Wednesday, May 14, 2014


It’s been a day.

A long, fucking wonderful day.

From wake-up blowjob to the Central Park Zoo, light lunch at Olive’s, a leisurely stroll through the MoMA, and now finishing up this quiet dinner at a Cuban restaurant Dane says he’s never been to but always wanted to try. Even the back-to-back therapy sessions were upbeat and cathartic, emotionally draining but everything I could have hoped for.

“Dane, I want to thank you for an amazing birthday. You were right when you told my sister I would love all your surprises . . . right down to this dessert—what are these again?”

“Buñuelos,” he says, licking the sweet syrup off his fingers with a loud smack of his lips. Such a tease, my beautiful boy. “And you’re welcome,” he says, “but you haven’t actually gotten your birthday surprise yet.”

“Daaaaane?” If he went and did something extravagant, I will . . . ugh, figure out how to accept it graciously, I suppose, but I won’t be happy if he spent too much on me. We agreed: “within reason.” Aw hell, that eager smile on his face is just about gonna kill me.

“Excuse me, please. I’m going to wash my hands. Will you eat that last one while I’m gone?”

I sit back and smack my belly. “Hell no.”

He laughs as he pops out of his chair and hits me with a kiss on his way to the men’s room. My phone’s been buzzing for the last hour with messages I didn’t want to interrupt our dinner to check. I scroll through the emails—a message from my baby brother reminding me to enjoy the last of my fifties and my diminishing youth—thank you so much, an amusing note from my friends Dave and Marco, a short, sweet message from Bella, and an epic piece of Edward.

From: Edward Cullen
Sent: Monday, January 21, 2013 6:07 PM
To: Marcus Andrews
Subject: Birthday Poem

I was going to get you a very rare, extremely expensive bottle of sauterne but my new bride convinced me that you’d much rather have something from my heart. Since my heart doesn’t urp sauterne, you are getting a poem instead. Bella helped (with the nicer lines). Hope you like it:

I once had a master named Marcus
Who did all kinds of shit to my carcass
Once oozing his wisdom
To reign over my jizzdom
He now is the mentor to spark us!

On your birthday I beg you, old Master
To avoid a big, messy disaster
While you’re torturing Dane
With pleasure and pain
At your age, go slower—not faster.

Hope your birthday is good
and you’re not too freakin’ old to sprout wood!

Happy birthday, old man.


Dane catches me laughing at my phone, and I immediately hand it over to him to read. “Here’s how not to treat a master who can still tan your hide.”

Dane’s eyes bug out as he gets to the limericks. By the end, he’s laughing and shaking his head. “How does one answer such artistry?”

“I’m sure I don’t know.” I click off my phone and shove it back into my pocket. “We need to get the check.”

“It’s all set.”

“Thank you, Dane. I really enjoyed the meal.”

“Me too.”

He’s antsy, and now I am too. We shrug into our coats and head out into the cool night. Dane pulls on the little backpack he’s been carrying around all day.

“We need a taxi,” he says.

“Did you want me to hail it?”

Okay, this is a little weird. The rules are confusing, but I’m happy to let Dane direct the rest of the day. Everything about today so far has been perfect. “Nope, I’ve got it.” He reaches that long arm out toward the street, and within seconds, there’s a taxi at our curb. I wait for him to open the door for me. He shoots me a grin, and I shoot it right back. He leans forward and gives the cabbie an address I don’t recognize.

I give him a quirk of my eyebrows, and he gives me that grin again, sits back next to me, and squeezes my hand.

“Should I be nervous?”

“No, Master. No blindfolds, I promise.”

“Good lord, Dane. I’m running out of Tums here.”

“You’re not gonna need any more of those today.” Dane leans over and closes his lips over mine. He doesn’t stop kissing me until the taxi comes to a stop.

Dane blocks my view of the building with his body while he pays, and it’s not until we’re out on the sidewalk that I see where he’s brought me: G Bar. Holy shit, I haven’t been here in a good twenty-five years! There’s a bit of a line forming outside, and the bouncer looks fairly serious about keeping people in it. For all his leather and bluster, he smiles like a little boy when he sees Dane.


Dane chuffs but pulls me forward with him when he answers. “Hey, man.”

The two do some fist pump, elbow bump, snappy, clappy hand dance.

“You look good, bro!”

“You too.”

The man’s eyes slide over to me then back to Dane. “Boss know you’re coming in tonight?”

“Yeah. I should be on the list.”

Big dude pulls a piece of paper out of his pocket and scans down the list. “Ah . . . yeah, gotcha. You guys are good to go.”

“Thanks, Axel.”

“You got it, Rock. Have fun.” He gives me another long look as we pass between his immense body and the door.

Dane walks inside with an authority he usually reserves for the stage. I follow, his willing tag-along, as he hands our coats and his backpack to the coat check guy.

It’s still early on a Monday night, but the club is already crowded. Dane leads me into the lounge area where it’s standing room only. The bar is padded with red leather upholstery and lit up from behind with rainbow lights. Strategically scattered throughout the dance floor are raised platforms where mostly-naked men are dancing. I could see where that kind of thing might be inspiring.

The music is loud, and Dane needs to scream over it even though he’s right next to me. “What would you like to drink?”

“Hendrick’s and tonic.” Keep it simple; don’t tax the bartender, who most likely was hired for his pecs over his repertoire.

The bartender notices Dane immediately, slaps his hand and flirts until he sees me standing behind Dane then gives me a respectful nod. Dane turns, placing his back against the bar, and smiles at me. “Ready to dance?”

I must go pale, because Dane’s smile falls. “I’m dancing?”

Dane shakes his head no. “Un-unh. We’re dancing.”

The bartender taps Dane’s elbow with the drinks, and Dane scoops them up without handing over a credit card or cash.

The owner knows him; the bouncer knows him; the bartender knows him. “Are you a VIP or something?” I ask, pounding my drink back.

“Something like that.”

“Why did that guy outside call you ‘Rock’?”

Dane rolls his eyes. “My stage name was Rock Candy.”

I nearly spit my drink all over him. “Rock Candy?”

“Yeah. You know, ‘Rock’ because . . .” he thrusts his hips, “. . . and ‘candy’ because everyone said I was sweet.”

I step closer and press my hips into that rock. “If you’re trying to turn me on, it is totally working.”

Dane sets his drink down behind him on the bar. Wrapping his hand behind my neck, he says, “Good,” before kissing me again. If this is Dane in charge, I am a huge fan. “Dance with me?”

I’m weak-kneed and dizzy when he asks the second time, but I’m still in no condition to dance. “Are we getting free drinks here all night?”

Dane smiles. “You want another one?”

“Yes, please.”

He chuckles. “Okay.” He gives the bartender the international finger signal for get this fool fucked up, and soon there’s a fresh drink in my hand. Dane wraps his arm around my back and pulls me into his body while I knock back the second gin and tonic. Fuck it, you only turn fifty-nine once.

He drops his lips to my neck as the alcohol burns its way down my throat. He’s pulled me onto the dance floor, under the lights. I’m sweating under the weight of my shirt, and the crush of bodies around us creates its own heat. The floor is flashing lights, red to green to blue and yellow in rhythm with the techno beat. I can’t tell one measure from the next, and it doesn’t even matter as people jostle us from every direction.

Whereas Dane is quicksilver, I am a spilled-out jumble of model car parts from a dozen different kits. When I finally do get two body parts to work together, they produce a herky-jerky motion that makes me cringe. There isn’t enough alcohol in all of Manhattan to free me of my inhibitions, which is probably a wise failsafe. There are just some people who don’t belong on the dance floor.

This is Dane’s world. He pulsates before me with confidence and ease—two concepts that are well outside of my grasp right now. I squeeze Dane’s shoulder, drawing his lips from my neck. He gives me a dreamy smile and leans in when I put my mouth near his ear.

“I’m sorry, Dane.”

He flinches. “What for?” Surely he knows how badly I suck at this?

“This really isn’t my thing.” My head shakes a constant stream of no, no, no.

“That’s okay,” he says, and I let out a massive sigh of relief and turn to head off this dance floor of death. Dane’s hand seizes my wrist and yanks me tango-style into his hard body. He answers my shocked gape with a wink. “I’m good enough for both of us.”

The swoon wins out over the Holy-shit-he-did-not! He spins me like a rag doll, pulling my back against his chest and wrapping his arms tight around my belly. His teeth nibble a slow, maddening line up the soft flesh of my ear.

“Just this once, Master, you might want to let me lead.”

“Dear God—” My muttering is interrupted by a sudden, theme-park-worthy plunge of our joined hips and Dane’s warm laughter in my ear.

“I’ve got you, Master.”

“You sure?” I test the theory, relaxing back into his embrace. He seems capable; I might even get comfortable in this and then—

My right hand is lifted over my head and behind Dane’s neck, throwing my balance out of kilter again. He grabs my left hand, sending it to clasp the other behind his head. He runs his palms down my sides until they find my hips again.

“Dane,” I object, but he interrupts with a hot lick of his tongue across my ear.

“Do you remember your safe word, Master?”

Fair is fair. “Yes,” I answer hoarsely.

He gives our hips another dirty gyration, one I never could have managed on my own.

“Dane, people are staring at us.”

“Fuck yeah, they are. They’re jealous of my sexy dance partner.”

This sets me off into giddy laughter. “I’m pretty sure they’re jealous of me, boy.”

He slips his fingers under the hem of my sweater, privately claiming my bare skin as his own. I’m barely in control of my body at this point, having given over the functions of movement and balance to my trusted partner. His hot breath in my ear nearly sends me crashing to the ground. “Tell me, Master, which of us do you think looks happier right now?”

“That would have to be you.”

“Mmhmm,” he agrees, kissing down my neck. “I rest my case.”

Shit, am I ruining his birthday surprise? Stop being a fuddy-duddy and enjoy yourself!

I turn my head so his kisses land on my lips instead. “Mmm,” he moans into my mouth, surprised at my sudden change of heart. We kiss for a long while under the hot, punishing lights. Dane keeps us moving in some dreamy, vertical, almost-fucking state. My body is every bit as needy as the cock pressing into me from behind. I’m beginning to question the wisdom of this very public venue for what is becoming a very personal moment.

I can’t possibly let Dane down now, not when he’s gone to such great lengths to treat me to this incredible experience. I can push away my arousal until we get back to the hotel. I’m almost sixty, for fuck’s sake.

Spinning me like a top, Dane has us face-to-face. He takes one look at my flushed, desperate eyes and kisses me once again. Not helping, boy.

“Okay, time for your surprise,” Dane announces into my ear.

“What? There’s more? Jesus, Dane, what’d you do, hire the Flying Walendas to do a tightrope act?”

He chuckles. “Something like that. C’mon.”

"C'mon"? Where? Oh dear me! Whatever does Dane have planned for poor Marcus? Will he survive it? Will you? 

How'd you like Edward's limerick? Chaya helped me out with that bit- ain't she sweet? I have to say that when I was trying to come up with a male dancer name, my husband's first idea was "Candy"- so props to Mr. H!

Here's a little buzz feed about grinding you might enjoy! XXX


  1. jeeeez, no- I might not survive whatever Dane has planned.

    though, I would not be Dane's target demographic, i would sure enjoy the day that Dane has planned out and executed. I would certainly be as hesitant as Marcus about the dancing, but with a pro like Dane taking the lead and grinding into you.... well, now I'm just at a loss for words! :P

    I love Edward's poem. artistry, indeed! This is so not the thing to focus on, but I love how E is so confident in who he is that he has no problems referencing his time under Marcus's hand! gah, it just does THINGS to me... lol. and seriously, a poem that uses the word 'jizzdom'??? how can that not be a winner?? ;)

    "Okay, this is a little weird. The rules are confusing, but I’m happy to let Dane direct the rest of the day. Everything about today so far has been perfect." The awkwardness feels so real here- Marcus almost doesn't know how to not be in charge (though he's been getting a good deal of practice with Dane the past week or so!), so he's not sure where he should step up and help or if he should just do what he's asked... but as he is thinking, this not being in charge thing has been working out very well so far, so why mess with the formula?!

    "He gives the bartender the international finger signal for get this fool fucked up"- Love this!

    gah, Dane's confidence on the dance floor is soo intoxicating! from not letting his Master leave the dance floor, and manipulating Marcus's body like his own dance puppet, to asking if Marcus remembers his safe word (!!!!). so soo good. Who knew Marcus could get so turned on by letting someone else take the lead!

    P.S. love Dane's stage name. good job, Mr. H!

    I request that you assure me that D and M's grinding looks nothing like those poor souls in the buzzfeed list! lol the horror!

    1. I think a really great partner can make you forget how terribly you least that's the theory I'm clinging to! BAHAHA yes, jizzdom. Kind of like Kingdom where sperm rules. :D

      I love your observation about Marcus - who knew he could get so turned on by relinquishing control? How long will it last, and will there be any kind of residual effect? I guess we'll have to wait and see. Oh yes, sweet Digi, I can assure you most definitely that Dane grinding has nothing in common with any of those fools on the buzzfeed! xoxo

  2. I love Edward's poem. Limericks are my favorite form of poetry and every time I try to write anything 'poetic' it somehow turns into a limerick.

    I can picture Edward, with a little help from Bella, penning this MASTERpiece. LOL

    Now that Dane has had a taste of being in control will it give him more confidence in other areas of his life? I'm happy that Marcus is giving him this freedom and proving to him that not all Doms are like Waynehole. Seems like the day was a great learning experience for both of them.

    1. LOL Limericks are funny before you even write a word, that's why I knew it would be Edward's format! Yes, they're both learning lots...but we're not quite through here, Anakinsmom! Hang in...

  3. Wow, that was a hot and very funny chapter, you always seem to blend lots of emotions in every one and it all just flows so well.

    Loved Edward's limerick, I did wonder for a moment if Dane would be a little upset by
    the reference to Marcus being Edward's Master, only in as much as Edward is still very much in Marcus' life but all was fine.

    Loved the dancing and Dane's 'that's okay'- 'I'm good enough for both of us' comment and I do feel for Marcus who thought about his age a few times this chapter.

    I wonder if Dane is going to find a private space to give his Master a private dance, seeing as he is running the show, he may as well give M a show ;)

    And lastly I'm anticipating when Marcus takes back control, his sweet boy could be in for some very special treats.

    Thank you Born


    1. Thank you for the lovely compliment about blending emotions. These two seem to take me on a roller coaster ride with every chapter. Interesting question about how Dane might feel toward the reference by Edward, but that was all well in the past, and don't forget, Dane knows this already.

      Lovely thought there at the end. I do wonder what happens when "Marcus takes back control"- will it be the same as before?

  4. What can I say? LOVED Edward's limerick! Just hilarious! I pity him should he ever need Marcus expertise again and need to submit to won't be pretty! LOL! Seriously, I just love this chapter. dane has given, is giving, Marcus a most lovely surprise, one that I think Marcus will never forget. It's just lovely to see dane so loose and comfortable here. So willing to take lead in an area he knows so well! It's almost role reversal here as Marcus allows himself, really seems to enjoy himself, to be led and taken care of. Wonderful!

    1. Oh dear lordy, can you even imagine E submitting to Marcus NOW? (Okay, sure go ahead and imagine that!) I do have to say it was truly a pleasure to write Dane so free and confident. And I believe he has shown us this part of his personality since that very first wedding scene where he took to the dance floor. Thanks for your kind words, Judy!

  5. And you left us there, didn't you. You're naughty. And a little ornery. GUH!

    It's so easy to forget Marcus' age because he acts so much younger. Of course he's taken care of himself so I'm sure that goes a long way in making his age a non issue. Meh, he's a damn hot silver fox, that's all I know.

    This chapter and the one preceding it showed just how much Dane has put into the day. His enthusiasm, love, and need to show Marcus a little more of who he is/was makes me swoon. Marcus' discomfort, while short lived most of the time, is almost as endearing.

    Well done. You and Chaya did an amazing job on the limerick. I nearly spit water all over my screen! Mr. H's suggestion sparked a truly wonderful stage name! LMAO!!!!!

    Favorite line... He slips his fingers under the hem of my sweater, privately claiming my bare skin as his own. ...There is something so sexy and touching about this moment. Looking for that closer connection in a place so public and crowded. Yum.


    1. Marcus definitely has some moves. And I don't think he has ever felt so insecure as he does now, with Dane. I think love does knock us off balance a bit, no matter what we think we have going on! I love how you expressed Dane's birthday gift to Marcus as sharing who HE (Dane) is with him. What more could Marcus ask for than more of Dane? Mmmmm. So happy the fingers gave you a little some'm some'm. You're the best, V!

  6. Wait.. what??? oh hell. Next post better be soon.

    Great Limerick and attitude that went with it. Then dancing and safe word question. They have the roles ( I first typed rolls... ha) all mixed up today and both are just going with the flow of it. They find such joy in each other.

    Favorite line..."He slips his fingers under the hem of my sweater, privately claiming my bare skin as his own." shivers...

    1. SOON?
      Dude, I've posted nearly daily for 66 chapters!

      I love that you are experiencing their joy. Perfect.

  7. I can just imagine Edward writing that. Bella is on all fours as his writing table, Pencils laid across her back. Wire bound notebook lightly digging in as he writes and erases. Rewards when he asks for help and she gives him something good (I imagine jizzdom comes from her) spanks when she doesn't...sigh, miss those two lol. So much awesome to see Dane in his place that gives him the confidence to top Marcus just a little bit. Looking forward to seeing what Rock Candy has planned for our nervous Dom. And yes Born you made another childhood treat give me the giggles. Every time I go to a story that sells specialty candy I will get the giggles when I see those sparkly, sugary, hard, pieces of yumminess. xoxo

    1. Oh Edward is quite the poet laureate. OMG what a dirty image!! Way to go, Vicki! GOOD GRIEF! I guess I just ruined Rock Candy forever for you. How else might I be of service? *giggles*

  8. WOW I have to say I loved Dane in this chapter so much, he is coming out of the shadows with a vengeance, it's so beautiful to see him acting so sure of himself and free. What an amazing Birthday for Marcus so far and I am so excited to what is to come. The best part of this chapter the dancing. I love dancing, I used to go dancing every weekend when I was single without fail, it didn't matter where to we used to mixed it up. Raves, rodeos, salsa, pop, disco, texmex. We would be the first ones in and the last ones out. Then I met my husband, a very sexy Ausssie who has two left feet, and I taught him a lot of the Latin rhythms I enjoy so much. I guess I was the Dane in the equation :) Dancing with your significant other can be so meaningful and yes, it is the best place to seduce your partner. I love the way Marcus was able to let go so willingly and allowed himself to be looked after and pampered. Way to go Dane!!!! I'm looking forward to the next surprise.
    I reallyI loved Edward's little cheeky email.
    As always thank you so much for sharing this story so freely and for your kind replies.

    1. Loved hearing your story...and a man who comes from down undah? You are a lucky, lucky girl, Gigi! Thanks for mentioning Edward's poetry!

  9. Born, I don't even know where to start.... These past couple of chapters have blown me away. The way you so elegantly write the words traps me in a swirl of their moment....and holds me tethered to their next word, breath, emotion.
    I'm so invested in their love I almost feel intrusive.
    This lap dance took my breath away, spiked my fever and held me on the edge along w Marcus.....
    And then, that moment.....that heart stopping moment when "those" words were spoken....I cried....
    You astound me with the depth of your love and revelations in each of these characters as you take us on their journey.
    Thank you. Its a magical adventure and I'm completely addicted.

    KM Took aka Kyla

    1. OMG what a comment: I'm so invested in their love I almost feel intrusive. Holy shit, Kyla, that's the motherlode of review comments! What a gorgeous review. Thank you so much!

  10. Dane is Rock Candy? Awesome stage name for him. This was a super fun chapter. Made me wish I was there with them having fun. Could you only imagine?

    1. I could only imagine, but I have to say, my imagination is pretty vivid!

  11. Gaaaahhh!!! I love these two!!!!! So damn much! They are making me giggle, swoon, and Ahhhhh!!! All over the place.
    Rock candy! I love it!!!
    I just thought about where they may be going and what Dane may do. Especially since you asked if we were going to be able to handle it. Now gonna hit that little arrow button to seeeeeeee!!!

    1. Heehee you are such a cute giggler and swooner!
      You gotta let me know how your prediction panned out!

  12. I loved Edward's poem. It's funny - I invested in Marcus and Dane that I keep forgetting that they are an "offshoot" of Edward and Bella's story. That is how amazing these characters are - you made me forget about E &B and I love those kids.

    I am astounded at Dane's resiliency. I would think that going back to the club he danced at under waynehole's decree would be an issue for him. But he remembered how Marcus reacted (quite positively) to the thought of Dane dancing for him. Now I am REALLY excited to see WHAT Dane has in store for Uncle Marcus.

    1. I really appreciate your words about this story vs. KEA. I love the chance to "show you" Edward through Marcus's eyes. We did get to see a bit of their rapport, but it was only one-sided. Their shared history and mutual respect and the level of testosterone when you put them together just make them one of my favorite bromances to explore. So happy you're enjoying it too.

      I agree with you about sending Dane back to his old club, and I thought long and hard (!) about it. In the end (!!) I decided that Dane would have had a comfort level there, and surely everyone would still love him and support him in this. I love sending the two of them to places where Dane moves with ease and Marcus has to stumble and hold onto his submissive for support. I'm a meanie that way! xoxo

  13. I keep losing my reviews... blog reading on mobile sucks ass sometimes.

    But oh lorsh *fans self* that dance floor grind was hot as fuck. I love that Dane wanted to dance with him. I had suggested it a few chapters ago that Dane should dance for him and I guess this is close enough. I'm happy that Marc pushes down his insecurities and let Dane and himself have this treat.

    ~“Do you remember your safe word, Master?”


    I was wheezing so hard and E&B's limerick. Too funny. Now I'm picturing them rapping it out as they make it up. E rapping and B doing a little human beat box thingie. Lol

    What else could Dane have up his sleeve? Hmmmm... this is quite the long, wonderful fucking day to be Dane's Master. Love it.

    1. Yeah my days tend to be long and everything happens quickly. We've come to calling it "Born time"! Welcome to my mad world, Packy! You called the dancing!