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I really should offer to carry our lunch or at least allow Dane use of his right hand, but it’s way too much fun watching him point out all the landmarks of his neighborhood while waving the giant paper bag in every direction. Besides, I love holding his hand, so that’s just not gonna happen.  In the three blocks we’ve walked from Namaste toward Dane’s apartment, I’ve learned who makes the best sausage pizza (Rizzo’s), Dane’s favorite ice cream flavor at Igloo Cafe (raspberry chip), the place he goes for a haircut (Sal’s, “though not in a while”), and the disappointing reality behind the store named Leather and Ties: it’s a crusty Russian guy (Ivan) who resoles Dane’s boots until they literally disintegrate.

Dane’s gait slows as we round the corner. This must be the place.

“So, um, you may have figured out I don’t exactly live in the lap of luxury.”

“Seems like a nice neighborhood.  Clean, safe . . .” Free from assholes trying to hurt you.

“This is me.” He turns into a walkway toward one of the three-story brick buildings lining this block of 31st Street. Head lowered to the ground, Dane forges ahead to the steel door. “I’m gonna need my keys,” he says, tapping his right coat pocket with his elbow.

I smile as I let his hand go, and he shakes his head and chuckles.

He pulls open the outer door and steps inside ahead of me.  The left wall of the tiny vestibule consists of a panel of buzzers with mismatched labels and twelve numbered mailboxes. Dane picks through his keys and retrieves a short stack of papers from his slot before unlocking the heavy paneled door leading inside the building.

“I’m on the third floor,” he says by way of apology.

“I think I can handle it.”

“I know, Master, I was just—”

I give the back of his arm a gentle squeeze. “You’re fine, Dane.”

He nods, and we trudge up the long flights of cement stairs until we reach the third floor landing. As he shuffles over to number thirty-two, Dane rolls his keys in his hand until he finds the right one. “Here we are—Shangri-La.”

Once he opens the door, the reality of the situation grips him. His gaze darts around the apartment as if seeing it through my eyes for the very first time. I hang back behind him, taking in what I can see from here until Dane is ready to fully reveal his world.

The apartment is a narrow studio—modest, but clean and neat. Kitchen appliances line three-quarters of the left-hand side with a queen-sized bed running lengthwise against the opposite wall. Over the bed is a series of elegant, black-and-white photographs of nude male dancers I can’t see nearly well enough from the door.

At the end of the room, a light gray love seat and low, rectangular coffee table sit opposite a floor-to-ceiling entertainment unit, every shelf overflowing with books except for the space taken up by the TV in the middle.  I’m dying to get over there and run my fingertips along the book spines to learn which stories have a place in Dane's life.

My anxious submissive takes a deep breath, walks to the far end of the room, and sets the food down on the coffee table. He stares out the window for what feels like several long minutes before turning around. Stuffing his hands inside his coat pockets, he shrugs his shoulders and says, “I’ve never brought anyone here before.”

I answer in the only way that makes any sense: “Thank you, Dane.”

He chuffs. “Anyway . . .”

It’s pretty awful that he’s chosen to stand as far away from me as possible right now, and he’s making no move to close the distance. I stand my ground as well, respecting the boundaries he seems to be inventing on the spot.

“There’s a closet next to the ‘master bath’ if you want to hang up your coat,” he says, drawing my attention to the minimal bathroom just to the right of the entry. “I’ll set out lunch.”

That’s the closest thing to an invitation I’ve gotten, and I take full advantage, using the momentum as an excuse to get a closer look at the photographs. “These are really beautiful, Dane. Where did you find them?”

He answers over his shoulder, standing at the silverware drawer behind me. “A gallery in the Village.”

My gaze drops to his bed. It’s not the navy-check comforter I’m seeing, but the epicenter of Dane’s daily reports. I close my eyes and picture him waking up horny and hard, stroking himself as he fantasizes about what we might do together.


“Hmm?” Dane is pulling glasses from the cabinet; the table is set for two, placemats and all. How long was I daydreaming?

“Would you like something other than water?”

“No, that’s fine, thanks.” I take a seat on the couch and pull the food containers out of the bag. “This looks great. I love biryani.” I don’t mention I usually order it with lamb. Vegetarian will look a lot better in my Daniel Craig suit.

“Wait till you taste the naan,” he says, setting down the water glasses and kneeling on the floor across the table from me. “They make it themselves and grill it to order.”

The apartment is dead silent except for the sound of containers shuffling across the table and forks clinking bowls. My mind is racing for something to say that won’t sound trite. Leave it to Dane to break through.

He sets down his fork and shakes his head. “This is awkward, right?”

I continue eating, figuring it might restore some of the normal. “Doesn’t have to be. Eat. I know you’re ravenous. You told me several times.”

Chuckling, he takes in another forkful of saag paneer, but he’s looking at me like I’m a palm tree that suddenly sprouted in the middle of his apartment.

“My place feels even smaller with you in it,” he says. “I just can’t believe you’re here.”

“I’m sorry this is uncomfortable for you. Do you regret bringing me?”

Dane tears off a piece of naan and pops it into his mouth. He manages to chew and swallow while he’s talking. “Did you ever have that dream where one of your high school classes is being held in your house? It’s kind of cool because you’re at home and all, but it’s also really freaky because what are all these people doing in your house? Especially the teacher!”

“I’m the teacher now?” I huff.

He grimaces. “Kind of.”

The clouds hovering in my brain finally clear. I know what’s wrong, and I know exactly how to fix it. A little dose of vulnerable Master is all well and good, but I’ve unfurled way too much of the lead, leaving my submissive to wander off into the woods and get hopelessly lost. The only point in the day that felt “normal” for us was when I took charge about the therapy appointment, and look how the boy responded. Grounded again by my authority, he practically knocked me to the ground with his gratitude!

All it took to undo the balance again was stepping back inside this world where Dane thinks he needs to be in control, and he’s confused and unhappy. Shame on me and enough of this!

“So, when you’d have these dreams about holding class here,” I start, as nonchalant as ever, catching Dane totally off balance with, “did the teacher ever hold you down on your bed while he made you masturbate in front of the class?”

Dane’s a smart boy, one of the qualities I love most about him. He knows I’m not just talking, that he’s just been given a peek at my post-lunch plan. His fork stops midair right as his mouth was opening for the food.

“Should I take that as a yes?” I draw the next bite of food in like nothing special just happened.

Dane clears his throat, swallowing down the last traces of the self-conscious host. In his place, my devoted, blushing submissive comes roaring back. “No, Master.”

“Well, then, Dane, I guess you and I are about to rewrite your dreams.”

I don’t make him speak again—or listen to me, for that matter. The script rolling through Dane’s head keeps him as edgy as anything I could come up with. I have my own musings to deal with right now, stretching my memory back to the boy’s earliest email confessions. I seem to remember something about serving me on his knees, and I am certainly down for helping him act that one out.

I finish eating well before Dane.  Reclining on the couch, I clasp my hands behind my neck and stretch my legs all the way under the table, startling him when my boots meet his knees. He takes a few last self-conscious bites under my intense scrutiny before dabbing his mouth and tossing his napkin onto the table.

“You sure you’re finished?”

“Yes, Master.” He’s half in the bag already, tipsy with desire and need.

“In that case, you can take your clothes off now.”

He’s compelled to thank me for the privilege of removing his clothes in broad daylight. Reminded of the midday sun streaming in, I head to the window and twist the wand, closing the blinds to any prying eyes. This beautiful, naked, fully aroused creature posing in the middle of his living room belongs to me and me alone.


He gasps when I surprise him from behind, running my palms down the muscular arms clasped together at his lower back. “No wonder you kept pulling ahead of me in the pool with arms like these.”

My lips graze the side of his neck; Dane tips his head the opposite direction like a flower opening for the morning sun.

“Then again,” I continue, “it could have been the efficiency of your lungs.” My hands glide around to the muscular ridges of his chest and down his belly. Dane hisses as I bypass his erection and run my palms down his quads and around back to his hamstrings. “Though it was most likely your kick that did me in. God, these legs of yours . . . I didn’t really stand a chance, did I, Dane?”

I squeeze his ass, muddling him to the point where he can’t form an answer. “What was it you were saying about lapping me earlier?” I ask as I step around in front of him. His gaze follows my fingers as they undo my belt buckle, and his eyes grow wide as I yank the leather strap from the loops in one dramatic snap. “Dane?”

“Sorry, Master. I said I’d be gentle.” His focus is riveted to my crotch, the zipper traveling downward, my jeans and briefs riding down my thighs.

“Down you go.”

He sinks as if someone knocked his legs out from under him. His hot breath warms my erection, whetting my appetite for all the delights this boy has to offer. I rake my fingers through his hair, getting a satisfied jolt when his eyes roll back in his head.

I fist his hair at the back of his head, and those gorgeous chocolate-brown discs roll up my body until our eyes meet.

He wants.

I want.

His mouth opens as I draw his lips to my body. “Forget gentle, Dane. Get me off quick. Use your hands—oh shit!” I groan and thrust and grind. “Hell, use your damn feet! You probably know how.”

I couldn’t name the exact spice, but something on Dane’s tongue has me tingling with a heat too good to waste. The day’s pent-up excitement comes uncorked all at once as he tugs at my balls and fists the base of my shaft while his tongue and teeth work over the tip.

“Yes, boy, yesss!” I hiss, pushing and pumping.

This is how it’s supposed to work: my beautiful boy on his knees with my cock down his throat. Balance has been restored in the galaxy. I’m not particularly proud of my last thoughts right before my orgasm shakes me: light sabers, death stars, fuck—Yoda?

In the time it takes to zip up my jeans, I expel the movie characters from my head before the situation can get any worse. Thank goodness he can’t read my mind.

“How’d I taste, Dane?” I chuckle as I pull him to his feet. “A little spicier than usual?”

“Perfect, Master,” he answers without hesitation.

Further proof that he’s deep inside his happy sub space bubble. Otherwise, I’m sure I would’ve gotten that grin and a little attitude. It’s all good in the proper time and place, and I love that Dane’s moods are as easy to read as the old Dick and Jane books.

This is Dane.
Dane is hot.
See Dane suck Master’s Dick.
Suck, Dane, suck!

Oh my god! The chemicals from the pool must be rotting my brain, or maybe it’s something else, someone standing naked in front of me, waiting to be held down on his bed as promised.

“Let’s go, Dane. The class is waiting for the rest of their show.”

That’s a whimper I hear as I take his elbow and pull him to the bed. “On your back, right hand behind your head. Let’s see if you really can manage with just your left hand.”

He’s too far gone to even crack a smile, and while he reaches for his cock, I climb on the bed and straddle his shins. “Eyes on me. I want you to remember every moment of this.”

His hand moves along his shaft . . .

“Next time you’re in this bed, I want you to think of me right here on top of you, watching you masturbate.”

His breathing quickens; mouth drops open . . .

“What a naughty boy you are. Sucking cock and now playing with yourself . . . in front of all these boys.”

He groans . . .

“They’re all watching you, Dane. Watching you stroke your hungry cock.”

Grunt . . .

“Come on, boys, gather in closer. Eyes on me, Dane. Can you hear him moaning, boys? He’s getting close now. Such a horny boy, playing with himself in the middle of the school day. He wants you to watch. Don’t you want them to watch, Dane? Oh yeah, get ready. Come on, Dane. Let’s see it!”

He keeps his eyes open and locked on me until the last possible second. I bear down on his legs and put one hand on his belly, framing the bull’s-eye for our imaginary audience.

He shudders and gives out a long, “Ahhhhhh!” as he pumps every last drop of cum onto the back of my hand. I bend forward and give him a hard kiss.

“Gold star, young Mr. Carmichael. Well done!”

That was filthy. Thoughts on Casa Dane? XXX


  1. That was indeed filthy and I was just thinking "filth" with a smile on my face when I saw your comment. I'm not sure how you do it Born but you always manage to cram in enough action that our emotions are all over the place.

    There were aahhh moments when Dane confessed that he hadn't taken anyone to his home before, awkwardness, especially for Dane, followed by masterliness, when Marcus took control, filthiness, that goes without saying ;) and comedy with Dick and Jane, although over here it was Topsy and Tim.

    Thank you Born, I loved this chapter, also I love your little picture things at the top of each one, I imagine you going out every morning with your digital camera looking for the right numbers etc. Lol

    Till tomorrow, can't wait to see what's next...


    1. Aww, what a sweet review! I love that these lengthier chapters give me a chance to really play out the whole scene and show THEIR gamut of emotions to you. This one certainly went all around the block!

      Thanks for mentioning my chapter headers. Nope, I don't take those photos...I find them and change the numbers to suit my needs, but I really do appreciate your noticing it! One of the things that makes the blog so much more fun than fanfic.net! MWAH to you, Jarvis!

  2. Too convenient that Dane's bed is right there in the open for M's ogling! lol I love how Marcus phrased it in his head- he saw the bed as the "epicenter of Dane's daily reports." He'll have something to picture as Dane's surroundings when they wake up separately (almost hard to imagine after they've done so much waking up and going to bed together lately!).

    I loved the whole paragraph this sentence was in, but this especially: "The only point in the day that felt “normal” for us was when I took charge about the therapy appointment, and look how the boy responded. Grounded again by my authority, he practically knocked me to the ground with his gratitude!" Something about this really spoke to me- it's like when you talk about unruly kids needing some discipline and authority. Dane really does NEED a little more direction, at least in this stage of his life. He does cocky, playful, teasing his master extraordinarily well too, but in these moments of awkwardness and self-doubt he needs someone to ground him and show him who's boss!

    LOVED the whole scene Marcus created. A little bit of that gentle taunting got Dane just where he needed to go- especially with the dirty words pulling Dane into his own dreams, and a dash of (the idea of) exhibitionism that M suspects Dane has a thing for! lol

    I think I figured out that my reservations from last chapter might have more to do with me being nervous at how any old Joe could potentially abuse Dane's trust and consent, not that Marcus ever would. I tend to always have a little niggling doubt about situations with the potential to go wrong- the result of viewing too many Lifetime movies, Dateline episodes, etc. I'm sure. lol SO anyways, I'm thinking that the more I see Marcus doing the right thing by Dane, especially when it comes to the therapy, the more my little doubts will fade away. :)

    But back to this chapter, it was a fantastic one! and I was very pleased to see what kind of memory M has given D to savor in his own apartment! ;)

    1. You are right on target with your comparison to kids needing structure and discipline, and please don't misunderstand me, I am not saying that to denigrate Dane in the least. He craves Marcus's unique brand of "structure" and framework, and he's a fish out of water right now as much as Marcus. It's as if they've lost their anchor and they're adrift at sea, without direction, until Marcus figures it all out for both of them. It's the grounding that allows him to branch out into playful and teasing, exactly as I can't be myself and enjoy my writing and tomfoolery if something basic is off.

      The potential for abuse is absolutely there, and in a lesser man than Marcus, I'd be worried too. We've seen him in action, heard his motivations, know his heart, and best of all, watched him apologize and repent with complete sincerity. To me, that all adds up to a man worthy of trust. :)
      Mmmm Dane certainly will savor that little scene! ;)
      Thanks, Digi!

  3. Filthy indeed! I think Dane's place is what I expected, even the cleanliness. New York isn't a cheap place to live and it sounds like Dane actually has a pretty nice set up in a good neighborhood. He has nothing to be ashamed of, that's for sure.

    Let's see, what stands out to me in this chapter.....Probably Marcus' aha moment regarding Dane's discomfort. Dane is a submissive for a reason and that has a lot to do with liking that someone else holds the reigns most of the time. He'd done so well with so much in the last few days but there will always be a time when Master needs to step in and let him just be.

    Marcus' reactions to Dane's apartment were PERFECT. His thoughts on the pictures, which I'd love to see, and the bed...I think the only thing that might have put him off his game is if it was a total stye. I couldn't imagine Dane being like that though. He takes care of his things the way he takes care of his body...immaculately.

    Favorite line... Balance has been restored in the galaxy. I’m not particularly proud of my last thoughts right before my orgasm shakes me: light sabers, death stars, fuck—Yoda? ...Simply because it made me laugh so damn hard. The Dick and Jane bit came in second! "Suck, Dane, suck!" OMG! I thought I was going to die!!!!!


    1. It's almost as if Dane's "I'm kind of in charge right now" meter ran out all at once in that apartment, and he needed to recharge the batteries by regaining his place under his Master's hand.
      I think the discipline that Dane has learned along with the his innate level of respect for things he's worked hard for combine to make him a person who would take good care of his place. He doesn't really have a lot of material possessions, and it seems each piece he does own has been carefully selected and holds significant meaning. I love your analogy to taking care of his body. One sanctuary or another, probably doesn't much matter. Well spotted!

      Oh, I should've credited Sue for helping me craft the Dick & Jane lines. I'll take care of that post haste! Thank you for all your lovely compliments and deep thoughts. Love them all and you!

  4. How sweet is dane, getting all shy and demure about Marcus seeing his place for the first time. I love how it didn't take Marcus very long at all to realize that dane needed his Master's firm demeanor back in order to relax and feel like his sub boy self again....beautiful to watch. I also love how you let us see Marcus' inner workings as this story goes along. Might we get to see dane's too sometime? The image of Marcus feeling the effects of the meal on his cock as dane took it in his mouth was a nice touch! You call this scene filthy? I call it perfect masturbatory imagery....tee hee....

    1. If you're oh so not so subtly asking for a Dane POV, sweet Judy, I hadn't planned on one. I DO hope that Dane's inner workings are clear to you through his dialogue and actions. I do crawl around inside Dane's head quite a bit in order to garner his responses to things, and he usually surprises me! Glad you enjoyed the little spicy food touch there! ;) Yeah, my "imagery" tends to get super filthy. What can I say?

  5. Love how Dane is pointing out everything in his neighborhood. Sad that he is self conscience about his place.

    Awww....he has never brought anyone to his home? Oh sweet Dane!

    I. Am. SO. hungry reading this. LOL Love Indian food.

    Wondered about this:

    A little dose of vulnerable Master is all well and good, but I’ve unfurled way too much of the lead, leaving my submissive to wander off into the woods and get hopelessly lost.

    Since a submissive needs to have their control person to take the reins and all.


    Balance has been restored in the galaxy.


    You say "filthy." I say "delightful." Tomato. Tomatoe. *giggle-snort*

    Thank you for the entertainment today!

    1. I think I'd be nervous as all hell for Marcus to come to my house, no matter where I lived! Heehee, well, I can see my "filthy" is just an ordinary day for you girls!

    2. Yeah well, if the shoe fits. *shrugs shoulders*


    3. BAHAHA! Okay then.
      *slides foot in shoe*

  6. I loved seeing Dane's place just as much as Master. And Marcus knew exactly what to do once he realized Dane felt awkward. Master Marcus comes out to play :) Delicious chapter :)

    1. So happy you enjoyed that, Lisa.
      Mmm Marcus was probably so happy to slip back into his role of mastery after the whole pool fiasco!

  7. First of let me start by commenting in something that has been going on for some chapters now, something that felt so natural and was so seamlessly weaved into the story that I have somehow overlooked it… The hand holding, had it not been for Marcus obvious enjoyment of it, I would have forgotten to bring it up. I know, me the self proclaimed hopeless romantic, not commenting on hand holding, but then it hit me why I hadn't even thought about it. It happen gradually, it happened unassumingly, and it felt right. I love holding hands with my husband, I feel there are few things that can be more intimate and meaningful than holding hands, so I can understand Marcus reluctance to let go of Dan's hand. I love Marcus he knows when to hold on, when to let go, and when to pull the reins. He pulls those reins hard yet so generously, always mindful of his sweet subbie's needs.
    Such a sexy scene, all of it. "Down you go" yes Dane sinks into it, best position for a BJ indeed. I love role play, it is always fun and gives you the freedom of shedding your own skin without having to leave the comfort of your bed. Now playing the naughty school boy (or girl) is always fun, but add the element of exhibitionism made it impossibly erotic. And as if all of that wasn't enough add Marcus's guiding Dane through it all. I love Marcus the dirty talker, he has a way with words and knows which buttons to push. Marcus had such a strong presence in this chapter, he nearly stole the show, but then again Dane was splendid, so beautiful in his submission.
    Thank you so much for sharing these characters' amazing story and always replying to all reviews.
    Until next chapter

    1. You put that so beautifully about Marcus pulling in the reins "so generously"- I really love that idea. I could not agree more about hand holding. It's intimate and they seem to trade it back and forth, obviously with Marcus always being the one who CAN take control if he so chooses. So happy you noticed and liked that.
      Oh all that naughty dirty fantasy talk! Where does it all come from? *blushes* As you use the word generous for Marcus's dominance, I guess I would use "gracious" for Dane's submission, meaning really the flip side of the same concept. Marcus allows more kindness than he "needs to" while Dane oozes appreciation, not a "necessary" feeling for a strictly sexual experience, but absolutely part and parcel to anything meaningful (in my humble opinion). So there you go! Two sides of the Oreo cookie with lots of white cream in the middle! :)

      Oh boy, I think I'll stick to erotica and leave the cookies to someone else.

  8. Oh my goodness, that was so...hot. And filthy. And really effing hot. *fans self* A couple of bumps, but it looks like Marcus got everything back on track. I do wonder about Marcus, though; what's with all the sci-fi imagery? I'm starting to worry about his sanity...

    1. LOL I suppose I shouldn't leave in every thought that occurs to ME while Marcus is thinking, huh?

  9. Born, you know I like it dirrrrrrrrrrrty! LOL!!!!! Jeeezus!!!
    The way Marcus knew just what Dane needed was perfect. Dane was uncomfortable at first, then Marcus put him at ease. Literally!
    I wanna be in that class! :D
    And now I want Indian. Hahaha!

  10. There are some laugh out loud funny moments in this chapter!!! Poor Dick and Jane will never be the same in my head again. Also, with all the hype of the new Star Wars movie, naughty thoughts will be there again whenever I hear about Yoda. I loved that Marcus closed those blinds. He really doesn't want to share. The way that man thinks on the fly is amazing. Loved it m'dear xoxo

    1. I hope to corrupt everything that was pure in your childhood. How'm I doing? LOL.

      Oh yes he is oh so spontaneous! Meanwhile, I'm up at night inventing one dirty fantasy after the next, poor me! Heehee.

    2. Oh Born m'dear you corrupted me long ago...and I am ever so glad about it lol.

  11. bwa ha ha.... evil.

    Balance has been restored in the galaxy. I’m not particularly proud of my last thoughts right before my orgasm shakes me: light sabers, death stars, fuck—Yoda?

    This is Dane.
    Dane is hot.
    See Dane suck Master’s Dick.
    Suck, Dane, suck!

    I think I have whiplash. and poor Yoda. He is shocked, I tell you.

  12. This is Dane.
    Dane is hot.
    See Dane suck Master’s Dick.
    Suck, Dane, suck!

    AND Yoda? You are a filthy filthy pumpkin.
    What an interesting and safe way to delve into Dane's exhibitionist desires.

    Dane's apartment was perfect. Exactly what I expected - and his reaction to Marcus seeing it wasn't so surprising either. I mean Dane's seen where Marcus lives in the burbs. Even though Dane "knows" there is nothing to be ashamed of, doesn't mean that he doesn't have some first time insecurities.

    1. I am such a filthy pumpkin. Sheesh. Someone get a mop! Yeah, poor Dane had to be feeling that weirdness. This just brought out his insecurities about being good enough for Marcus, but they were quickly quashed. Squashed like a big orange gourd. MWAH!

  13. I do love the idea of Dane letting Marcus into his home and space. I adore how animated he was pointing things out in the area. And ofc he'd be a little self conscious about Marc seeing his home. I didn't expect any less. But that's why Marcus is there to alleviate some of that anxiety and help him settle and come to terms. And oh boy did he do just that.

    I love the moment that Marcus comes to realization that Dane can only go so far having the reins. The boy needs to be dominated... mastered. He craves it. Any prolonged period without his Master having complete control over him seems to throw him off kilter a bit. And damn when Master takes control, he goes HARD doesn't he? Gawd. I like that Marcus picked up on that. He's decidedly quick on his feet. And the fact that he so easily slipped into the role to help calm Dane's frazzled, anxious nerves and bring him back into sub self was A+ mastering.

    ~I love that Dane’s moods are as easy to read as the old Dick and Jane books.

    This is Dane.
    Dane is hot.
    See Dane suck Master’s Dick.
    Suck, Dane, suck!~


    And JFC the raunchy school boy fantasy... DEAD. DONE. NO WORDS. JUST NONE. GAWD FUCKING DAMN. These two create quite a dynamic when they come together like this.

    Gather round kids, this is how a Master takes care of his sub, and vice versa.

    1. Gather round kids! LOLOL! Yeah, so happy you feel that way! :)