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If you're game...before you read my version of "Dane's night," take a little mental stab of your own. What would Dane do/ask/demand when given the chance? Feel free to share your ideas at the end!

Surprising—the effort required to hang back and let Dane lead. Are you sure? his eyes ask throughout the Two Boots experience—from ordering to paying to choosing a booth, and even eating—and each time, Dane seems to come away surprised he’s still in charge.

He leads me out the restaurant door, lacing his fingers between mine before I can pull on my gloves. The warmth of his hand and the nearness of his body at my side more than make up for the lack of cashmere and leather. Inside our hotel, Dane walks at a healthy clip, his stride slowed only by the glances he throws my way. I reassure him each time, squeezing his hand, smiling, nodding, and doing my best to be a follower. There’s certainly nothing about it that comes naturally to me.

The elevator ride is a twitchy affair with Dane’s wriggling fingers ticking off each number on the digital display as we rise to our floor. If this is stressing him out, I will put an end to it.

“Nervous, Dane?” I ask in half-voice.

He looks at me and smiles. “Nope.”

“Got a plan?” Now I’m smiling, too.

“Kind of.”

Oh my god, he is loving this! The elevator doors open on our floor, and he nearly skips us down the hall, holding his hand out for the key when we get to the door. I pull it out of my wallet and hand it to him, but as he grips the other end of the plastic card, I hold on tight. He looks up with questioning eyes.

“Within reason,” I remind him as sternly as I can when all I want to do is tackle him.

“Absolutely, Master,” he answers, letting me know that he understands where this night falls in the grand scheme of things.

With a single nod, I relinquish the key and follow him inside. Wordlessly, Dane removes my coat first and then his own, draping both over the nearest chair.

“Need anything?” he asks. “Water? Tums?”

“Not yet, but thanks for asking,” I answer that twinkle in his eye.

He leads me toward the bedroom with no more than a subtle tip of his head and a smile, and I follow eagerly. He comes to a stop at the foot of the bed, wraps his arms low around my back, and leans in to kiss me. He’s not particularly controlling or demanding, but then, why would he be?

Absent any restriction or instruction, my fingers busy themselves in Dane’s hair. For all I know, this is the entirety of Dane’s “kind of” plan for the evening, and while I’m rock hard for him—as I can feel he is for me—I can’t say I’d be entirely disappointed to just continue this sweet kiss for a long, long time.

Dane seems to have other ideas, or at least his hands do, as they travel downward and cup my ass. That works, too.

He pulls back from the kiss, his gaze drowsy and free of the earlier tension. “Master, can we both get ready for bed, please?”

“I thought we were,” I answer with a chuckle.

“I pretty much suck at this being in charge thing.”

I reach an arm around his waist and pull him into my body. “You’re doing great. I’m just teasing you. What would you like me to do?”

“Well, I debated brushing your teeth for you, but I think it would be best if you handled that yourself . . . and then, you know, the rest of the bathroom stuff? And then, can we just take off all our clothes and meet back here?”


Dane heaves a sigh of relief that leaves me chuckling all the way to the bathroom. “Heavy is the head that wears the crown, Dane.” He rolls his eyes as we brush our teeth side by side.

He takes care with the removal of his heavy stage make-up while I splash my face with cold water. Our eyes meet in the mirror as we both reach for our shirts. Any other day, I wouldn’t have a problem getting out of my button-down, but my fingers are shaking just enough to make it a challenge. Dane’s naked first, bless him, and he slips into the tiny toilet room, catching my eye and quietly saying, “Excuse me,” before closing the door between us.

Anticipating that awkward moment when he’ll come out and I’ll have to shimmy past him and switch places—neither of us with a stitch of clothing on—I opt for the little powder room by the entrance. The forced intimacy of our shared living quarters changes things in a way that is neither wholly positive nor wholly negative, but it is something to be respected and managed. I’m not ready to share all my private functions with Dane, and I don’t need to own his—though I won’t hesitate to do so if and when the situation calls for it.

I make quick work of my preparations, having no desire to keep him waiting. His nerves are already taxed, and anything I can do to make it easier on him will make this evening go that much better. Dane’s just coming out of the bathroom as I reach the side of the bed. I could weep at the beauty of his gait, a perfect choreography of limbs working together with grace and purpose. Most of all, I love the no-nonsense slant of Dane’s erection and the determined look in his eyes as they sweep my body.

He surprises me by stepping around behind me, pressing his body against my back, threading his arms around my waist, and clasping his hands over my belly. Before my brain can process his unexpected assertion, all the non-essential blood in my body rushes straight to my cock. Confident Dane is a heady experience—and a sheer privilege.

Lips press soft kisses into my neck, and my whole body shudders. He rocks us ever so slightly, a skilled dance partner whose body carries out his mind’s desires without effort or doubt. I’m anchored against his hard body; I’m completely adrift. I close my eyes and place my hands over his. My head tips left—an offering he does not fail to acknowledge with a needy moan. Our slow dance is quickly becoming a deep grind, his arousal pressing insistently against my ass.

“Master,” he murmurs, “we’re going to need lube and a condom, please.”

My hazy brain has somehow connected Dane’s request with the unlikely position we’re in, and all I can produce in response is a moronic, “Hunh?”

Dane chuckles softly against my shoulder, tickling me and sending a new shiver down my spine. He repeats his request, slower and clearer for my addled brain. “Lube. Condoms.”

His hands release me, and I fight for my balance. Falling on my face would suck. I won’t lie—a ripple of what the fuck has its turn with me. I can’t say I’d even considered the idea that Dane would want to fuck me. My veto sits on the tip of my tongue, but hell, I don’t want to shut Dane down. Not tonight especially. This boy challenges me at every turn, and it seems tonight will be no exception.

Bottoming isn’t something I do often, nor is it anything I’ve ever done at the whim of my submissive. It’s one of the tools in my master’s toolkit, and like most other items in that sacred collection, it has its place—on my terms.

Right on the tail of my “Oh, the things I do for Dane” sigh, a bulb as bright as the sun lights up over my head. Inside the light is a simple word—trust. Has Dane overstepped our boundaries at any time in this relationship? Not once. Has he taken more from me than I was prepared to give? Absolutely not. Is there any reason to doubt him now? Nope.

“Okay,” I answer him belatedly, heading to my stash in the nightstand. If the housekeeping staff is nosy, they will have gotten several eyefuls by now, the condoms and lube being the least of them. Dane waits right where I left him, watching me with a carefully contained grin.

“Thanks,” he says, closing his hand over the supplies I’ve placed in his outstretched palm.

I give him a nod, and he returns the gesture. I have to bite the inside of both cheeks to hold myself still while he ponders how to continue. We’re locked inside this strange “time-out” together where our normal laws of behavior hang above us, suspended but not forgotten.

Tell me what you want, Dane.

“Hi,” he says, then immediately shakes his head at himself.

I laugh. I can’t help it. He’s demanding; he’s beseeching. He’s powerful; he’s weak. He’s confident; he’s shy. I have no idea who to expect from one moment to the next, and I find myself loving every minute of his special brand of torture. “Hi back.”

Dane chuffs again and drops his gaze to his fisted hand. “I know what I want,” he says. “I just don’t know how to get there.”

My heart.

I swallow my own anxiety and make damn sure to rid my voice of anything he might consider condescension. Matter-of-fact is the way to go here. Just a guy telling another guy how to get a job done.

“Basically,” I start, smiling when Dane looks up at me with grateful eyes, “there are two ways to get what you want: words and actions. Just pick which feels more comfortable for you.” And I will follow.

Dane nods, and the intensity returns to his gaze. Taking my hand, he lifts his knee onto the bed and gives me enough of a tug that I know to follow him up. He leads me to the middle of the bed, presses his hand to my chest, and closes his lips over mine. Aggressive Dane is back, and I welcome him with open lips. I’m not prepared for the shove, and Dane chuckles as I land on my back with an indelicate “Oof!”

Next thing I know, I find myself under my beautiful boy, his thighs spread across my belly and his hands pinning my wrists over my head against the pillow. Arousal overpowers my ability to even try to predict where he’s going next or what my hypothetical response might be. Bent over me, Dane’s bangs hang like a fluffy curtain across my forehead, narrowing the space we inhabit together to an intimate sliver.

“Master.” His voice catches and fails.

I swallow hard. “Just tell me or move me, Dane.”

He opens his mouth, makes an attempt at something, but without success closes it again. Dane grips me with his thighs, scoops his hand under my neck, and flips us over in a move that would impress the hell out of Fran—if a martial arts instructor could ever get past the complete sacrifice of physical advantage. I’ve now been pushed and flipped, and frankly, I’m starting to feel a bit like Dane’s training dummy.

He’s very deliberately put me on top, between his legs, and now I’m just confused. This seems an unlikely position for Dane to achieve what I thought he wanted. He blinks wide eyes up at me, his chest rising and falling rapidly.

“Master, would you . . .”

“Yes, Dane, I will. Whatever it is. Ask me, and it’s yours.”

“Will you make love to me?”

He might as well have flipped me upside-down again. The request is so one-eighty from where I thought we were heading, I can hardly make sense of it. Or it might just be that my heart is pounding so hard in my ears, I haven’t heard him correctly. But those soft, brown, imploring eyes . . . yes, those are definitely eyes that just asked me for the brass ring, and now, they’re seeing “no” in my hesitation, dammit!

“Of course I will, Dane.” I seal the deal by cupping his cheek in my hand and covering his lips with mine. I can’t say I’m entirely sure I understand his request, and maybe he feels the same way about my answer, but Dane’s not a man to choose his words lightly. If he wanted to be fucked, he would’ve asked for it that way, or perhaps simply offered himself for the taking. Clearly, what he’s looking for involves tenderness at a minimum, and a deep emotional connection would not be out of the realm of possibility. As for love itself, that seems a question for another day.

In many ways, Dane is so much more courageous than I am. How long would it have taken me to have felt liberated enough to express my feelings physically with him? And yet, given one night to take the lead, he instantly leaps right here. Dane takes my breath away, and I intend to do the same to him.

There’s so much I’ve been holding back with him, so many bridges I have been afraid to cross for fear of rushing him or pressuring him or scaring him away. This beautiful night, I can kiss his eyelids and swirl my tongue around his nipples and linger around all the delicious contours of his abdomen without fear of harming Dane or our relationship because he’s asked for this. This wondrous night, I can spread him open and use my mouth to ready his body for mine. This miraculous night, when I enter him, I can express my powerful emotions with kisses and tender caresses even if I still can’t say them out loud.

Where we’ve previously alternated between serious and playful, tonight’s intimacy constitutes a third-dimension—a warmth I’ve always felt for Dane and one I can now be sure he welcomes. Best of all, as we lie tangled together in the aftermath of our lovemaking, I am confident that this glow will underscore everything we do together from this point forward.

Sigh....was that what you were thinking? XXX


  1. My very first thought was he wanted to top Marcus but then my brain kicked in and said NO! Will Dane ever feel secure enough in their relationship to request that? I doubt it but Marcus is the Submissive Whisperer so anything is possible I suppose.

    1. As you can see from this chapter, I don't believe anything at all is out of the question with two loving (or even caring) people in a consensual relationship. So...I couldn't rule it out!

  2. Well, no, not what I was thinking at all...

    If I was Dane, I would have ordered food, paid the bill, led the way home just as he did, then I would have undressed Marcus and asked if I could tie him down and then tormented him for a very, very long time ensuring that there would be no repercussions for me the next day Lol, a couple of orgasms each (blushing here, can't go into more detail) then blindfolded him and more Huck Finn.

    But Dane's request, to be made love to, oh how brave that boy is and I would be like Marcus, confused. Did Dane digress from his original idea or was that his plan all along, to ask that and how long has it been since either of them have made love to someone?

    And Marcus' thoughts about what is to come is like poetry, how I hope it all goes as he envisages it but can Dane cope with all this emotion after his already so emotional day? Are there going to be tears before bedtime?

    Love it Born, thank you and I am going to be so patient because wishing the working day away is different to hoping the weekend hours fly. I'm sure I will be thinking about this chapter and the next until the next one appears.


    1. I LOVE your plan, J. Hmmm. *stores it away for another time...*

      No, I do not believe Dane ever meant anything other than what he asked for, but he really didn't know how to ask. As much as Marcus has been afraid to use any version of the L word, so must Dane be, though we don't hear his thoughts. How long since either has made love? I'd have to say for Dane, it's at least a few years! What he had before was not even close to love. Marcus, probably been a while as well. He's only told us about that one gym meathead.

      What a very sweet way to end your comments! MWAH! xoxo

  3. Eh eh eh anakinsmom I'm right there with you! I thought it too but I quickly reassured myself that knowing Dane as we do, he cld never do that, he's a sub through and through but I can assure you not in a million years I wld expect for him to open his heart to Marcus and asked what he did. I know Marcus is shaken to the core and good for him!

    I felt Marcus doubt for that nanosecond but like the wise man he is he came to his senses. No, Dane wld deff never crossed any boundaries.
    Buuuuut ... that doesn't mean that in a near future Marcus cld not exactly relinquish domination but I wld totally understand *actually I'd be pleasantly un-surprised* if he wld somehow 'surrender' to his own feeling and show it to Dane and doing so he wld too profess his love and trust. I'm not saying he wld allow Dane to be on top of him but ... er ... he wld feel confident enough in his power to *cough cough* please Dane, you know what I mean? *look at me, the old kitten ... oh man I'm blushing lol*
    My my my MotW *shakes head* once again, you outdid yourself with this chapter.
    Bravo! Bravo!

    1. Well Muse, as I told anakinsmom, never say never! These boys are pretty versatile and after all, Marcus is being completely remastered here. One never knows. Okay, I can't say more without bean spilling. Love that you made yourself blush!

  4. Before reading the chapter I thought of two possible things Dane might request. One since he was still riding the wave of his success and with his body all pumped up with endorphins it might be something on the playful side maybe even a little cheeky. The second thing I though of was since he is so giving and because of his note for Marcus in the program, maybe it would be about showing his gratitude and appreciation in a sexy way. I have to say you took me for an amazing ride in this chapter, you kept me guessing right until his sweet request, and I honestly didn't see it coming. I loved how he jumped from one emotion to the next, changing the mood and direction constantly. He was so incredibly seductive even in his moments of hesitation and shyness, so much so that Marcus was ready to give him pretty much anything he wanted. When Marcus thought he wanted him to be the bottom, I thought, "No way, that won't happen, not yet anyway." But I admit that it is something that I really look forward to, and I can certainly hope that the time to share that next step will come in their relationship. I keep thinking it has to be the other way around, he want Marcus to fuck him, but you floored me with Dane's request. I know it is a big step for Dane to make such a request and once again I am amazed at how brave and strong he is. The significance of him using the word love in his request dos not escape me, that took guts and something Marcus felt last chapter: Faith. Trust. Respect. What a gift Marcus has received from Dane to be able to express through actions all the things he feels but can't put into words yet. I love these two guys hard, as individuals they are both spectacular and beautiful, but together they shine brighter than a star.
    I look forward to next chapter, thank you so much for creating these amazing character and writing their story and also for your dedication in replying to all the reviews so kindly and openly.

    1. I could totally see Dane going cheeky there! Maybe he took it easy on Marcus since the old guy was so dang emotional! And I could also see him really treating Marcus to a massage or something. I definitely wanted Dane to go out on a limb and ask for something he could never expect his Master to do in scene. ;) LOVE how you see Dane's request as a gift to MARCUS, allowing him to express all that he couldn't. Hmmm, do you think Dane knew that?

      See you SOON!

  5. Ohh, Born, so much beauty in this chapter when I was only expecting fun and playfulness. When Marcus said that Dane got to be in charge for the night last chapter, I didn't take it as literally as I guess I should have. I kind of thought, it would lean towards more of a vanilla-ish night. Dane's choice of food and perhaps he could take his Master out dancing! Then they would go home and have some 'happy times' (nothing too serious) and maybe some more reading... Oh how deliciously wrong I was!

    When you issued your little prompt at the beginning of this chapter, I let my thoughts wander a little more and figured Dane would use his authority to make his Master settle in for a night of pampering. I figured Dane would want to bathe his Master, maybe give him a little dance, and then worship Marcus's body all night long. My first thoughts honestly took me no where near predicting any demands Dane could or would issue to his Master.

    I love the way you (or I guess Dane) took this. I, like Marcus, was floored by the contrasts in Dane: "demanding, beseeching, confident, shy." You could tell he was really working himself up to something big. I LOVE LOVE LOVED their whole undressing / getting into bed bit- there was that bit of vulnerability that just heightened everything. That bit where Dane was behind Marcus and M tipped his head to the left, struck me hard- I could only picture an animal giving in to a more dominant figure: submission at a more primal, raw level. He offered it, Dane took it.

    I was bad today and read this update during my break at work and I was glad to be scrolling on my phone as it makes me go slower and not accidentally see things too soon. I think my jaw hit the table when I read Dane's request. I loved it. Very brave of him to ask for that. I read it as D getting exactly what he needs- including giving M back some of the control. He didn't tell Marcus what he wanted done to him, so M has quite a bit of (if not absolute) freedom in what actions he does in the process of making love to D.

    I just love it and can't wait to see where this goes next! Especially beautiful chapter today, Born!

    1. Awww! Your scenario definitely could've worked too (anything would be fair game) but I saw Dane as physically exhausted and really needing that comfort from his lover. I love how you noted that he didn't actually order Marcus to anything, nor did he give any details. He gave Marcus the truest gift he ever could have- simply asking for what he wanted more than anything and letting Marcus figure out how to deliver it. I'm glad you felt the conflict that had to occur when Dane first tried to be the boss. It's simply not a role he's comfortable playing, but I think we can agree that in the end, he certainly had a smile on his face.

      Thank you for this beautiful review.

  6. Bring on the tears. I'm a blubbering mess. That was perfect. I think I sort of knew all along Dane wouldn't want to top Marcus but, like Marcus, I didn't expect his request. I'll stand by my original declaration that when they finally say the words it's going to be the most amazing experience for them and for us readers. Beautifully executed, B. Love the light, bubbly beginning and the shy, serious end.

    Favorite line... There’s so much I’ve been holding back with him, so many bridges I have been afraid to cross for fear of rushing him or pressuring him or scaring him away. This beautiful night, ...even if I still can’t say them out loud. Right, it's an entire paragraph. So not sorry about that! Everything I wish for when I read their interactions Marcus laid bare in this one paragraph. These two are amazing


    1. Oh my goodness, really feeling the pressure on that big declaration day, Lady V!! Thank you for choosing that line (especially the one you dot dot dotted) because the old show them or tell them reared its ugly head right there on that most special of lemons, and I think it's all so much better when left to your beautiful imaginations- with a few signposts provided along the way, of course. :) I really appreciate that you chose that.

  7. wow I'm not sure how I missed this chapter yesterday and read 58 first this morning.....that being said, I'm just flummoxed at how this story has taken such a turn into a love fest. Surprised, but very happy. I thought for just a moment that dane wanted to top Marcus, but I should have known better. It seems he wanted, asked, to be made love to, not fucked, and oh so shyly asked for just that. I think Marcus was surprised too as his thoughts went right to accepting dane's unusual request to what he thought at first was to bottom for him. That Marcus would consider this for dane speaks volumes. I can't wait to read when they actually say the words to each other.

    1. RIGHT! Such a huge difference between the two- not that I'm knocking one or the other. There's a time for each! (LOTS OF TIME FOR BOTH!)

      Thanks for your beautiful words.

  8. No doubt and this is just perfect here:

    “Heavy is the head that wears the crown, Dane.” too. In so many situations:

    “I know what I want,” he says. “I just don’t know how to get there.”

    Gotta say...for a brief moment...very brief...I thought that Dane might just want to top his Master. But then I thought, no, that would not be Dane at all. How could it be?

  9. It is amazing to me how far one can get behind when one leaves the world of electronics for 24 hours lol. I did come back to this beautiful chapter though so that makes it worth it. Somewhere in my heart and brain I knew Dane would not go the kinky route. He would make this an opportunity to let those deeper feelings of his be known. I am glad Marcus appreciates the courage that it took for Dane to do that and rewarded him (and himself) with his wish. Fantastic. xoxo

    1. So happy it moved you, V.
      Nice to have your voice back again.

  10. Gaaaaahhhhhh!!!!
    This was absolutely perfect!
    I love Dane's request of making love!
    My heart's all a flutter!
    They are there! Soooo much so!

    1. Heehee, what an adorable flaily review. So cute.
      Thanks, Patesy!

  11. I figured Dane would want to worship/adore Marcus at his own pace. I couldn't see him getting too aggressive at this stage of the game. How long has he wanted to manhandle M.

    This was wonderfully written. Marcus trying so hard to let go of control emotionally. All going back to the trust issues. Dane not really knowing how to take control and still needing help. The vulnerability/ separation of getting undressed and ready for bed. Then Dane just busts the door right down. "Make love to me" Think of when they first met. Dane mute, can't be touched, emotionally and physically broken. Brave boy. That 30 days is toast.

    1. Your idea was a distinct possibility, but alas, it's sort of been done.

      Yeah. We're all toast.

  12. So Dane takes charge and gives him exactly what Marcus wants and needs. Me think that Dane is the Dom Whisperer... or more accurately the Marcus Whisperer. These boys are so sweet sometime a - pretty sure they're going to give me a cavity!

    1. Also I LOVE how you wrote this scene - through Marcus imagining and hoping it would go. It felt the perfect way to share in their lovemaking without intruding.

    2. Aww, thank you for that. Funny how what Dane wanted most was also something Marcus would've wanted but never taken. Huh!

  13. Waaaaaaaaaaah... I never envisioned this. I thought that Dane would start him off with a very sexy dance, naked!!!!! And then they have sex! I never even thought of Dane topping Marcus. Not even when he requested the condom and lube.

    But that's just it, I thought they'd just come together as they did in chapter 46 ( yeah I remembered) bit jesus Dane never ceases to surprise and amaze. I think it's good he requested this. Marcus needed to hear that Dane craves this intense, pulsing live wire of physical and emotional intimacy and connection that exists between them as much as he does. I'd like to see how this goes. I think by Dane asking this, he'll be giving them both a gift.

    1. I love that I can surprise my readers! I think each request and each assent is a gift to both giver and recipient. These two simply want what the other wants, and their coming together feels like a miracle to me. I'm happy you're experiencing their relationship the same way.