Sunday, April 13, 2014


Hello again.

No response. I wasn’t really expecting Aro to be sitting around doing nothing on a Sunday morning. Speaking of getting a move on, I grab the complimentary pad of paper near the phone and jot down a list of items we’ll need for tonight.

I’ve made enough trips around the block at this point to mentally map out my route. Two hours and five stores later, I’ve rounded up my provisions and earned myself a break. Top Shelf Books calls out to me, and I answer the siren song with a rush of anticipation.

What am I in the mood for? Fiction, for sure, I decide as I meander up the narrow flight of squeaky wooden treads. The tiny bell alerts the shopkeeper to my arrival. I put her in her late forties, a big, sloppy mop of black curls corralled at the front of her face by a colorful headband and left free to bounce around behind her.

She looks up from her open paperback, over the rims of her black-rimmed reading glasses, and smiles at me. “You’ve been a busy one.”

The bags drop rather indelicately from my palms, which is when I realize exactly how burdensome they had become. I rub my hands together to coax out the indentations made by the thin handles. “I have.”

“Why don’t you take off your coat and stay a while?”

Frankly, nothing sounds better at this moment. “Thank you.” I toss my coat onto one of the plush armchairs in the center of the cozy space.

“Can I help you find anything in particular?”

“I guess I feel like something familiar.”

She buries a tasseled bookmark between the pages and steps out from around the counter. Without her stool, she’s decidedly shorter—five feet would be a generous guess.

“Classics then?” she prompts, leading me toward the back corner of the store. “You look like you could be a Dickens guy.”

I laugh. “I’m afraid to ask exactly what you mean by that, but let’s go a tad lighter, shall we?”

She looks me up and down, as if measuring me with some kind of internal book-o-meter. “Hmm, Steinbeck? Hemingway? Machiavelli—no, you said lighter. Hmm, oh wait, how about Fitzgerald?”

As her tiny hand passes over the rows of tomes, I see exactly what I’m in the mood for. “I’ll actually take this one.”

She gives me a curious look as I hand over my choice. “Interesting. Would you like to sit and read for a bit? Take a load off? I can ring it after.”

“Actually,” I respond, “I think I’d like to save this to read with a friend.”

Her hand freezes in mid-air, and she shoots me a look filled with such longing my heart actually twists for her. “How lovely,” she says.

“Yes,” I reply, “I’m very fortunate.”

I’m a little embarrassed to gather up all my things again so soon after arriving, especially since I’d kind of taken over the store, but the sudden urge to get back to the hotel and prepare everything for Dane overpowers everything. “Thanks for your help,” I say, just before jangling the little bell into action.

Halfway down the staircase, my phone buzzes in my pocket. Before I have a chance to check my watch or do the math, my heart has already taken the liberty of celebrating.

I’ve only had three days. Even I can’t work that quickly.

Aro. Pushing away my irrational disappointment, I gather myself to engage this formidable man.

I have the guy’s first name.

I’m afraid to ask what you did to cull that out of your boy. Cattle prod?

Just asked. Sitting down? The name is Wayne.

No, it is not!

Yeah. Classic, eh?

I can practically hear Aro’s disturbing cackle.

Can’t be too hard to find a dom named Wayne. Jesus- why didn’t he change it?

Guessing he’s not the brightest.

Great. My favorite kind of loose cannon. BTW, what did you have in mind once we find him?

Aro can be a very dangerous man when his sadistic streak is engaged.

I’m thinking about it.

Let me give it some thought as well.

Sure, why not? Let the kinky scenarios churn. Have fun with that, old friend.

You know my club is always at your disposal. I’m sure we can work out a creative solution. Two great minds...

I almost feel sorry for the bastard now. Except I really, really don’t. Whatever he gets is far too good for him.

Marcus, you flatter me.

Sick bastard, I have to love him.

Thanks, Aro. I appreciate it.

Happy to serve the community.

You always were a saint.

I’ll let you know when a body washes ashore.


I allow myself the time and space it takes to walk back to the Fillmore to engage in some really nasty revenge fantasies starring the evil Wayne. The only ideas I can conjure are illegal, or at the very least immoral, and I discard each one in turn. Spinning the revolving glass door of the hotel, I leave the scumbag outside in the cold and return my thoughts to Dane. What a goddamn relief that is.

If I could’ve put Dane on my back and carried him back to the hotel faster, I would’ve done it. As it is, we’re both a little winded by the time we reach the room together. I feel a little twinge of guilt for setting such a ridiculous pace; the whole point of this night was exactly the opposite.

Never mind; I’ll make it up to him.

The lights are dimmed, just the way I left them, and I left the turn-down music on the station that usually grates on my nerves—the insidious “spa music” just might come in handy tonight.

“Here. I’ll take your coat.” Dane looks at me quizzically, already sensing the shift in mood but wise enough not to question me. He waits patiently while I hang up both our coats and lead him over to the table, which I dragged back to the kitchenette earlier this evening. Yes, the lights of the city can be beautiful and romantic, but tonight, Dane won’t be seeing them.

After a full day spent preparing for this moment, my nerves are rattling around like a handful of pennies in an empty coffee tin. From the looks of things, Dane feels largely the same after seeing what’s waiting for him on the table.

“Yes, I bought this for you.” I pick up the royal blue scarf, run the long rectangle of smooth silk between my fingers, and give Dane a chance to prepare himself.

“Thank you, Master,” he says, absent any emotion. His response is rote, but it’s good enough. I don’t expect his enthusiasm, just his compliance.

“You’re welcome.” After all, it is a gift, and we should both regard it as such. “I know you’re hungry, Dane, and you are going to get your dinner soon. But first, we have some work to do together.”

He’s got to be tired and hungry and emotionally spent from the longest six days of work he’s probably ever had. I need him like this, need him raw and unguarded and honest.  His eyes meet mine, and I recognize their message: I don’t know if I can do this for you.

I step in, pulling the silk across his cheek. “Dane, remember, I won’t ask anything of you unless I am very confident you can deliver.”

He pulls in a long, deep breath.


One more breath, a slight nod, then, “Ready, Master.”

“Good boy. Turn around, please.”

He spins around, facing the windows onto the city.

“Close your eyes.”

His shoulders lift with tension as the folds of the scarf cover his eyes. I tie off the ends in a tight knot at the back. “Can you see anything?”

“Just a blue haze. Maybe some shadows.”

Perfect. The blackout mask can wait. Placing my hand on his shoulders, I guide him back around. “That’s a good color on you.”

The color of your fantasy Speedo. Not a coincidence.

“How’s the fit? You’re going to be in this blindfold for a long time. I want you to be comfortable.”

He draws a shaky breath. “It’s fine, Master.”

“Drop your hands to your side.”

He’s uncomfortable pulled out of his pose, unsure where things belong. I unzip his red hoodie and glide it off his shoulders.

“Kick off your shoes for me.”

Dane complies immediately, and I kick his shoes to one side. My hands are in his waistband before he can catch his breath again, my knuckles taking great liberties as I untie his sweatpants and draw them down over the well-worked muscles of his thighs and calves.

“Step out,” I instruct, offering a hand on his hip, not that he needs it. I toss away his socks as well.

“Hands up.” Today’s white tank rides up his belly, and I have to fight off the urge to lean in and kiss him right there. Patience, Marcus. The shirt comes off easily without tugging on the blindfold, and Dane is left in his white bikinis.

Some things are better than nudity, and right now, this qualifies.

“Dane, how’s the blindfold feeling? Is there anything you need to tell me? Remember, you have your safe word, and you have ‘yellow.’”

His mouth looks like it’s speaking against the orders of the rest of his body. Nevertheless, he says the right words. “I’m fine.”

He’s better than fine to my eyes; he’s downright delicious. I stroke my palm down his chest, brushing my thumb through the narrow trail of hair that disappears into his Andrew Christians. “I’m right here,” I tell him, “and I’m going to keep one hand on you until you’re comfortable. If you need to hold me, too, I’m okay with that. Do what you need to do. This will all get so much easier. I promise.”

“Okay, Master. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, Dane. Now that I’ve dressed you for dinner, there’s only one more task for you to perform.”

With a gentle push on his shoulder, I signal Dane to his knees. Keeping one hand on his skin, as promised, I unfasten my pants with the other. “You better help me get my pants off, or we might be here a while,” I say with a chuckle.

He doesn’t have much trouble finding me with his hands or his mouth. Practice makes perfect, I guess.  With my hands playing in his hair and his lips around my cock, Dane looks content and relaxed again.

“You sure know how to please your Master, boy.”

The sight of him in that blindfold is nearly enough to bring me over in and of itself, but when Dane starts moaning into my balls, I don’t even try to fight back my release.

How about Dane in a royal blue blindfold? Think he'll be okay? Anyone care to guess the book Master chose?  Any revenge fantasies you'd like to share? 

I have a picture to go along with this chapter. Meet me in the patch! XOXO


  1. The beginning of this chapter almost sounds like it was told in a voice other than yours. Almost. The it poetry? I saw the pic before I read the chapter. wow. great abs! not quite like I pictured dane, but that's ok. I can hear Aro cackle in my head now. I have no fantasies about Wayne's punishment. Not quite awake yet, I mind, at least. My body has no trouble reacting to the beginning of the scene, though.....

    1. I'm kind of intrigued by your comment about the chapter sounding like someone else. Poetry...interesting! Just so you know, I don't have one exact Dane that exists in nature. My image of him is close to that one I posted, but I agree he'd be a bit slighter on top. Although he is beautifully toned, maybe just not quite so rocky! Happy for your reaction and I hope you enjoy tomorrow's portion!

  2. oooohhh what is Marcus up to this evening? Sounds like naughty good fun. I don't have a revenge fantasy but I think weenie wayne should be put on a "trial" in front of other prominent and successful Doms. Maybe banned from the community and word put on on their web pages so other communities are warned in case he moves.

    1. I'll just smile and bite my tongue.
      Love you, V~

  3. I like the way you think Vicki C, I really do!
    Hum ... I'm not that much savvy in American literature so I won't even dare guessing what was M's choice ...
    Well I know M is THE sub whisperer yada yada but my wimpy heart cares too much for D ...
    "He’s got to be tired and hungry and emotionally spent [...] I need him like this, need him raw and unguarded [...] I don’t know if I can do this for you."
    *deep sigh*
    Ok, if I feel it's too much I'll safeword *winks*

  4. Freaking hot. Loving this story

    1. So happy you're here and thanks for letting me know!

  5. Ok Born, book guessing first, I thought of Huckleberry Finn, Of Human Bondage lol but then settled on Little Women, am I close???

    I'm a bit worried for Dane, he is feeling tired and vulnerable, my first thought was "is this the right time for Marcus to push him?" But I trust Marcus so I hope all goes well, I think Marcus will hand feed him, strawberries perhaps?

    Love the texting with Aro, I still don't like him and probably won't when we come to meet him because he is definitely scary but I hope he locates Wayne soon. I look forward to your plans for him.

    Thanks Born


    1. Why Jarvis, you are quite close indeed! In fact, I might just have to worry you've been looking over my shoulder. Holy smokers!

      Yes, do trust Marcus. He knows Dane is tired. :)
      I don't think I like Aro much either, but I like that Marcus kept up his professional affiliations and that they can respect each other and work together toward common goals, whether it's helping a sub or bringing down a very bad dom. :)
      Thanks for your thoughts- so much

  6. First of all Marcus in a book store, buying a book to read with Dane later!!! Are you trying to kill me? Too much hotness in there. It might sound like an over reaction on my part, but come on, Marcus with Dane curled around him (hopefully both naked), reading in a soft yet powerful voice to him... That right there is what wet dreams are made off a bookgasm waiting to happen.Unf,
    I hope that is coming up soon. OK now back to the chapter itself.
    I never thought I might ever say this, but I'm looking forward to more Aro. I don't know what he might be capable of, though he sounds like the right guy to come up with a proper way to deal with Wayne. (Is it wrong that every time I read his name I hear Mike Myers in my head saying Schwing?). That said I hope whatever is coming his way Marcus gets to take part in it, maybe even Dane because that could be very cathartic for both of them. Not a lot of Dane on this chapter physically, but I guess in spirit he was there in every single one of Marcus's thoughts. Looking forward to the rest of the scene and even more to Dane's day off and them doing touristy or maybe couple stuff out in the city.
    On a totally random thought, what was up with that lady a the book store?
    Oh I almost forgot I saw the pic of Dane with the red hoodie on FB Pumpkin Patch, I rarely have time to sign to that FB (Gigi Angel) account but since I'm on a two week spring holiday I did and as I scrolled down my news feed I stumble upon Marcus's beautiful package. I have one word for it: Scrumptious.
    Thanks for taking time out of your weekend to update and respond to the reviews.
    And mostly thank you for sharing your writing and many blessings.

    1. I've always found that image of two lovers reading to each other to be profoundly erotic, too, Gina, so thanks for sharing that particular romantic whim with me. Bahaha on your Austin Powers moment!

      What was up with book store lady? I just thought she was being helpful! :)
      It was great to see you in the patch, Gigi! I love hearing your insights and reactions!

  7. I'm totally trying to cheat in regards to the name of the book. Is it "Escorts"? I doubt the shopkeeper would think of it as a classic, but maybe she's a kinky little fan fic writer, too! What? It's totally possible!.

    The effort Dane uses to please his Master makes me smile. =) I'm glad the effort is reciprocated and multiplied. Their relationship will be a beautiful thing, little pumpkin.

    Weenie has no business being between them; I hope he learns the pain of too many weights hanging off his teeny balls: reciprocated and multiplied by one hundred. Karma can be an ironic little bitch, ya know? *evil cackles like Aro*

    1. OH! Good thinking on the book title, Anon, but I'm way ahead in the writing, so no, it's not the awesome find from Friday's trip! Extra credit for creativity though! BAHAHA, it's a future classic! I'm starting to sense a recurring theme in the torture for dear Wayne. I'll get the weights ready!

  8. lmao! oh that text convo between the two masters was classic! I'm cackling right along with Aro. As far as revenge goes for Marcus i say hit him where it hurts (perhaps some extra weights added to strategic places like in Dane's nightmare?) The girl in the bookstore you described sounded like you were describing me (and I quite like that as she helps Marcus). I'm not sure what book he chooses, but I'm leaning toward the more erotic since he wants to read it with Dane. Great update! :)

    1. I think it's awesome how many of you readers identified with book store girl! Erotic classic....Lady Chatterley's lover maybe? ;) You know, I think two major doms together could really be scary! And fun...but not Aro. Yuck.

  9. HIS OLD DOM WAS BATMAN????????????????????????????


    What the heck is gonna happen, pumpkin? What book did he buy? What're they gonna do tomorrow? WHO WAS THE SHORT SHOPKEEPER? (ok i don't really care about that last one)

    1. OMG Not a cool Wayne, not a BRUCE Wayne. *SMH*

      I cracked right up at the start of this and still haven't stopped. You drinkin' Shella? xoxo

  10. My, my, my! Dane in a blue blindfold and Andrew Christians. unnffff!
    I have no clue what the book is, other than the lady looking admirably. Which now I want to know! LOL
    Annnnd, I cannot wait to see what Aro and Marcus come up with! I'll help!
    xoxo <3

    1. Yeah, he is so yummy in those tiny briefs. Nom nom nom
      I'll put you on the invite list when the time comes. :)

  11. Hard to compare to last chapter (on a personal connection level for me), but I am still totally engaged in the story and invested in your boys, so we are all set! lol

    I can't wait to see what book Marcus picked out, bookstore lady seemed beyond jealous... haha

    I like Aro more and more, which is surprising me. He seems more 'normal' outside of the dungeon I guess. And I like what you said in a reply to someone else's comment about liking that "Marcus kept up his professional affiliations and that they can respect each other and work together toward common goals, whether it's helping a sub or bringing down a very bad dom." I'm getting crazy here- commenting on your replies to other's comments!

    I like that Marcus is throwing in a blindfolded scene now. Right after a lovely spanking scene. After a looong week for Dane. He'll be tired and a little more vulnerable maybe- in a better place to accept Marcus looking after him more (as he will need to if Dane can't see). Hopefully it goes well, and it sinks in nice and deep that Dane can trust Marcus on another new level where he hadn't been able to trust fake-dom Wayne.

    Looking forward to the continuation of this scene!

    1. You are too funny, commenting on my comments on other people's comments, but I have to say, this little community we're building makes me really happy! I always knew this story would have limited appeal, but my Marcus fans ran true and deep. These reviews and the comments I receive offline are proving that for me, in spades. You've obviously been a huge part of that, Digi, and I always love hearing your thoughts!

      Love how you interpreted the blindfold scene as one where Marcus will need to look after him more. You got that one SO right! Trusting in one who deserves it...priceless! :)

      Thank you, as always, for your beautiful insights.

  12. Loving the convo about the name Wayne. ROTFLMAO!

    Aro rocks:

    I’ll let you know when a body washes ashore.

    In a completely creepy kind of way. But it sounds as though he is a man who gets things done. I like that.

    What? Marcus is giving the boy what he needs. Protein does a body good, right? *wink*

  13. Ok, ok... I too had the Batman thought, John Wayne too. and then John Wayne Gacy in clown gear and I had to move on. That said I want what Shell is drinking.

    "Her hand freezes in mid-air, and she shoots me a look filled with such longing my heart actually twists for her. “How lovely,” she says." I think that is what has us all interested in the bookstore lady. It's how she sees the love and has the human need for some of her own. Can't she please have someone?

    What struck me about the convo between Aro and M was the kind of shorthand they use. These two know each other well. I have no worries weenie wayne (to borrow, all though to be fair little d is spot on)will get his. That turned out a little more alliterative than I intended.

    1. Shell's usually drinking something good.
      Oh yes, book lady might just get someone...depending on how well I tie up all my bows!

      Yes, Aro and M are old friends and associates. They know the world, know what's right and wrong, and know when someone needs to be expunged. Just imagine our little fandom and how we take care of the plagiarizers. ZAP! Yeah, I'll give you little d, but dude, you're late to this party. I had to do it without you!

    2. Better late than never! So glad I found it.

  14. Boundary pushing time again! I know Dane is in good hands but I'm still a bit nervous for Dane.

  15. Awwww yay I'm ready for this and I hope Dane has settled his mind to not only experience but enjoy this with and for his master. If Marcus could live on thrill of knowing that Dane allowed himself the liberty of pushing past this limit, then he probably would.

    I'd love to see Dane let go here. Not jujudging if he doesn't. I'm not sure what past experiences being blindfolded has been like for him. Hoping he can trust in Marc to know that he'll never let any kind of harm come by his way once in his hands.

    So let's get on with it shall we?