Friday, May 9, 2014


“You’re in a good mood. And you haven’t removed your eyeliner.”

Dane grins. “I love the way you look at me when I leave it on.”

I roll my eyes. “Seriously, Dane, it can’t be all that different from the way I look at you any other time.” I am hopelessly, pathetically, embarrassingly obvious.

He smiles and shakes his head. “Not true.”

I give him my best you’re-not-getting-to-me scowl. “What would you like to eat?”

“Changing the subject, okay fine. I’d like something light tonight, maybe a salad or an omelet?”

“Is there a diner you especially like?”

“Tick Tock’s good.”

“Lead the way.”

He takes my hand and we walk along, side-by-side, with our matched gait, as if we’ve been walking together for twenty years.

“So, Sean said he and Riley can come to the show this Wednesday.”

“That’s nice. I’m sure they’ll love it.”

“Yeah, and Matt hooked me up with tickets.”

“Even better.”

“Yeah.” He falls silent. We wait at a red light. “I don’t really know how to ask you this without being awkward about it . . .”

Heart in throat, I look over at him. I know better than to try to guess what’s on his mind or rush him. But damn the blasted waiting!

“Did you want to see the show again? Because you know, you’re obviously welcome anytime, more than welcome, I mean, but I know you have a life and that’s just weird and now how would you ever say you don’t want to come?” The light changes; we walk. He shakes his head and mumbles under his breath.

I probably shouldn’t tell him I’d like nothing better than to watch him perform every damn night. That’s not real healthy for either of us. But I also don’t want to hurt the guy’s feelings.


He stops his muttering and head shaking long enough to look at me. “Yes?”

“You know I love watching you perform. Or swim. Or . . .” breathe. I feel the blush on my cheeks, and I’m grateful for the cover of the night sky and neon lighting. “Right?”


“Okay, good. Now, I’m not going to crowd you during the three hours a day you have to yourself. Plus, I occasionally have some things to get done without you being all adorable and distracting.”

His shy smile goes straight to my groin. Another light stops us at the next corner. Such is the city; such is our talk. Start, stop. Start, stop.


“Fine. Only one question remains.”

“What’s that, Master?”

“What am I gonna do with you when I get you and your eyes back to our room?”

I pull open the door to the diner, and he walks inside.

“I have no idea, but I’m sure it will be interesting.”

My boy is ripe for some good, old-fashioned edge play, and I spend the next ninety minutes taking care of just that. Bound to the four corners of the bed, spread-eagle on his back, Dane is totally at the mercy of my filthy words, my hands, my mouth, my cock, and my toys.  I bring him to the edge over and over again, until he is ragged with exhaustion and need.

I had the boy’s lips wrapped around my cock not long after I got him naked and trussed up; I blame the eyeliner of doom. My release early in the game allows me to draw it out even longer for poor Dane. He is a trooper; I’ll give him that. When asked just before his peak if he wants to come, he denies himself repeatedly. My beautiful boy. I really believe he would’ve kept going for another hour if I hadn’t brought out the latex gloves.

His eyes go wide as I pull them on, snapping the tight, black second-skin around my wrists. “Oh, Dane, you didn’t tell me you were into latex. Have you just let another secret desire slip out?”

He licks his lips, poor fella, and his cock practically does a back handspring into my hand. I wrap my fingers around his shaft, letting him have the feel of the cool, sleek material against his skin. Dane groans and squirms. “I think I just found your kryptonite, Super Boy.” My other hand cups his balls, drawing an animalistic grunt that sends shockwaves to my cock. Spent or not, it’s awake now.

Squeezing a generous dollop of Astroglide into my palm, I bathe the length of his shaft and balls. Dane goes nuts in my hands. I hadn’t anticipated this enthusiastic a response. When he likes something, he really likes something! What a joy to discover each new turn-on and watch while he loses every inhibition.

I pull away, and he protests with an angry growl, his hips lifting off the bed toward hands that won’t accommodate him. “Easy, boy. I’m coming back. Catch your breath for me. That’s it; just breathe.”

As Dane watches with desperate eyes, I squeeze out more lube onto my right index finger, making it damn obvious where it’s about to go. His abdomen rises and falls in rocky hitches like a dirt bike on a motocross track.

“You’re going to love this, Dane. I am going to finger you until you beg me to let you come. And when you do, I’m going to take this hand,” I say, raising my open, slicked-up left hand and waving my fingers at him, “and I’m going to jerk you off until you give me every last drop inside of you.”

In the still of our hotel room, Dane’s needy whimper echoes off the walls. It’s a heartbreakingly beautiful sound, to know he wants this so much and to know I can deliver it for him.

Poised between his thighs, I press the tip of my finger inside him as promised. He hisses and moans, offering little resistance.

“That’s beautiful, Dane. You’re so beautiful when you let me in.

“Master, nnnnnnnggggh!”

“What is it, Dane? What do you want?”

“More, please, mmmm, more!”

I add my middle finger, rolling my wrist and pumping him until he’s dizzy and lost, meeting my fingers and working his hips for more friction, more depth.

“Ohgod, Master, I’m close, so close.”

“Close your eyes, Dane.”

He’s blinded when my hand comes down on him, and the result is immediate. He goes stiff as a steel pole. Hot streams shoot out while he fucks my fingers. His hips barely slow down even after he’s emptied, ghosting thrusts against my hands above and inside him. Every muscle in his body is tensed; for one terrifying moment, he looks like he could break free of the ropes holding him down.

I bring him back with soft caresses, but he can’t calm down while the latex is touching him, so I peel off the gloves and press my hands to his skin. “You were amazing, Dane. So free and open. Such a beautiful boy.” I murmur soothing words as I work the bindings off him, checking his muscles for leftover tension or strains. “Does anything hurt?”

“No, Master.”

“Any tightness?”

Dane giggles. “I feel like I’m made of rubber.”

I smile down at his giddiness. My heart. He’s so free and easy this way, so utterly relaxed and trusting. If I could keep him in a post-orgasmic state all the time, I’d be a very happy Master.

When I’ve liberated him from all the bonds, I lie down beside him and pull his body into my side. Holding him against me, I caress him with light strokes down his arms, across his shoulders, along his scalp.

“I don’t remember reading about a latex fetish on your checklist, Dane.”

“Yeah, that was a bit of a surprise for me, too.”

His eyes are closed, and his voice still has that half-asleep rasp to it. His lips can hardly be bothered to form words. This is no time to delve further into whatever adventures in latex Dane did or did not have with a previous dom. My hands find themselves in his hair as I pull his head to my chest. He hums and sighs and burrows deeper into my body.

Mine, mine, mine!

“Are you up for a little reading, or would you rather just go to sleep?”

“Mmm, I don’t think I can open my eyes, but I’m happy to listen.”

“I wasn’t going to make you read tonight, Dane.” I drop a kiss on his head as I reach for the new book on the nightstand.

“Can you describe the pictures to me, Master?”

I fix the lights and the sheets and I tuck Dane into my chest again. “No pictures.”

“What? Why?” He opens his eyes with a squint. “What’s this?”

“This is what we’re reading now.”

“What happened to Huck Finn?”

“That was a poor choice on my part.”

Dane pushes away so he can look me in the eye. “I’m sorry, did I ruin it for you?”

“No, Dane. It just wasn’t what I wanted us to be reading together, so I abandoned it for something else. I do it all the time. Life is too short to read something that makes you unhappy.”

“Okay,” he says uncertainly. “So, what is this new book?”

The 500 Greatest Poems of Our Time. Only a slightly pretentious title,” I chuckle.


“Do you have something against poetry?”

“No, not at all. I’m just surprised.”

I rub my thumb along his cheek and smile. “I guess we’re both full of surprises, huh?”

He gives me that sleepy smile again. “So, how does this work? We read in order?”

“Nope. You pick what you want to read when it’s your turn.”

“Okay, that’s cool. I might need a little time to look things over. Is that okay?”

“Sure, Dane. You can take it with you to work if you want.”

“I know which one I’d start with, if it’s in there.”

“Oh yeah? What?”

“Do I have to tell?”

My lips curl into a smile. “No, but you’re screwed if I read it first.”

Dane shakes his head. “What are the chances? There are five hundred poems.”

“Okay, fine. Be stubborn.”

Dane sighs loudly enough to make his point.

“Would you simmer down, please? I’m about to read.”

He cracks a grin. “Sorry, Master.” Dane finds that spot where his body fits into mine without effort or strain, and closes his eyes. “Ready.”

I open the book to the page where the new Top Shelf bookmark sits, smiling at my memory of Marie. Maybe I’ll tell Dane about her tomorrow, but right now, he’s not exactly in conversation mode.

I’m carefully monitoring his expression when I divulge the author. “I chose a poem by Robert Frost.”

No response.

I jigger my thumb next to his ear. “I said, ‘Robert Frost.’”

Dane smiles, eyes closed. “I heard you, Master.”

“You’re killing me, Dane.”

He chuckles into my chest. “He’s not my pick.”

“Good, because this is my favorite poem, and it would’ve spoiled it for me if I’d spoiled it for you.”

“Now you’re trying to confuse me.” He chuckles again.

“God, you’re ridiculous. Okay, shush. I’m reading.

'Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;

Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim,
Because it was grassy and wanted wear;
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same,

And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I kept the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.”

I’m lost in Frost’s yellow wood, and maybe that’s why Dane’s soft singing at the end of the poem creeps up on me, or maybe it’s because I thought surely he’d fall asleep while I was reading. But in large part, it’s just what is this incredible sound?

“Are you singing the poem?”

“Hmm? Oh, sorry. I didn’t even realize I was doing that.”

“Are you making up the tune as you go along?”

“No, Master. We sang it in four-part harmony in boys’ chorus in high school. I find myself singing it sometimes when I have a difficult decision to make. I guess I find it comforting.”

I could weep with gratitude for Robert Frost, offering Dane some measure of comfort when life’s decisions were more than he could handle. “That’s beautiful, Dane. Maybe we could find it sometime and listen to it together.”

He opens his eyes and smiles. “I’m pretty sure I can find it. It’s on my phone.”

“Are you being a wise ass, Dane?”

“No, Master. I am being a tired ass. Please excuse my lapse. What time is it, anyway?”

I stretch to set the book down on the nightstand and catch the digital display before turning out the light. “It’s 12:06.”

He spins in my arms, and even in the dark I just created, he finds my lips with his. “Happy birthday, Master.”

Add Tick Tock to the OUAD/KEA/RM tour of NYC! One of my readers found and posted a picture of Ben Ash deli yesterday in the Patch. How fun!

The beautiful Randall Thompson arrangement of Robert Frost's "The Road Not Taken" can be found here. The end gives me chills. I had the great privilege of accompanying the men's chorus in high school, and I never forgot the beauty of this piece. I love imagining Dane's voice among these. You have a road not taken?

MASTER'S BIRTHDAY! Squeeeeeeeee! :D See you soon-ish. xoxo


  1. Wow. First of all, that is one of my all time favorite poems. In my 20's I would reread it, much like Dane was singing it, when I needed to remind myself that taking a chance and going with the unknown could be amazing. Beautiful. I wish my choir, either high school or university, had sung that. It's beautiful music.

    Dane's cheeky responses early on were the perfect way to start my day. That man just burrows deeper and deeper into my heart. Pretty soon he'll be where Marcus has been for ages. LATEX! I don't think I EVER would have pegged him for having a latex kink! That was fun! You wrote it so perfectly too. I could feel his desperation and Marcus' surprise and delight. Well done!

    Favorite line... I could weep with gratitude for Robert Frost, offering Dane some measure of comfort when life’s decisions were more than he could handle. ...Bout sums up how it made me feel. Those little things that help make the life of the person you love easier. <3


  2. I liked how Marcus answered Dane's question about M viewing more than one of his shows. However, I wonder what Dane thought of it? Usually an answer of "fine" is not a positive one in my opinion. Or maybe that is only true when I answer that way. LOL

    Love this sentence:

    I blame the eyeliner of doom.

    Black latex gloves....who knew? LOL

    Now see? How fun would that be to have someone around that feels this way:

    If I could keep him in a post-orgasmic state all the time, I’d be a very happy Master.


    Who would have thought that Dane's harmony group sang what is Marcus' favorite poem? It is fate I tell you!

    I have many roads that I did not take. Some I regret. Some I am thankful for. Some I don't have a clue if they would have been the right choice or not.

    Thanks for the link to the video.

    1. Hmm, what Dane thought of Marcus's answer? He seemed to understand perfectly what he was and wasn't saying. :) I do agree with you about "fine" and I would add my husband's favorite non-answer answer: "Sure."
      We have a word for that kind of cosmic meant-to-be fate- beshert. (Yiddish) I feel like it's more than coincidence- if two hearts are drawn together for whatever reason, there are probably all kinds of deep connections to be found. Let's dig a bit, shall we? :D

      Yeah...the roads. Thank you for giving it some thought.

  3. I love Robert Frost and didn't realize that this poem had been put to music, lovely, thank you.

    Sean and Riley at the theatre? That sounds like fun!! How could Marcus not go to that, Riley could try winding him up again.

    I know we keep saying it but Dane has just come so far in such a short time, to be tied down tight and tormented (in a good way) for so long.....I think we are into the fourth week now right?

    Happy birthday Marcus, kiss kiss, are you sure he isn't bi Born, just saying lol

    Looking forward to seeing what Dane has planned for Marcus, after therapy :(

    Thank you


    1. Marcus might just meet up with the boys after the show *wink wink*

      Marcus could probably make you pretty happy, but he wouldn't really be into it as much. :) got that right.

  4. Do you know what amazes me MotW? Your thorough and sensible research of places, songs, poems to enrich an already rich story *shakes head* this is not just fiction, it's a labour of love. And I feel very fortunate to take this journey with you. Being from a faraway land, I've learned a lot about American pop culture in my young days - even today I feel embarrassed when someone asks me about my preferences for films or songs and I spout American or even European names - but American poetry/writing? I haven't been exposed to Robert Frost, e.e. cummings, Walt Whiltman ... not until I start reading ff lol. I guess that's why I decide to go back to college and take Portuguese/English literature *my career choice was electronic engineering*.

    And 'walking' thru NY with Marcus and Dane? I feel like Dr Kate Foster getting to know Chicago on a Saturday walk ... who is Kate Foster, Muse? Ah ah ... let's see who remembers this film *winks*
    Thx lady. Another moving chapter *I may have shed a tear*

    1. Awww, thank you for your tear! I really appreciate your kind words. I have done quite a bit of searching during this story--whether it's kinky dungeon stuff or erotic poetry, you're right- it is a labor of love. Even so, it's lovely to have a reader understand the effort that goes into the writing. I changed my poetry book several times in the writing of the story, which is why I need to stay WAY ahead of posting with my writing!

      Your praise and kind words mean the world. Thank you so much for sharing.

  5. Love Dane's eyeliner of doom! lol ok, maybe even more, I love Marcus's reaction to it! haha

    Never would have guessed that D would have a soft spot (hard?? lol) for black latex gloves. Not quite my thing, but whenever something provokes such an intense, immediate reaction- you know it's going to be good for THEM and that is just as hot as something that pushes my OWN buttons.

    I'm really liking the idea of these boys reading poetry to each other- even if its not erotic! lol. Can't wait to see what Dane's choice of poem is!

    Backtracking a bit, I like how Marcus responded to Dane asking if he wanted to come to more of his shows. Maybe he can come to the occasional show, but he can certainly leave that world mostly to Dane. If D happened to have an office job, I don't think Marcus would show up at his cubicle every day! lol.

    Very excited to see what Dane has planned for Master's birthday!

    1. Poor Marcus and the evil eyeliner. I'm just trying to get original here, and in the hotel Marcus has to be somewhat creative with the "soft goods"! ;)

      Rightio on the "office job" observation. It really is the only few hours of the day they spend apart. It just seemed weird to me that Marcus might keep coming to show after show.

  6. I listened to the recording by the Hastings College Choir after I read the chapter. Even if I didn't know what was being sung, the beauty of the piece would have still overwhelmed my emotions and evoked tears. I'm just built like that. It was so beautiful. The chapter also was a beauty. Their relationship just keeps taking on new layers, going to new levels, and is becoming an entity unto itself. Love that dane's eyeliner turns Marcus on! That each is becoming increasingly comfortable and secure within their own bubble, and to the outside world, gives me joy to read. I'm feeling especially sappy this morning, it seems.....

    1. I'm with you, Judy. I just loved that beautiful arrangement, on top of the sentiment. So happy you liked it, too. Hey, I've been a sappy pumpkin since my birthday 6 months ago. Pull up a hanky and join the party!

  7. Happy Birthday Marcus, and what a present. Not only did you and Dane discover a new fetish to enjoy with each other you also shared a love of a classic. Born, m'dear, you bring these two lovebirds to life. I really am enjoying their story.

    1. Aww, so happy you are.
      BUT...we have not yet begun to celebrate Master's birthday.
      STAY TUNED, V!

  8. Good lord - the eyeliner (I have a thing for that myself on a guy - makes the eyes pop) so I'm with Marcus there. These two are just so adorable (I love when they're Master and sub, but they're also sweet and adorable, awkward and vulnerable lovers when they're not in scene and I love that too!) Wow to the latex fetish (I now have visions of Dr Marcus tending his patient) and how Dane responded to it was very intense. Marcus is opening up a whole new world for his sub and it's wonderful. The poetry reading was sweet and the poem was great - I also loved Dane's teasing about his surprise poem for his Master. Hehe - Marcus doesn't like the whole 'not knowing' thing does he? :) Great chapter as always. I love how you're peeling back the layers of both characters for us.

    1. Oh gee THANKS for planting the doctor fantasy in there! #neverendingstory

      LOL on Marcus's aversion to not knowing. Poor fella. He's gonna have a long damn birthday tomorrow!

  9. Half the time I don't get a comment box, my phone's fault. Glad I did this time. I think it's great that Dane recognized that Marcus looked at him a little bit differently with his eye liner and he didn't even realize it himself. Loved the scene, and oh another thing Dane enjoys very much. The poetry went over so well. I'm not sure I had ever heard that poem put to music. It's beautiful. Looking forward to Marcus's birthday and which poem Dane wants to share.


    1. :)
      We're gonna have some fun!
      Thanks for your review, flutter.

  10. "I blame the eyeliner of doom." Ha... works for me.

    "Dane finds that spot where his body fits into mine without effort or strain, and closes his eyes." Great description. I love that spot.

    I used to read Frost to my kids when they need ed a voice and calm. It always worked well on Christmas eve. Much better than HF.

    1. Heehee. It's not Marcus's fault he has a little weakness!
      Yeah, that snuggle favorite moment of every day is crawling into that and taking in his scent. Yum. Feels so safe, like my own little nest.

      Yeah, fuck huck!

  11. Catching up here, I love this chapters where you get to show us how their relationship keeps growing, they are quiet and unassuming but they have a different depth and meaning. Marcus ever the responsible Master willing to take a step back when necessary and when to push forward, there is such beauty in the way he sets this rhythm to their relationship. Amazing to see Dane so change and branching out, I'm excited to see a friendship developing with Sean and Reily. I enjoy poems a lot and it was a lovely book selection, since there are 500 of them in the book, I am sure Marcus and Dane both will be able to find a selection appropriate for pretty much any mood and situation. The one that Marcus read today is one of my all time favorites, I certainly identify with it, in life there are always many paths to take and yes I've away been a firm believer of making my own way so mostly I can say that "I took the one less traveled by" but more often than not I chose to go rogue and clear my own path. I have a feeling that Marcus might be both a path less travel by but also path explorer type of fellow, but relevant to Dane too as he is now walking a path less traveled by that has made all the difference.
    Thank you so much and see you in next chapter's review.

    1. Love how you describe Marcus as "setting the rhythm to their relationship." In so many ways, he is in control...and yet, we both know, in so many ways he is utterly out of his element.

  12. Hold on... accompanied. So you play an instrument? Piano? Oboe? Accordian? Learn something new everyday about you!

    Frost holds a special place in my heart too.

    1. Yes'm. I played piano (also played viola REALLY abominably) but it was the ivory tickling I did for the boys. Sigh...

  13. I'm trying to think about what I'd like to say about this chapter except the last line has me stunned...


    I'm just so ready to see what this entails. Sorry for my lack ofor review this time around. You can take me across your lap for that.