Saturday, May 10, 2014


Tall, dark, and handsome finishes his song and kisses the girl. Turning to the audience, he shakes his head. “This is all wrong.” Sweaty and heaving from dancing and bright lights, the sexy dancer shields his eyes from the spotlights and searches the dark seats. ‘Over here!’ my dick answers, straining against my trousers.

The dancer’s head jerks toward me, and a bright smile spreads across his face. “Found you!” he cries, jumping off the front of the stage, scissor kicking from chair to chair, leaping over astonished faces while the crowd turns to watch the spectacle.

My heart beats wildly against my ribcage; the theater has become unbearably warm. He’s right in front of me. “I’m sorry it took me so long to get here. I was working.”

I try to tell him it’s okay; I would’ve waited forever, but my words won’t come out.

“I need to have you right away!” He sinks to his knees; clothes fall away. His lips surround me, moist heat. Feels so good. His hands, his tongue . . . can’t hold back . . .

“Happy birthday, Master.”

“Hmm?” I look toward the source of the voice—a beautiful face just to the south of my enormously satisfied birthday cock. Dane. My birthday present to end all birthday presents.

Propping myself up onto my elbows, I stare him down. I’m sure I’d be more effective if the sheet didn’t stop just below those two little dimples on his lower back. If I didn’t know better, I’d say he placed it there on purpose. Hell, I don’t know better; I was asleep! “What have you done, boy?”

Dane chuckles, a gentle quake between my legs. “Pretty much the same thing I always do, Master. I just didn’t wait for your order this morning. I hope it’s okay.”

Yeah, I’m gonna be angry at that face? After what he just did? Hell, he’s still got a trail of cum at the side of his mouth.

“You know, you’re getting a little cheeky, boy, taking liberties like that.”

Undaunted in the least, he pops up onto his knees, revealing a lovely erection at the ready. The sheet slides off his back and sinks behind him. “Yes, Master, but I wasn’t sure you’d wake up in time.”

“What time is it?”

“It’s 7:03. We have to be at the center at 8:30, and I thought you’d want to eat first.”

“Okay, okay. Give me a kiss and all will be forgiven.” There’s not the least bit of snap to my comment, and Dane’s eager smile as he climbs around my legs tells me he knows he’s done nothing but please me.

“Hang on,” I say, swiping my thumb along the side of his mouth. “Okay. Now you may kiss me.”

“Thank you, Master,” he replies before pressing his sweet lips to mine. “All right, Dane, I’m ready for my show. Let’s see you dance your ass to the shower.”

I lean back onto the pillow, hands clasped behind my head, big shit-eating grin waiting to erupt on my face. Dane looks even more excited than usual. Crouched at my side, he gives me a quick wink, then rolls away in a backward somersault to the edge of the bed, sucking my breath along with it. When he runs out of mattress, his legs extend straight up; his arms push up into a perfect handstand on the bed before flinging him several feet away. He sticks an Olympic-worthy landing, arms in a victorious “v” and everything.

“Jesus Christ, Dane! Did you want me to live to see my next birthday?”

“Yes, Master,” he says, laughing all the way to the bathroom. I have half a mind to throw my pillow at that cute little ass, but instead, I pull it around my head and catch another couple minutes of bliss-induced sleep while he showers.

Dane’s smile is even brighter when I slip past him to the shower. “Happy birthday, Master.” It’s going to be a long fucking wonderful day, but probably not until we’ve gotten past his appointment with Eleazar. He’s doing an admirable job setting aside his anxieties, if he has any, but then Dane’s a bit of an expert at denial.

He’s naked as the day he was born, waiting for me in his submissive stance as I exit the shower and wrap the towel around my waist. “May I help you get dressed this morning, Master?”

Where is this coming from? Stall tactics, birthday offering, or something more? I’ve never required this level of attentiveness from him. As usual, it’s hard to separate what Dane is doing for me from what Dane needs for himself, and I’m not sure he’d be able to differentiate between the two, but it’s my job to do so—for the boy’s own good. Until I figure it out, I’ll take what he’s offering.

“Sure, Dane. What’s the dress code for the day?”

He grins. “Sexy casual. Basically, anything you own that’s not too dressy.”

I roll my eyes and start to dry off.

He snaps forward and grabs the towel, patting me down until I’m thoroughly dried and semi-hard. I lead him over to the bureau, open the top drawer, and toss a pair of boxer briefs over to Dane, which he snags out of the air with one hand. We stare at each other and grin for a second before I open the second drawer, where my old heather pullover has been waiting to see the light of the day.  Why not?

“Not sure exactly if this qualifies as sexy. What do you think?” Ugh, there goes my manhood. Did I just ask my submissive if my shirt is sexy? I should hang my head in shame.

“Hmm,” Dane says, holding the shirt up by the shoulders and eyeing me. This could be a problem.”

“How so?”

“I’m not sure I can keep my hands off you once you put this on.”

“I see the bullshit factor has gone sky high for the day. Go get my dark jeans out of the closet, and grab my boots while you’re there.”

“You got it.”

I can only stand here laughing. “Yes, Master” has already degenerated into “You got it,” and it’s not even eight yet. As I said, a long, fucking wonderful day lies ahead.

Dane gets me into my briefs and shirt without incident, but when it comes time to fasten my jeans, he starts the zipper up without tucking me properly away. My knee comes up and catches him in the gut, and despite the fact that he is enormously gifted in the balance department, he takes us both down. We end up on the floor, holding our bellies and laughing.

 “You’re fired as my butler, Dane.”

“Sorry, Master.” He rolls over so our faces are almost touching. He makes an attempt at serious. “I didn’t realize what was happening down there.”

“Honestly? What did you think would be happening down there? You’re stark naked and I’m . . . alive! End of story.”

“That’s a pretty good knee you got there, Master.”

“Years of self-defense training. Sorry about that.”

“I’m okay.”

“So, let’s see—zipping up my balls, tackling me to the floor . . . What other surprises do you have planned for me today?”

He grins. “If I told you, they wouldn’t be surprises.”

“How about you scoot a little bit closer so I can give you a kiss, and then put some clothes on before we both end up in the Emergency Room?”

“Whatever you say, birthday boy.”

All right, that’s enough.

He shimmies closer and I grab his chin in my hand. “That’s ‘birthday boy Master’ to you.”

I did not see this coming.

We walk inside the reception area, and Dane gives his name at the desk. So far, so good. He’s slightly jittery, a little more serious all of a sudden, but nothing I need to worry about. A heavy door opens and Eleazar comes out, shakes Dane’s hand, gives me a quick nod, and off the two go, back from whence he came, swallowed up by the click of the security door closing with an air of finality.

That’s when it hits me: I could lose everything.

What the hell was I thinking encouraging this? What if this doc has it in for dominants or the lifestyle? How did I just turn over our future to a man I’ve never met, someone Dane trusts to tell him what’s what?

For all my careful planning, this has to be the biggest bonehead move of my life. Christ!

I pull off my coat and hang it over the brass coat stand by the door. We’re going to be here a while, thanks to me and my big, bossy mouth, so I might as well try to get comfortable. I drop into one of the black chairs against the side wall and open the poetry book to the table of contents. The names swim across my lap, words on a page that aren’t making any sense.

I shut the book and pace until the room closes in on me. I need to get out of here. “Please let them know I stepped outside,” I tell the young boy behind the desk before grabbing my coat and making quick work of the heavy wooden door between me and fresh air.

If I smoked, this would be an excellent time for a cigarette. I pace to the corner, do an about face, and march the whole block in the opposite direction. The rush hour Manhattanites aren’t impressed with my sharp pivot on the crowded sidewalk, but I don’t have any shits left to give them. I seriously need to get a grip.

Center yourself.

The top step leading up to the building’s entrance is removed enough from foot traffic to offer a place to sit. Rainbow flags fly overhead from the brick façade as I arrange myself on the cold cement slab. My jeans are nowhere near as accommodating as my gi, but I do my best to achieve a proper posture and pray Fran doesn’t happen to walk by and see me.

Embryonic breathing . . . clearing away the clutter . . .

Trust the doc; trust Dane; trust yourself.

Inhaaaaaaale . . . exhale. Innnnnnnnnnnn . . . out.


“Hmm?” Dane’s voice slices through the bubble of safety I’ve begun constructing. “Oh, hey. How’d it go?”

“It’s good.”

I stand and shake out my legs, looking over my boy for the kinds of bumps and bruises that are hardest to see.

“Master, I’m fine. He wants to see you now.”

“Are you sure you’re all right with that?”

“Of course. Whatever you want.” He grins that grin that makes my insides turn to mush. “After all, you’re the birthday boy, Master.”

“So I am.” I kiss that sweet grin and press the poetry book into his hands. “Here. You’re on for tonight.”

“May I sit inside? It’s cold out here.”

“Yes, of course. I just needed some air.”

I start past him to grab the door, and he shifts to block me. “Master? Are you okay?”

Sweet boy. He gets rattled when I’m off. I can’t hide my moods any better than he can. I give him another kiss, taking his hands in mine. “I’m fine, Dane. This is all very important to me, but it’s all going to be fine.”

Eleazar is waiting just inside, and his gaze drops to where Dane’s hand is entwined with mine. “Hello, Marcus,” he says, offering his hand. “I’m Eleazar.”

You can tell everything about a man by that first handshake. The doctor greets me with an open smile and a confident grip. He’s good at what he does, and he knows it—and he doesn’t need to jam it down your throat. He’s not hiding behind a suit and tie, creating distance, but projecting a professional but comfortable demeanor in khakis and a button-down shirt. His Clark Kent glasses are the icing on the I’m-not-perfect cake. I like him.

“Very nice to meet you.”

“Happy birthday,” he adds with a very Dane-like sparkle.

Still holding the doc’s hand, I give Dane an enormous eye roll. “Really?”

He shrugs and smirks.

The doctor chuckles at us. “Dane says you’d like to have a word?”

“Yes, is that all right?”

We both look to Dane, who nods back. “Dane’s filled out a release, so we’re good to go.”

“Are you sure you’re okay with this, Dane?”

“Of course. Why wouldn’t I be?”

“Thank you.” Kissing him again feels a bit like showboating, so instead, I pull our joined hands to my lips and leave a soft kiss on his knuckles before letting go. He gives me one of those shy smiles I love, though if I had to decide between that and the cocky smirk, I’m not sure which would be my choice.

I pull off my coat again and hand it to Dane. He takes it without as much as a raised eyebrow. I resist glancing back at him through the double-paned glass window as the heavy door closes behind us. Longfellow and Emerson will keep him company while I’m gone. 

How do you think Master's birthday is going so far? And what do you think is going to happen when Eleazar and Marcus are alone?

The next chapter might be my favorite of the story. I have a thing for therapists. ;)


  1. Master's birthday is going great so far, I just love him so. How brilliant is he to let Dane have his way with the day, from the wake up call, to the dressing, the kneeing, the falling over, what fun and then the line of the story so far for me, "that's birthday boy, Master to you" because we know that Dane isn't being at all disrespectful, he is just filling his Master's day with love and light. And Marcus reciprocates in the same way.

    I tend to read this story concentrating on Dane's recovery and development after his awful treatment by Wayne but always try to take notice of and appreciate Marcus' development too, he is like a different man from the Marcus at the wedding.

    I'm surprised that Dane seemed to be ok about the therapy visit after he's apparent reticence the other day but he did tell Marcus that the reason he wanted to rearrange the appointment was because of his Master's birthday, so we will have to trust him on that.

    Without knowing what you have planned for the next chapter, Born, I hope Marcus discloses everything about his talk with Eleazar to Dane because we don't want anything to spoil their lovely day.

    Thank you so much for all your hard work, I wasn't expecting a chapter today.


    1. OH I'm so glad you liked that line! You totally nailed the feelings behind it. Love and light- absolutely perfect. Thank you for your deeply insightful comments on the rest of the chapter. I can't say much without spoiling, so I'll leave you with my gratitude.

  2. I think the birthday is going spectacularly so far. I almost forgot about the appointment with Eleazar, but now that I am reminded, I'm excited to see how it goes (especially if you say it might be your favorite chapter). And if Marcus already likes him, we're headed in the right direction. lol.

    I loved Marcus's reminder "that's birthday boy Master to you." Just enough of a reminder with no edge. lol. because Dane definitely does not need a stern reminder, he's just being light and fun and playful.

    I was impressed at Dane's demeanor before and after his meeting at Eleazar. I was bracing for something a little more... melancholy...? But hopefully the appointment went well, future appt's (??) will be even better, and everybody stays on the right and healthy path. :)

    Bring on the rest of the bday!

  3. OK, first of all, that visual you gave us of dane doing an olympic dismount off the bed gave me the shivers. I really got a clear picture of just how graceful he must be! Marcus' dream was interesting. Is he having doubts of some kind, or insecurities, about being with dane in public, out as a couple? Maybe the dream was about going to the therapist. Seems maybe so, judging by Marcus' nervous pacing while dane was in session. You gave nothing away, really, as to what Eleazar's attitude is about their relationship, evil cliffie woman that you are! This story satisfies me on so many levels. Happy Mother's day tomorrow!

    1. I can only imagine (and often do) what it would be like to have the amazing privilege of experiencing a man of Dane's talent in all his glory. Sigh. That is such an interesting interpretation of Marcus's dream! I saw it more as a filling in of details once Dane started to suck him awake, but yours is far deeper.

      I am excited to share the E/M session!

  4. I loved this chapter! the dream was very interesting indeed - and the way he woke up - well that's some introduction to his special day. As ever Dane's way of getting to the shower was most entertaining for his Master, and he should probably not consider a career change to butler :) Poor Marcus' little freak out at Eleazar's office shows just how vulnerable he is, and I can't wait to see how their conversation goes. :)

    1. So happy you enjoyed this one. I honestly feel like the sexless ones are the most gratifying. I swear I could just watch those two talk and be perfectly happy. LOL on the career change. I think he's pretty well suited to dancing! ;) Yeah, Marcus was blindsided once again by something he never saw coming! Thank you for your insights!

  5. once again I am reminded that the story is not just about Danes healing it is also about Marcus' growth too. His dreams and also the nerves he shows at the therapists office. It proves that although he is a strong man, Master, Dom, friend, etc. etc he still has his moments of insecurities. He still needs others. I love it. I love the way you portray it. Good job m'dear.

    1. Ah yessss! In fact it's probably MORE about Marcus than Dane, since I chose his POV and named it in his honor. But one would not be possible without the other, so it's all good!

  6. It's lovely when ST is so playful. He wants Marcus birthday to be fun and wonderful. Might need to consider playing valet though. I hope he didn't damage anything. " It's Birthday Boy Master to you". :) I hope Dane will sing to him later, and am curious what Poem Dane picks out.

    M is on a mission to let Dane find the the best Dane he can. He just didn't think what if that's without him. Marcus is already worried about what if. This is out of his experience and it has him shaken up. Shouldn't love do that a bit?

    I can't wait for E & M. Marcus with a Therapist. OH. MY. GOD!!

    Love the new Icon at the top.

    1. You hope Dane will sing to him...interesting! ;)

      Yeah, good point. Love is messy and knocks us off balance and makes the most secure of us go running for a blankie! We're gonna have some fun in that session tomorrow, AD!

  7. What a way to wake up, those few seconds it takes to transition from dream to reality can be confusing, but once consciousness kicks in, there is such an unexpected rush of feelings. Love how cheeky Dane is from the get go and his enthusiastic though attempt at helping Marcus get ready, seeing him like this is lovely, he has changed so much. His cheekiness comes his happiness, this state of near giddiness that makes me feel excited to find out what his plans for Marcus's Birthday are. I'm also nervous on Marcus's behalf, it was so different to see him so off-kilter, it saddens me how nervous he is about what the therapist has to say. I look forward to next chapter to see him regain his footing and obviously to Dane's Birthday surprise or... surprises?
    Thank you so much for sharing this story and answering every review.

    1. I'm with you. Happy Dane is a joy to behold. :)
      Let's see if Poor Marcus can live through this day!

  8. I would say that it has been quite a birthday so far. Lots of fun, self defense moves, meeting with Dane's doc...I just cannot wait to read what all else is in store.

    Got to say that I am loving Dane's unique style of getting out of bed and into the shower. *wink*

    1. Heehee, more out-of-bed moves where that came from! Yeah, the birthday will continue...

  9. Eeeeeeep!!! Marcus was making me nervous! All his thinking it what ifs....
    I would say Dane started Marcus bday just right! Hubba Hubba!

    1. Marcus is pretty good at the what ifs...when he does it, it's planning. When I do it, it's worrying!

  10. So pretty pissed that I wrote a whole long review and I just lost it. Ugh frustrating.

    I loved seeing Marcus so frazzled. Between the anxiety of giving over control of the days events to Dane to the split second KABOOM thought of potentially losing Dane, he must have been losing his mind in there. The way he couldn't even sit still... I felt it, all the way to my bones. Long, wonderful fucking day indeed.

    I did enjoy seeing Dane so eager and subservient. He's damn giddy with excitement to serve his Master on his day. From waking up his Master with a bj, to drying and dressing him after the shower to almost catching his Master's dick in the zipper of his pants (okay a little over excited here... ouch). This boy is too damn adorable for words when he's in his element.

    Let me just say that that pic I just posted on your fb and captioned "Dane showing off for his Master" is EXACTLY what I thought of when he did that thing from the bed omg. How perfectly timed was that?!? Gah. This performer boy will kill us all.

    Okay, reading on!

    1. Ahhh I am SO glad you see Dane this way, the overeager pup who just cannot do enough for his Master. Heehee, yeah, that was kinda perfect! MWAH!