Monday, April 7, 2014


Unless I’m administering a severe punishment, I don’t expect to encounter a limp cock from a submissive, which tells me exactly how hard this scene is for Dane. Short on time and unwilling to fuck around with results, I pull out the big guns.

Dane’s eyes grow wide as I prop an extra pillow beneath his head. “Watch me,” I command, adding a searing kiss before moving to the foot of the bed. I am singularly focused on one thing and one thing only—getting Dane off before he defeats himself. His gaze follows my body as I settle between his legs, follows my eyes as I shoot him one final glance, follows my mouth as it opens over the soft curve of his flaccid penis. He lets out a surprised yelp as I work him with my tongue and lips, coaxing the blood to rush exactly where I need it.

He strains against the corners of the bed that hold him captive, twisting his hips and groaning in near-agony. I catch his eye again, measuring his increasing anxiety even as he grows inside my mouth. I nearly lose myself in his exotic taste—clean but all male. And the feel of him straightening into a thick rod on my tongue—I can’t remember the last time I was so tempted to chuck the scene and follow my instincts.

This is important, and it’s not about you. Dane is struggling enough; I don’t need to add my own conflict into the mix. Letting his heavy erection slip from my lips, I bathe his balls with my tongue while pumping his cock with my fist. Dane squirms and moans and tenses every muscle in his body, but the arousal is stronger than his anxiety and his learned aversion to pleasure.

My fingers glide along his perineum, moist with my saliva and his pre-cum. As commanded, he’s watching every move I make, his eyebrows popping with surprise as my fingertip slips inside him. Poor Dane! It really would’ve been easier for him if I’d bound both hands and legs, because as it is, he can’t stop his left leg from pulling tight around my body. There’s a panicked moment when he realizes what he’s done, and real fear crosses his face.

Then, as if latching onto a life preserver tossed into a stormy sea, he calls out, “Yellow!”

Okay, maybe not entirely kosher, but not terrible for his first time—and I have to grant him some latitude for the great duress he’s suffering.

I sit up between his thighs, forcing his legs apart, still gently but firmly pressing that finger where I want him to feel me. “Does this hurt, Dane?”

“No, Master. I’m sorry. I think it was just . . . too much to feel?”

“Is it a good feeling?”

Dane takes a deep breath and nods. “Yes. I’m just not used to . . . you know.”

“Your Master giving you unbearable pleasure?” I have to smile because I know how great this is going to feel for him, once he gives in.

He shakes his head, unsure of how to answer. But he’s yellowed, so he knows he owes me some kind of explanation. “Your lips, my Master’s lips, on me . . . I haven’t ever . . .”

I can’t bear to hear the rest, which works out fine because he can’t say it.

“Get used to it, boy. You taste like candy, and I think you are already well acquainted with my sweet tooth.”

No doubt remembering my weakness for his chocolate zucchini brownies, Dane grins. “Yes, Master.”

“Are you ready to hold still so I can have my dessert, then?”

Dane answers by extending his leg toward the post, imposing on himself an even stricter standard than what I would have required. “I’ll do my best, Master.”

As will I, my boy.

“Very happy to hear that, Dane. Remember now, there’s only one way out of these cuffs.” My words are accompanied by the slippery glide of first one, then two fingers. His cock twitches with jealousy, and that’s my cue to swallow him down to the base of his shaft. He holds himself relatively still while I pump and swallow, press through his rings of muscle to apply pressure inside. The tension mounts in the taut cords of his thighs and belly, his hips thrust up from the mattress as his groin begs for my mouth and my probing fingers. I love him needy like this, and if my mouth were free, I’d tell him so. But nothing is unoccupied, not my lips, my throat, or my tongue.

Tonight’s not about teasing or drawing it out—Dane needs a blinding burst of ecstasy. It’s also not about challenging him to come in my mouth, a feat that would require more effort than I want him to expend. All he needs to do is hold still and . . . I pull my mouth off him as his balls tighten . . . pumping him in my warm fist, pressing deep inside him . . .

“Master, please! May I come?” he forces out on shallow breaths.

“Yes, Dane. Come hard for me, boy.”

Bless his beautiful body and soul, he does just that, squeezing up his reddened face with the great effort of his pleasure. Warm fluid spills out over my curled fingers as he jackknifes into my hand again and again, a subtle performance by a small band of muscles, yet achieved with utter perfection.

After the dance ends, Dane’s smile glows brightly enough to light the entire hotel. “Master,” he says, unprompted and uninhibited, “we did it.”

Surveying the splatter across his belly and my hand, I notice something far more important than the evidence of his orgasm—his unbound limbs are in perfect alignment with their counterparts. He has followed my orders to a tee.

“Yes, Dane. We sure did.”

Relaxed and happy, Dane lets out a little of his brazen side. “Master, if I’ve truly pleased you . . .?”

He waits for me to acknowledge my pleasure, which I do with an indulgent nod. “Yes, boy, you know you have. What is it you mean to extort from me as a reward?”

Dane’s gaze drops to the thick bulge between my legs. “Might I take care of my Master’s needs?”

I fold my arms across my chest. I shouldn’t let out so much rein, but then again, why the hell not? As he pointed out, he has pleased me enormously. Fucking hell, he is impossible to resist.

“Tell you what. I will offer you a deal.”

Dane grins. “I love your deals, Master.”

“Let’s see what you think of this one, then. You can have what you requested, but you must remain in position. No release for you until you get your Master off.”

Without a moment’s hesitation, he agrees. “Deal.”

“Are you sure? If you move, I’m going to have to deprive both of us, and I have to tell you, Dane, that is going to make me one grumpy Master.”

Gone is playful Dane, and in his place, a mature, sign-on-the-dotted-line, responsible man answers my concern. “I’m positive, Master.”

Of course, he can promise this—it’s easy for him when it’s my pleasure at stake. My heart swells with emotions I can’t name, but the fullness is tangible.

“Very well. Proceed,” I say, barely containing my glee.

Dane’s eyebrows lift as I stand to the side of the bed and unbutton my trousers.  There’s an extra little pop! in his eyes as my zipper glides down and my pants give way, revealing my own heavy arousal. My hand takes a lazy stroke from tip to base as Dane watches the show.

“How does it feel to know you excite me so, boy?”

“Feels good, Master.”

I drop one knee onto the bed near his shoulder, one hand still stroking myself while the other cups the back of his head. “You know what would feel even better?” I tease, sliding closer, guiding my tip to his lips.

“Yes, Master,” he answers, his tongue taking a swipe between his dry lips. Infinitely calmer when the focus is on my pleasure, Dane opens his mouth and reaches for me. I push forward and settle into a position that works for both of us, groaning when my tip reaches the back of his throat. I burrow my fingers deeper, twist his hair just enough that he feels the force of it, measure out each thrust of my hips with a low grunt.

His unbound hand twitches against the mattress, a brave soldier holding the line. I weave my fingers through his open right hand and clasp it tight against the bed. It behooves me to ensure his success.

“That’s it, boy. Your mouth feels so good around me.” My words seem to hit their mark. He eyes me with pure adoration, his head bobbing in tight circles as he redoubles his efforts to tongue, suck, and swallow. Jesus, he’s talented—or perhaps just highly motivated; either way, the result is the same. I’m throbbing with sensation and need, and even without his hands, Dane grips me with exactly the right calibration to keep me teetering on the edge.

One more reminder to reinforce his position, “You’re all mine, Dane, stretched and fastened to the corners of my bed until I decide to let you go . . .” His voluntary captivity is even more compelling than what I demanded from him. This bonus, the unexpected slice of submission, is the sweetest portion yet.

Our eyes meet in mutual agreement—Dane is my eager prisoner. Mine to control, mine to heal, mine to possess. What he may not yet comprehend as he swallows the milky result of my orgasm—I am every bit his prisoner as well.

Tonight is not an occasion to linger. He’s performed his end of the deal admirably and earned his freedom, though I must admit, it’s with a tinge of regret that I unclip him from my bed. Of course, he’ll stay with me, but the dom in me doesn’t love leaving it up to him.

Dane brushes a hand over his ankle once I’ve removed the cuff. “There’s no mark,” he marvels.

“Of course not,” I answer, sitting down next to him on the side of the bed. “You have a public persona to protect, plus I’d never risk harming you with bonds that were too tight.”

He checks out his wrist in the same fashion before he’s fully convinced, then looks at me with a mixture of surprise and awe. “I thought I understood how this was supposed to work before I met you, but clearly . . .” His voice drops off as he shakes his head.

“Dane.” I cup his cheek and wait for those soulful chocolate orbs to turn to me for answers. “Submitting means giving exactly as much of yourself as you need to give. I promise, I will never take more than that from you.”

He pauses, considering my words, before responding. “What if I don’t know how much I need to give?”

An old, familiar tingle precedes my answer. “Isn’t that the fun of it?”

He seems unsure at first, but a smile slowly creeps across his features. “If you say so, Master.”

“I do.” I lean in and cover his lips with mine, delivering a gentle but unequivocal message. Trust me.

“Time for bed, sweet boy. Lie down now.”

Dane stretches out on his back, tucking his hands beneath the pillow and crossing his ankles. “Which side do you want me on?” he asks, as carefree and relaxed as I’ve ever seen him.

“I’m flexible.” Truth is, I’m accustomed to having the whole bed to myself, and it’s a ritual I’m more than happy to change.

Dane flips onto his side, turning toward me and watching while I arrange the covers over his naked body. Calmly, deliberately, I lift the comforter, slip in next to him, and tap the switch above the nightstand. The room is quiet and dark, but Dane is a warm presence that obliterates the emptiness of all the solo nights before this.

“Excuse me, Master,” he whispers into the middle of the bed.

“What is it, Dane?”

“What do you require of me?”

“Just that you sleep well.”

“And in the morning?”

“Nothing, Dane.” To be honest, I hadn’t much thought about anything beyond drawing warmth from his body. “Actually, there is one thing—don’t get out of bed until I command it.” There is no fucking way I’m waking up to a cold, empty space beside me tomorrow.

In the not-quite-dark of glowing clock numbers and almost-but-not-wholly-filtered neon signs outside, I can make out Dane’s rhythmic blinking. Reaching my fingertips to his face, I push back the silky strands that have flopped onto his forehead. “What are you thinking about?” I ask softly.

He grasps my lower arm with his hand, holding my palm along his cheek. “I can’t remember the last time I slept with someone,” he answers. “It’s nice.”

Fuck it. We’re so going to cuddle.

“C’mere.” I extend my arm under Dane’s pillow and shuffle to join his body hip to hip. Our lips meet; he finally allows his eyelids to drop. Our kiss is unhurried and deep. There’s a pleasant stirring in my groin—one that doesn’t need addressing—but there’s a far more significant trembling in my heart.

When we’ve kissed ourselves out, Dane burrows his face into the security of my chest. Our bodies settle into place like two halves of a broken teacup. He sighs, tossing a soft ball of warm breath onto my skin. I tighten my arms around his back and chuckle. “You really need to go to sleep now, Dane. Don’t make me get ugly with you.”

His answering laughter tickles me. “I was waiting for you to throw your leg over me, Master.”

“Only you would take that as a promise and not a threat!” I indulge him one last time tonight by bringing my right knee over his narrow hips and engulfing him with my lower body. For him.

“Mmm,” he purrs in response.

Or was that me?

Or was that you? Many of you predicted that yellow--glad to see Dane is making use of the new tool Marcus has given him. They did it! :)


  1. they sure did do it! round of applause to them both. It's so wonderful to see - even though Dane is an experienced submissive, in so many ways he's a mere babe in the woods. LOVED IT! :)

    1. Such a great observation about Dane- he IS this "well-trained" submissive who maybe knows the positions and the mannerisms, but it's not until Marcus unlocks him that he really truly becomes the kind of submissive he needs to be. :)

  2. Oh god, so many good things in this chapter, Dane's comment about thinking he understood how this was suppose to work is telling, has he had only one previous Master Born? Obviously there is no one as good as Marcus but I was thinking it was just Dane's last Master who was wicked, I hadn't thought that maybe the sum of his experience.

    I'm glad Dane Yellowed, it enabled Marcus and us to learn another snippet of information, that he had never felt his Master's lips on him, poor boy, he is going to be thoroughly spoiled :)

    Someone yesterday commented on something I was also wondering; if Marcus is always his Dominant and they are always in these roles how does Dane walk the fine line without set boundaries and parameters? I'm very interested in how that works.

    Thank you for your excellent writing and story telling.


    1. I'm guessing Dane's had previous masters, before the asswipe, but none has done him proper justice. I think your comment is right on target- the sum of his experience is where he is today.

      YES...SPOIL him, Marcus! :)

      That is a fantastic question, and one they'll have to continue to define now that they're seeing each other outside of strictly scening. Every day seems to bring a new situation their way, but so far, they've handled each as it comes... :)

  3. Aw, I think Dane handled 'yellowing' well. He was able to communicate with his Master what he was struggling with and why. And then he managed to get control of himself again and complete the scene.

    I also really love Dane's brazen side. He is so adorable in his unwavering desire to please his Master. And thank goodness he has found a Master worthy of it, now. And to think, he willingly exchanged more time in his Master's cuffs just to please him! sooo good!

    Fantastic: "“You’re all mine, Dane, stretched and fastened to the corners of my bed until I decide to let you go . . .” ..."This bonus, the unexpected slice of submission, is the sweetest portion yet.

    I love their conversation at the end of the chapter because not only is Dane learning that his new Master is very different from his old, he's also learning a whole new way of doing things in BDSM. He is finding out that this is as much (if not more) about his own wants and needs as it is about a master's wants and needs.

    I love their cuddling. Yay for overnights! :)

    1. Yeah, you know Dane's making progress if he volunteered for more bondage time! I guess if Monty Hall makes him the right deal, he can trade just about anything!

      Every relationship should be equally satisfying to both partners, if in totally different ways. If not... why stay?

  4. I don't think Marcus would have given dane the option of yellow if he wasn't sure that dane would use it, needed to use it, so as to be sure that Marcus would stop and honor his boundaries, the ones dane didn't even know he had or needed. This was an extremely lovely and wonderfully loving scene to watch. This relationship is changing them both, and very much for the better. I am envious and jealous in every way possible, but at the same time, ecstatic for them both. I love being a voyeur here.....

    1. Hmm, I think yellow is probably something fairly typically given by masters who respect their submissives' needs. It's probably standard for Marcus with all his subs- so much so that he was pretty shocked Dane had never used it before (though not really surprised).

      Love your sweet cheering them on...

  5. Best lines ever! "Fuck it. We're so going to cuddle." With everything going on in this chapter (and there were some wonderful things going on) that line just made me laugh out loud. I don't know if it was because it was so light hearted after such an intense scene. Or just because I am so happy when they can be just lovers w/out the pressure of everything else. Wonderful stuff m'dear.

    1. Or maybe because you don't expect the big, bad Marcus to use that word! ;) I agree, these two seem to mix intensity and humor with ease. I often reread something I've written and wondered how we got to point B from where we started, miles away in a different mood at point A. But then, it seems so them, I let them have their way with me! ;)

  6. So much goodness in this chapter- I read it through twice and I'm STILL giddy!
    * "...You taste like candy, and I think you are already well acquainted with my sweet tooth.”
    * His unbound hand twitches against the mattress, a brave soldier holding the line. (You have the best metaphors and similes!!!)
    * Fuck it. We’re so going to cuddle.

    Just three quick faves of mine!

    1. Aw, Cap. That means a lot to me. I really reach for those metaphors and similes. Still learning, still working it. So thanks so much for noticing the effort.

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  8. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!
    "...we did it." I about died with happiness for them. Daaaane! He is so precious.
    And Marcus. *sighs all the sighs* He makes me giddy with his love and care.
    And hot damn! both of their wants to please each other.
    Loved it B!!
    Xoxo ❤️

  9. "After the dance ends, Dane’s smile glows brightly enough to light the entire hotel."
    Yes, yes, yes, they did it!
    "I was waiting for you to throw your leg over me, Master." How free Dane sounds!
    A round of applause to both of them and to you Mistress of Love!
    Who purrs? Who knows? Awww ...

  10. Beautiful chapter, I love it when Marcus process of thought is out in the open, it makes following the scene more enjoyable. He is just what Dane needed in his life, they fit perfectly together. There was such care and joy in everything he did and he was always aware of how much to push and when to pull back. Dane was so brave and willing to please, that it made it easier for them both to succeed and over come a few of his fears. It was amazing how Dane was able to find freedom and strength in his submission and at the end he was so sweet and cuddly.
    Thank you for for sharing your writing and for this great chapter.

    1. t was amazing how Dane was able to find freedom and strength in his submission--that's what it's all about, baby! :)
      God I'm a sucker for their cuddles!
      Thank you for your lovely notes.

  11. Oops. Missed chapter 32.

    Geez...I cannot even imagine having to think of pleasure as something to avoid. How awful.
    Love this line:

    “Submitting means giving exactly as much of yourself as you need to give. I promise, I will never take more than that from you.”

    Glad to read that Dane "yellowed" instead of bailing out completely. I think it shows that he is growing more comfortable with Marcus. Trusting him more fully.


    Sweet chapter!

    1. I KNOW...cuddling! :)
      I agree, with all the new tools Marcus has given Dane, he really has room to grow and blossom. :)

  12. I called that. Dane is a step closer to figuring out what M's role really is. These two both growing and trusting.

    Your imagery is so good. The line about the brave soldier... I've had the thought of Dane as a soldier many times reading this story. Committed to the cause, but not knowing what that would entail, POW, Greater good, etc. Finally he has a General worth following.

    1. BAHAHA okay yes, you did!
      Love how you extended the analogy there.

  13. Well Marcus wanted to push Dane a smidge and he sure did! What an interesting way to do it - overwhelming him with pleasure!

  14. Ahhhh the thing I felt most in this chapter was Dane surveying his hand and ankle for marks/bruising from the cuffs and the realization finally dawning on him that 'this is how it's supposed to be' *siggggh* I'm so glad that it's Marcus who will show him the way things are supposed to be and how he's really supposed to feel. Dane has been a sub for years. He knows what's up. Its ingrained in him. Almost like he was born to submit. I can't believe I'm saying this but him having a fucked up experience with the masshat I'd the pivotal driving force for what makes his relationship with Marcus so amazing. Its true they say your experience, whether great or horrible, builds who you are. If Dane hadnt had an abusive Dom, he probably wouldn't have been with Marcus in this capacity today. Nor would Marcus have been able to teach him what true mastering and submission us all about. I love that their dynamic works in such a fucked way... but it works!

    “Dane, submitting means giving exactly as much of yourself as you need to give. I promise, I will never take more than that from you.” <<<< I think this line makes the entire story for me. Marcus is so way beyond himself with Dane. He deserves that adoration. They both do. So happy that Dane cam finally feel how desire and pleasure and warmth and just legit care feels like being reciprocated. For so long he's been on the giving end. I'm glad one of Marcus' best interests is making sure he gives back to Dane. He's lost and given up so much of himself already... unworthily (did I just make that word up... lol)

    1. What a cool reflection. You're right- where we've been makes us who we are. Would M and D have met up in another scenario? I'd love to believe no matter what, they would have clicked, but maybe Marcus would not have had to do so much of the healing and maybe their relationship would have been more fun-filled and lighthearted. It's a fantastic question...LOVE IT! Look at you making up words! Love love love hearing your thoughts.

  15. "Our bodies settle into place like two halves of a broken teacup."
    Dang what a great visual, and... "feelual", too. Perfect.