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Giving my hand a tug, he pulls me off the dance floor, which is both a tremendous relief and, oddly, somewhat of a letdown. My head is spinning, and I have no idea what I want anymore, not that it seems to matter with Dane at the wheel. The driving beat of the techno music follows us to the coatroom and down a back hallway. Through my hazy, gin-and-Dane-induced blur, I see him waving to someone on the way to our destination. Whatever animal species is beating away in my chest becomes more insistent, until finally, Dane opens one of the doors.

Blessed relief as the soundproof door closes behind us, completely obliterating the thunderous din of the club. I look around, but there’s not much to see: red carpeting, a single armless chair covered in a plush towel, and hallelujah and the Virgin Mary, a floor-to-ceiling brass pole.

And best of all, Dane, with the brightest smile I’ve seen on him yet.

“So, here’s the idea.” He leads me over to the chair. “You make yourself comfortable, and . . .” He gestures to the pole. “Yeah, I’ll be right over here.”

“Oh, thank God,” I say, sinking into the chair. “I was afraid you were gonna make me do the pole dancing.”

Dane chuffs, all blushy and adorable. He straddles my legs and leans in to kiss me. “Let’s try it my way first.” His lips close over mine, and I have a beautiful preview of just what this private lap dance might be like. “You ready, Master?”

“Oh, I seriously doubt it.”

He gives me one more kiss before backing away. “Don’t forget I’m CPR-certified.”

“That might come in handy.” I try to relax into the chair.

“I need to set up a couple things. Can I ask you to close your eyes, please? I promise, it’s just for a couple minutes.”

“Sure, Dane.” My eyes are closed, but my ears are tuned into every little noise: rustling I can only imagine is clothing removal, quick steps across the room and back, the click of music turning on—something familiar.

“Okay, Master. You can open.”

Holy shit! How did he do that so quickly? And where did he get that suit? It’s been rolled up in that backpack all day? I don’t have a clue how he pulled it off, but in front of me stands Dane in a black suit with a crisp white shirt and black tie and shiny black shoes. His foot starts tapping, his whole body melting into the song. I die a little when he starts dancing and mouthing the words.

I’m bringing sexy back
Them other boys don’t know how to act
I think you're special, what's behind your back?
So turn around and I'll pick up the slack.

Take 'em to the bridge

He spins and dips and teases, loosening then tightening the tie before pulling it off entirely and draping it around my shoulders. He bounces his ass in my lap a few times, making me groan and reach for him, an impulse I apparently am not allowed to act upon, as he communicates by hitching both my arms behind the chair back. Oh, Dane, you really do love to tease!

And there goes his shirt. Mother, have mercy!

Dane stands front and center, giving me an eyeful of that beautiful torso I adore so. Fucking hell, I’m rhyming? I blame Edward. Dane winks as the next verse begins, and he lip syncs:

Dirty babe
You see these shackles
Baby I’m your slave
I’ll let you whip me if I misbehave
It’s just that no one makes me feel this way

He spins around on “let you whip me,” juts his ass straight out at me, and gives himself a couple of loud spanks—all delivered, naturally, with that naughty smile he’s perfected.

Go ahead, be gone with it
Drinks on me
Go ahead, be gone with it
Let me see what you’re twerking with
Go ahead, be gone with it
Look at those hips

The chorus involves a slow, painful opening of pants—which I can only see from the back, of course—and what the hell is this strange strap around one cheek only? I’ve never seen anything like it, but the fact that it’s gold certainly intrigues. My fingers ache to explore this mysterious undergarment, and Dane tortures me further by twerking in my lap with his pants dropped just below his ass, bringing about a fresh agony.

He turns his head to check on me when I growl. Good, maybe I scared him! I think, but Dane proceeds to grin, nod over his shoulder, and step away. His pants glide down his thighs and calves to “Come let me make up for the things you lack ‘cause you're burning up I gotta get it fast,” and all that’s left is one gold strap.

When Dane spins to face me, I sit bolt upright in the chair and nearly forget the rules of engagement. No fair! It’s a fucking gold thong, slung around his left hip, all the juicy bits dangling in a very full pouch just out of my reach. He sees me going nuts, and what does he do? Starts swaying the fucking thing around, teasing the everloving fuck out of me. I am hot and hard and starting to lose my shit a little bit, and that’s when things get a whole lot worse.

Dane reaches back and grabs the pole without turning his gaze from me, and next thing I know, his legs are wrapped around this giant penis substitute and he’s spinning and climbing and twisting and thrusting and I couldn’t even describe what else is going on. He’s upside-down, inside-out, artistic and obscene all at once. Equally gifted humping the thing with his front as his back, he and that pole are having a good old time. I am fucking jealous and starting to feel a wee bit rage-y.

I suppose I have Justin Timberlake to thank; when he starts in on the next verse, Dane climbs from the pole to my lap, straddling my legs and rubbing that enticing gold package between my thighs. Now that he’s up close and personal, I can see I’m with Onstage Dane, professional and cool. There’s something about this unknowable dancer that thrills me on top of everything else. This Dane is designed to tease, not to submit.

Heat radiates off his body; it glows with a fine sheen of sweat. “I’m bringing sexy back,” he sings, raising his eyebrows and grinning as he pushes my shirt up over my belly. The stripper is now stripping me, lifting my top over my head and settling it behind my neck and trapping my arms further.

“You mother fuckers watch how I attack.” With this, he grabs at my pants and tugs them and my briefs under my ass, settling them at my ankles. “Get’cha sexy on . . . get’cha sexy on . . .”

Dane smiles as my erection bounces in my lap, thwacking against my stomach. I am so fucking hard for this boy right now. He links his hands behind my neck and slinks his body down my chest, barely brushing his sweet g-string along my cock as he settles onto my thighs and reaches below the chair.

He laughs at my surprised response as he produces a condom and a tube of lube, and I want to thank him, but I’m afraid it will prolong his teasing. Just keep playing it cool, Marcus.

Dane sets his mouth to work on one nipple while he rolls the condom down my shaft. I’m shaking with need from head to toe. He kisses a sweet trail up my neck, along my jaw, and finally reaches my mouth. My tongue latches on and doesn’t want to let go. He pulls away, cupping my cheek with his hand.

“Don’t worry, Master. I’m going to take the best care of you.”

I bite my lip to hold in the tidal wave of feelings. Dane drizzles a generous dollop of lube on the tip of the condom and steps off my lap. He spins so his ass is facing me, slips one finger in the strap, and releases his thong. What follows is madness: Dane bouncing to the music, bent forward with his cheeks spread wide open, fingers pumping in and out, stretching and lubing and making it nearly impossible for me to remain in this fucking chair.

After that show, he has the nerve to peek over one shoulder, clench and unclench that perfect ass, and ask me if I’m ready for him to blow out my candle.

“Hell yesss!”

Stepping to my side, he pouts. “Aww, don’t be like that, birthday boy.”

Master would like to tell Dane that if he doesn’t get his ass around my cock in the next five seconds, there will be hell to pay later. Unfortunately, Master is off duty tonight, so here I sit in the damn chair at Dane’s mercy and try not to have that stroke I’ve threatened so many times.

Dane climbs on my lap again, hot and slicked up, rolling his hard length against mine. The simple contact after all the teasing is enough to make my eyes roll back in my head, but when he grabs me at the base, settles himself in position, and takes me inside, I finally let out the loud groan I’ve been keeping to myself.

“Feel good, Master?”


He clasps his hands together at the back of my head. My eyes are glued to his ridiculously sexy expression—that half-open mouth, half-closed eyes, half-cocked smile—everything is half but the whole length of me slipping inside him. He lifts and twists his way down, grinding on my poor cock as if it’s the brass pole he just humped.

“Jesus, Dane!” Up and down and all around. Is he really that tight, or is he doing something devilish with those muscles of his? Can’t . . . process . . .


“Yessss good!”

His thighs must be made of steel; there’s no other explanation for how he’s accomplishing this feat!

“Dane, I need to hold you!”

“Have at it, Master!” He grins.

Sure, he’s won again, but at the end of the day, holding Dane’s finely-tuned engine in my hand while it pumps my cock is . . . well, a pretty damn fine way to end any day.

You are one lucky mother-fucking birthday boy. 

I slip one hand around his shaft, and he smiles at me. “Mmm, thank you, Master.”

“You’ve got some catching up to do.” His eyes pop with surprise as I give him a good, hard jerk. Soon, I’ve got him writhing in the front as well as the back, and I can honestly say we’re even.

Dane throws his head back and grinds on me for all he’s worth, working every inch of my cock.

“Nnnn, feels so good, Dane!”

Dane’s rhythm slows. Pump, pump, pump. He tips his head down, looks right into my eyes, and lets go. The hot stream on my belly sets me off, and I explode inside him.

I open my eyes in a dreamy fog, my hand still stroking Dane with slow, easy pulls. With the music ended and the loud sounds of our fucking subsiding, the room falls to a dead calm. Dane leans forward, moves his hands to my cheeks, and presses his lips over mine, kissing me long and hard and slow. When he’s finished, he pulls back and smiles. “Happy birthday, Master.”

“Thank you for that most amazing gift, Dane, for this whole amazing day.”

“The pleasure is all mine.”

I chuckle, and the low rumble shakes us both. “I think the evidence would indicate otherwise.”

“Master?” His voice is a whisper, and his smile has flattened into a straight, serious line.

“What is it, Dane?”

“I need to say something.”

There’s no twinkle, no grin, no mischief. Have I hurt him? Disappointed him? I try to quell the voices of doubt that scream in my head while I wait for Dane to spit out what’s bothering him. It isn’t easy this time, not in this vulnerable position I’m in.

“Okay.” I’ll wait for you.

“I hope it’s okay if I say this.” Careful, watchful eyes.

“Dane?” Fuck, you’re scaring me, kid.

“I love you.”


Oh, fucking hell. Did he just . . . and I just . . .?

Dane rolls his eyes and blushes. “Do you know how hard it was for me to say that the first time?”

“I’m sorry. I wasn’t expecting that. I’m an idiot.”

King of awkward moments. One dick in hand, the other in ass.

His forehead drops to my shoulder. “Oh my god,” he mumbles into my skin. “This is horrible.”

“No, Dane.” Both my hands find his hair, and I pull him back to my lips for a gentle kiss. When I finally let him up, I see tears glistening in his eyes. “It’s the most wonderful thing ever. I love you, too.”

We uncouple slowly, with lingering touches and tender kisses and true reluctance to separate physically from each other. Dane cleans me off with the towel I’ve been sitting on, and I want to ask if that was a special touch or if it’s always provided—but I’m not sure I really want to know what all has gone on in this room before today, especially if Dane and that thong were involved. What came before hardly matters, I remind myself. We are where we are, and that’s what counts.

Dane looks up as I’m zipping my jeans. “Would you like some help with that, Master?”

“Gee, thanks, but I think not,” I answer with a smirk. “One day, I’ll let you try again—after the memory has faded.”

“Pfft, looks like everything is still in working order.”

“Apparently. Say, where did you get that suit, anyway?”

“It’s a costume. I stopped off at home after I met Sean.”

“It’s nice. You look good in a tie.”


“And that gold thong?”

“What about it?”

“Why have you been hiding it from me?”

Dane’s rich laughter rings out in the quiet room. “It’s more decorative than functional, if you know what I mean.”

“Gotcha. We’ll confine that to special occasions then. By the way, when’s your birthday, Dane?”

“Not until August.”

“Oh. I don’t think I can wait that long.”

“There’s always Valentine’s Day.”

“Mmhmm, and Thong Day anytime Master so declares it.”

“There is that.”

I put my arm around the boy’s shoulders and draw him into my side. “Are we going home now, Dane, or is there some other mayhem you have planned for me?”

“Nope, I pretty much shot my wad right here.”

I kiss the side of his head. “Didn’t we both? God, you are spectacular, you know that?”

“I’m so glad you enjoyed everything.”

Walking down the hallway arm in arm, we wave and thank everyone on the way. We collect our coats, and Dane lets me hail the taxi, setting things right in the universe again.

“So, I don’t know if you caught the theme of the day?” he asks.

“Would that be ‘let’s see if we can kill the birthday boy’?"

“Quite the opposite,” he chuffs. “Everything was meant to make you feel younger.”

Wow. I see it now: the zoo, the museum, watching him dance. Dane’s thoughtfulness blows me away. “Dane, I feel younger and healthier than I have in years. And this is easily the best birthday I have ever had.”

The twinkle makes an appearance. Uh-oh. “What, Dane?”

“I was just thinking maybe I could get you to go dancing with me again. You were pretty awesome out there.”

I give him a good, hard scowl, one of my very best. He fucking laughs.

“I shouldn’t admit this to you, Dane, but I’d probably do just about anything to hear you laugh like that.”

He scoots closer and pulls my hand into his lap. I’m done with words for the night. My heart is filled to overflowing. In fact, right now, I’d be perfectly content if we didn’t share another word between us for the rest of the night, but as Dane reminds me once we’re tucked in tight, it’s his turn to read a poem.

“Master, while I’m being extremely bossy today, might I make one final request?”

“I don’t see why not.”

“Can we lie together . . . this way?” He presses his back to my chest and stretches the length of his body along mine. It would be tough to protest the embrace, especially when he pulls my arm around his belly.

The Hug,” he reads, “by Thom Gunn.

“It was your birthday, we had drunk and dined
    Half of the night with our old friend
        Who'd showed us in the end
    To a bed I reached in one drunk stride.
        Already I lay snug,
And drowsy with the wine dozed on one side.

I dozed, I slept. My sleep broke on a hug,
        Suddenly, from behind,
In which the full lengths of our bodies pressed:
        Your instep to my heel,
    My shoulder-blades against your chest.
    It was not sex, but I could feel
    The whole strength of your body set,
           Or braced, to mine,
        And locking me to you
    As if we were still twenty-two
    When our grand passion had not yet
        Become familial.
    My quick sleep had deleted all
    Of intervening time and place.
        I only knew
The stay of your secure firm dry embrace.”

“Thank you, Dane. That was a perfect choice.” I drop one last kiss on his shoulder blade before sweet sleep takes us.

I think these two are going to sleep very, very well tonight. XX


  1. You are amazing. How can you make me horny as hell one moment, wanting to wake my husband to jump him, make my heart awwww at their declaration, and then make tears form in my eyes with the ending.... you my dear are magnificent.

    1. Awww, THANK YOU for this beautiful compliment.
      So great to know you're emoting all over the place.
      Thank you for letting me know, Tiffany! :D

  2. I'm waffling between doing a touch down dance and just sitting here "awwwww-ing". You know what I'm talking about. THEY SAID IT! THEY SAID I LOVE YOU AND IT WAS SO PERFECTLY THEM!!!!! And you were worried it would be a let down. I'm not sure anything could be a let down after that lap dance. Dane's one mighty fine and talented dancer! Poor Marcus. I really did think for a moment he might lose his shit and just grab the boy. BTW, the gold half thong thing? Yeah, I saw LOTS of those the other day when I was searching for scantily clad men for you. They were......interesting. I understand why Dane would only bring it out for special occasions!

    Now, onto the meat of the chapter. The raw, primal, sex-soaked feel of most of this chapter was delicious. Dane, in his element on stage, is a sight to imagine. I love his sub side. All the control, vulnerability, and poise he has in submitting is sexy and touching, but Dane dancing is....this is going to be cheesy, but it's a little magical. You get sucked in. That rarely happens to me when I'm reading lyrics between action in a story but I did this time. In my mind's eye I could see them both. That's pretty awesome, if you ask me.

    Favorite line... I look around, but there’s not much to see: red carpeting, a single armless chair covered in a plush towel, and hallelujah and the Virgin Mary, a floor-to-ceiling brass pole. ...I really wanted to pick a more serious moment but...I...I just couldn't pass this up! I can see the pole back lit and hear the little choir of pervy angels singing as he sees it. *Sigh* These two kill me in the best way.


    1. I don't know how to thank you for your beautiful compliments.
      OMG the choir of pervy angels!! That goes in the review Hall of Fame!
      Thank you, V.

  3. GAH!

    I really, really want to give an intelligent review here, but there's just no way I can sound smart with my brain all turned to mush over here!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the 'I love you's, it was perfect and quiet and gentle after a day of epic-ness. *happy sigh*

    I can't imagine the beauty of a lap dance from Dane. I mean not only does he have this kind of experience, he has classical training too. Grace and sex, all rolled into one.

    The poem was perfect too. I (along with a lot of others, I think) want my own Dane.

    These boys are so perfect for each other, they're killing me. In that super awesome, swoony kind of way! ;)

    1. Mmm yes, grace + sex = Dane. The new math.

      I'm so happy you mushed out over this chapter, Digi.
      Thanks for your sweet, sweet words.

  4. WOW You really blew my mid with this chapter, I was right there with Marcus on the heart attack front for a while. The dancing was *Ahem* inspiring. Dane so confident and Marcus so willing to in a way submit, I really don't know which of the two made it more erotic. Hard to believe that this man who so willingly and seductively made love to his partner is the same boy that once could not bare to be touched. It was so adorable to hear Dane say that the theme of the day was youth, and so well achieved, Marcus was so willing to go along and enjoy every experience. I love the poem. Where did you find it? It was the perfect choice, it was as if it had been written specially for them. For me spooning is always the best way to fall asleep and end any day. Now unto the most exciting part of the chapter, the "I love you" Let me tell you really took me by surprise it came in the last place I would have pictured it and not from whom I expected. I don't know how I had gotten in my head that Marcus would be the one to say it first, but now that Dane did, I can no longer picture it any other way. Dane saying those amazing words makes them more meaningful. He didn't say them to reciprocate or to agree, so there would be no doubting what is behind them other than the desire to express how he feels. I had said before that Dane shines bright like a star and that he comes alive under Marcus's presence, which was so apparent while he was dancing for him. But then he confessed his love and it was so soft, vulnerable, and sweetly awkward, which is also so Dane.
    As always thank you so much for creating these two amazing character, for writing and sharing their amazing story, and for taking the time to reply so kindly to all the reviews.
    I say these words at the end of every chapter, but I say them for the same two reasons Dane said his words… They are true and have been well earned.

    1. I love your thoughts on who would say the first ILY. If you look back at the major declarations in the story, you'll see it's always Dane. He gets his courage from Marcus, but he owns it. I've known for a while this would be how the real ILY's were stated, and I'm so pleased you were moved the way you were.
      Your review is just lovely and I hope you know how much your words and insights into the story mean to me. Thank you for each one.

  5. Oh Born, how pleased and grateful I am that you posted today, I've had a sh*t day, let me get this out there quick and move on, my car has been stolen, probably never to be seen again and then I come home to this loveliest of all lovely chapters and I have tears.

    I agree with Gina above, I also thought Marcus would be the one to say ILY first but it was so good that it was Dane because now Marcus need not question that it has anything to do with Dane's need to please and be the perfect sub for his Master. It was perfect and I love the song choice(I will always picture this chapter when I hear it) and loving the theme of the day.

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    1. OH NO, JARVIS! That's HORRIBLE! I'm so pleased I could take away some of your aggravation. I totally agree with Gigi's (and your) conclusion about why Dane had to be first. Marcus never would've risked going first for all the reasons you mentioned.

      I really love that you pondered if others would see a change in Marcus. I guess one clue is how his sister responded when Dane mentioned he had a surprise for Marcus! But as for friends and others, it's a beautiful question and one I intend to consider carefully as I write the last chapters.

      Oh NOOOO! Who could ever sleep alone again? YIKES!

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    1. I think I need to hear about your visit to a strip club!
      I'm with you on the fact that Dane can be honest without worrying. He was telling Marcus something from his heart, a gift not to be reciprocated, but how lovely that it was. :)
      Thank you for your beautiful words.

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      Enjoy your vacay!

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    1. <3
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      It's a beautiful compliment.

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    1. I was SO pleased when I found that song...which by the way, was well after I'd already written the entire chapter and moved on. I went back and revised. In fact, you probalby have the old version in your inbox somewhere, to be quite honest! D'awwww, yeah. Love- the next frontier for Marcus. I totally agree with Dane's bravery. He has tremendous courage in giving and giving and opening up his inner soul so thoroughly. Gotta love that boy.


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    1. Yes you did. Hey maybe I should consult you BEFORE I write next time! Hahaha so a JT fan, eh? Yeah, sigh...turning the tables is fun...sometimes. :)

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