Monday, June 30, 2014


From: Edward Cullen
Sent: Tuesday, January 29, 2013 7:48 PM
To: Marcus Andrews
Subject: Congrats

I hear congratulations are in order! Apparently, your boy is over the moon and halfway to the stars. I can only imagine what galaxy you must be visiting!

Happy for you, man.

On another note, troops are rallied for Monday. The finest of the Big Apple’s underground at your disposal.

Call me,

Of course Edward would have heard by now.

I suppose talking to my friend will be more entertaining than Byron and Keats. Edward picks up on the fourth ring, just as I’m about to leave a message about teasing me and then playing hard to get.

“Look who took himself off the market after all these years!”

Hello to you, too, Edward. “You know, it could’ve been you. You would’ve looked great in my collar.”

“Ha! Now, there’s a visual!”

“You’re welcome.”

“So,” he starts, warmth beginning to shine through, “how does it feel?”

“Like walking on clouds.”


“Was that a sigh, Edward?”


I kick back in my recliner, savoring this. “You’re right up here with me, aren’t you, my friend?”

“Yep, and I don’t see myself coming down any time soon.”

“No,” I answer, “I don’t expect you will.”

“But this is about you. Tell me about the collaring.”

I’m grinning ear-to-ear, and I’m sure he knows it. “Dane is . . . nothing short of a miracle. I ask for an inch; he gives me a mile.” Sigh. “I never know what he’s going to do next.”

Rich laughter fills my ear. “Your dancer is keeping you on your toes?”

“You have no idea. Did you know he insisted on buying me something for our ceremony?”

“What? Like a collar?”

I flip and turn my wrist, admiring the bracelet I’ve only taken off to shower and work out. “It’s a bracelet actually.”

“Like the watch Isabella gave me.”

My hand flops into my lap. “I guess we masters have been good and marked.”

Edward laughs again. “Who knew that could be fun?”

“Oh, I’m learning all kinds of new things.”

“Care to share with the class?”

Where to begin? He’s going to tease the hell out of me, but for some reason, I can’t get the words out quickly enough.

“I . . . kind of like dancing.”

“Are we talking watching or actual gettin’ jiggy?”

“I don’t know what the hell that means. I like dancing with Dane.”

“Well, that is a surprise.”

“Tell me about it. And I like quinoa.”

“Is he related to Ben-wah?”

“Not even close. It’s some kind of grain that’s supposed to keep away all kinds of nasty diseases, and somehow, Dane makes it taste good.”

Edward laughs again. If Dane is the other half of the bargain, bring on the laughter. “Next thing you know, you’ll be growing your own lima beans.”


“Ha! Never say never, old man. Hasn’t life taught you anything?”

“Ahh, you’re so right, my friend.”

“Goddamn, you sound happy, Marcus.”

“Yeah, I guess I never realized what I’d been missing.”

“Well, from the sound of it, Dane’s not going anywhere.”

“No, he’s just foolish enough to think he’d never find anything better.”

“Hunh! Thank goodness for silly subs, eh?”


“How’s Dane holding up as this blessed event gets closer?”

“I’ve been keeping his mind and body well occupied.”

“I have no doubt, but what about when you’re not scening?”

As usual, Edward cuts right through the crap to the heart of the matter. “That’s where it gets a little tricky. We cook and read, and I’m teaching him karate.”

“Karate? Wow, you never taught me karate.” He lets a little jealousy color his words just to make me feel good—and it does. “Then again, we never danced. Wait, does he lead? He must lead! Don’t tell me you actually follow!”

“I’m not sure I’d call it following so much as floating, but yeah, I know when to turn over the steering wheel to a more skilled driver.”

There’s a pause while Edward probably debates with himself whether to ask the question we both know is on his mind. I’m not the least bit surprised when he comes out with it. “Obviously, you don’t have to answer, but now you’ve just got me so fucking curious. Have you bottomed for him?”

Memories from Dane’s all-request night tug me away from the conversation: Dane’s hunger, the rough tumbling, my assumption, his most humble request.

“Sorry, I retract my question. That’s none of my business.”

“No, it’s not, but I don’t mind answering. Hell, look at some of the shit I know about you two.”

He chuffs. “True. Okay, fine. Give!”

The simple answer is no. “Not yet.”

“Are you worried you might like it?”

“Very funny. I know I’ll like it. I love every single thing he does to me.”

“Then what’s holding you back?”

“Nothing. I’m ready when he is. We’re not quite there yet. He’s having a bit of a challenge seeing me outside of the Master role.”

“Psshh, imagine that.”

“Wise ass.”

“Hey, don’t worry. Dane will probably figure out you’re human one of these days, and it’s just a hop, skip, and his dick up your ass from there.”

“I bet you’re all proud of yourself right now, aren’t you?”

“Pretty much.” The mocking is absent from his voice when he continues. “Seriously, Marcus, he’ll get there, and you’ll love it.”

“What do you know about taking it up the ass?”

“Nothing, thank you very much! You know Isabella likes to be in charge every now and then. It always seems to work out pretty well for me.”

“So I hear.”

“If you’re concerned about some kind of shift in the dynamic, I’m here to tell you, you have nothing to worry about. If anything, it sharpens the distinction between submissive and lover. It’s like letting yourself have a hot fudge sundae every now and then so you can stick to your diet.”

“My ass is the hot fudge sundae in this analogy?”

“Mmhmm, with a cute little pop-your-cherry on top.”

“You truly do have a unique outlook on things, my friend.”

“You’re not the only one who’s been schooled by his submissive, you know.”

Now, there’s a concept that makes me chuckle. “Speaking of whipping people into shape . . . how’s that arm of yours doing?”

“I’m ready. Whatever you need. Good cop, bad cop, hatchet man, someone to keep a close eye on Dane, anything.”

“Good cop will not be making an appearance. You and I are going bad cop and badder cop; take your pick. And thanks anyway, but I don’t plan to allow Dane beyond my reach. I’ve asked Eleazar and Sean to watch him closely and intervene if need be. You I need doing the dirty work with me. I’m counting on you to make sure I don’t go too soft on his abusive ass.”

“Sounds like a plan. I’ll follow your lead . . . you do still know how to lead, don’t you, big, bad Master?”

“I believe I can still order you around, Edward.”

“Ahh, just like old times.”

“Yes,” but with one huge difference. I’ve always known our playful banter was just that. Edward knew about my infatuation pretty much as soon as I did, and we both acknowledged very early on that nothing would come of it. Yet, whenever we’d talk, even all these years later, I’d still get that little charge out of a flirtatious line, still allow my heart to take a guarded sigh over a compliment, still toss out an image to arouse his interest. It’s not that I thought Edward would ever switch teams or that anything would ever come of it, but somehow, I liked it. Maybe it’s the teeny, tiny masochist in me—who knows?

But now? That edge is gone. Dane has eradicated my need for it, I suppose, along with any shred of desire for anyone other than Dane. I still love Edward for a million reasons, but when he’s standing next to me in the dungeon next week, I won’t be thinking about the curve of his ass or what’s hidden up front.

“Hey, Marcus, not to sound like a pussy, but what are you wearing?”

“Hmm, let’s see. I have on my Hugo Boss boxer briefs—bright red—a pair of Sevens jeans—”

“Hey, cut that shit out right now!”

It’s rare that I can fluster him, and I enjoy a good chuckle. In my huskiest phone stalker voice, I whisper, “What are you wearing, Edward?”

“A heavy sweater woven out of fuck-you.”

“Aww, just kidding. Bring in the heavy artillery: full-on black, heavy-soled boots, giant belt buckles. None of that jockstrap-and-chaps routine for this guy.”

“Um, you own chaps?”

“I’m a gay dom! What do you think?”

“Easy, man, easy. And don’t you dare start telling me about your jock.”

My face breaks into a wide smile. “I have a lovely collection of jocks; thanks for asking.”

“For the record, I did not ask.”

“Anything else I can help you with, Edward? I like it when you leave a little shadow on your chin and let your hair kind of fall into your eyes . . .”

Before I can  get to his aftershave, Edward is off and running, spluttering a string of get-me-outta-here-now nonsense: “Oh! Is that you, wife? Sorry, Marcus, gotta run. Lovely catching up, and congrats again!”

“B—” Click.

So...that was Edward. Isn't he cute when he gets jealous?


  1. It was lovely to hear from Edward, it is always nice to have a reminder of their relationship.

    The picture is forming in my mind about Wayne getting his comeuppance and M and E will be double teaming. I am looking forward to it but also feel like I might need to grab a cushion when the time comes. If I was going to be in attendance I would stand next to Dane and hold his hand, where would you be Born, I wonder? And come to think of it, where would my fellow commentators be?? The answers could be very revealing, ha, ha.

    Once again Born, thank you


    I love that Marcus is so happy.

    1. Aww, you are such a tender soul, Jarvis. I think most of these readers will say they'd be holding the whip along with Edward! But what a great question? Me? Hmmm, maybe I'd be waiting in the sub room for the whole thing to be over. Or better yet, at the restaurant having a drink!

  2. I'm salivating heavily thinking about the one-two punch of Marcus and Edward and what they will do to eager to see that! I love the playful, flirtatious banter that Marcus and Edward have between's cute to watch! As you said, however, now that Marcus has dane, they dynamic has altered slightly. And well it should! This was a fun chapter to read!

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    1. BAHAAHA your comment made me laugh so hard. Piddle his pants! OMG hide and peek...the new game?
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    1. Thanks, Gumi. So happy you enjoyed the boys' convo. Your observation is keen- if Edward and Marcus had gone off into the sunset, there were a couple other stories that never could've been told!
      Yes, Bella is handling the arrangements for later- no girls allowed at Downstairs...but US!

  6. Well if it wasn't confirmed before, this conversation solidified the fact that Marcus was over Edward thanks to Dane. The way he talks and his inner voice is telling him he has moved on. Edward will always have a special place in Marcus' heart no doubt - but it's good to see Marcus in a happy relationship, and able to keep Edward an importat part of his life. Really enjoy reading their banter - and their friendship, respect, and love for one another will never diminish. And I cannot want till they play Bad Cop and Badder Cop on Waynehole's ass! :D.

    1. Lisa,
      I'm so happy you mentioned the transition of their relationship. I guess we knew it all along but now Marcus KNOWS it too. I also agree that their friendship can weather whatever comes their way. These ware two reasonable men who understand all that friendship, mentoring, respect, and trust entails.

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    1. Thanks so much for your sweet review of this Marcus-Edward dynamic. I have to admit, it is one I love to explore.

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    1. Interesting question you posed about what Bella and Dane might have in common. Well, if all goes well, they'll be at the after-party together, and I assume they'll have a little convo. The story is from Marcus's POV, which does present a challenge or two in relating what you've asked for. Not insurmountable. ;)

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    Km Tok

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    1. So happy you enjoyed their bantering. Yeah, Edward wants Marcus to be happy...always has! :)

  12. I too adoooooored the banter b/w E&M and yes, I agree with you all, they have a beautiful relation and one to last years and years. And though Dane owns M's heart, E will always hold a special place deep deep inside of it. This chapter made me miss B&E's story *sighs* I may have to revisit it sometime this weekend *winks*
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    1. Awww, sweet. You're so right about E and M. Bromance lives on...
      Thanks for your kind words, Musie.

  13. I was smiling so stupidly wide after this chapter that when it became time to write my name in, I wrote Edward instead. *fp* lol

    Next to Marcus and dane's relationship, I'd have to say I absolutely adore Edward and Marcus'. Always such a treat to have them bicker and banter back and forth with each other. So much laughs and so many dreamy sighs too. I love how they can maintain the balance of that line between each other. Given their history. I just love everytime they come together. It will be a real damn treat seeing both of them in scene sided by side... giving Waynehole the ass kicking he deserves. Excited/scared/anxious about this! Gah...

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    1. OMG that's hilarious! (you writing in Edward!)
      I love revisiting Marcus and Edward. Their dynamic gives me much pleasure. I can't write those two without smiling. That's a good thing! Thanks for enjoying it and letting me know you did, Packy!