Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Why am I not packing, too? It’s not as if Dane’s the only one leaving this hotel room and never coming back. God, could I be any more morose?


I look over at Dane from where I’m perched against the headboard pretending to read poetry. He’s standing in the bathroom doorway, holding one of the hand towels. “What is it, Dane?”

“Would you think less of me if I stole this? I’d kind of like to have a souvenir of this place.”

I pat the bed next to me, and Dane climbs up one knee at a time and plops down rather indelicately—for Dane, anyway—next to me.

“Wow, that was sad. No death-defying acrobatics today?”

“I’m not feeling it.”

I set aside the book I’m not really reading and tuck Dane into my side. Examining the nothing-much-special towel in his hand, I toss that aside, too, before leaning in to kiss Dane. “How about if we go to the gift shop together and get something a little nicer to remember our time here? Maybe something we haven’t used to wipe up our spunk?”

Dane smiles. “Or someone else’s.”

And now, I’m smiling as well. “That, too.”

“I’m sorry my blue mood seems to be infecting you, Master.”

“That’s not it at all, Dane. I’m feeling it, too. This has been a really special couple of weeks. Rationally, I know we’re moving on to something even better, but . . .”

“Yeah.” There’s not really much to say. This temporary place will always be a part of us, but there’s no good way to hold onto it. “You know, you don’t have to come with me to Astoria.”

I flick the pad of my thumb up and down along his cheekbone. “Trying to get rid of me?”

He tries to twinkle for me, but like his ordinary bed mount, his smile is merely mortal. “You saw right through my plot.”

“That’s fine, Dane. I kind of wanted to hit the Museum of Natural History one more time.”

“Nuh, nuh, nuh, nuh, no you don’t.” Dane throws a leg across my body, half-heartedly pinning me to the bed.

“What are you gonna do, boy, hold me down?”

He takes a second to read me and clearly finds the playful curl of my lips. “Actually, that seems like a pretty good idea,” he says. Next thing I know, Dane is on top of me, and my shoulders are pinned to the mattress.

“Oh, Dane, you’re going to have to do way better than that!” I scissor my legs around his waist and flip us over, claiming my dominance once again. It’s good to be Master.

Dane attempts to lift his legs, but I’m sitting low on his hips. The wriggling feels good—so good, I lean forward and kiss Dane, holding his wrists above his head against the bed. He relaxes underneath me as he gives up the struggle and succumbs to the kiss. I stretch out along the length of his body, grinding happily against his groin as I deepen our kiss. Dane whimpers, groans, and . . .

. . . flips me onto my back!

Breathless from the kiss and the surprise, I stare up at a triumphant Dane, who’s sitting on my chest and looking, rightfully, quite proud of himself.

“You know what I’m thinking right now, Dane?”

“That you wouldn’t dare go to the museum without me?” Twinkle, twinkle.

I chuckle. “I was actually thinking how lucky you are that I love you.”

Smiling even brighter, he answers, “I am,” as he leans down to close his lips over mine. Without disconnecting our mouths, Dane rolls off to the side and finds his regular niche in the hollow of my arm. We kiss until we absolutely have to go.

I’ll be back later to pack up all my gear, but the room will no longer feel like home once Dane leaves. I head out first while he pauses at the door, taking one final look around.

“This is just the beginning for us, Dane.”

“I know, Master,” he answers, grasping my hand before the door closes behind him with a loud click.

 We collapse into our seats on the 10:25 commuter train after racing to and through Grand Central Station and stowing our luggage overhead.  Let’s face it—Dane’s not going to be wearing much for the next two days, so his bag is tiny compared to my rolling suitcase and duffel bag of kinky toys.

I don’t know how this next chapter will go for us, but the prospect of not living out of a suitcase for days and weeks on end certainly has its appeal, as does having my full range of dungeon equipment at my disposal. With Dane’s new work schedule, the commute out to Scarsdale isn’t overly burdensome, with the exception—ironically—of the weekend. The matinee showing on Sunday renders venturing out Saturday night basically useless. Whether Dane will stay at his place alone or whether I’ll come into the city and either stay with him or in a hotel is uncertain, but I have faith we’ll work it out. Of course, the big bonus will come on Sunday nights, when he’s able to stay with me through late Tuesday afternoon.

How long Dane will keep his apartment is a separate issue we’ll also have to discuss at some point. I have yet to inquire about his lease term or figure out how all this might mesh with where we are in this relationship. It’s complicated, but the complications are all positive.

“You’re smiling, Master.” Dane is working on his superfood salad, but his attention is always at least half on me. I like that.

“I was just thinking how you’ve complicated my life in all the best ways.”

Now Dane’s grinning ear to ear. “That’s funny,” he responds, “because you’ve completely simplified mine.”

He’s already shoveled in the next forkful of edamame and quinoa and tofu, chewing as if he hasn’t just said everything that matters in that one profound statement.

I know when to shut my yap, and this is definitely one of those times. That doesn’t mean I can’t still be Masterly. I reach over our shared armrest, grab Dane’s right hand, and draw it into my lap.

He looks down at our joined hands. “May I switch the fork to my left hand, please, or did you mean for me to use my hand?” There’s no guile or sarcasm; he simply wants to understand my intention—which hadn’t gotten further than wanting to hold his hand.

“Take the fork, Dane.”

Clumsiness is such a rare mode for Dane that watching him spear the chopped vegetables with his left hand is actually fascinating to me on many levels. Utensil-free feeding could provide good entertainment another time—a time when far less clothing and far fewer spectators are present.

“Dane, I want to give you an idea of my plan for tomorrow.”

He looks up with surprise from his awkward task. “Really?”


Being the quick boy I know him to be, Dane figures out that plan-sharing on my part is likely to involve something he won’t love. “Oh.”

“Right,” I answer, chuckling at my very wise, increasingly predictable boy. “First, we head to the clinic and get that out of the way.”

“Good times.”

“After which, we stop by an honest-to-god grocery store and get some healthy ingredients to cook at home for a change.”

“Sounds like the day is improving . . .”

“Mmhmm.” Wait for it. “And while I get our dinner started, you are going to redo your checklist for me.”

He gives me his wounded puppy dog eyes and struggles not to say what he wants to say.

“Go ahead, Dane. Don’t keep that inside.”

He takes a little time, sips at his water, and absently stirs the contents of his salad. After he’s done fighting himself, Dane leans in and argues, “We’re doing fine, aren’t we?”

“No, Dane. We’re doing great! That’s not really the point.”

“Master, may I know the point, please?”

“Of course you may. When you first came to me, you were a complete unknown, a black box I wanted to crawl around inside and discover every dark corner. Your first checklist was less a catalog of your sexual desires than it was a cry for help.”

“I thought you’d never have me after that,” he admits.

I give his hand a squeeze. “Oh Dane, you didn’t know what you wanted anymore than I did.”

“I didn’t think I wanted anything at all.” His soft voice breaks on the remembered pain.

I smile. “And yet, you emailed me, went through the exercise of filling out the checklist, and showed up at my door.”

His beautiful brown eyes well up with tears. “I . . . damn! Spewing . . .”

“’Ts’okay, Dane. The next twenty-four hours are going to be very emotional for both of us.”

I hand him a napkin to blot his eyes. Dane takes his time, digging inside his heart for the right words. When he speaks again, his voice is more even and controlled, a product of years of stage training.

“There was something about you,” he starts. “I saw it from that very first glance across the table. I n—” So much for composure; Dane is weeping and furiously wiping his eyes with the wet napkin.

He turns his head toward me, resting his cheek against the scratchy upholstery, biting his lip and swallowing hard.

I will wait for you, Dane.

I draw our joined hands to my lips and kiss his knuckles one at a time.

I am in no rush.

“I needed you,” he finally forces out, “and I knew it.”

My turn. “I needed you, too, Dane, but I had no damn idea!”

He chuckles, wipes another wet streak from his cheek, and sighs.

“Asking you to fill out that first checklist was like asking a blind man to describe a rainbow. That’s why I want you to do it again now—now that you can actually see.”

“With all due resp—no, scratch that . . . don’t you already know what I like?”

“I know some,” I agree. “I know you love it when I spank you. Oh, Dane, do you have any idea how much I love it when you blush for me?”

“Yes, Master, I do.” He rolls his eyes and tips his face to the roof of the train car, but he’s still blushing.

“We’ve only scratched the surface. Now that the lights are on, you can finally begin to differentiate one kink from another and help me pinpoint what gets your motor running.” I scoot closer to him, placing my lips just outside the curve of his ear. “For example, you might really get off on dressing up in lace panties.”

His head whips around, and his blush is more of a dark purple than red. “No, I really don’t think I would!”

“Hard limit?”

He’s trapped. I wait.

And wait.

He is so beautifully flustered. “I’m not sure.”

I reach my free hand around the back of his neck and kiss his confused mouth.  “I love how open-minded you are. Look how far you’ve come in such a short time. You’ve shown so much courage and faith.” I kiss him again, hoping my words are seeping inside and expanding to fill him with my admiration and respect.

I pull back from the kiss. Dane still has a semi-horrified look on his face. “Master,” he whispers, “would you really make me dress up in ladies’ underwear?”

“I wouldn’t rule it out. You never know, Dane. You might love it. I might love it!” My grin might be a touch evil, but edgy is good.

He closes his eyes and swallows heavily over the bitter pill.

“You know what would be really fun, Dane? Instead of you sitting by yourself redoing the checklist, we could do it as a live interview. I would only have to record the shade of red your face turns to know how much something turned you on!”

“Oh my god, you are killing me,” he mutters, shaking his head faster and faster, as if he might erase the idea from my thoughts.

“Take it easy, boy,” I say with a chuckle. “I’m nearly done.”

He pops open one cautious eye. “Nearly? What’s next? Are we going to discuss diaper play?”

Oh, the conversation has taken a delightful turn toward the kink. “Sure, if you like!”

“No, no, please!” He covers his face with the hand I’m not holding.

Poor baby. We’re not far from the Scarsdale stop, and I need to get this last puzzle piece out on the table. I have something much more pleasant planned for the car ride home from the station.

“Dane, look at me, please.”

He opens his fingers and peeks through. I smile.

“This one is important.”

He sits up straighter in his seat and drops his hand away. “Okay.”

“This one . . . is . . . important.”

He steels himself as if I might strike him with a bullwhip. “All right, Master. I’m ready.”

“Dane, in all the time we’ve been working together, you’ve only held fast to one hard limit, and at this point in our relationship, I need to ask you to reconsider your choice.”

He does me the courtesy of biting his lip instead of interrupting, though I realize this is very hard for him to hear.

“Before I collar you, I want to be confident that you don’t always see me as ‘Master’ but also as a man who doesn’t have all the answers and isn’t trying to control you.”

He looks like he might burst. “Go ahead, Dane.”

“Would you be offended if I tell you that I don’t see my Master as a controlling person with all the answers either?”

“Clearly, I am doing something very wrong!” I chuff, but I have yet to be offended by anything Dane says. “Let me try this a different way.”

He shifts in his seat, settling in to listen.

“You asked me if I was considering a 24/7 arrangement, and I put you off because I needed to think about it. There’s more to our relationship than the power exchange. I love that part, and it’s an important part of who we are and what we both need, but it does not fully define who we are individually or together. I might sometimes be your Master when we’re out for breakfast or sitting on a train, but I might also be just a man who goes swimming with his—”

My pause draws both of Dane’s eyebrows straight up into his hairline.

Yes, Marcus. What is he to you?

Okay, fine.

“—his athletically gifted lover.” Dane chuffs. “Dane, I’m not ‘Master’ when I’m banging my head into the wall of the damn pool! I’m also not Master when I’m sitting in the theater watching you do your thing on stage. I can’t go into this thing without knowing you don’t have me on some pedestal I can’t possibly live up to. I’m just a man. I’m just Marcus sometimes.”

Fuck. Why didn’t I ask Eleazar how to do this? I’m lost.

Just Marcus?”

My heart skips. Was that . . .? Did he just . . .? It may have been sarcastic or ironic or whatever, but my name just fell from Dane’s lips, and I plan to savor the moment. He takes my silence as an invitation to continue.

“You do realize how oxymoronic that is, right?”

I hold out my hand before he starts extolling all my many—cough, cough—virtues. “Poor wording choice, and by the way, I’d never say ‘Just Dane’ either. Look, what I’m trying to do—what I need to do—is draw a distinction between the Master and the man. I need to know that there are times when you and I are equals, or at least we’re two men relating to each other as individuals, maybe as friends, maybe as something much deeper, but I need you to connect with me sometimes as a man who is not your Master. Perfect example, the night we went out with Riley and Sean. Except for worrying about how your breath might affect our scene later, you were you, Dane, not my submissive, and you weren’t able to address me as Marcus.”

“I didn’t call you ‘Master’ either,” he retorts. He’s acknowledged the issue, at least, by admitting his reluctance to refer to me as Master.

“No, you didn’t, but you weren’t comfortable calling me anything. I want to change that before I collar you.”

“Was it so bad just not to say anything? It didn’t feel that awkward to me.”

“Dane, that’s not a long-term solution.” I’m torn about sharing my next thought, but if it helps motivate Dane, it’s worth the detour. “I’m really hoping to meet your parents one day. You can’t introduce me as your master.”

It’s no wonder he’s staring at me, stunned. The boy hasn’t spoken to his parents for months, and I’m sure the last thing on his mind is how he’d introduce me to them. “Can’t say I was expecting that! I know, ‘Expect the unexpected, Dane,’ right?”

His chagrin twists my heart, but I have to smile at the way he’s internalized my voice. Cupping his chin, I hold his gaze so he knows I’m not laughing at him. “I’m sorry, Dane. I realize this is difficult for you, but I need to make sure you realize how your behavior outside the dungeon impacts my decision to collar you.”

He throws his head back against the seat in exasperation. I cannot believe he’s about to refuse me this thing. My stomach twists as he responds.

“I think that pedestal thing is going to be really hard for me. With you, I mean. It may already be too late.”

My hand slides to his neck and into his hair, my very own portable therapy session. “Well, guess what, Dane. You have a matching block of granite right next to mine.”

To his great credit, he doesn’t deny my truth. He looks into my eyes until the conductor announces our stop, my thumb tracing the contour of his cheekbone all the while.

“Please be careful to check the overhead bins for your belongings . . .”

We aren’t going to settle this right now. My hand falls off his neck, but Dane catches it and replaces it. “This is important to you.”

My pulse spikes.


Surprising me for the umpteenth time, he smiles and says, “I’ll try.”

That was an emotional one. I guess I'm spewing a bit, too. Thank you for your lovely words and support for the story.

Without Jayme, Jean, Sue, and Meredith, this story would not be the same. Every chapter bears the marks of their suggestions, ideas, questions, and corrections. You girls don't know how much I appreciate all your input and love for the characters. MWAH!


  1. Indeed a very emotional ride for both of them and Marcus is absolutely right in trying to 'establish' the dual position before collaring AND relate to Dane. It's absolutely primordial that this point is clear between the two. And when I say both of them I really mean that: Dane for idolizing Marcus as the Master and not acknowledging him for the man he is. And as for Marcus, delving into a relationship at this point in his life with his experience? It surely is a very brave move. To us, outsiders, he already showed it by giving up his 'job'. But it is intense to find love in a man, a not so confident man, aside from the perfect submissive. WOW I guess he could take some hints from Edward and Bella *wink wink*.
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    1. I agree about the courage needed on both sides of this one. These are two men who need each other more than either of them can possibly understand!

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    There are many things I respect and admire about Marcus but one of them is his strength and wisdom in tackling the difficult subjects. Things are going so well between them and many people would not risk upsetting the status quo, just continuing on but Marcus knows that if these issues are not dealt with then they could come back to haunt them at a later date. Almost like the foundations of their relationship need to be solid so that it can withstand anything that may be thrown at it. I hope you can understand what I'm trying to say, Born.

    Marcus is paying Dane such a compliment by wanting them to connect to each other in all ways and on all levels, if Dane can get passed this hard limit then their relationship will move to an even higher plain.

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    1. I never imagined so much of this story would take place in a hotel room! I guess I just get bored of the room sometimes!

      I agree that Marcus is upsetting that status quo, and if not for the contract period, this relationship would not be on fast forward. Two guys meeting in a chat room or on the street would take their time, but not these two! Love your comment about Marcus paying Dane a compliment. If only Dane were able to manage it!

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    1. I have never quite been able to pigeonhole these two into a label. If you come up with a solution, please pass it over here. I do believe they inhabit their own little bubble inside the larger world. As long as they are being real for each other, they don't really care what else is going on around them, may not even notice it!

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    “I needed you,” he finally forces out, “and I knew it.”
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    1. I don't know why but the thought of filling out a checklist for someone I know, maybe while he's in the same room, just makes me cringe!
      I'm not sure why it's been so hard for me to picture Dane saying Marcus's name. I really tried there in the beginning. I literally cannot hear it. Great point about their tumbling around. They have so many non-master-sub moments in them. I hope Dane can figure it out so they can enjoy themselves.

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    1. I have thought long and hard (no pun, really) about if/how/why Marcus would want a 24/7 vs. whatever the opposite of that is called. I do agree with what you wrote about Master needing to be boyfriends sometime, but I also think, even more than that, exactly what Marcus said to Dane- that Dane needs to know that he can take control of his own life. Marcus will be there for support and guidance and resources and wisdom, but Dane is in the driver's seat. Perhaps he wouldn't take confident steps toward his future if he left everything up to a master.

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    1. Well, Cred, that was a pretty damn amazing compliment to receive. Thank you so much for your beautiful words. And I know you only meant it as a positive and sweet comment, but I truly am sorry for the delay in posting. Little Halloween needed his Mom! I really appreciate your review. Thank you so much.

    2. As always an amazing compliment. I know RL can get in the way of my fantasy! Always appreciate when you post.

      So hard when the obsession kicks in!

      Maybe you can come to my house and just tell me the story :)

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    1. Dane is still carving out his niche in the world, and needs to do so freely as well as occasionally flipping Marcus on his back and stealing a kiss or two.-------------there you have it! The whole thing in a brilliant nutshell! If I could summarize so well, maybe this thing wouldn't have taken 200k words!! MWAH! Thank you for being here and for your thoughtful insights on the story...always.

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