Saturday, May 24, 2014


“I want you to watch everything, Dane. I might walk over here to get a toy . . . hmm, let’s see, I think we’ll start with the tickler . . . but don’t worry; I won’t leave you alone too long.”

Standing where I won’t block his view, I brush the soft suede strands across his nipples. Dane shivers and hisses, giving me that classic I-hate-this-please-don’t-stop of the true masochist. The only movements allowed by the cross are the clenching and unclenching of muscles and the thrash of Dane’s head as he fights his instincts to ask me to stop.

Dane’s belly tightens as I meander downward, teasing at his erection with the tips of the leather strips. He throws his head back and hisses as the flogger passes over his shaft like a feather duster wielded by a maid not really trying to clean anything. Dane groans as I tickle my way up the insides of his thighs, circle around the bull’s-eye a while, then head north toward armpits, necks, ears, and other delightfully ticklish parts.

I don’t tax his limits. It’s not erotic to be tickled beyond what one can withstand, but just the right touch can leave a submissive tingling with desire. Retracting the flogger, I get him talking, giving me an idea how far gone he is while allowing his nervous system a brief respite before starting in again.

“Today, we’re going to see how long you can last. The cock ring is here to help you—as am I.” I concentrate the movement of the flogger to the tip of his cock, and Dane moans and pinches his eyes closed. “Watch, boy!”

His eyes pop open. “I’m sorry, Master.”

“You’ve earned yourself a challenge, boy,” I say, replacing the suede strips with the warmth and comfort of my hand.

He groans as I roll his balls in my palm like a pair of dice at a craps table. “You need to tell me if you’re getting close, and I’ll dial it back. It’s all up to you, Dane. Feels good, doesn’t it?”

“Mmm, yessss, Master.”

I step closer, letting him feel the heat coming off my body. “Tempting, isn’t it? To let me keep going . . .?”


One hand works his balls while the other slicks up his shaft with the little bit that’s leaked out. “Are you getting close, Dane?”

“Feels good, Master.”

“Too good?”

His jaw drops open, and we’re nearing the point of no return. I’m holding my breath here, praying he won’t take what isn’t his to enjoy just yet, but I’m not relenting until he asks me to.

“No, Master. I’m okay. Mmmm.”

“Careful, Dane.”

I don’t let up on him, swirling my hands relentlessly, making a real show of it for him in the mirror. “Master, pleeeease . . .”

“Please what, Dane?”

“Please . . . stop.”

Both hands release him, leaving him to pant it out until he’s fully under control again. I put my hand on his shoulder and give a little squeeze. “Nicely done, Dane. I like how you rode that out until it was unbearable.”

“Thank you, Master.”

“When you’re ready for my attention again, you let me know.”

I know for sure he’ll have me start back in before I otherwise would have. Dane’s standards for himself far exceed anything I’d impose on the boy—at least, for now. He catches his breath and calms his mind, and in a few minutes, he speaks.

“Master, I’m ready.”

“I’d like you to ask for it, Dane.”

He draws in a deep breath. “Master, would you touch me, please?”

“I don’t know, Dane. How badly do you want it?”

“I want it so badly, Master.” He’s so far gone right now, his voice is a needy rasp. “Would you please touch me?”

I catch the look of disappointment in his eyes as I raise the flogger to his armpits. “Yes, Dane, thank you for asking so nicely.”

Despite the fact that this drawn-out torture is making my cock ache along with Dane’s, I could stand here and tease him indefinitely. He is producing the most desperate noises for me—Such a good boy—but all good things must come to an end, or in this case, Dane’s mouth must come to my end.

I bring Dane to the brink once more with my hands, placing my lips by his ear and whispering hot, filthy fantasies in his ear while desire and restraint wage war on his swollen cock.

“Look what a good boy you are, Dane. Look in the mirror at your need. Can you hold out a little longer for me, boy?”

He bites his lip and groans.

“Wait for it, Dane. Wait until you are ready to burst!”


“Uh-oh, Dane, your balls are getting tight!”

“Nooo, Master! Help me! Help me stop!”

The magic words.

I release his shaft and give his balls a firm squeeze. Dane growls in frustration, but he’s safe again, pulled back from the ledge. His physical discomfort will pass; his emotional victory is far more powerful.

“You’ve done very, very well here, Dane.”

“Thank . . . you . . . Master.” Between shallow breaths, Dane’s pride shines through. He’s wrecked, and it’s time to shift the focus away from his aching cock. Moving on to phase two, wherein Master gets his reward.

Releasing Dane from the cross also gives his body a much-needed stretch, which I let him choreograph. I wouldn’t say it about most subs, but I will never know Dane’s body the way he does, and I don’t have the ego to think I could care better for his finely tuned instrument than he can. I’m perfectly content to watch and run the occasional palm over a too-tantalizing muscle or slide a fingertip along his ass crack when he bends over.

Dane catches my reflection undressing and swiftly finishes off his neck rolls and clasps his hands behind him. “Ready, boy?” I look over my shoulder as I peel off my pants and toss them on top of my shirt and boots.

“Yes, Master.” He sounds more like himself again.

“Are you still good and hard for me, Dane?”

I pretend not to know, but we’re both well aware I always know the exact state of his arousal.

“Yes, Master.” I play my part, glancing at his cock. Sure enough, he’s rock solid. Perfect, though it won’t do him much good.

I arrange Dane flat on his back on the fluffy rug and take a seat on his chest. Dane blinks up at my cock hovering over his chin. “Look what all this teasing has done to me, Dane.”

He grins. “Sorry, Master.”

“Why don’t I believe you?” I take my cock in hand and start a nice, slow pump.

“Maybe because you know how much I love it when you let me take care of you?”

Good answer.

“Hmm, probably.” I’m grinning back. “All that tickling and teasing has me in the mood for something special today, Dane.” Twist, tug, slide.

“What can I do for you, Master?” He swipes his tongue across his lips and eyes the prize.

“I want that tongue. Everywhere.”

I shift forward, dropping my balls onto his chin. Dane reaches for my tip with that sweet flash of pink. I let him wet my shaft first, then scoot so my ball sac sits on his lips. Fuck, it feels good when he bathes me with his hot tongue. My hips gyrate over him, and Dane laps at me like a kid with an all-day sucker. This is all good fun, but I’m ready for the main event.

Hitching my knees over his shoulders, I hold my twig and berries out of the way and squat low over Dane’s mouth. He catches on like a champ, swiping his tongue behind my sac until he reaches my hole.

“Yes! That’s it, boy.” Words will fail me shortly. I cradle Dane’s head as he probes further, slurping and making all the nasty noises that go with a great tonguing. He reaches for my ass with both hands, spreading me open for his intimate attention and taking the pressure off my thighs.

“Fuck, yes, Dane!” I’m bouncing on his face, letting myself go, fully trusting him to support me and pleasure me. My hand glides up and down my shaft while the other holds Dane close—not that he’d be going anywhere. His hungry noises feed my desire; I can feel him squirming behind me with his own growing need. His tongue forms a stiff pillar inside me, fucking me until all my brain can manage is stuffing my cock into his mouth just before exploding.

Before Dane even has the chance to swallow, I’ve clambered off him, flipped him onto his hands and knees, and gripped his cheeks.  “Same rule as earlier, Dane. Stop me when you absolutely can’t hold on any longer.”

I start out slow, filling him with wet heat, and build to the drilling he was just giving me. Dane won’t come from my mouth alone, so I alternate the tongue fucking with liberal use of the flogger, reaching between his legs to tease at his cock. At this point, the slightest touch of the suede tails has him exactly where I want him—on edge. He shudders and moans, tensing his body against the pleasure and holding off the ultimate release with admirable restraint. Again and again, I pull him from the brink when he signals that he’s losing control.

We’ve been at it for a couple hours, something I’m not sure he could have managed without the cock ring. Physical hunger probably isn’t on his radar screen at the moment, but once this burning need is satisfied, the boy is going to be positively starved. It’s time.

“Stand up and clasp your hands behind your head.”

I gently guide him off the thick rug, where the mess will be far easier to clean.

“Okay, boy, you’ve been a trooper this morning. It’s time for your reward.”

He searches my eyes for hidden meaning or trickery.

“Come on, Dane. You trust me, don’t you?”

“Yes, Master,” he answers immediately.

“Here’s what is going to happen. You are going to count down from three, and when you reach zero, you are going to let go and have a gigantic orgasm for your Master.”

“Three seconds?”

Poor kid thinks I’m challenging him. “It’s your count. Take what you need.”

He gives it some thought and sways on his feet, imagining what is about to happen after his long, torturous wait. “Ready,” he answers with a sharp nod.

“Let’s not fuck around, then.” I step around behind him and pull his hips back against mine, grinding against his ass until he groans out loud. “Watch us in the mirror, Dane. On your count.”

His response is immediate, bringing a smile to my face. “Three.”

Dane hisses as my fingertips brush his shaft, linger and tease, then slide away. His cock stands straight out, begging for more of the same.

“Two.” My hands are all over him, and Dane is transfixed on our reflection.  Hiss, gasp, whimper.

“Oh god, Master! ONEZERO!”

Just in time! I hold tightly as Dane convulses in my arms, long streams of hot spunk arcing out from between my hands. He shudders as I wring out the last drops of his orgasm, collapsing against my body in sheer exhaustion.

“You can put your arms down, sweet boy.”

He brings them to rest on top of mine, crossed over his belly. While Dane watches in the mirror, I rock us slowly and drop soft kisses on his shoulder.

Catching his reflection, I say, “That was a close call.”

He answers with a Dane-sized grin. “You weren’t kidding about not fucking around, Master.”

I laugh so hard we’re both shaking. “I rarely kid in my dungeon, Dane.”

He spins around and slides his arms around me. “Thank you for bringing me here, Master.”

“You’re welcome. You did really well. No spewing . . . well, except the good stuff.”

He pulls back, slightly horrified. “Oh shoot! I totally forgot! Sorry, I’m getting you all slimed up.”

I give him the most scolding glare I can manage under the circumstances—I’m quite sure my irritation is largely unconvincing. “Since when do I mind your spunk all over me?”

“In that case . . .” Twinkle, twinkle. He presses his groin against me and pulls my ass toward him, forging a sloppy collision of skin and cum.

I shake my head and laugh. “I give my submissive an inch and he takes—”

Dane’s smile lights up the whole room. “Miles to go before I sleep.”

Yeah, Robert Frost is rolling around with Shakespeare in his grave. I had some help with the technicalities of the cock ring from a friend who actually owns ALL the apparatus in question *wink*, and I am ever grateful. There are certain things you just cannot google.


  1. Loved the scene in the dungeon! I'm sick and don't have much energy to say anything else, but had to read about your lovely boys! dane is leaps and bounds from where he started!

    1. Sorry to hear you're not well. Leaps and bounds- LOL!

  2. I always pictured Doms to be these big, grumpy, always on point, bad asses. While Marcus is like most of that, he also enjoys himself with his Dane.I like seeing this. I know it will get more intense the more Dane learns to trust, but they are having fun getting to that point. This was a happy chapter m'dear. xoxo

    1. Funny you should mention grumpy...hold that thought for a few chappies! You make such an interesting point about how the intensity might change the way they are together. It's a good question- I'm not sure Marcus would get more "bad ass" as Dane becomes freer, but I could see a time where Marcus questioned whether he was becoming a softie (like Edward did).

  3. Loved how Master pushed his sub (omg how delicious) but you still showed that tiny bit of Marcus and Dane at the end there, which ended the chapter wonderfully. I think this is one of the many reasons why your story is so compelling to read. You show an excellent Master in Marcus, his skill, care and attention knowing no bounds, but also give us his every other facet.

    1. Thank you so much for those beautiful compliments, Lisa.

  4. GAH! really hot scene today, Mistress! ;) Loved the tension of Marcus's edging, and I'm sure Dane did as well. lol. It seemed like just the right task to put Dane up to in the dungeon today. If it was an evaluation of any kind, I think they both passed with flying colors!

    When Dane said "Help me stop!" I had all the swoons and all the feels. He said the exact right thing- he told his Master what he had to, but he asked for something from his Master with the same words. Perfect, in my opinion!

    And I love their happy, smiley stuff at the end! Too cute. Lovely transition.

  5. I love Marcus so much in this chapter, well, all chapters really but especially this one, he is so thoughtful, kind and considerate to Dane, he pushed enough for Dane to be proud of himself and successful in the Dungeon but also made Dane be responsible for the outcome, everything that has gone before for these two gave Dane the confidence he needed to ask for help to stop and to fully trust Marcus but more importantly himself. You can really feel that with these two, it isn't contrived to push the story along, it isn't rushed, it just feels honest.

    As always, I love their humour, their sleepover at M's has been so successful, sexy and scorching hot.

    Thank you Born


    1. I'm so pleased this chapter resonated for you. I love that you see the outcome is ultimately Dane's responsibility and choice. Master can lead a sub to water...

      I think they both needed to see that the dungeon and the sleepover could work. Otherwise, they would've come back here just for the collaring, and it would not have felt like "their place."

      Thanks for your kind words, as always.

  6. WOW What a scene, I can't believe this is the same submissive that at some stage could not tolerate any kind of bondage, was not turned on by fetishes or role play, was against pain and even more shockingly didn't like to be touched at all, What he and Marcus have accomplished is just amazing. Marcus has been so patient, loving, and at times gentle bringing him back from the dark. I love how he has been giving Dane back the ability to enjoy submission freely. Marcus is indeed the submissive whisperer. What is even more amazing is that Marcus found love in a guy he once thought was not his type, talk about a a change of heart :) Dane proved to be everything that was missing in Marcus's life, it's a joy to see Marcus play in his dungeon, he is a masterful Master. The changes in Dane are incredible, we knew from his list at the beginning of the story he had experience in a lot of things but enjoyed nearly none of them and in this scene he not only did he enjoyed all of his old hard limits but he was able to follow Marcus instructions and set his own pace. He was captivating and he literally stole the show, he is always his best self when he submits and in this chapter he was magnificent. I love the way you wrote the scene you made every moment feel like it was the last. I felt the build up and then the pull back along with Dane and I was really happy to see him succeed at the end. This scene to me feels like a turning point for them. I'm looking forward to Sean and Riley and anything else you have planned for these two.
    I hope you had a great weekend, I'm currently feeling utterly knackered, I've celebrating since Thursday and all I can say is, I'm glad B-Days only come along once a year.
    As always thank you so much for sharing your writing and for taking the time to reply to all the reviews.

  7. "I wouldn’t say it about most subs, but I will never know Dane’s body the way he does, and I don’t have the ego to think I could care better for his finely tuned instrument than he can." This tells me so much about the confidence Marcus has in himself. Victories for Dane and it's great that he is tossing quotes out to Marcus.

    1. I knew from the start that Dane was going to be an intellectual equal for Marcus, even if he didn't have the life experience to match Marcus's. So pleased you appreciate that about Dane!

  8. Gaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
    Now THAT was a magnificent scene for both Master and his boy!
    Sooo soooo good!

  9. ..... Clean up on aisle 72. Holy cow woman. Gah.

  10. I find it interesting that Marcus says he will never know Dane's body like Dane does. Don't most masters pride themselves on knowing their sub's bodies better than they do themselves? Is this because Dane is a dancer?

    1. Yes and yes! You're absolutely right, and that's what gives Marcus pause. For a man who would normally pride himself on this particular thing, he knows that he can't compete with the intimate knowledge Dane must have of his body. It's his instrument. :)

  11. Yesss dungeon play was as awesome as I'd imagined. Loved Marcus in his masterful splendor and Dane in his delicious sub space. Such a beautiful M/s relationship they make. sigh.

    Do they honestly see themselves without each other beyond the Dirty Thirty? I can't even bare the thought.