Monday, June 9, 2014


As committed as I am to encouraging and supporting Dane, I wake up feeling pissy on Saturday morning with the knowledge that he is going out for coffee with Sean and shopping afterward for this mysterious gift he’s hell-bent on getting me. Truth be told, I need the time to shop, too. Not every store in the city is open during the hours of 6 and 9 p.m. though the ones that stock sex toys are one notable exception. Still . . . sigh.

Luckily, Dane’s Olympic-worthy-gymnastics-routine bed exit chases away my Grumplestiltskin mood, and the two of us part ways on the sidewalk with a quick kiss that only leaves me aching for more. While drowning my loneliness in a caramel macchiato, I map out my plan of attack for maximum efficiency and minimum subway travel.

A bit of redundancy is unavoidable, especially since the first stockroom I visit is lacking several major pieces of hardware I have in mind for Bueno Wayno’s session. I zigzag under the streets of the city from one warehouse to the next, the sensory stimulation of leather and heavy metal and latex piling up in my system until I have a perma-rection that won’t be subdued until it’s satisfied.

The third and final warehouse stocks an impressive inventory of submissive collars, and after considering a variety of styles, I choose a narrow, black leather collar with a belt-buckle closure and a D-ring. Simple, sleek, and lightweight, the collar serves its purpose without becoming burdensome. My morning thus becomes an odd interplay between good and evil, candidates for Dane’s “collars” juxtaposed against implements of true sadism for the fucker.

With my remaining hour, I scour Nolita for some as-of-yet-unformed-idea of the perfect non-scene piece for Dane, weaving in and out of so many stores, I’m sure I look like a damn wino. The moment I step inside Bamboo, the vibe feels right—as if I’ve just walked out of a loud, abusive heavy metal concert into a smooth jazz lounge. I have the strong sense that whatever I’m searching for has been here all along, waiting for me to walk in and discover it.

“Looking for something special today, sir?”

Startled, I turn toward the voice and find that the body it belongs to isn’t half bad. Wide-eyed behind a pair of thick black glasses, the light-skinned, late-twenties-to-early-thirties ginger is no Dane, but he has a nice smile, and he’s not getting in my face. We can probably be friends.

“Yes, I’m looking for a piece of jewelry, not exactly sure what I want.”

He gives me a salesperson once-over, then asks, “Would this be for you?”

I like this boy’s style; a man of lesser skill might not have handled the obvious so well—I am way too old for this place. “No, it’s a gift.”

“Hmm, would you say the person you’re buying for is . . . conservative?”

I burst out laughing. “I’ll give you an A-plus for tact. No, it’s for a man much closer to your age than mine. That’s why I’m shopping here and not on Fifth Avenue!”

The kid grins, tips his head toward the middle of the store, and leads me over to the glass display case. “Let me show you our newest line,” he says, unlocking the glass and sliding out the drawer. “The artist’s name is Jay Lucas, and we’re the only store in the area selling his ‘Merge’ line. See how each piece blends two or more materials? I like to think of it as the perfect melding of opposites—cool, sleek titanium meets soft, supple leather. I’ll tell you a secret; I’ve been salivating over this one and kind of hoping it’s still here when I get my next paycheck.” He points to a twisted satin rope bracelet with a beautiful silver clasp.

“I can’t exactly buy that one now, can I?” I joke.

Without looking up, he deadpans, “You can, but I’d retain visitation rights. You’d have to bring it into the store once a month.”

“I’m not sure I can commit to this relationship,” I answer, our light flirting creating a pleasant buzz. “What else you got?”

He looks up from the case. “Would this be for a special occasion?”

“Budget is not an issue.” I’ve sized up the store. There’s nothing in here that will break the bank.

The green in his eyes gets brighter when he smiles. “That’s good to know, and I will definitely show you our most expensive piece next, but that’s not why I asked. I was trying to get at the sentiment you’re hoping to express—friendship, love, something else . . . an apology, perhaps?”

Wow, is that what people do when they fuck up? Buy jewelry?

“It’s actually more of a commitment thing.”

One eyebrow lifts. “Should I be showing you rings?”

“No,” I chuff. “Not that kind of . . . we’re not . . . not yet . . . crap.” My cheeks are on fire, and what the hell happened to my composure?

The poor guy shakes his head. “So much for tact! Sorry about that.”

Resisting the urge to wipe the sweat from my brow, I answer, “No harm done.”

“I think I know just the thing,” he says, redirecting the conversation by pulling a piece from the case. Contemporary and sexy, the long, leather strap is the same color as Dane’s eyes. Ginger holds the necklace against his shirt to “illustrate” where the leather dog tags will hit—right between the pecs. The visual of leather straps against Dane’s olive-toned skin, peeking out at the neckline beneath a soft flannel shirt, is an image more potent than all the impersonal warehouses stocked with all the sex toys in the world. Too late, I realize my tongue has swiped across my lips.

“As you can see, the artist has updated the dog tag idea, doubling the leather strap along with incorporating not one but two tags in this rich espresso tone, which we will emboss with whatever you like right here in the store.”

He hands me the necklace, and I’m sold. Dane will love the feel of the soft leather and cool, copper hardware. More importantly, he will understand the symbolism of the flexible cord and the freedom implied in its length.

Outside the jewelry store, with the freshly-embossed necklace securely stowed under my arm, I shoot Aro an email with a detailed list of all the equipment I still need him to provide. With my preparations finished for Operation Un-dom-the-dipshit, I can safely stash the nastier thoughts away and focus on my boy.

My walk “home” to the Fillmore is a happy jaunt, accompanied by alternating visions of Dane in each of his collars and various stages of undress. Holding out for two days will not be easy, suspecting how much Dane will love both gifts.

My bigger challenge is not tackling Dane at the door when he returns at two. That shit isn’t dignified, but tell that to my aching cock. I force myself to hold a civilized conversation, partly because I care about Dane’s morning but also because I like a good challenge every now and then.

“How’s Sean?”

“He’s good,” Dane answers, peeling off his coat and stuffing it and the shopping bag into the closet by the door. “They’re going skiing tomorrow.”

“They ski?”

Dane smirks. “I don’t think so. I think somebody lost a bet, but I’m not sure who.”

I chuff. Gotta hand it to those two; they know how to keep things fresh.

“You won’t peek in there, right?” he asks.

I try not to let my feathers get ruffled. “Absolutely not. You don’t show me yours, and I won’t show you mine?”

I pull him in for a kiss after he answers, “Yeah, okay, that almost makes sense.”

“Dane, it’s only fair to warn you, all this shopping has left me pretty keyed up. I don’t have a ton of patience right now.”

He grins that I-love-that-I-can-pull-you-off-your-game grin, chipping away one corner of my resolve, enough to let me dip into the fun bag of new purchases I’d planned to save for an undetermined “later.” Fuck it, the latex briefs are coming out NOW.

“Follow me.”

I lead Dane to the bathroom door and signal him to wait while I dig out the purchase that single-handedly (so to speak) can be held responsible for today’s blue balls. How I ever thought I wouldn’t have him in these within minutes of his arrival is beyond me. Ripping off the price tag, I toss the bottoms to Dane. “The circular opening goes in the front in case you’re confused.”

Dane’s gorgeous blush begins the second the rubber hits his hand. “Thank you, Master.” Perfection.

“You’re welcome, boy. Check your watch; you have ten minutes to prepare yourself. Be thorough.”

“Yes, Master.” His eyes smolder as the lids begin their sexy descent. He steps into the bathroom and pulls the door closed gingerly behind him.

I pace the length of the bedroom, toss my shirt on the floor, wring my hands, pace some more, fold my shirt, run my hand over my hair, stuff a few more toys into my pockets, take off my jeans and boxers, put my jeans back on, and pace—all while imagining Dane in that bathroom doing all the delicious things he’s doing, ending with the artful arrangement of perfect body parts inside (and outside of) that blessed garment.

The click of the handle gives me just enough time to compose myself, but it’s all for naught when Dane opens the door. It’s not that I have a fetish for latex, but clearly, Dane is “inspired” in all the right ways by the feel of rubber against his skin. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him look more beautiful than he does right now, his perfected pose punctuated by the glorious erection poking through the shiny swath sitting inside the contours of his chiseled “v.”

But it’s not any of that business below the neck that takes my breath away and forces my cock against the harsh zipper of my jeans; it’s Dane’s lust-filled, please-allow-me-to-serve-you-Master expression, the unadorned, undisguised expression of his truth.

He is turned on, and he’s not hiding from himself or me.

My boy is in the perfect mindset for today’s exercise. The problem is, I’m not; I’m far too desperate to be effective. Lucky for me, the antidote is within the sound of my voice.

“Your new uniform suits you.”

“Thank you, Master.” His voice sounds as ragged as I feel.

My self-control is hanging on by a thread here, but I hold my ground. “How does it feel, boy?” I know damn well how it feels, as we are both well aware.

“N-nn . . .” he clears his throat “. . . nice. Very nice, Master.”

Damn, he thrills me when he goes that extra mile. Dane’s masochistic tendencies are an invisible apprentice in every scene, constantly pushing from within to expose his basest desires. He’s sinking deep today, an expedition I will happily pilot.

“Show me the back.” I don’t have to tell a former stripper how to do a slow, sexy spin. If anything, I might have to tell him to hurry it up so I don’t blow before he’s managed the three-sixty. Fuck me, that tiny sliver of ass cheek begs for a handprint.

I consider brushing my hand over my cock while his back is turned, but that won’t really help anything. Once again, Dane has me wondering who’s really in charge here. My inner musings would bring him seriously out of scene if shared right now, so they’ll stay buried along with a growing collection of Dane-related observations.

He finally completes his merciless rotation. I search for a compliment that will send him deeper under my spell.

“What the manufacturer wouldn’t give to have you as a model, Dane. Just think what would happen if I sent them your picture right now; their sales would go through the roof!” His cock gives a needy twitch. Dane would make a horrible criminal with that built-in lie detector of his.

And now, I’ve jumped to a full-on police interrogation, complete with body cavity search. Dear Lord, my aching cock cannot handle much more of this.

“I need you, boy. Right away.” Dane is on his knees with his mouth open before I can open my pants. “Use your hands. Fuck, yesss,” I hiss, grabbing two handfuls of hair and working his head around my shaft.

Dane shuffles closer and swallows me down until my tip hits the back of his throat. I’m raw and rough; he’s fists and teeth. I can’t resist looking down and catching sight of his perfect latex-clad cheeks plumped up by his heels, his head rolling and bobbing at my crotch, his cock-filled face radiating effort and ecstasy.  I burn the image into my brain while my pent-up tension finally finds release, and I explode into Dane’s warm mouth so violently, I see stars.

In the dizzy aftermath of my orgasm, I struggle for balance, and it doesn’t help that my jeans are twisted tight around my ankles. I have the faraway, dreamy sensation of falling, but I’m so drunk with bliss, I don’t properly register the danger.

A warm hand slips around my thighs while another grabs my hand and steadies me. I open my eyes and stare into those of my angel, who has the beginnings of a not-totally-angelic grin, but the more predominant expression is concern. 

“You okay?” He blinks up at me with those damn lashes.

“I’m still alive . . . but barely.”

Dane laughs at my mock scolding. “Glad to hear it, Master.”

“Pull up my jeans while you’re down there. Thanks, I’ll do the zipping.”

He obliges and takes his pose while I tuck in my much-relieved cock. “Okay, Dane. No funny stuff, now. I want you to walk out there like a regular person and kneel in front of the couch, hands crossed behind your back.”

“Yes, Master.”

There are no back handsprings, no leaps, no feats of aerial death defiance, and yet, I can barely breathe as I watch him go. 

Please don't Google the necklace or the artist - I made them both up. HOWEVER, the latex briefs are for real and they are spectacular (with Dane in them, of course). Now, only the mystery of Dane's gift remains. :)



  1. Unnnnngh! I don't have the words to adequately express my feelings for this chapter. M's impatience when he has to share D's time (made me go Awww), his irreverent thoughts about, what was it... "Bueno Wayno" and "Operation Un-dom-the-dipshit" (making me laugh), and then the sheer neediness when D got home. He's got it so bad. You aren't going to have anything bad happen to mar this incredible happiness, are you? I know you're all about the HEA, but I worry about the journey, too. I think D has had enough angst. Well, except for Operation Un-dom-the-dipshit, of course. I think that will be cathartic.

    1. I will just answer you, my dear, longtime reader and friend, by saying this: you know me well.
      Thank you for your kind words and insights.

  2. You ended your A/N by saying that only the mystery of Dane's gift remains, but I am definitely on the edge of my seat waiting to see what is embossed on those dog tags! I SOO can't wait for them to exchange their gifts, for their vows, and the actual collaring itself!

    "He hands me the necklace, and I’m sold. Dane will love the feel of the soft leather and cool, copper hardware. More importantly, he will understand the symbolism of the flexible cord and the freedom implied in its length." -ahhh jewelry symbolism, love it! lol.

    I must admit, I'm having a bit of difficulty picturing the latex briefs in such a sexy light (and I'm a little afraid to do a google image search! HAHA), but anything that provokes such a physical and mental reaction out of Dane has to be worth it! lol

    And speaking of D's mental reaction, "it’s Dane’s lust-filled, please-allow-me-to-serve-you-Master expression, the unadorned, undisguised expression of his truth." "He’s sinking deep today, an expedition I will happily pilot." ---- I love how you write D sinking into his subspace. I've read worse, where the author unfortunately gave an impression of the sub being a little brainwashed, not-all-there, etc. Not that I have any real world experience, but your description of how subspace looks from the outside, is much closer to how I imagine it- an intoxicating experience, but not one that renders someone incapacitated (unless maybe its been a particularly intense, prolonged scene....?? lol. I dont really know, but I do know that I like how Dane pretty much stays all 'there.' Maybe they'll go deeper later, but this right now, is GOOD. :D )

    1. AHHHH! Thanks for reminding me, Digi!! (about the dog tags) Make sure you're picturing bikinis! Because the other fetish briefs are...IMHO just not quite as sexy! I do know that sub space can be a scary place, especially when a "master" is not as skilled as Marcus in keeping his submissive safe. I think Dane's first deep dive (ending in double safe words) probably felt a lot like you described: sinking, drowning, lost, and scared. If I get my way and Marcus gets his, Dane will not go there again. I could see Marcus taking Dane on a deep dive, but it would be a well-guided tour. No worries, bb!

  3. So much snark! Bueno Wayno, Perma-rection, Operation Un-dom-the-dipshit. Gotta love the inner Marcus voice.

    My latex allergy has me moving quickly through that scene, but as always there connection shows through the sex. I adore Dane's gymnastic moves as he loves making his Master smile. It cracked me up when M told him to leave the room like a normal person.

    Sorry for the short reviews.. Graduation week and a cold has left me behind on everything. When did HS grad become such and event. Its almost psychotic .

    1. Eep on the latex allergy. Sorry, bb. I guess that's a hard limit for you! I'm so pleased you enjoyed my little injections of humor. I really think Dane is lightening up Marcus to the point where he'll be levitating soon! Congrats on your graduate! Enjoy the celebrations!

  4. Oh the juxtaposition of Marcus' shopping, for good and evil and yet he managed to achieve it all without thoughts of Wayne spoiling his day. Loved his little sulk at the start of the day and his barely concealed excitement/need for Dane.

    What could be better than dog tags, you are so clever, it's a perfect gift for Dane and the engraving!!! Can't wait for that to be revealed and Dane's gift for Marcus of course, there are still so many great parts of this story to come but before all that we have Dane kneeling in front of the couch ;)

    I can't work out who lost the Skiing bet, lol but I'm hoping it was Riley.

    Thank you


    1. I love that you're anticipating the big chunks of the story still left untold. Your support for the story has not flagged, and it means the world to me, Jarvis!

  5. Oh I would love to see those latex you have a link?.....and I love all those inventive names that Marcus' mind has for asshole, otherwise known as dipshit and a few other choice slay me with your words, always. The collar that Marcus got for dane sounds just perfect for him. How could it be otherwise? yummy stuff, woman!

    1. Thanks for all your kind words. Okay, I'm going to post the latex bikinis in the patch. Take a look.

  6. oh good lawwd that was a hot chapter. from all the anticipation of marcus' shopping trip to the latex ending :) loved it!

  7. Oh Marcus is definitely head over heels. When you shop and everything reminds you of your s.o. that it makes you want to go home and be with them, that man has fallen hard. I love the love that Marcus has for Dane. It is so damn a kinky way of course. So everyone is curious about the gifts (as am I), but I am really curious what he bought to bring about the downfall of the "dipshit". Great line about the un doming by the way. xoxo Vicki

    1. Ahhh, love how you pointed out that everything reminds Marcus of Dane. Poor sap!! Oh, Vicki! Look at you! Going for the hardcore hardware, are ya?

  8. Love love LOOOOOOOVE the collars!! Perfectly perfect.
    Again you made me giddy with happiness for them.
    Can I peek in Danes bag??? I promise I won't tell Marcus! Lol
    unnnnff!! Sexy men are sexxxxy!
    And I'm glad everything is coming together for the bring down of that jackass!
    Loving it, B!!

    1. HAHA! NO PEEKING! You'd have to show him yours, and he don't play that way!
      LOVE your reviews, bb!

  9. I love that even though Marcus can get at times a little bit cranky, it never really lasts due to Dane's cuteness and sweetness. You know I love the chapters where I can roam freely in Marcus's head. This one was also packed with shopping so I like it even more, so interesting to see how much effort Marcus puts into every little detail, he is such a perfectionist. My favorite part of this chapter was Marcus choosing his non-scene piece, the way he described it, the way it felt in his hand, the way he could picture Dane wearing it, and the way he explained the symbolism the piece of jewelry would have for them, it came across as such an intimate and sensual moment, I truly enjoyed being able to go through the process with him.
    As for the beginning of their scene, WOW Dane in latex briefs, I can't get that visual out of my head now. I admire Dane for being able to get in the right mind set, I guess it shows how comfortable and happy he truly is being Marcus's submissive. Marcus on the other hand was having a harder time staying in control, which I guess could be also understood since Dane brings out a lot of new feelings and emotions in him, still I appreciate that regardless of his struggles he is always such a good Master maintaining enough control to keep his submissive safe and in the right mind space.
    As always thank you for this amazing story and see you in the review section for next chapter (I have to catch up)

    1. Who could be cranky with Dane in his bed? I'm so pleased you enjoyed that shopping trip. I could see Marcus taking so much care in choosing too. That's why I had to make something up. I just couldn't find anything that rang my bell!

      Yeah, Marcus would never ever sacrifice his submissive (even if it weren't Dane) to his own impulses. He's just too good of a dom and a man. So happy you're caught up now!

  10. So this necklace is a Born creation? How very cool. These two sure do think about each other a whole heck of a lot. Good thing they have a healthy 2 way relationship or things would be creepy stalkerish!

    1. HAHA Now why would you jump to creepy stalker?

  11. Oh I forgot this bc I loooove...

    ~But it’s not any of that business below the neck that takes my breath away and forces my cock against the harsh zipper of my jeans; it’s Dane’s lust-filled, please-allow-me-to-serve-you-Master expression, the unadorned, undisguised expression of his truth.~

    Damn Dane... just damn. Huge turnon it is to see him in this subservient mindset. Goddamn beautiful submissive you are. With your heavy lidded, flush cheeked, at-your-beck-and-call-to-serve submissiveness!!!! I am all sorts of frazzled at this prelude to what comes next!

    1. Oh Packy, I so love your enthusiasm! I read the first part of your review in my email- no idea why those aren't coming thru on here. I cracked up at your need to alleviate and sorrynotsorry for your lack of sleep! MWAH! So happy these two are turning you on. Thanks for letting me know so vividly!