Thursday, May 22, 2014


“Come on, you sweet, dirty boy.” I lift him off the table and set him lightly on his feet. “Can you be trusted to walk?”

Dane chuckles. “Slowly.”

I take one last look around the dungeon as I close the door behind me. Aside from a pile of clothes tossed on the floor and a table in need of a wipe down, it’s nothing too terrible, certainly nothing more urgent than bringing Dane to my bed for the first time.

Christ, the butterflies are running rampant in my body, crazy fluttering between my heart and my belly the whole way to the master bedroom. He follows at a respectful distance when I cross the threshold, sliding his bag almost shyly to the floor. I walk over and place a water bottle on “his” nightstand.

“I guess this is officially your side now.”

Fuck, I’m blushing.

“Thank you.”

“C’mon, let me show you around the bathroom.”

He digs out his toiletries case and follows me into the inner sanctum. “Wow, this is beautiful. Whoa, is this floor heated?”

“Yeah, creature comforts.” Fuck, this is embarrassing. I wave my hand toward the second sink, a loyal soldier in the reserves, one who hasn’t been called into service in years. “Make yourself at home, Dane.”

He takes what’s offered with his customary humility.

“I’d like to clean up before I get into your bed.”

“Sure, help yourself to the shower or tub, whatever you like. You’ll find clean towels underneath your sink.”

“Are you gonna . . .?”

“Oh . . . yeah, I’ll take a quick shower.”

We do that awkward spirograph gears spinning around each other’s orbits, granting personal space well outside what feels comfortable for two people who’ve done the things we’ve done to each other.

I want him closer.

Despite my complete lack of ease in my most intimate space, I need to fix this.

Bent over his toothbrush, Dane doesn’t notice me in the mirror when I come up behind him, spin him around in my arms, and surprise him with a long kiss. When I finally pull back and dial it down to a loose hug, he gives me one of those should-I-ask? grins.

“I never told you how happy I am that you’re here with me.”

He smiles, and all the tension between us evaporates. “Thanks. I’m happy too.”

Happy Dane, happy me. Clean and content, we climb under the covers and find each other somewhere toward the middle—though if truth be told, it’s more toward my side than the middle.

Dane settles onto his back, gives off a breathy sigh, and folds his hands behind his head. “This bed feels like heaven on earth.”

“It does now,” I tell him, placing a soft kiss on his temple.

“Aww, that’s sweet.” He turns his head so our lips are touching instead.

Now it’s my turn to sigh. “I think you’re turning your big, bad Master into a . . .”


“. . . cheese ball, Dane.”

Dane smiles, and I’m healed. “I like cheese.”

“Well then, you are probably going to like the poem I picked for tonight.”

He chuckles. “You found a poem about cheese?”

“Yes, I found a Shakespeare sonnet about cheese. Fancy that!”

I’m not sure whether to blame Edward or Dane for this one. It was certainly Edward’s terrible limerick that brought to mind the bard, if only as an antidote, but it’s obviously Dane who makes my old soul wax poetic.

“Oh, wow. Shakespeare.” He snuggles into the crook of my arm after I open to the bookmarked page.


“Mmhmm,” he hums.

I pause, just long enough to glance down at Dane’s eager, open expression as he eyes the page. He’s no more intimidated by Shakespeare than he was by Robert Frost. How I found this perfect embodiment of youth and vitality who just happens to have a deep appreciation for “the classics” is beyond my understanding. All my classic self can do is be grateful as hell.

“Sonnet eighteen.

Shall I compare thee to a Summer's day?
Thou art more lovely and more temperate:
Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,
And Summer's lease hath all too short a date:
Sometime too hot the eye of heaven shines,
And oft' is his gold complexion dimm'd;
And every fair from fair sometime declines,
By chance or nature's changing course untrimm'd:
But thy eternal Summer shall not fade
Nor lose possession of that fair thou owest;
Nor shall Death brag thou wanderest in his shade,
When in eternal lines to time thou growest:
So long as men can breathe, or eyes can see,
So long lives this, and this gives life to thee.”
I finish reading this masterpiece, my guts spilled all over the sheets, and what does my beautiful boy do? He cocks his head, looks me in the eye, and asks, “Master, did you just say I’m not too hot?”

I shake my head at the silly, silly boy, rid myself of the book, and turn off the light all in one swift motion. I scoop him up in my arms and kiss him in the dark, and when we’re all kissed out, I answer his question.

“Dane, you are way too hot, and you know it.”

His laughter and mine make their home together in my bed, and I fall asleep with a big ass smile on my face.

How to tell when you’re fucked up with love: Waking up to your submissive’s smile right next to you is even more pleasing than finding it between your legs. Cue massive eye roll.

“Morning, Master.”

“Good morning, Dane. Did you sleep well?”

Twinkle, twinkle. “Like a well-fucked baby.” His smile fades quickly. “Oh my god, that sounded really grotesque.”

I’m already laughing and I’m not even awake. “I think I know what you meant.”

“If I haven’t totally spoiled the mood, may I offer my services?”

“You couldn’t possibly spoil my morning wood, boy, but I’m going to save myself for the dungeon today, and so are you . . .  unless you’ve already . . .?”

“No, Master.”

“All right then. Exit stage left and take your time in the shower this morning. Leave no stone unturned; it’s going to be a long session.”

I do not detect a hint of anxiety in his answer, and he dismounts my bed with his usual flair—this time, sliding off hands first, springing forward and landing right before the bathroom door. Just another ordinary day . . .

I pull on a pair of boxer briefs and slog into the kitchen. Not much in the way of fresh items in my neglected refrigerator, but I do have some oatmeal and enough raisins to provide a little pizzazz. That should hold us over until lunch.

I lay it all out for Dane on the counter, complete with bowls and spoons, looking up when he enters the kitchen with a towel wrapped around his waist. “What would you like me to wear, Master?”

“A pair of your sexy briefs will do just fine.” He nods and turns to leave, pausing when he hears me add, “I’ll take the towel back to the bathroom for you.”

The boy who tugs open his towel and hands it to me is already well on his way into sub space. It’s awfully hard to shave and clean one’s intimate spaces without anticipating the kinds of things that will soon be done to them. For my part, I take extra care this morning as well, trimming and polishing up the chassis.

Today’s marathon dungeon session calls for my standard black T-shirt, pants, and serious boots. Dane needs to have perfect clarity about who I am in that dungeon even if the lines outside are happily blurred. He’s just finishing up breakfast when I join him in the kitchen, and he immediately hops up to pour my coffee.

Dear Dane’s bright green bikini briefs, 
Thank you for gracing my kitchen with your splendor.

“May I fix you some oatmeal, Master? I didn’t want it to get cold.”

“That would be nice, thanks.”

He moves around the kitchen with an ease that warms my heart along with my oatmeal, not to mention the view is spectacular. After delivering my hot cereal, Dane takes his submissive stance and waits quietly at my side. It’s a bit distracting, especially when the tight bulge in his briefs straightens into a thick rod exactly at my eye level, but I manage to finish my breakfast like a champ. I sit back in my seat and give him a nod to clear. I’m not at all happy with the island that blocks my view of Dane as he cleans the dishes away, but soon enough he’s back at my side, awaiting my next command.

“Lead the way to the dungeon, Dane.” Why should I deprive myself of this view? My dick answers by growing ridiculously hard, requiring adjustment before I take to the stairs. Can I help it if its memory is outstanding?

You’ll have to cool your jets, big guy. There’s going to be some serious delayed gratification going on down here today—yours, his, and ours.

Bypassing the dungeon entrance, I unlock the door to the sub’s room and gesture him inside. Dane takes a deep breath before assuming his pose.

“I need a few minutes to prepare the dungeon. In the meantime, I’d like you to put on your outfit for the day.”

“My outfit, Master?”

Reaching into my front pocket, I pull out the leather cock ring I picked up for him at one of the finer establishments in Times Square. “This,” I answer, dangling it in front of his face like catnip, “and a smile—if you feel so inclined.”

Right at the moment, he does not. Dane holds out his hand and takes a good, long look at the leather device as I set it in his palm.

“Do you have any questions about what I want you to do?”

“No, Master.” All business. That’s okay; we’ll break down all the barriers once he’s locked in tight.

“Good. You can wait for me right here by the door. I’ll come for you when I’m ready.”

“Yes, Master.”

I’m tempted to kiss him, reassure him, even take back the cock ring, but this isn’t the day to go soft. I back out of the room and pull the door closed. Let the guy have a few minutes to gather his nerve. Meanwhile, I handle the mess we left around the bondage table last night, quickly wiping down the table and setting our discarded clothes in a neat pile by the door.

There’s a fine line between enough time and too much time for a sub to anticipate the scene. I want him keyed up, not sick to his stomach. With a soft knock, I open the door.

Without even glancing below his neck, my dominant heart stutter steps at the sight of fully submerged Dane. The heat coming off his intense stare is physically palpable as those gorgeous chocolate-brown eyes beseech me to take care of his needs. I will, Dane.

When my gaze finally has a chance to pan down his body and check out the fit of my newest accessory, a fresh wave of I’m-the-luckiest-Master-ever takes me by surprise. Fully engorged and begging for attention, Dane’s beautiful erection is an erotic study in contrast—soft skin pulled tight over thick need, encircled in silver-studded black leather—solid against pliable, organic against metallic.

I need to get my hands on him now.

Without a word, I step forward and cup Dane’s tender balls, drawing a hiss from between the tight line of his lips. Running my fingertips along the leather straps, I check the fit while satisfying my burning need to stake my claim. “You look good in my ring, boy.”

Dane’s answer holds the tension I can see in his shoulders. “Thank you, Master.”

“How does it feel?”

My observation affords me more excuses to prod, poke, and squeeze. His breath quickens; the poor boy is already worked up. It won’t be long before he’s completely strung out. “Feels good, Master.”

“Mmm,” I hum, touching his shaft and balls with both hands, giving him heat but little relief. “Can you stay nice and hard for me today?”

His whimper vibrates deep in my belly. “Yes, Master. I’ll do my best.”

He is so damn earnest about holding onto this erection.

“Good boy. That’s just what I needed to hear. You’re ready for me now.”

More of a plea than a response, he gives me, “Yes, Master.”

I guide him to my St. Andrew’s Cross, a padded “X” with hardware all along the apparatus. “Step on up, Dane, back to the wall. Let’s get you fitted and restrained.”

His eyes are totally dilated; I look inside and see deep black pools of desire. “Don’t be shy. Spread out for me. Remember how you loved stretching at the pool?”

He takes a deep breath and lifts his arms in a wide “v” while opening his stance several feet apart. I’ve waited a long time for this moment, but it’s far more monumental for Dane. Unyielding and uncompromising, the cross lacks the cushy give of the bed we’ve previously used for bondage.

The ritual of binding and double-checking the wrist and ankle cuffs serves a multitude of purposes not only ensuring the submissive is safely and securely bound but also building anticipation one clip at a time and intensifying the bond between Master and submissive. My touch is confident and exacting, more clinical than loving, but I’m delivering the message loud and clear that I’m here to take care of his needs—at least those I choose to service.

By the time Dane is locked in at all four extremities and around his waist, he’s a hot mess for me—goosebumps everywhere, nipples standing on end, tension in every one of his delicious muscles, and a hunger in his eyes I haven’t seen since I spanked him that first time. He wants this, and I want to hear him tell me so.

“How do you like your Master’s cross, boy?”

“I like it, Master.”

I step closer, filling his eyes with my face. “Be specific, please.”

I’m close enough to hear the gulp as he fights for words. “Feels good to be stretched.”


His eyes flash, blink, and focus again. “Naked.”

I give him a dirty leer and nod.

“Locked in tight.”

“Yes,” I reply. “Good boy.”

My encouragement seems to loosen the boulder in his throat, and just when I think he’s finished, Dane comes out with, “Open . . . for you, Master.”

A growl issues forth from a place deep inside me. I want. He deserves a reward for that. Securing the back of his head with my hand at his nape, I close my lips over his and kiss him hard, releasing him with a promise. “Yes, my beautiful boy. You are wide open and locked in tight, and I am going to tease you until you beg for release, and then I’m going to tease you some more.”

“Oh god,” he whimpers, twisting my heart with his blatant arousal.

I step to his side and draw his attention to the mirror once again. This time, he can see everything, can be both exhibitionist and his own voyeur. If I know my boy—and I’m pretty fucking sure I do—he’ll be rooting for a long, drawn-out denial at the same time he’ll be begging for release, which will serve to make both that much more satisfying for me. It’s a win-win-win scenario. Let the games begin.

You boys are so dirty. :) 

Just to be clear, that little ditty in iambic pentameter, a.k.a. Sonnet 18, was written way long ago by William Shakespeare. I chose this classic for my classic Master because I love the way it illustrates traits attributed to a lover that transcend the boundaries of human ability and are made possible only by the intensity of affection of the author for his subject. I also love how Dane is comfortable with the choiceone which could have been divisive if chosen for a less thoughtful man.


  1. Another lovely one, dear Born!

    I love that even though theyve already done the awkward getting ready next to each other thing in the hotel, its a whole different monster in Marcus's home. I love this: "We do that awkward spirograph gears spinning around each other’s orbits, granting personal space well outside what feels comfortable for two people who’ve done the things we’ve done to each other."

    Them cuddling in bed over poetry= out of control swooning from me.

    "How to tell when you’re fucked up with love: Waking up to your submissive’s smile right next to you is even more pleasing than finding it between your legs." !!!!! This! and so much more this! I mean, I'm ALL for Marcus waking with his smiling boy between his legs, but for M to acknowledge that this is better is awesome and beautiful and adorable (and BIG for him, methinks- when's the last time he shared HIS bed with someone?)

    'Watching' Dane descend (ascend??) into subspace, is powerful and beautiful- what I would give to see his pupils dilate in person! lol. Such an impressive transition from cheeky, teasing Dane to obedient, intense sub. *sigh*

    When M gets D all trussed up on the cross and starts asking him questions about how he feels, gah- all the feels. And Marcus GROWLED! so hot. and Dane's whimpery "Oh God" ?? I can't even. no words. just feels. lots of 'em. :D

    Oh boy, I can't wait for the rest of this scene!

    1. I'm so happy you know what spirograph is! I do love that Dane transitions so readily into his sub space- maybe because he's always halfway there!

      I'm so pleased you like their little grunty moments. :)

  2. "Master, did you just say I'm not too hot?" that boy (you) is just too funny, their (your) one liners always make me laugh.

    Just so happy that Dane slept in his Master's bed and it was never in question in M's mind.

    Loved the poem, reading poetry together is such a great idea, you can use it to reinforce your feelings or lighten a mood.

    Loved the dungeon and the building up of Dane's anticipation, I now expect his slight nervousness and that probably contributes to him being a perfect submissive. The way he is with his Master, the confidence he must feel to allow himself to feel aroused and to go into subspace, which makes me think briefly of Wayne and how Dane must have felt the opposite with him.

    Like Digi, I can't wait for the rest too.

    Thank you Born


    1. You're right, J. It was never in question in M's head. Way back when, Dan had assumed Marcus would have him sleep alone, and he'd assured him then that he'd never do that. Still, it was their "first time" and I was feeling the awkward!

      Love what you said about choosing the poem to suit the mood.
      You make such an interesting point about how Dane would've felt while with Wayne. I would imagine his fear of pleasing Wayne and his insecurity about it would've kept him from truly enjoying his sub space. It would have had a more desperate tone, I think.
      Thank you, Jarvis!

  3. I found this to be a particularly touching thing for Marcus to say:

    “I never told you how happy I am that you’re here with me.”

    And it meant so much to Dane.

    You have the "hard" and the "soft" going on here in this chapter. The soft being their sweet time together and the hard being the dungeon time. I good mix and I don't blame Marcus in his want to see how Dane will now handle dungeon time because I don't think that is something that Marcus could live without. But even with all that, Marcus is ever so careful in his treatment of Dane while continually pushing him so to speak.

    1. You just reminded me of a line from KEA I probably subconsciously copied- one of the earliest, in the very first chapter when they're riding from the ball and Edward tells her "I forgot to tell you how beautiful you look tonight" or something like that.

      Interesting comment about Marcus bringing Dane to the dungeon because he (Marcus) might not be able to live without it. I wasn't thinking that while I was writing- I was more thinking that Marcus wants DANE to be sure this is what he wants before he collars him, but your perspective offers interesting insight into Marcus's character as well. Thank you for making me think!

  4. Such a lovely chapter of firsts.....first time in Marcus' bed, first time on his St. Andrews' cross, and first time with a ring on his cock? I'm very glad to see Marcus back in Master mode. Having dane back in full sub mode is just wonderful too! Let the games begin, indeed!!

    1. Well first time Marcus put the ring there, but I'm guessing Wayne the Pain would've done it often as it would've made Dane harder and slower to come. Yeah, I think these boys really do like to play, and we shouldn't stand in their way!

  5. Had a couple of good giggles here. Is it wrong that seeing Marcus so nervous having his love in his home made me smile. I loved the way he handled it too. Big ole smooch to calm the nerves. Big ole work up of "cheesiness" to end with such a lovely poem. Marcus being mad at his kitchen island for being in the way of his view, his inner voice calling himself a p*ssy, watching Dane walking, expecting Dane to literally tumble out of bed. He is so damn cute and he would probably spank me with a studded paddle to hear me call him that. Smiles for miles for this chapter m'dear. xoxo
    p.s. I would love to eat breakfast w/ those two...just saying.

    1. I don't know why I love to take a tough guy and show his soft underbelly, but no, it's not wrong for you to like it! HAHA YES, Marcus would definitely not like being called cute! Now I'm picturing Dane doing that and watching that embarrassed grin and probably a big ol' blush rise on Marcus's cheeks!
      Oatmeal with raisins? Fancy!

  6. First of al thank you for posting today. I will consider this a B-Day present and nothing anyone says will persuade me otherwise. The poem killed me, it is one of my favorites, as of now it is actually part of my banner in my FB account, and my husband often reads it to me, he is also a cheese ball and calls me his darling bud of May since I was born well… A day like today some years ago. Did you know that Sonnet 18 is believed to have been written for a man? I bet you did, but if not read sonnets 18 to 20 through, 20 is the one that is more specific though.
    I love how they quickly settle into a routine for things they have been doing already at the hotel, it was easy, fast and soft; it certainly gave the experience of coming home more meaning. But the scene in the dungeon certainly pushed things forward, it is amazing to see Dane so ready for so many things that were a hard limit for him once. He has totally submerged into his submissive space completely trusting his master and in doing that he has found freedom, he is breathtaking when he submits. Marcus is like a live wire, so powerful and electrifying when he really goes into Master mode. They complement each other beautifully, I can hardly wait for the rest of the scene I apologize for any mistakes in this review, but though I expected this day to be a bit tame considering it is a Thursday, it turned out to be anything but that, I'm still high on all the excitement so I should not be held responsible for any ramblings today. I'm so high on life right now I might change my profile pictures everywhere for one of me and Aussie hubby having a yummy B-Day lunch. Now back unto FB and some other Apps to thank people for their good wishes.
    Thank you so much for updating today and for your patience through this review.
    Kisses and hugs

    1. It's your birthday?? HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Oh yes, I did know that (after I researched it, of course!) It's also the first of the sonnets NOT about procreation but just love. :) I really think Dane was so ripe to uncover his true submissive self, it's not surprising how fast his transition is taking place. Plus the fact (for better or worse) that he is so ready to trust all the time. But the joy...that might just be a surprise to both of them AND me! Thanks for taking time out of your birthday (AND DID I SAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY??) to read and review.
      MWAH! Hope it's a lovely day for you!

  7. aww well aren't these two a picture of domesticity and hotness all rolled into one. perfect chapter!

  8. I'd like to start by saying the beginning of this chapter was so sweet. I say it too often but Marcus' insecurities and little excitements/nervousness with each new step makes me love him more.

    Cock ring....St. Andrew's cross...*whimpers and whispers* Are you trying to kill me?

    Favorite line... Dear Dane’s bright green bikini briefs,
    Thank you for gracing my kitchen with your splendor. ...Yup, I chose THAT one. How could I not? It's perfect in it's cheekiness.


    1. Awww how could you possibly say that too often?

  9. They are just all flippy. (auto correct keeps changing that to floppy and that just won't do) . All over the place and so freaking happy. Sexy, flirty, caring, sweet, awkward, romantic. They just seem to be bouncing all around good emotions as they find their stride. So fun to witness. I adore that you chose Shakespeare. Keep those classics coming. to speak

    1. Agreed- so much bouncing. I just can't nail them down!
      Thanks for the support!

  10. Dane settles onto his back, gives off a breathy sigh, and folds his hands behind his head. “This bed feels like heaven on earth.”

    “It does now,” I tell him, placing a soft kiss on his temple.

    THIS!!!!! ^^^^^ swooooooooooooooooooooon!!
    I can't even with these two boys!
    All the swoon and dirty talking! Jeezus!

    I know I'm like a broken record..... But, the trust Dane has in Marcus just makes me so damn happy.
    He likes it!!! He wants it! And he's so damn happy and horny about it!
    He's come so far! *sighs* :D

    1. He likes it!!! He wants it! And he's so damn happy and horny about it! Wait, who are you describing there, Pates? LOL Yeah, it's nice to just share their happy happy. Now I'm hearing that song!

  11. Turns out all the classics are dirty. First time back in the dungeon. While Dane is the only one physically bare both of them are quite exposed. Me likey.

    1. I was really disappointed in Huck, to be honest. I hadn't remembered how mean and horrible most of the characters were. Yeah, Marcus is definitely laid bare and there's really no going back. MWAH!

  12. Good chapter. I just love the image of Dane trussed up on the cross and Marcus fondling him. Unffff.

    Let the games begin indeed!!!!