Saturday, April 12, 2014


“Up you go, boy.”

I push my chair away from the table as Dane rises on shaky legs. It’s going to be hard to make this last for any significant length of time, given that the level of sexual tension between us could power half of Manhattan. It doesn’t have to be long, thankfully—just hot.

I guide him with a hand on his wrist so he’s standing right in front of my chair. His pants are even more revealing than mine, leaving almost nothing to the imagination. I run my palm up and down over his crotch, stabilizing him with my other hand when he sways and whimpers.

“Mmm, boy, is this for your Master?”

“Yesss,” he hisses, pressing forward into my hand.

Careful to keep my voice gentle, I tease, “Why didn’t you tell me you wanted a spanking, Dane?”

His eyes pop, and he throws his head back. Holy shit! I’ve struck erotic gold. I cup his package and give him a not-so-gentle squeeze; he groans out loud.

“Take off your pants!”

My cock is uncomfortably compressed, but I drop my hands by my sides and watch Dane set a new speed record wriggling out of his pants and briefs. My thighs drop open so I can wrap my ankles behind his calves, drawing him forward until his shins meet the chair. He locks his hands behind his back, and I set my palms on his thighs, drawing his shiver. My thumbs run up the creases where legs meet groin, and his dick reaches for me and deposits a milky bead as down payment for what he is about to receive.

“Dane, did you know that good boys get spankings, too?”

His forehead creases with the effort of picking the right answer. He wants this. There is no wrong answer.

“No, Master?” he tries.

“Oh, yes,” I respond, leaning in so my warm breath spins a puff of teasing air around his tip. “It’s true.” My hands glide around his trim frame, kneading his cheeks, getting him ready. He rocks gently, letting me control the motion of his hips.

“And have you been a good boy, Dane?”

His eyes are half-sheathed with his heavy lids. He’s mad with desire. “Yes, Master.”

I can’t make him wait another second. Taking his wrist in my hand again, I pull him to my side.

“I agree. You are a very, very good boy, and you deserve a very, very good spanking, don’t you?”

“Yes, Master,” he answers, making my cock weep by adding, “please.”

Looping our fingers together, giving him just that extra bit of reassurance he might need, I give him the command we’ve both been waiting for. “Bend over my knee, boy.”

Dane looks down at my lap, into my eyes, back at his raging erection, and with mild horror blurts out, “Master, your pants!”

It’s almost unfathomable to me that at this moment, he’s managed to worry about soiling my pants.

“You and I are going to wreck these pants, Dane.” He lets me pull him down and smooth him out across my lap. My cock jumps at the contact. 

“Go ahead and grab onto my leg with your hands . . . that’s it. Now spread your thighs for me so I can . . .” I slip my hand between his legs and he jumps when I grab his balls from behind. “Yesss, that’s just what I wanted.”

While Dane squirms and squeaks, I run my hands under his shirt, along his ass and thighs, talking to him while I ease into the spanking. What started as a caress becomes a rub, becomes a tap, then an open-handed smack. There’s plenty of stroking to counterbalance—his back, his neck, his hair, all the places Dane loves to be stroked.

“Does that feel good, Dane?”

“Yes, Master,” he answers.

“Mmhmm, I thought so.” Each spank has a little zing to it, but it’s far more bark than bite. An erotic adventure, not a punishment, complete with dirty words to help him draw a vivid picture of exactly what’s being done to him.

“You’re turning such a nice shade of pink for me. So beautiful.”

Dane rocks forward and back with the impact, the friction driving him nearly mad.

“My pants must feel rough rubbing against your swollen cock.”

I reach beyond his balls, slipping my hand between bare skin and fabric to find him hot and solid as steel. He lets out a series of grunts and ruts against my hand.

Oh, Dane, I think we’ve found your button!

 “You are enjoying yourself, aren’t you, boy?”

“Yes, Master.” His voice is clipped and shallow, a man fighting for control.

“Breathe, Dane.” I swat each cheek; he wiggles and moans, tightens his grasp on my leg, rocks between the pleasure of one hand and the sting of the other.

 “Oh, you are getting good and needy. You are going to have such a big, messy orgasm for your Master, aren’t you, my boy?”

Yes, Master.” And soon, from the sounds of it.

Two more swats and I’ve got him right on the edge.

“Give me what I want now, Dane. Show your Master how much you like my gift!” I push my thumb into the crack between his cheeks and grab the base of his cock just in time to intensify his release. Dane thrusts into my lap for a mighty five sprays, yelping and holding onto my leg for dear life.

The hot stream of his release soaks my crotch, and with all the excitement and friction and warmth, I am a goner, too. No time for anything fancy or even the slightest bit dignified; I clutch his body and pump my hips like a man possessed.

The two of us are quite the sight, I’m sure—folded over each other like an accordion, making a duet of feral noises far less musical. We’re a heap of slippery, heaving, post-orgasmic happy.

Dane angles his head to look up at me from the vicinity of my right ankle, starts up a chuckle, and soon we’re both giggling so hard we’re shaking.

“Here’s to spontaneity,” I say, offering him a hand up and marveling at the intensity of this brief, unplanned scene.

He wobbles onto his feet and stands in front of me, hands on hips, surveying the wreckage of my lap. “I think you might need to throw those away.”

“Yeah,” I snort, “Can you imagine the conversation at the dry cleaner’s. ‘Sir, can you identify these stains?’ ‘Yes, it’s semen.’ ‘All of it?’ ‘Yes, you see, I was giving my boy a sound spanking . . .’ Jesus!”


I look up absently from the Jackson Pollock in my lap to find a highly contemplative Dane. “What is it, Dane?”

“I just wanted to say, I don’t think I’ll be having a nightmare tonight.”

Dane has a bit more spring in his step as he pulls on his down jacket and hoists his duffel over his shoulder—so much so, in fact, that I can’t resist drawing him in for a goodbye kiss. God, he tastes fantastic, all minty and ready for the day.

I am one sappy, happy Master, and not just because Dane’s walking on air. We finally get to spend the day together tomorrow, and I have plans for us—starting with tonight.

“Are you absolutely, one hundred percent sure you have tomorrow off?”

“Yes, Master.” Dane grins at my eager display.

“They’re not going to call you in for some special rehearsal to practice kissing Jeannie?”

And now he laughs out loud. “Nope. We got it down pretty well in the run-through yesterday.”

I grab his collar on both sides of his neck and kiss the grin right off his face. “You better not have enjoyed it.”

“I can assure you, I didn’t.”

It dawns on me that not enjoying it might actually be harmful for his career. “Were you good at it?”

Dane’s natural state of being is humility, so his confidence is especially disarming. “Matt said we were convincing.”

I loosen my grip and pat him on both puffy shoulders. “Attaboy. How’d you manage it?”

“I pretended her mouth was a chocolate-covered strawberry.”

“That’s the big secret? That’s what Rob told you he does?”

“No,” Dane shakes his head, still grinning as wide as the day is long, “he told me to actually act and pretend I was a straight guy. This was easier. I love chocolate-covered strawberries.”

He might be too fucking adorable right now.

“Does Jeannie know about your method acting?”

“I wasn’t sure she’d appreciate it.”

“You’re probably right there, Dane. Best keep that one under your hat.”

He needs to go, but he’s waiting for me to dismiss him. All this talk about kissing . . . Just one more for the road, then.

“I don’t want you thinking about fruit when I kiss you.”

“Never, Master.”

I lean in and press my lips over his, basking in his cool, breezy taste. “Or chocolate,” I add, putting the finishing flourish on a kiss he might revisit all the way to the theater. I pull back, reluctantly releasing him back to the streets of the city.

“Not even chocolate?” he teases. “That might be a bit of a challenge.”

“Dane, do you realize today is our halfway point? Fifteen days.”

“Actually, I did know that. Guess you can’t get rid of me quite yet,” he says, then grimaces at his own bad joke.

“You are rather tough to take, but I suppose I can manage a couple more weeks, anyway. Goodbye, Dane. Dance well.”

“See you later, Master.”

Yes, later.

I have a few things to take care of in the eleven hours until I see him again, starting with passing along the dipshit’s name to Aro. Text is easier, and I won’t have to listen to his bone-chilling cackle. I swear the guy could make a fortune selling his voice to horror movie sound editors.

Oh, those poor trousers! Hope you enjoyed it as much as they did! ;) Looks like Master might have just found Dane's happy place!

How will Master spend the day today? Thoughts? I love your thoughts so much!


  1. It was gratifying to see that Master found Dane's button. Great update! I expect he will do his usual plotting and planning while waiting for Dane to get out of work.

    It's nice he can dedicate such a huge amount of time to his sweet boy.

    1. LOL on the "usual plotting and planning"! Mmhmm, with a twist! ;)
      Yes, retirement is wonderful!

  2. *fans self* I don't think I could enjoy as much as they did (lol), but daaaaamn this was HOT! And very satisfying for the both of them. Dane with a spring in his step and Marcus smiling like a loon! I loved it!
    Chocolate covered strawberries have nothing on Marcus.
    And I cannot wait for the dipshit to get brought down! F'er!!!

    1. HAHA YES, Marcus any day over chocolate-covered strawberries! I love them springing and smiling too, Patesy! :)

  3. Dicks leaving a deposit, the Jackson Pollock on his pants, SPANKING!!!! Aaaaahhh!!! So much goodness....this one deserves a re-read or five.

  4. [...] deposits a milky bead as down payment for what he is about to receive. You're a *kinky* poet! That line deserves an award LOL
    So ... let me get this straight *no pun* Dane likes spanking? Ok. And Marcus like spanking? Ok. Two peas in a pod! LOL A match made in heaven!
    I wld never look at a Jackson Pollock again without recalling this scene ...

    And what's Marcus going to do with their day off? Stroll around NY, see a museum, planning a chocolate covered strawberries feast sprayed all over his body? Decisions, decisions ...
    And ... really? A subtle hint to BD2 and Aro's horrible cackle? That was a cherry on top of this wonderful chapter!
    Go Aro, fetch Wayne for us!

    Thank you Mistress of the Words.

    1. BAHAHA the kinky poet. C'est moi!
      Honestly, I think Marcus would like anything that made Dane so damn horny and happy! Yeah, it works for him too!
      YW on the Jackson Pollock. :)

      BAHAHA that cackle gave me nightmares, dude! Kitkat made it her text notification ringtone and made us all nuts!
      Thanks, Muse, for your hilarious review!

  5. Oh I enjoyed dane's spanking almost as much as he did!! I love the erotic levity and playfulness of this chapter! Yep, those pants are a goner! I really would have loved to be a fly on the wall in that scene. I never knew until quite recently that I was such a voyeur! Kudos to you for all this and for the tribute to BD2 Aro.....

    1. My reviewers are so poetic...erotic levity! LOVE THAT!
      I think we're all a bit voyeuristic, Judy. All I do is watch and listen to these two. They're telling the story!

  6. I enjoy the sexy times a lot but this particular spur of the moment spanking was great and a pleasure to read, it felt more like Marcus and Dane having a fun time than Master and sub in a scene. There is this intimacy and comfort that they have developed through the story, so every time things turn physical everything becomes more meaningful and loving.
    I love Marcus having fun, living a little, sharing his heart and acting young. It was delightful to see this chapter through his eyes and immensely sweet how it made him so happy and how he couldn't stop kissing Dane at the end. Great that he finally has a name to help Aro's investigation along and as wht he would do today my guess is that what ever it is, he will have Dane's well being and happiness at the front of his mind. But if I have to be honest I will be hoping for some Edward even if it is just a phone call.
    As for Dane I love how much he enjoyed his spanking, but I mean let's be honest, who wouldn't, right? And I also found so endearing how he reassures his Master that he enjoyed it and there won't be any nightmares about it. He was so candid about his acting techniques, it was adorable, but then again he is always so incredibly enchanting. If you could turn him into a plush toy, I bet he would become a best seller in no time. He is so delightful and precious.
    Until next time, enjoy your weekend and thank you so much not only for sharing your writing, but also for taking the time to answer your reviews.

    1. I agree, this one felt more like M and D, though there was no mistaking who was running the show! ;) You can be sure Marcus will have Dane's interests front and center as he figures out how to deal with Wayne-o. I SO love your comment about a Dane plush toy and boy what I wouldn't give to have one myself! Thank you for your sweet, thoughtful review!

  7. *bows down to you*
    I (as well as many others, I'm sure) love love love that line about "down payment." So poetic in a weird and fantastic way. Such a unique description.

    Dane's concern about his Master's pants is so adorably heartwarming. He is soo attentive to everything about his Master, even the laundry.

    "An erotic adventure, not a punishment, complete with dirty words to help him draw a vivid picture of exactly what's being done to him." Yes, please!

    I could feel my stomach clenching while reading about Dane's tension, his "clipped and shallow" voice, his "fight for control." I love that kind of tension- the kind you know is going to have a happy ending (pun intended).

    My mental image of the two of them tangled together in a post-orgasmic glow is just so soo pretty and happy. *sigh*

    "sappy, happy Master" is adorable. I almost can't read it without a big goofy grin on my own face!

    I find it fantastic that Dane is soo reserved in scene- respectful, humble, etc. yet when the scene is over Dane can still tease his Master. I mean it's not even like they are back to being normal guys: Dane and Marcus. As Marcus has thought before, there is never a time (yet..) where Dane is not sub and he is not Master, but Dane can still let loose a little bit and poke some fun at Master. ahh, *swoon*

    I'm sure I will continue to discover more and more things that I love about this chapter upon re-readings (of which there will be many), and you better believe you'll hear about them! ;)

    1. I think that dichotomy you noted with Dane is always present with him- whether it's his onstage vs curtain call persona or submissive/ teasing, twinkling younger guy getting the older guy's goat, he is complex. So happy you enjoyed it, Digi! :)

  8. I think first on Marcus' to do list is to buy some chocolate covered strawberries or maybe just chocolate or the strawberries with extra chocolate.

    I loved this chapter, Dane wasn't nervous at all just absolutely delicious with the anticipation of it. Another big tick in the box for Marcus to prove to Dane that THIS Master is not like the last one.

    Thank you Born, can't wait for the next chapter and some time off for our two favourite men.


    1. YES! The differences between Marcus and Wayne should now have them completely separated in Dane's head. Every single thing Marcus does earns him more of Dane's trust and freedom, two gifts Marcus treasures more than anything.
      Thanks for your thoughts, Jarvis!

  9. whew, that was an exciting chapter! I love how your being creeped out by Aros laugh shows in your story. Hilarious.

    1. Everything seeps out into the writing SOMEHOW, Vicki!

  10. That was just incredible. How far Dane has come: at first he couldn't bear to be touched, now he craves Marcus' stroking. The mere idea of pain had him shutting down, now he asks for a spanking.

    I didn't review the last chapter, but I just have to say, Wayne? Really? ‘Wayne, the wee-willied wannabe.’ *snorts with laughter* Sounds like his style of "domination" is nothing more than 'overcompensation.'

    1. Well, you know, miracles do abound here in under my fingertips! ;)
      You are so right about Wayne-o. :P

  11. oh sweet mother of mercy! (ya like how i slipped in the safeword there? lol) that was some spankin! Im officially ga-ga over these boys, and the way Marcus is so elated by Dane's happiness - well it's just so wonderful to see. Fab chapter!!

    1. Thank you, Lisa. Means a lot to me, and I'm so pleased you're enjoying it!

  12. Am I finally catching up? Ugh, this daily posting is keeping me way behind!

    I think he should use the chocolate. I love licking off chocolate from lots of places!

    1. Sorry dude.
      I have a lot to say and I don't want to be posting this when I'm older and grayer!

  13. Best line in this chapter:

    “Here’s to spontaneity,”

    Followed by:

    I am one sappy, happy Master, and not just because Dane’s walking on air.

    Love Marcus!

    Cracking up that Marcus rather text Aro than listen to his voice. I feel that way about some people as well.

  14. "Power half of Manhattan." I'm picturing the lights flashing at the hotel. I also like the accordion reference. I've been picturing Dane as Irish, so that fit right in with me.

    Not just a hot scene. Marcus reminded Dane why he is a submissive. In the BEST possible way. Important I think.

    1. You've pictured Dane as Irish? I picture him as Danish. Not the pastry kind...though he is yummy as hell! Oh yeah, Dane really IS submissive. And Marcus wants him to celebrate that fact, TO REJOICE IN THE SPANKIN'!

  15. I REALLY shouldn't be reading this at work... That was spanktacular ;-)