ass with my right hand, I don’t quite touch where he wants me to in front. “It’s maddening, isn’t it, Dane? To want . . . so . . . badly . . .” A finger grazes his crack, and he groans.

“Yes, Master, yes.”

I’m using all my Master superpowers not to bust a nut.

“What a good, trusting boy you are, all tied up and helpless.”

The only body part Dane can move is his head, and he’s thrashing around and sucking down urgent, choppy breaths.

“I can do anything I want to you right now, can’t I, Dane?”

“Yes, Master.”

Stabilizing him with one hand low on his belly, I give him an open-handed swat. Dane grunts, jolts, finds his equilibrium again—through it all, his erection not only grows but leaks with desire.

I need more of those grunts.

“Is this the perfect ass,” swat, grunt  “you hid from me,” swat , grunt “in those tight black slacks?” Swat. Grunt, pant, pant.

I hold his gaze until he forces out his answer. “Yes, Master.” The two words seem to wipe out what’s left of his ability to speak.

“Were you imagining this while you were teasing me, Dane?” Swat “Were you hoping I would spank you later?”

His face reddens, and his chin drops to his chest. “Yes, Master.” It’s more plea than answer.

“Look at me, boy!”

Dane turns a desperate face in my direction. I wrap one arm around his back and yank his hip into my stomach. With the other, I palm him abruptly, and he cries out.

“Tell me who you belong to!”

I’ve literally got him by the balls when he replies. “You, Master. I’m yours!”

“Don’t you forget it, Dane.” I stroke him forcefully with the heel of my hand, and his mouth drops open with complete abandon. “You are mine!”

“Yours, Master, ungghh, please, please, please!”

“Yes, Dane. The answer is yes!”

Holding his breath, Dane contracts every muscle in his body, tensing into a tight coil of raw energy until the pressure in his groin becomes more than he can bear. I ease up on the force but not the rhythm, stroking him through his explosive orgasm and holding him upright when he flops like a rag doll against his restraints.

Dane catches his breath and lifts his head. My hand slows, more of a tender caress than a purposeful tug. Pure, unadulterated bliss greets me in his happy glow. I’m sure my answering grin is equally as goofy, if not worse.

“You can blame your spanking on the blue shirt.”

He throws his head back and laughs. I would do anything to bottle this Dane—blissed out, loosened up, and so happy, I’m not even sure he remembers he’s cuffed.

“You were spectacular, Dane. Do you know what you just did?”

“Apparently, I teased you mercilessly.”

“You did.”

Dane waits a tick, considering his answer. Judging me to be in an accepting mood, I suppose, he says, “It would seem to me, Master, you’re not exactly trying to discourage the activity.”

“One more swat for the road, Mr. Cheeky.” I deliver the promised swat with zero bite, and I also fail to contradict his statement. What would be the point? We’d both know I was lying. “Let’s get you down from there so you can make it up to me.”

“Nothing would please me more, Master,” he says as I release his wrists and massage the tension from his shoulders.

“You know, Dane,” I start, releasing my button and zipper and pulling his beautiful mouth to my cock, “I believe you.”

I believe Mr. Cheeky, too. Look at that- you guys ask for a scene in a club, and BAM! There it is. That's the magic of reviewing...or damn good predicting! *wink*


  1. Ohh man, love it!

    Marcus's instructions before entering were just lovely- giving Dane the absolute freedom to only focus on his Master. He has no reason to worry at all, his Master will guide him where he needs to go: physically, emotionally, etc.

    Love these: "entering a club as dominant and submissive under any circumstances is bound to churn the blood." "Another day, I might've at least paused to look, but there can't possibly be anything here to hold a candle to Dane." *swoons*

    Marcus, as always, shows a true "command" of his skills- allowing Dane the out by asking about the color of the sun, and then effortlessly racheting up the tension while keeping Dane comfortable.

    gah, impromptu spankings are awesome, no??!! lol soo intense- i cant come up with good enough words to describe how much I liked it, but you're the writer so that's ok. lol. I'm sure you get it anyway. !!

    "It would seem to me, Master, you're not exactly trying to discourage the activity." "One more swat for the road, Mr. Cheeky." Love that their playful banter can even exist in the heat of the moment (or maybe right AFTER the heat of the moment!). But I mean, Dane's wrists are still cuffed to the ceiling and he's not afraid to tease his Master just a little bit more!!! AH, once again, the most common phrase in my reviews- "love it"!!!

    1. YEAH, Dane is COMFORTABLE and even HAPPY and playful in those cuffs. How cool is that? Oh, Marcus, you are a miracle worker!
      Thanks for all your sweet notes, Digi. So happy you enjoyed it and felt the effortless flow between them.

  2. I loved what you did this chapter, you set the scene the club is cold, dangerous, aggressive, impersonal, serves a purpose, everything is exposed, and overdone. Which is something that Marcus appreciated in the past, even partook in it, and it also means something to Dane but for him it has a very negative and unpleasant connotation. Then they come in and make it their own, which changes everything. Marcus disregards everyone else, ignores the most obvious and superficial pleasures, finds every other sub lacking in comparison to his, makes sure Dane stays with him and by him every step, takes care of Dane need first and makes it a sexy playful scene in keeping with the mood set by Dane,gets pleasure by providing Dane with a new perspective in the place, and most importantly he claims Dane as his, reminding him he could never share him.
    Dane as usual is a beautiful ray of light, he shows immense trust in his master, allows himself to be guided through a place that has a negative memory allowing Marcus to give him a new experience, stays in a good head space through the scene, enjoys acts that were a hard limit for him, and responds with openness and honesty.
    The place highlights how far have both of them have come since they started their relationship, it puts them on display like a pair of diamond studs against black velvet. (LOL I swear I'm not high)
    Lets hope the rest of the experience is good for Dane too.
    As always thanks for writing this amazing story and sharing, and most of all for taking the time to reply to the review and taking them into consideration.
    Have a great weekend :)

    1. Well there ya go! :)

      DIAMOND STUDS AGAINST BLACK VELVET?? WOW and how magical that you've brought in the black velvet reference from KEA! ;) Yes, same as in the clothing store. It's not about where they are, it's about WHO they are and HOW they are together. Color and warmth in a cold, steel setting. Just like Master's dungeon. Thanks for getting that out there!

      I love your insights and your poetry. And thank you for supporting the Fandom Gives!
      Thanks, Gigi!

  3. Wow, so good and nothing to worry about at all. How far has Dane come in such a short while? Every interaction involves growth even the one step forward, two steps back type, of which I'm sure there will be more of, show Dane that he can rely on his Master.

    I loved all of this chapter even the bits that you describe in the club which I normally wouldn't like, which showed the difference between Marcus' previous experiences there and this visit with Dane, I wonder if you have any surprises for our two, perhaps on their exit from the place but if they bump into any undesirables I'm sure M will deal with it.

    Thank you again, I absolutely adore this story, and them, and you.


    1. Awww, I adore you right back. I think the creepers are occupied somewhere else right now, J. No worries- they will escape the Toolshed unscathed. I don't like my readers to suffer unnecessary anxiety

  4. "I'm using all my Master superpowers not to bust a nut" Bwahahahaha! That poor man is so smitten with his sub! I do like how Marcus is using things that were a negative for Dane and showing him how positive that they can be under the right circumstances. He is kinda the Tony Stark genius of the Master/sub world.

    1. OH MY GOSH, you and your awesome references!
      Thanks, V!

  5. Oh my, that scene had ME aroused! Cheeky dane, he got his, didn't he? I love that these 2 are growing ever more close and comfortable stretching with and for each other. This is such a pleasure to read, not only on a sexual level, but on every level! I so very much look forward to a new chapter every day. It is very generous of you to give us so much.

    1. Well GOOD!
      Awww, thank you for your lovely compliments.
      My pleasure to share this story with such beautiful hearts.

  6. holy heck that was hot! these two were so worked up it was off the charts :) It's wonderful to see that Dane can not only place his trust in Marcus, but be confident enough to be cheeky toward him :)

    1. Oh look! It worked today! :)
      Yeah, I happen to love Mr. Cheeky too.
      Thanks, Lisa.

  7. Thanks for the most excellent chapter on my birthday!


  8. Blame it all on the blue shirt. *laughs* But of course.

  9. Huge step forward. Setting that could be full of triggers, little lead time, fewer words. I would say both passed with flying colors.

    1. :) It's so fun to put them into new situations and see how they respond. They're like little dolls I get to play with. What if they... or wait... SO much fun!

  10. A club scene. I did NOT see that coming ( pun intended). I would like to bottle up the both of them. Such N outstanding show of faith by Dane. He continues to surprise me!

    1. I love your use of the word FAITH. I usually think in terms of trust but faith also implies hope.

  11. Love it. DaNE is magnificent in his submission and Marcus as always, exuberant and powerful as a Master. Its important he knows what Dane wans and needs and he delivers everything with the ease Sane needs to perform at his best. I wasn't sure how Dane would do in a club but again he's easing into his Master so well, that trust is there to stay. I hope.

    My reviews are getting shorter bc im just so anxious to read read read. Know that I'm enjoying it just as much as when mmy reviews were longer than the chapter itself. Hahah

    1. You would still have a few thousand words to go to be wordier than I, my sweet! But your point is much appreciated. Glad you're enjoying!