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Taking my usual spot along the wall, I check my watch. Gotta love the precision of the stage; in exactly five minutes, Dane will be taking his curtain call, and soon after that, Riley and Sean will meet us right here. Five minutes to decompress, to get my head somewhere I can manage the next two to three hours in the company of other people—people who will expect me to share Dane with them.

The roar of the audience seeps out through the brick façade of the building, and my heart stutter steps the same way it does every night. Damn, I am a fool for this boy. Here I stand, hoping Dane will beat Sean and Riley outside so we can have at least one kiss to ourselves. Maybe Dane will be extra speedy with his post-performance routine tonight . . .

“Hey, Marcus!”

So much for that. I turn away from the stage door, toward Riley’s voice. Sean’s carrying a huge bouquet of yellow roses and a “little brown bag” from Bloomingdale’s, but he’s first to extend a hand. The two of them are beaming.

“He was amazing!” Sean says. “We have a famous friend!”

Riley shakes my hand while snaking the other arm around Sean and rolling his eyes at his fiancé. “You’ll have to excuse Sean. He’s a little star struck.”

Sean digs his elbow into Riley’s side. “Because Mr. Blasé here wasn’t bouncing up and down in his chair at all!”

While I stand there and play straight man, the two of them go at it like an old married couple. For all their good-natured barbs, anyone can see how very much in love they are. And that, in addition to being Dane’s support system, is why I’ve shared one of my few remaining, precious Dane nights with Riley and Sean.

A heartwarming image pops into my head—my dining room table, overflowing with food, wine, and unruly conversation, populated with happy, loving, committed couples—Dave and Marco, Edward and Bella, Sean and Riley—and Dane at my side. My inner Neanderthal is pacified for the moment. I don’t need to have Dane all to myself in order to enjoy him fully, though having him tied up in my dungeon will always hold a certain appeal.

My daydream has apparently kept me from hearing Dane’s approach. Sean sidesteps me to reach for the boy, spinning me around like a drunken top. I’m so grateful I’m facing the right direction when Sean hands Dane the flowers and embraces him in a tight hug. Dane’s eyes close as he soaks in Sean’s affection and praise; when he opens them again, he hits me with his 10,000-megawatt smile.

His happiness is my happiness.

I smile right back at him and tip my head toward the other man waiting to congratulate him. Sean and Riley trade places inside Dane’s embrace. This time, Dane’s eyes stay open, holding me with every bit as much vigor as his arms hold Riley.

I wouldn’t say it’s easy, but yes, I can wait my turn because every piece of Dane belongs to me, no matter where he happens to be standing. Riley and Sean clear the space between Dane and me like the Sea of Reeds parting for Moses. I’ve been meeting Dane right here after his show every night for nearly two weeks, but somehow it’s different with witnesses. We’re more clearly each other’s against the backdrop of our friends.

“Hi.” Dane smiles, steps forward, and takes my hand. I know better than to wear gloves anymore. Dane’s warmth trumps cashmere any day of the damn week.

I’m trying to hold back the smug smile. It’s probably not working, and I probably don’t care enough. “Hi.”

There’s no telling who starts the kiss, but neither of us is eager to finish it. Maybe the exhibitionist in Dane is rubbing off on me, but the audience is providing us with a palpable spark I’ve never quite felt before. Riley clears his voice with an obnoxious, “Mmm-mm-mmmm,” and we reluctantly pull apart, but not before giving each other some serious until-later-then eyes.

“I’m starved,” Riley breaks in. “Where are we eating?”

“Ceci’s on 46th between 6th and 5th.”

“What kind of food is that?” he asks.

Sean scoops up Riley’s hand, shaking his head and chuckling. “That would be Italian, genius. Come on, Ri. Let them have their moment.” Bless his heart, Sean tugs Riley in front of us and starts walking toward the restaurant.

Dane and I are still linked from fingertip to shoulder, and we share a first-date-worthy blush. “How was the show?” I ask as we fall into stride behind Riley and Sean.

“It was fine, but I really missed you tonight. I don’t know . . . having them there and not you, it just felt weird.”

I don’t know whether to feel guilty or elated.  “If it makes you feel any better, I was very productive.”

Dane gives me a double eyebrow lift. “Should I ask?”

He follows my gaze to the linked couple just ahead of us. “We’ll talk later.”

He sighs. “Okay.” I might die from his adorable exasperation. Welcome to my world, Dane.

Giving his hand a little squeeze so he looks up again, I say, “I see you removed your eyeliner tonight.”

He fucking smirks. So, it was deliberate, then. “I didn’t want to be accused of trying to kill you again.”

“Oh, Dane. Seriously? That ship is already halfway to New Jersey.”

We walk on, chuckling at the occasional jostling Riley gives Sean, but quiet for the lion’s share of the five blocks. Linked and content, we don’t really need words.

“Mmmm, I can smell the garlic from here,” Riley says as he pulls open the door.

“No guarantees I’m kissing you tonight,” Sean retorts.

Riley answers with a loud snort. “Haha, okay.”

I happen to catch Dane’s grin—possibly because I’m riveted to him—and a river of warmth rushes through me. This was a good idea: bringing other people into our orbit, enjoying their company, viewing our bond through the prism of theirs.

The hostess checks our reservation and leads us to a four-top at the back of the restaurant. We play a brief game of musical chairs until I claim a seat and pull out the chair next to me for Dane. Riley sits across from me and does the same for Sean. I can’t be sure if he’s ribbing me or just emulating my good manners.

“What a great spot,” Sean says. “Have you eaten here before?”

“No. I found it on yelp.”

“Yelp, huh?” Riley grins. “Pretty hip for an oldster.”

Dane tenses beside me.

With the straightest face I can muster, I reply, “I know, right? The reviews were legit awesome, so I thought, ‘Hey, I’m down to try that. After all, YOLO.”

Sean and Riley look at each other with open-jawed astonishment before erupting into laughter.

“Holy shit, Dane! What have you done to this man?” Riley asks.

All three of us turn to Dane. “There is no way I’m taking the blame for that.”

Riley laughs again, or maybe he never quite stopped. “Hey, these things happen when two people start spending a lot of time together.”

I’m pondering Riley’s comment when the waitress stops by our table. “Well, you gentlemen seem to be enjoying yourselves. Would a little alcohol be in order?”

“Definitely!” Sean pipes up, raising an eyebrow from Riley.

“All righty, then!” the server says with a chuckle. “I guess you’ll be going first.”

She takes our drink orders, recites the specials, and leaves us with, “My name is Sue, and I will be doing my best to keep up with you boys.”

“So, Riley,” Dane starts, “You’ve got me wondering. How would you say you’ve changed since Sean came into your life?”

Sean shoots Dane a wide grin before turning toward his fiancé. “Yes, Ri, do tell.”

Riley glances around the table at the three sets of expectant eyes waiting for his answer. “Okay, okay, let’s see. I’d have to say I’m more empathetic now.”

My guffaw is out before I can stop myself. “Sorry. I didn’t realize you were being serious. Exactly how big of an ass were you before Sean reformed you?”

Sean covers his mouth with his napkin, and Dane turns away, biting his lip, but Riley stares me down. “An even bigger one than I am now.”

I give him a “touché” nod. “And you, Sean? Care to share with the class?” I prod gently, only because he seems amenable to it.

Sean drops his hands into his lap and looks deep into Riley’s eyes. “That’s easy. I’m fiercer now.”

This seems to please Riley immensely, and he mouths, “You are,” smiles, and leans in to kiss Sean.

Having established—more or less—that I’m hipper, Riley is nicer, and Sean is fiercer, that leaves only one. The three of us turn to Dane with the unasked question, which of course, he answers in typical Dane fashion—by going deep inside himself.

“You don’t have to say anything, Dane,” I tell him.

“I don’t mind,” he answers. “I’m just trying to narrow it down to one thing from a long list.” My heart flips over because I know they’re all good things.

Riley offers, “Nobody put that in the rules, Dane. Share whatever you’ve got.”

“Fine,” Dane says, letting the smile settle on his face. Taking my hand into his lap, he answers, “I remember what joy feels like. I’m confident and secure, and for the first time in forever, I feel loved.”

My cheeks are wet with tears before our lips meet.

“Oh dear, should I come back?”

“No, no, your timing is perfect,” Sean answers Sue while we finish our kiss.

As Sue distributes the drinks, I put my lips next to Dane’s ear. “Thought you weren’t gonna kill me tonight.”

Those gorgeous eyelashes of his flutter closed in silent apology.

“To Dane,” Sean toasts. “Our rising star!”

“To Dane!” Clink!

Riley roots around under the table for something and gives a flat, gift-wrapped package to Sean, who hands it across the table to Dane.

“What’s this?”

“For you. A little something from the two of us.”

Riley scoots closer to Sean and puts his arm around the back of his chair. Poor shell-shocked Dane doesn’t quite know what to do.

“You guys didn’t have to—”

“Our pleasure, now open the damn thing already!” Riley says.

“Listen to Mr. Empathy over there,” I answer while Dane tears open the wrapping to reveal a gold star engraved with his name.

“For your dressing room door,” Sean says.

“Wow,” Dane says, “I don’t know what to say."

I notice he doesn't say what I probably would have said: I don't have a dressing room!

"This is so sweet of you guys. Thank you.” He leans across the table and single-arms them together into a half hug, best he can do without knocking over drinks.

“Fantastic! I’ve done it again!” Sue says. “Shall I come back in a minute?”

“No, we’re good, and these boys are hungry,” I answer.

Dane leans toward me while Sean is ordering. “Mind if I have garlic?" he asks. "The linguini with clams sounds really good.”

“It’s gonna take a hell of a lot more than garlic to keep me away from you, Dane.”

Sue heads off with our orders, and Riley reaches under the table again. “Not another present!” Dane wails.

“Don’t worry,” Riley says, sporting a big grin as he presents me with a wrapped box. “This one’s for the hipster. Happy birthday, Marcus.”

“Me? You shouldn’t have.”

“Told ya,” Riley agrees, sharing some kind of a private joke with Sean.

“Now I’m afraid to open it. Is something going to pop out at me?” I tug the ribbon cautiously while the two of them grin like fools across the table.

I glance over at Dane, who is watching with a huge smile on his face as well.

“Are you in on this, Dane?”

Both of his hands pop up in a palms-out I surrender. “No. I’m innocent!”

“Pshh! We’ll see about that!” I peel away the blue-and-silver-striped paper to reveal a cardboard box with a mug inside. As I reach my hand in to wriggle it out, Riley starts laughing, followed by Sean and Dane.

On the mug is a picture of three dogs’ asses—one white with black spots, one gray, and one brown—with the caption “Nothing Butt Danes.”

Sean fills in my stunned speechlessness, rambling on about ‘Great Dane’ and how that got them thinking about collars and leashes, but they figured we probably had enough of those. Red-faced, he continues how originally, they were going to give this to Dane but then aren’t I really the one who belongs to Dane?

I turn to the man sitting next to me, who is watching me with a mix of curiosity and dread. “I think they just marked me for you,” I tell him.

“Awesome,” he answers. Hello, twinkle. 

“Exactly what I was thinking.”

Riley squeezes Sean’s shoulder. “I told you he’d love it.”

Sean looks unsure until Dane says, “Pretty fierce, Sean.”

“I love it,” I reassure them all. “Aside from Dane’s birthday present, this is the best gift I’ve gotten in years.”

“Ah,” Riley says, folding his hands behind his head and stretching out on the chair. “This sounds like a good story!”

“No way, Biers,” I answer swiftly. “What happens at G Bar stays at G Bar.”

The two of them give Dane the best way-to-go-bro faces I’ve ever seen, and Dane responds with an embarrassed shake of his head. “I was inspired.”

“I’ll bet,” Riley says, sipping at his scotch. “Speaking of inspiration, how did that swimwear shopping trip work out?”

Dane and I turn matching shades of red, and Riley chuckles. “Say no more—unless you want to, of course.”

Food and more drinks are consumed; warmth and friendship soften any rough corners around a conversation that never quite loses its edginess. We’ve covered the standard bases: work, mutual friends, and desserts we all know we won’t order. The evening is winding down with decaf cappuccinos when Dane opens a can of worms I hadn’t anticipated—though I am thrilled when he does.

“So, Marcus and I talked to Eleazar the other day.”

Sean sets down his coffee and dabs his mouth, buying himself a little time to regroup. “Really? That’s great . . . right?” His eyes dart back and forth between us, trying to read the tone.

Dane’s leading this dance. I sit back, wrap my arm around his chair, let him know I’m there for him, but I won’t cut in.

“Yes, absolutely,” Dane answers. “I wanted to ask you both a favor.”

“Sure, anything,” Sean says, and Riley confirms with a nod.

“You remember the dom . . . that guy who . . .”

“Yes, of course.”

“We’ve found him.”

Both pairs of eyes look at me, then back to Dane.

“You want us to beat him up?” Riley asks.

Sean turns to his fiancé, who appears to have been serious, and shakes his head.


“Ri, we don’t go around beating people up. You’ve been watching too many mafia movies.”

Riley huffs. “Some fierce guy you are!”

Dane watches this exchange with an amused smile, but I see their banter has taken some of the wind out of his sails. I reach for his shoulder and give him a few hang-in-there swipes with my thumb.

“Go on, Dane,” Sean asks. “What can we do to help?”

“We have a little something planned at one of the BDSM clubs, and I’d really like to have you both there for moral support.”

Riley’s face turns into one giant smile. “Yes! Count us in.”

Time for me to interject before it gets out of hand. “Riley, just to be crystal clear, we are not inviting you to play. It’s not that kind of an evening.”

Riley dials it back and plays it cool. “Of course. Sorry. I get it.”

Sean looks a bit stricken. Where Dane is quiet and thoughtful under pressure, Sean seems to respond with babbling. “It’s just that we’ve been talking about maybe trying out one of the clubs and . . . never mind.” Poor guy is beet red. “We’re here for you, Dane. Just tell us what you need.”

As I listen to my boy lay out the details of our plan, a familiar glow of pride lights up my insides. Joyful, confident, loved Dane. What more could I ever wish for?

Flowers and gifts in hand, we say our goodbyes to Sean and Riley in the vestibule. Tonight marks a shift from handshakes to hugs, and though I pursued this friendship largely for Dane’s benefit, I have to admit, it feels nice to call these two men my friends.

Look who brought their food and drinks! Why, it's my BETA! *waves to Chayasara* So much more than a grammarian or even a waitress-beta, my dear sweet Sue is a click away from advice in all realms, whether it's poetry or language or shared wisdom from our tradition, Sue's kind, loving, generous heart is all over the pages of this story- even in some very kinky places you might not expect! LOVE YOU HARD, Suzy Q!

I do not say it often enough because of my posting schedule and not wanting it to become so banal you don't really feel the love, BUT you all do need to know RM would not be this exact story without every single person on my behind-the-scenes team (
Sue, Jayme, Apoc, and Meredith) and each of your reviews and messages and questions. So THANK YOU for your contributions large and small. Every word is a kernel of an idea! MWAH!


  1. The best part about this chapter...the reader can really see the strides Dane has made. He is open and honest and not scared. Marcus really tickles me. I knew he had a sense of humor the way he dealt with Edward in KEA, but I did not realize how much it was. He really keeps me on my toes, because I never know whats going to come out of his mouth.
    Good job m'dear, hope you had fun w/ the hubs this last weekend! xoxo

    1. Oh Vicki, I never know either. Thank you for your sweet words.

  2. I'm really really enjoying seeing Dane blossoming here. I love all these characters, but have to admit that he is the teensiest bit my favorite. To see how he is evolving into the best version of himself here lights a fire in my heart. Marcus, although the story is named for him, follows a very close second. In his loving care, Dane becomes, is becoming his true self. Along with that, and how could it not be so, Marcus is doing the same. I love the careful, easy banter among friends at dinner so much. I can't WAIT to see Wayne get what is coming to him at the skillful hands of the combination of Marcus and Edward. I'm salivating at the thought....

    1. Dear Judy Blue,
      Don't worry. My characters don't get jealous of each other, nor do I get upset if you like/identify with/care about/worry about/enjoy reading one over another. So go ahead and play favorites if you like! MWAH!

  3. What a great chapter. So amusing, just as expected but also serious too. I love the banter between Marcus and Riley but I'm sure there is a mutual respect between them now too.

    Also loved how M sorted out the seating arrangements for himself and Dane, who doesn't want their partner to do those little things?

    The gifts were fun although I don't suppose Dane is pretentious enough to hang his star up even if he had his own dressing room. Perhaps he can hang it on the toilet door in M's house when they live together (hint, hint). Marcus' gift was apt and how great for Dane that M spoke first regarding being marked, that could have been awkward but instead he let Dane know how happy he was about it. From Dane's point of view is there a better feeling than being secure in a new partner's love for you?

    As Marcus thought, having others around them did add another dimension to their relationship, it showed M and D how this could all work in the long term by doing normal everyday things and sharing their love with the general populace.

    And finally, I love Marcus thinking about his friends around his dinner table, in couples and himself and Dane at the centre of it, gah, it get's me right there...

    Thank you Born for your wonderful story


    1. Thank you for all those kind words, sweet J. I'm gonna start with your last comment first. This is my way of showing you how I see their story project into the future without actually writing it. In my head, that dinner party is exactly how Marcus described it (shocking, I know!) with everyone relaxed and happy. Laughing out loud about that star getting mounted to the toilet door. Eww, a little bit! I don't think I could come up with a better feeling than truly feeling loved by the one you've placed at the top of your own ladder. As for the seating, I love to think about how the M/s relationship would play out every day in little vignettes. My head is always going on the 'what if they were...' and then next thing you know, I've written three more chapters! #neverendingstory This is how it goes, and I thank you for understanding!

  4. I love how you can change the rhythm of the story from chapter to chapter, I believe that by doing so you have managed to make it very honest and realistic. Those changes of pace are what often keep our lives interesting. Another thing I enjoy so much is something we commented about in previous reviews, which is how when Marcus and Dane interact with different characters they often show us different sides of their personalities. I appreciate how rounded up and complex both character are and how they constantly reveal new things about themselves. I love that feeling of getting to know somebody and how every experience no matter how insignificant can shed a new light on them. Sean and Riley certainly bring out Marcus and Dane's light and playful side. It is amazing to see them socializing as a couple, enjoying their love out in the open, sharing laughter, and most importantly creating new bonds. It is great to see that Dane's support system is growing and to see Marcus opening himself to life in a way I don't think he even knew was possible.
    My favorite part of the chapter and what moved me the most were Dane's words: “I remember what joy feels like. I’m confident and secure, and for the first time in forever, I feel loved.” *sigh* It's incredible that this words came from the same broken boy we met at the beginning of the story. And my second favorite thing was Marcus imagining spending time with their friends who like them now fall into the happily committed couples category.
    As always thank you for creating this great characters, for sharing their story, and for your kind replies to every single review.

    1. Thank you for your comment about changing pace. I totally agree about keeping things realistic, which is why they have to do stuff like eat and pee and actually work (well, at least Dane!) as well as dealing with other people's issues and all the baggage. Sean and Riley are such fun prisms for Marcus and Dane, partly because they share a similar dynamic in their relationship (although not nearly to the same degree as M and D) but also because of Sean's connection with Dane's past and their special friendship. It's always edgy but there is already a healthy dose of respect and affection there. I think you're so right about Marcus opening himself up to new things. He definitely has friends (Dave and Marco for example) but he's been the single guy, the 5th or 7th or 9th wheel for so long, I think maybe he's forgotten how much he enjoys being half of a couple. Sigh sigh sigh...

      Isn't it amazing how quickly a GOOD relationship can change EVERYTHING? Haven't we all seen it? Yeah. :D
      Thanks for this thoughtful, sweet review and for loving my boys!

  5. "We’re more clearly each other’s against the backdrop of our friends." Being a couple in private is different that being a couple publicly/socially. It highlights certain things and brings out new aspects. You did SUCH a great job of showing that slightly awkward, but comfortable dance a good double date is. You are present as a couple and an individual and you have to figure out what parts of the coupledom (?) are to be shared and to what extent. It can be so fun to find that compatibility in another couple. And then that slide at the end of an evening into just the two of you. mmm.

    Dane just continues to grow as he shares the plans for wayne and asks for support. Excellent.

    1. I cannot tell you how much I love what you wrote about the dynamics of the double date. I once read it's a great way to keep your marriage alive because there is all kinds of subtle undercurrent going on beneath the surface. With four gay men, I would imagine that would be multiplied or squared or something! I'm so pleased you felt all those different dynamics moving in this chapter. Really, really appreciate the compliment.

  6. I love seeing more of Riley and Sean here! In my memory of the time they ate with Edward and Bella, Sean was a lot quieter. Here, he seems more "present," more comfortable, more "fierce" ( ;) ).

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    I, too, loved Marcus taking command by something as simple as claiming a seat at the table. And I saw your reply above, where you were talking about how the M/s dynamic would play out in an everyday environment. I soo love that too. I could let my mind play in that playground for DAYS! ;)

    Marcus saying YOLO makes my day! lol

    All the gentle (and not-so-gentle) ribbing among these 4 gives me the biggest grin!

    I almost can't even say how impressed I am with Dane bringing up the whole Wayne thing on his own. I assumed he would just let Marcus take the lead on this one (but I guess that's what I get for assuming!). Shows just how far he has come and how confident he is in himself and Marcus. I always think it shows strength to be able to ask for help and to be able to ask your best friends for moral support against the man who abused him?? Dane blows me away!

    1. You are SO RIGHT, Digi! Sean, too, has definitely grown as he and Riley have moved forward (and don't forget they're engaged now). Seems like they've done more exploring of their d/s dynamic, and maybe that helps too. I encourage you to let your mind play in that exact playground! It is such a wonderful place to play. I'm sure this story really could go on and on because I just watch these boys move through the city and imagine how each activity would go. I guess I experimented with that with KEA where I had them take those painting lessons. I just feel like while it's fun to watch them at work and in scene, there's more to life than just that. LOL on the YOLO callout!

      What I can't show you without Dane's POV are the one-on-ones he's been having with Sean (2 so far) and as Marcus had hoped, those meetings are going a long way toward Dane's comfort level. I completely agree with you how that speaks to Dane's progress. Thank you so much, Digi. Your thoughtful comments are so appreciated.

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    I have always adored Sean and Riley, but even more so now. :)
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    1. I have been getting a wee bit of pressure for the Sean/Riley club outtake, but as you know, I can't write anything short so...I'll have to wait until I have a few months off to tackle that one!

      I love the way Dane and Marcus's worlds are coming together and filling out so easily with friends and hopefully both families. Thanks for your support and love for the story, Pates!

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      Thanks, MERE!

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    1. Heehee I had so much fun with that line of Marcus's! Kind of how I feel sometime, being the oldster in the group! Thanks for playing along and having fun.