Tuesday, May 20, 2014


I suppose watching another human being eat is like identifying any other quirk: if you just can’t get enough of that person, it is oddly, wildly entertaining. Salad-eating Dane is a feast for my senses, and if we weren’t in the back seat of this car right now, I’d probably be tempted to interrupt his late-night dinner with a quick jump—better that I can’t act on it; the boy needs his energy.

Dane gives me that coy smile and asks, “Would you like a bite?” just before shoveling in a large helping of leaves and grains.

“Yes, but I’ll wait ‘til we get home.”

Playing along, Dane shakes his head. “It’ll be all gone by then.”

My gaze drops to his crotch. “I’m pretty sure I can find something lying around.”

Dane chuckles and pauses for a long drag on his water bottle.

“Have you made any arrangements with Sean for tomorrow night?” I ask.

“Just that they’re picking up the tickets at the box office. Why?”

“If you’re game, I thought it might be nice to go out for a bite with them after the show.”

“Like a double date?” Damn grin.

“Sure.” And now, I’m grinning too.

“That sounds nice. Mind if I text him when I finish eating?”

“Not at all.”

He returns cheerfully to his salad, digging into the grilled chicken with gusto. “Thank you for dinner. This is great.”

“I know. I had one, too—minus the added protein. Do you know there are five superfoods in there?”

He smiles and chews. Smiles and drinks. Smiles and shakes his head. I don’t even realize I’m smiling until I go to form a word. “What?”

He gives his head one last shake. “I can’t decide if I’m happier about the way you’re taking care of me or the way you’re taking care of yourself!”

My face will break if I continue smiling this hard. Fucking ridiculous.

Okay, I will give myself the rest of this car ride to sink into the oblivion of Dane’s mesmerizing eyes, but once we get to the house, Master is taking over.

I sit back against the leather seat, close my eyes, and sigh much louder than I mean to. “Finish your dinner, Dane. I need to kiss you.”

His lips are on mine before I can draw breath. His tongue carries the rich combination of all he’s been eating, but what I taste is last night’s confession. My right hand is already in his hair before conscious thought enters the arena, but I play lightly, gently sliding his soft locks between my fingers, not directing the kiss.

He releases me slowly, looking deeply into my eyes—which are now wide open—before going in for another. The whimper is mine, and so is the flutter deep in my belly.

Dane takes his time with this one, sliding his tongue along mine and pulling back, each new union a fresh declaration of his feelings. This is no “move”— his awkwardly twisted body and his hands occupied with aluminum and plastic are entirely useless—but he needs no more than the touch of his lips, the press of his tongue, and that soulful look in his eyes to communicate everything.

Passive isn’t in my vocabulary, but receiving Dane’s affection is worth every exception. He’s talking; I’m listening. Seems the boy has quite a bit to say on the topic. After gorging on me for a good, long while, he rests his forehead against mine, nuzzles our noses together, and I think maybe he’s finished.

That’s when the snowball turns downhill. Dane groans, as if giving in to some force he’s been using all his energy to resist, reaching in for one “last” mouthful of me after another. Not that I mind being devoured—in fact, it’s quite enjoyable—but Dane’s kisses are starting to take on an I-better-hold-on-tight desperation that sends my antennae through the roof of our luxury sedan.

I answer without words, gripping him firmly with the hand in his hair and cupping his cheek with the other. I close my lips over his and quell his urgency with slow, patient strokes of my tongue—the kissing equivalent to shhhhhhh. When he’s calm, I finish the job by running my thumb across his lips. There, there.

“Dane?” We’re still close enough that my breath falls on his lips.


“Eat your dinner.”

His lips curl into a smile, and mine follow quickly.

We might be ridiculous . . . but we’re also home. Thank the lord of domination, I get my balls back!

I’m not used to entering my own house through the front door, and I feel like a visitor myself. If it’s weird for me to be back here, it has to be exponentially so for Dane. The Fillmore has been our home and playground for two weeks, our whole world condensed into a relatively small space equally familiar to both of us.

Sure, I rule the hotel room and every other space we occupy together, but this is my world. Dane’s last visit here was intense—double safewords and an aftercare session ending in heavy petting. Sigh.

Everything shifts as soon as we walk through the door. Without being asked or told, Dane drops his duffel and immediately takes his submissive pose. I can hardly process that this is the same boy who was mawing on my face the whole ride here.

Certain instincts grip a man who’s arrived home after some time away—go through the stack of mail, unpack the bags and settle in, check email and voicemail, water the plants . . . Know what? To hell with all of it.

Dane has to succeed tonight. I won’t water down the experience, but I already know this won’t be a lengthy session. Just enough to take the edge off the boy so he can relax, sleep well, and enter the dungeon with confidence tomorrow.

I spin and face Dane. “Are you one hundred percent ready for my dungeon, Dane? If you’re tired or unsure, please tell me now.”

“I’m here, Master. I’m ready to serve you.”

His certainty sends a shiver down my spine. I don’t need to ask him again. With each step I take toward the dungeon, the Master in me gains strength and resolve. It helps to have the physical boundary of the dungeon door, the heavy machinery and uncompromising trappings of my dominance. By the time I have Dane naked and standing before my leather bondage table, the mushy make-out session from the car ride is tucked away in a safe place to be accessed when this scene is over.

“It feels so good to have you back in my dungeon, Dane.”

He takes a deep breath as he eyes the restraints awaiting his wrists and ankles. I cup his chin and intercept his gaze with my own. “I’m not going to hurt you, and I respect your limits.”

Dane finds what he needs. With a nod, he answers, “I know, Master.”

“When you’re ready, I want you to climb up and stretch out on your stomach.”

He draws and releases one more breath before lifting his knees gracefully onto the table. Dane’s half aroused when he sinks onto his belly, and his hips roll side to side to accommodate the heaviness between his legs as his ankles inch toward opposite edges of the table. I fine-tune his position so that his ass is aligned with the edge of the leather, served up like a maraschino cherry on top of a hot fudge sundae.


He flexes his hands and feet, testing his range of motion. I’ve narrowed the play in his bonds significantly from our previous session, but he still has enough wiggle room to feel empowered. Better to give more than he needs and allow him the victory of self-restraint rather than cause him to fight for freedom he doesn’t have.

I run a hand down his back, taking stock of his breathing—excited but not frantic. “Are you comfortable, Dane?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Good. Now, if you’ll look beyond me, you’ll see both of us in the mirror. Can you see that sexy boy chained down to my table?” I turn to look with him, pushing the hair away from his forehead so he has a clear view.

“Yes, Master.”

“If I were you, I’d keep my eyes on the hot, naked guy, but you are welcome to watch me if you like.” Letting him know I’m not leaving his sight, even though I will wander farther than I have before.

Dane’s eyes drift closed as I work my hands across his shoulders and up the base of his neck. He’s transitioned beautifully to the sturdier restraints. “That’s it, Dane. Just relax. All you have to do tonight is lie here and let me have my wicked way with you.”

His eyes open with drowsy interest, but soon he sinks again. “Very good, Dane—very, very good.”

He barely bats an eyelash when my slicked-up fingers meet his hole. He doesn’t try to predict my next move, doesn’t tense at my touch. I’m watching Dane’s eyes; he’s monitoring me in the mirror—and then he’s not. He’s bound face-down, spread-eagled, my fingers knuckle deep in his ass, and the boy has just closed his eyes.

That’s trust, folks.

I am so fucking tempted to do all kinds of tender things that would take us both out of the scene. It would be especially unfair to Dane after his perfect submission.

Stick to Plan A, Master Marcus. Short, sweet, successful.

He lets out a moan when I retract my fingers, and dark, heavily-lidded eyes follow my figure in the mirror as I wipe them on the towel, undress, and sheath myself. His plump cheeks are right where I left them, ready to be coaxed open and entered.

I roll his hips backward into my groin and spear him on my cock. This position is one of my favorites, placing my bound sub at the perfect height for a solid jackhammering. I catch Dane’s open-mouthed expression of undisguised animal pleasure in the mirror.

“You like watching your Master fuck you, boy?”

He can’t make his mouth form the words to answer, reduced to grunting each time our bodies slap together. Common decency had put a cap on our decibel levels at the hotel, but we don’t need the restrictions in this concrete room.

“Louder, Dane! Nobody can hear us down here.”

I tighten my grip on his hips, tug him harder, faster, deeper. “Ungh! Ungh! Ungh!” With each of my strokes, he gets louder and less inhibited, and pretty soon my game of let’s-make-Dane-scream turns into holy-shit-I-am-about-to-come!





Fuck it!

Grasping his perfect, fuckable ass cheeks with all my might, I yank and hold him against my balls while they release their load inside his hot body. Breathless and satiated, I bend over his back and drop a kiss between his shoulder blades. 


His soft voice rouses me from my bliss, and I turn my head to face his reflection, my cheek resting lightly on his back. “What is it, Dane? Are you uncomfortable?”

My hand is already reaching for his ankle restraint.

“No, Master.” His tone holds no urgency. “Just . . . thank you for using my body for your pleasure.” 

“You’re welcome.” Sweet, perfect boy. “Now, it’s your turn.”

Dane’s mouth forms a weary smile. “I get to use your body for my pleasure?”

I chuckle into his back, shaking us both. “No, cheeky boy. You get to use yours. Trust me, you’re getting the better end of this bargain!”

I watch as Dane’s gaze drifts down my body. “You said ‘end,’” he says with a giggle.

“I think someone spiked your quinoa,” I tease, reaching for his cuff in earnest this time. “Seriously, I am going to have words with that salad boy at Smiler’s.” Releasing all four of his limbs, I rub out the muscles before ordering him onto his back.

He slaps the leather with a lazy flop, blinking up at me from the table and awaiting further instruction. “Let’s do this . . .” I fold his left arm behind his head, mostly for the way it raises his shoulders and hollows out his belly, but also because I simply love having his impressive body completely at my disposal.

Stepping between his legs hanging off the front of the table, I press Dane’s knees out to the sides. His erection twitches as I run my palms up the inside of his thighs. “Okay, Dane. From here up,” I say, ringing my fingers around the base of his cock, “is all yours. The rest is mine. Just for fun, let’s sprinkle in a bit of stardust, shall we?” With that, I squeeze out a generous drizzle of lube along his length and into the crack below. “Have at it, boy.”

A soft “nnnn” escapes him as palm covers shaft. I circle my thumbs toward the crease where thighs meet trunk, teasing Dane a bit before stroking his balls.

“I wish you could see this in the mirror, boy.”  

A loud groan tells me I’ve hit pay dirt. My boy does love an audience.

“Hmm, I think we’ll make some home movies next time.”

There’s a definite speeding up of his hand in response. Tonight is not about the drawing out; no, Dane’s due for a rough, quick pop like his Master just enjoyed.

“Spread those legs more for me, boy. Mmm, Master knows how you love to show off.” My fingers slide inside him as the other hand massages his balls. His fist is tight and well lubed, and he’s thrusting and rocking his hips along the table. Not-entirely-corralled curse words fly out of his mouth on puffs of frustration.

“Sweet Jesus, I am looking at the perfect picture for the playbill. Can you imagine it, boy? Three hands playing at once, pounding, caressing, pumping . . . your audience is going to be so jealous of all this attention on one cock!”

Moans, whimpers, f-bombs . . . music to my ears.

“What a dirty little exhibitionist you are, Dane!”

He lowers his chin and levels me with a horny glare.

“Come on, boy! Turn up the orchestra!”

I massage the gland deep inside him, and he responds with a low, loud, long, immensely gratifying groan.

“Good boy! Now give us the cum shot!”

He’s an out-of-control eighteen-wheeler rolling downhill without brakes. His ass bounces all over the table with the flex and pop of his thighs. With an almost angry, “Nnnnggggghhh!” he spasms and shoots his creamy load all over his heaving chest.

Dragging my thumbs along his sides, I step around the table so I can connect with him and bring him down safely. Dane grins up at me, flushed and panting and gorgeously wrecked. I reach in for a quick, playful kiss. “Annnd that’s a wrap!”

Which suited your fancy more- the car ride or dungeon scene? Does anyone happen to remember Edward's friend Abdul from Smiler's? The kid who thought creamed spinach counted as a vegetable? Looks like he's in TROUBLE! *wink* XXX


  1. love the uncontrollable smiling in the car on the way home "home" and Marcus having to remind himself, ok i can goof off here and now, but "once we get to the house, Master is taking over."

    Dane is adorable in his swooning over Marcus taking fantastic care of both of them!

    My heart twinged a little bit when Dane's kiss went down the 'desperation' route. poor thing. BUT the way you wrote M's response to D's urgent kissing, omg i can't even! "I answer without words, gripping him firmly with the hand in his hair and cupping his cheek with the other. I close my lips over his and quell his urgency with slow, patient strokes of my tongue—the kissing equivalent to shhhhhhh. When he’s calm, I finish the job by running my thumb across his lips. There, there." gah, I'm kinda flailing over this paragraph. :) Using his kisses to portray the normal conversational things you would do to calm someone down... so simple, but so visual and so beautiful!

    "I am so fucking tempted to do all kinds of tender things that would take us both out of the scene. It would be especially unfair to Dane after his perfect submission." This one is a little harder for me to grasp- I think I get it on an intellectual level, Dane has a lot riding on this in his mind and he needs to know that he is succeeding at what is demanded of him. But the tender side of me is thinking 'M can't just kiss his neck real quick?!?" I think I do get it, but it takes a little more thought for me to digest.. *shrug* lol. its all good, i just chalk it up to the fabulous way the mind of a Dom works.! :)

    "thank you for using my body for your pleasure.” good god, Dane is such a beautiful sub! lol. no prompting, no coaxing, just his genuine, sincere appreciation to his Master... *happy sighs*

    mmm.. love how M turned up the dirty talk there at the end- he could HEAR Dane's approval the more he said, and it was so hot. M has discovered a lot of things that push Dane's buttons, but the dirty talk (esp the exhibitionist talk) seems particularly potent! :)

    1. Digi, aww, you're so so sweet. I don't think there's anything "wrong" with your approach/instinct to have Marcus give him a kiss on the neck, I just felt that in this moment, in the same way that Marcus is striving to leave his mushy car kisses outside of the scene, he should grant Dane the same respect. You know I don't find anything wrong with the tenderness Marcus repeatedly shows Dane in the dungeon, but he had decided on a certain tone ahead of time, something a little bit "wicked" and once Dane had prepared himself mentally- and physically- for that, it would almost seem like babying to take him to that other place. That's where Marcus's thoughts are. Could have easily gone any number of other directions. You see after that how much Dane wanted to be "used for his Master's pleasure" which somewhat proves the point that what he needed wasn't the mush. Yes, Dane does seem to bit of a dirty exhibitionist, now, doesn't he? *wink*

  2. Oh yes, Marcus really has figured out the thing that makes Dane go wild. Wonder what he is going to do about it in the long run lol. Feeding him healthy foods, kissing him to ease his pain, giving him what he needs, and showing him it is okay to need and want more. Dane is a lucky lucky sub...now.

  3. Favorite part? Do I have to have one? I liked both but for wholly different reasons. The car ride was sweet, a little desperate, and just Marcus and Dane being who they are. The house was....well, hot. It was dirty, quick, and well deserved. I think M talking dirty is one of my favorite things, just saying.

    I'm so looking forward to Marcus becoming more comfortable with where he and Dane are and how he feels about it. I get this nagging feeling that he'll be talking to Edward about things sometime in the future. I mean, who better to help him understand the balance than E? Dane's show of tender desperation in the car speaks quite loudly for him, I think. He's just waiting for Master to catch up;)

    Favorite line... I close my lips over his and quell his urgency with slow, patient strokes of my tongue—the kissing equivalent to shhhhhhh. When he’s calm, I finish the job by running my thumb across his lips. There, there. ...Loved this bit. It's written in a way that makes a kiss on paper nearly tangible. I love these two...and you;)


    1. Interesting prediction - Marcus talking to E about his feelings. I suppose those two could and should have a really lovely heart to heart, but this is nowhere near the insecure questioning Marcus would have been doing prior to his visit to Eleazar. I think he's sorted out much of his conflict and is now basically giving his heart permission to feel what it wants. Maybe he'd talk to E but it would be more after the fact than questioning.

      VERY interesting comment about Dane waiting for Master to catch up. I LOVE that you picked up on this- Dane is, in many ways, even more emotionally intelligent than Marcus, and also a bit more in touch with his feelings. Despite all he's been through, he doesn't seem to have as much of a wall around his heart as Marcus- for whatever reasons Marcus has.

      Thanks for the compliments about that kiss. You know I love kisses. :)

  4. I loved both parts, Born. I have come to expect the teasing, smiling, comfortable relationship they have and even Dane's desperation and Marcus' soothing is so them, word weren't necessary then.

    The 180 turn and then Master Marcus ensuring that Dane is comfortable and remembers he is safe, definitely a time for Marcus' words and how right he was to keep it short and successful. I always love the tenderness but I think I understand Marcus' thinking and Dane was very happy to be used in that moment, I also feel that tenderness is never far away from these two.

    Now, does Marcus have Dane sleep in his bed or is it the subs room? When ever I have read BDSM stories that is a part I struggle with, I would feel alone and lonely and probably not sleep well, so I shall wait to see what happens.

    As always Born, you give me lots to think on....

    Thank you


    1. You asked just the right question, Jarvis. Oh how I love your curiosity!

  5. oh i loved reading the two sides of Marcus in this chapter - the tender loving boyfriend to his Dane in the car, then hello Master! Having both, along with the love they share, must add dimension to any partnership. It's so interesting that Marcus is Master in so many ways, but there are a lot of times where Dane is the one who takes the lead. :)

  6. I loved all parts of this chapter equally. You constantly keep me on the line with these two amazing men. At times I am one hundred percent sure my favorite character is Dane and I long for the day you announce that a deal has been struck to market the real size, anatomically correct, hypoallergenic, Dane plush toys. The more he resurfaces form the dark and the more confident he becomes, he shows new layers of himself to us. He is always so honest and enthusiastic about everything Marcus shares with him, even at his weakest and saddest times he was always so open and willing to trust. It is amazing to see him expressing himself like he did and being able to submit completely and joyfully to his Master. He is so sexy and fluid in this scene, I said it before but it begs to be repeated again, he comes alive under Marcus's touch and he is at his best when he submits to such worthy Master. And so after all I guess Dane is my favori... Wait, but I love Marcus too. I love his inner monologue and discipline. He is such a complex and captivating character, he is always so willing to put his submissive's needs ahead of his own and looks after Dane in such a loving way. I love the many sides of Marcus and how he lets all of those sides show when it comes to Dane, like he did in this chapter. So I love both the ride and the dungeon, since both show different sides of them.
    My favorite line was: “I can’t decide if I’m happier about the way you’re taking care of me or the way you’re taking care of yourself!” It is very relevant to both the car ride and the dungeon. So beautiful to see them both looking after themselves and each other. As for the sex... I love it when Marcus uses his words to elicit such delicious responses from Dane. He has a wicked tongue in more ways than one. Looking forward to see how the dynamic of them as a couple settles now that they are back on Marcus's home and also to Dane and Reily making an appearance.
    As always thank you so much for sharing your writing with us and for taking the time to reply to all the reviews.

    1. Aren't we lucky...nobody has to choose just one! :) I suppose what I most love writing about this story is that both of my characters are matched with someone worthy of their love, trust, and respect. That feels really good. :)

      That dirty talk makes me feel Sooooooooo dirty to write, but happy it elicits the response from the readers. I suppose that makes it all worth it! MWAH! Thank you for always looking so deeply into the story and always thinking ahead and wondering what's next.

  7. oh hell yes it was good to see them back in the dungeon again! i remember when Marcus first too dane there. dane couldn't stand to get himself off and look at him now! glorious! wish i could watch...to answer your question...mush is nice but I prefer the dungeon.

  8. I was listening to my husband talk and then rant about remastering of albums. He was going on about who should remaster. The artists themselves or more of a digital expert. I was of course placing everything in context to this story. The definition of remastering is to enhance the quality without fundamentally changing the original. Not getting into that argument, but was thinking of both Dane and Marcus as the digital expert.

    They are cleaning up the scratches left from themselves and others, some on purpose, some just from use, carelessness, or time. Their care of each other translates into better care of themselves. These two almost absorb part of the other. Marcus is more playful, Dane more confident. Both are more. I was expecting huge changes in Danes character, but even with the title, am surprised how much Marcus has opened up. He's still The Master, but while I always saw him with a wicked sense of humor I never expected to see him so often playful. He is just so much lighter.

    "Passive isn’t in my vocabulary, but receiving Dane’s affection is worth every exception. He’s talking; I’m listening" Listening well is the least passive thing a person can do.

    Which do I prefer? For me a great read is about the characters. How what they go through changes them, alters their perspectives and emotions and how honest it feels. Both scenes did just that. Your write such great characters. Even the poor kid at Smiler's.

    1. Feel free to launch into a fundamental argument. When Chayasara suggested this title to me, we had a lengthy debate about the meaning of remastering, and whether the analogy played out. I'd love to entertain the topic with you!

      AHHHH! I LOVE the idea of "absorbing each other"- that is really beautiful. It implies something beyond "change" but actually taking part of the other person inside. How lovely! I love that you see Marcus as lighter. I guess if you asked me his biggest change, I'd have to say it's allowing himself to love without hiding behind the wall of the M/s relationship as an excuse to hold back.

      You make a wonderful point about listening. Maybe Marcus doesn't know everything! ;) Bahahaha you have feelings for Abdul! Thank you for the lovely insightful review. You made me think TOO!

  9. So. Being back in the dungeon seems to have worked out well for both of them. Love seeing Dane's confidence build. Love seeing Marcus so happy.

    1. Awww, yeah. Happy them, happy you, happy me.
      It works!

  10. I loved both parts equally? But for different reasons. I adored the sweet boyfriend time in the care. The kisses and comforting. And then te HOOOOOT dungeon time! Wheew! The way Dane trusts Marcus is beyond amazing. I could see that he was in a complete comfort zone and enjoyed every minute of his masters pleasure. And daaaamn Marcus and his dirty talk! *fans self* Dane is in for some gooood times ahead.

    Their love is growing and showing in all aspects of their relationships!


    1. Yeah, I find trust so damn sexy! Thanks for agreeing! ;) It's true that their love is just oozing out everywhere now. You can't put the toothpaste back in the tube!

  11. Abdul! I didn't even connect the dots there. You sneaky little pumpkin. I like the visual of Dane as an 18 wheeler barreling down the hill. There's no stopping him now!

    1. I like to imagine Marcus and Dane inhabiting those same NYC streets as Edward and Bella. I'd be surprised if they didn't bump into each other one day on the street!

  12. “I can’t decide if I’m happier about the way you’re taking care of me or the way you’re taking care of yourself!”

    Oh how I love when Dane let's Marcus know how important it is to him that he take care of himself. Love it.

    This chapter was the ultimate dose of sweet and heavy. And still not as heavy bc this is only a warm up to the real dungeon deal.

    Ugh that kissing session in the car... swooooon! And then this...

    ~I answer without words, gripping him firmly with the hand in his hair and cupping his cheek with the other. I close my lips over his and quell his urgency with slow, patient strokes of my tongue—the kissing equivalent to shhhhhhh. When he’s calm, I finish the job by running my thumb across his lips. There, there.~

    I love how they are so attuned to each other that even without words they can tell each other... "Here I am. I love you. I am yours. I want to be everything for you." And Marcus allowing himself to respond in kind... Guh. I love that he shows Dane that putting himself out there is encouraged and that he will always meet him halfway.

    So a little emo play in the car makes for excellent preamble to the dungeon scene back at the house. Love that Marc constantly reminds Dane of how proud he is of him and that he knows and respects his limits. That is very important and I'll never stop stressing it.

    Then the whole scene was just guhhhh. So heated and steamy, with everything they both needed. And then the winner for me this chapter?

    “Just . . . thank you for using my body for your pleasure.” OMG I COULD WEEPING! It's very important that Dane voice his feelings like this just as much as Marcus reminding him how proud he is. Two way street remember? I love hearing Dane say these words as well.

    Ah boy. From classroom to on stage. I completely adore their exhibitionist scenes. And the way Marcus pushes it. His commands and quirks. His bedroom jargon that fits each scene so damn well. I mean... "Turn up the orchestra," ... "Give us the cum shot," ..." Aaaaaand, that's a wrap!" UNF... boy does he know how to amp up the scene. It all makes for a good setting. And I'm sure Dane was probably so gone he had applause ringing in his ear and a standing ovation in his head. Ngl, they can both take a bow in my opinion. What a performance, indeed!

    Ps... I'm gonna need a playbill with that picture. Unffff

    1. Yeah, I really just put myself in Dane's shoes and asked myself, "What would make me the absolute happiest?" and there he says it all. :) Glad it rang true for you too. You are totally cracking me up with your theatrical drama. Though i suppose I started it! What can I say, we're all a buncha hams! MWAH!