Thursday, June 12, 2014


Center yourself. Be mindful. Your submissive needs you fully present.

I step up behind him and widen my stance so my thighs brush against his upper arms. My hands start raking the Zen garden of Dane’s hair as I explain what I want.

“Yesterday, I had you search outside our relationship for other examples of collaring ceremonies and vows. For the next two hours, I want you to set that all aside and focus within. Forget what anyone else feels. How do you feel as my submissive?”

“Amazing, Master.”

I smile, but I’m glad he can’t see it. “Thank you, boy, but that was supposed to be rhetorical.”

“Oh. Sorry.”

I tip his head back and bend over to kiss him. “Don’t be. It was very sweet.” He gives me a lazy smile before I set his head straight again.

“To help you explore your sub space, I will keep you hard and wanting and fully focused on submitting to me.” I pause at the whimper he lets out, my own breath catching in my throat. “Your job is to let go of everything and let yourself feel, give what I take, and take what I give. Don’t hold back, and don’t apologize for anything. I want to see how deep you can go, Dane. Know I will be right here with you the whole time.”

His floppy neck signals his relaxed state.

“I am going to blindfold you now, Dane. This one is thicker than the scarf, and it will block out everything, including light. If you get uncomfortable, please give me a ‘yellow’ and let me help you through.”

“Yes, Master,” he answers, taking a deep breath as I fasten the thick foam around his eyes.

Careful to keep a hand on his shoulder, I walk around Dane and sit down on the couch in front of him. His tension definitely increased when I blindfolded him, but he’s okay, eager to please but not overly anxious.

“Come forward, Dane. I want you right between my legs.”

Opening my thighs, I guide him with my hands on his shoulders as he shuffles into place and sits back on his heels.

“Kneel up for me, Dane. That’s it.” I stroke his shoulders, his chest, his head. “Think about that perfect form you want to achieve for your Master.” His shoulders square off that last little bit while his neck grows longer. “Hold that, right there. Slow down your breathing. Good.”

I close my eyes as I continue to stroke him rhythmically, reaching back to my early days of meditation training in my karate classes. How I struggled against the whole thing—the awkward posture, closing my eyes in a roomful of boys I didn’t know or trust, sitting still, quieting the thoughts raging in my mind—but once I tasted the sweetness of that meditative state, the battle fell away.

Relaxation and lust are not always able to cohabitate peacefully, but ideally, that’s what I want for Dane. Bending forward, I cup his cheek and warn, “I’m going to kiss you,” so he can adjust his breathing accordingly.

My kiss is far from tame. He’s knocked around a bit as my tongue and teeth claim his mouth, but as soon as I pull away, he rights himself and catches his breath.

“Nicely done, boy.” I trail my fingertips from the tips of his ears, down the length of his neck, and across his shoulders. “You can sit back on your heels.” Without giving him a break, I lean forward and tongue his nipple. I can feel his heart rate quickening, but I want more of Dane’s happy noises. I graze him with my teeth, which does the trick nicely, drawing a lovely, low groan. Twisting his other nipple also gets the desired response, so I play right there for a bit, switching sides and keeping him guessing.

There is far less guessing once I put the nipple clamps on him, alternating a kiss, a nipple clamp, another kiss, another clamp. “You look beautiful in my jewelry, Dane. Your Master is very, very pleased.” He swallows, licks his lips, and evens out his breath. “Do the clamps help remind you of your place?”

“Yes, Master.” Further he sinks.


I’m quiet for a while, brushing my fingers over his chest and shoulders, giving him a chance to think and feel.

Gradually, I let my hands glide to his belly and lower. I slip the tip of my finger under the edge of the latex, and Dane sucks in a hard breath. “You didn’t really think I was going to keep my hands out of these, did you?”

“No, Master,” he answers, struggling to keep his voice even.

“Kneel up again, boy. Show your Master how still you can be while I play with you.”

He bites his lip and steels himself, but he’s not quite prepared when I grab his cock and balls with both hands.  Listing to one side, Dane reaches an arm out to catch himself. “I’m sorry, Master,” he mumbles while quickly finding his perfect posture again.

“That’s all right, Dane. Try again.”

I give one of the clamps an unexpected tug. Dane tenses but doesn’t lose his balance, nor does he waver this time when I take him between my hands and stimulate him. “Good boy,” I tell him, stroking him from tip to base. “You’re such a good boy giving your Master this beautiful cock to play with.”

Stroke, stroke, stroke, pause. Nipple tweak, kiss. Stroke, stroke, stroke.

Dane’s breathing picks up, and his mouth twists into a grimace. I put the brakes on for him. “Calm yourself. Master’s not ready for your orgasm yet.”

“Yes, Master,” he answers with far more restraint than I would have.

“Let’s get you off your knees, boy. Climb on up here. I want you across my lap on your stomach.”

Together, we maneuver him into place, planting his erection between my open thighs and stretching him across my body. My hands glide along the new playground of Dane’s back, from the matched set of dimples on his lower back to the nape of his neck. I have him fold his arms beneath his face to give me full access to his sides.

“I can’t decide which is more fun—tickling you right here,” I start, fluttery fingers teasing at his armpits, “or this juicy sliver right here.” I run my fingertips along that tantalizing flesh just below the latex, and he jumps and groans. “I think you just answered my question.”

He’s hopping around in my lap, thrusting that rock-hard cock between my legs and making the most appetizing noises. It’s almost a shame when it’s time to spank him. Almost.

Everything shifts with that first swat. Dane’s mouth drops open in pure, unadulterated lust, and the groans turn into sexy, needy grunts. He’s gone from docile pussycat to feral tomcat with one whack of my hand.

“My naughty, naughty boy, you love this, don’t you?”  

Grunt, grunt, moannnnnn.

“Yes, Master!”

Poor Dane. His voice is hoarse with desire.

I spank him again, the loud slap reverberating in the otherwise quiet room. “Remember this feeling, Dane. How desperate you are right now.” Slap “How much you crave the spanking.” Slap, slap, whimper.

As much as I would love to continue, Dane needs time to internalize. I bring him down again, running my palms slowly across his back, watching his breathing return to normal and the tension ease from his shoulders. In a soothing voice, I say, “Scoot down, Dane. Put your head in my lap.”

Dane takes a deep, shuddering breath, then inches down the couch and curls into a ball on his side, resting his head on my thigh and folding his hands underneath his chin—dangerously close to my crotch. My fingers start their relentless sifting through his hair, and Dane lets out a contented sigh.

I leave him to his thoughts for about ten minutes, simply stroking his head and observing him. When I speak, my gentle voice reaches out to that part of him laid bare in his descent. “Where’s your head right now, Dane?”

“Awaiting your next command, Master.”

“That’s a beautiful answer. I’d like you to stand up now, nice and slowly . . . that’s it.” I spread the towel over my legs and grip him by the waist. “Time to say goodbye to the fancy pants.”

He bites his lip as I work his erection backward through the hole and slowly drag the latex over his ass and down his legs.

“Don’t worry, boy. You’ll be seeing those again real soon.”

I love that he still blushes for me. Hell, I’d buy the boy a warehouseful of latex if I could guarantee that blush would stick around.

“Okay, Dane, give me a reverse cowboy.” He straddles my lap, facing away from me, and I brush one hand across his bare cheeks. “Bend over and put your hands on the floor.”

He’s unsure at first. This certainly would be easier for him without the blindfold, but today isn’t about ease; it’s about revelation. We all see better without our eyes. “Don’t worry; I’ve got you.” Like the most trustworthy dance partner he could ever have, I hold onto those hips while Dane walks his hands down my legs until his palms meet the floor. His arms might be more powerful than mine, and I’m sure sustaining his weight this way is not a burden, but I ask to make sure. Once I know he’s settled and comfortable enough, I allow myself to enjoy the view: two perfectly sculpted globes split down the middle by all kinds of interesting objects to entertain both of us.

The bottle of oil I stashed earlier under the couch cushion is well within reach, and I squeeze out a generous drizzle at the end of his tailbone and “help” it over Dane’s balls and raging hard-on. He lifts his ass off my lap, opening his legs and offering me full access to everything in front and back. “That’s perfect, boy. Can you stay that way?”

“Yes, Master.” He moans when I reach between his legs and fist his cock. “Oh god, that feels so good.”

My thumbs press toward his hole. “Do you want me to make you feel good, boy?”

“Yes, Master, please.”

“Such a good boy.” I open those cheeks and push inside. Dane groans as my finger enters him. “Your Master knows what you like, don’t I?”

“Mmm, yes, Mas—”

I surprise him with a swat, while my finger thrusts in and out of his hole. His arms buckle momentarily, but I’m keeping him safe. “Hold on tight, Dane. Here we go!”

He manages to hold himself up through the onslaught—the spanking, the fingering, the rough manhandling—until he is writhing in midair inches from my face. Through ragged breaths, he begs me to let him come, and I answer with a vigorous tug. “Yes, Dane. Come for your Master!”

I’m not sure if I’ve ever had quite this view before. Let’s face it—how many men could support themselves in this position? Just in case, I clamp my arm around his waist when Dane’s balls tense and he humps my hand as if his life depends on it. The hot spray of his orgasm defies gravity, painting his chest and belly while I milk every last drop.

“C’mon back up here, Dane.” I hold him while the blood rushes back to all the normal places. I arrange him on his back across my lap, wipe his stomach, and release the nipple clamps—all the while, caressing him and cooing soft words of encouragement and affection.

“Before I take off the blindfold, I want you to think about what you need from your Master right now.”

He’s quiet and still for several minutes, looking every bit the blissed-out, post-orgasmic boy who could get up from this couch, turn around, and give me that wicked grin that knocks me off balance. I’m almost waiting for him to dazzle me with some aerial feat when something radically different happens.

Dane reaches out and locates the hand grazing his thigh. Weaving our fingers together, he guides my arm around his body as he draws himself into my lap and rests his cheek against my chest.

Mine, mine, mine!

My other arm cradles his legs and hugs him into my body.  Dane sighs and whispers, “So warm,” into my skin.

Shit! The exertion was more than his body could process, and his body temperature has taken a sharp decline. I rub my palms faster over his back and legs, but the friction isn’t working quickly enough.

“Dane, you’re shivering. Let me get you a blanket.”

Déjà-vu. I remember one beat too late how frantic Dane became last time this happened.

“Master, please . . . stay here?” His arms close around my lower back, and his voice is insistent but not desperate. “You’re hot enough for both of us.”

I’m good enough for both of us, he reassured me as he took the lead on the dance floor.

Did he just crack a joke?

Tipping my chin to my chest, I find a semi-twinkly grin below the blindfold. He’s not cheeky birthday Dane, but a tranquil, post-scene version of the new-old-Dane I’ve come to know and love. Never have I wanted so fiercely to possess another human being at the same time as helping him to soar.

I need to see his eyes, and he appears ready to be here with me. “Open your eyes slowly after I take off your blindfold.”

He blinks open, smiles up at me, then tucks his face back in against my skin. “Thank you, Master,” he says with a breathy sigh.

Many minutes pass in this perfect state. I don’t realize I’m rocking him—rocking us—until the rhythm invokes a long-ago-memorized poem, and the words tumble from my mouth. 

Lullaby, by W. H. Auden.
Lay your sleeping head, my love,
Human on my faithless arm:
Time and fevers burn away
Individual beauty from
Thoughtful children, and the grave
Proves the child ephemeral:
But in my arms till break of day
Let the living creature lie,
Mortal, guilty, but to me
The entirely beautiful.

Ah, the entirely beautiful Dane. Sigh.

You guys are getting dangerously close to where I am in this story. I hope I beat you to the Waynehole de-domming! If not, go ahead and start without me! ;)



  1. *happy sighs* sooo good. I love how the prolonged blindfold scene can take you such different and deeper places. it makes me nervous to think about it on one level, but with a Master as skilled as Marcus (and with how fiercely he loves Dane), you just have to trust that he knows what he's doing (and boy does he!!).

    "He’s gone from docile pussycat to feral tomcat with one whack of my hand.

    “My naughty, naughty boy, you love this, don’t you?”

    This is definitely part of my favorite part of this scene, but the events of this chapter flowed into each other so smoothly, it's almost hard to pinpoint favorites. Each little moment that I loved wouldn't have been as awesome without the things that happened right before and right after. They all flow into each other to create something better than the sum of its parts. :) *more happy sighs*

    I also particularly loved the cuddling at the end. And I really loved that in his blissed-out state, Dane initiated it. It was so beautiful and soft and happy and.. yea... lol. awesome aftercare.

    I will most definitely wait for you to get to the undomming together! I have soo many questions about it that I can't wait to see your answers! mwah!

    1. What an incredibly beautiful comment to make about the flow. Thank you so, so much for that. And the cuddles...sigh. Who wouldn't want to be the fetal ball curled up against that yummy capable man? Mmmmm. :) Thanks for all your sweet curiosity, too! MWAH!

  2. "How do you feel as my submissive?"
    "Amazing Master" Dane is just so sweet and when he gets it wrong (sort of), it's not really wrong because every sentence these two share teaches them something, nothing is wasted. You just cannot imagine either of them with someone else, how did they manage all these years.

    That scene was really hot, being flexible and strong helps obviously ;) and Dane has complete trust in his Master, as I read I always worry if he will worry and take two steps back, four years of being treated badly could take some time to come to terms with but he is resilient and as we know, he doesn't just have Marcus, he has a whole team of supporting co-stars.

    I wonder if we get to hear how Dane feels to be Marcus', I am such an over thinker and would love Dane to put it into words.

    I second the waiting, I wouldn't even poke my head in without you and my fellow commentators, I will be the one bringing up the rear, closing the dungeon door and steering very, very clear of Aro.

    Thank you Born


    1. What a beautiful comment about not even being able to imagine them with anyone else...and all these years. Yeah, think about those years. For Dane, not too many, but what he had were sure filled with misery. For Marcus, lots of great experience in the dungeon but his heart was asleep...that was a fun journey. Thank you for the thought!

      This scene was based on a VERY hot video I happened upon one night doing my spanking research. I was unable to find it again afterwards or I would gladly share. It was very subtle (relatively!) and really erotic!

      You will most definitely hear Dane's feelings during the collaring. I hope it will be satisfying for you. :)

      Oh Jarvis, you don't need to be afraid of Aro- as long as you're one of the good guys! And really? Do you want to "bring up the rear"?? With THIS group? Bahahaha! Thank you sweet lady.

  3. That was as calming as it was erotic. They are getting into that comfortable place where they don't quite have to think so much and to just feel. Though as always, Marcus' thoughts are really fun.
    Wonder if this is the calm before the storm though...The extinction of "Dom"wayneweiner is coming and I am worried about Danes reaction.
    Great chapter xoxo Vicki

    1. Beautifully said about the place where thinking gives way to feeling. I think that's how two people really know when they've achieved trust. You can just let go.

      wayneweiner...that one I might have to steal!

  4. What a beautiful and sensual submission and scene.
    I love the emotions and care they both show to each other.
    The more and more scenes and connections they have the more and more I see their forever together.
    Loving it B! And I'm waiting for you to deal with the bastard.

    1. Wonderful sweet review...and then the last line making me howl.

  5. I love their re-entry into some serious play. For a while now, they have been all lovey-dovey while being dangerously close to being semi-vanilla (sorry it's not a very good choice of words, but sort of describes what I mean). Lax in their boundaries or something like that.....oh just kill me now, all I can think about is my surreal RL yesterday. Sorry. Anyway, this lovely scene just zapped me right back to who they are and what their real selves are. I love how Marcus lovingly led him throughout all this. Oh damn, just suffice to say this was one helluva hot chapter and I loved it!

    1. I appreciate your comments. It's interesting for me to explore how their "outside the dungeon" life impacts their scening, and vice versa. At its heart, this is a love story, but it's also about two people who have a need to live that lifestyle, and I don't want that part to go away. If anything, the more trust they build, the deeper they can go with the D/s side. Thank you for your lovely comments. So excited for you getting to meet Rob, bb!

  6. How do you write these two being so sweet while in a D/s scene? It worked on all levels.

    1. Aww, so pleased you enjoyed it.
      I don't think sweetness and d/s have to live in separate universes.
      Some of the hottest banter I've participated in or read has been very very loving.
      Glad we're on the same page there!

  7. You now that my reviews tend to run on the long side, but with this chapter I only have one thing to say: AMAZING!
    If not for the fact that there are still a few happy events coming up, a score to be settled, and... Maybe a family reunion? I could easily see this as a fitting last chapter. It was so beautiful to see them like this. I can not even imagine how the relationship could deepen any further, but I'm sure you already have the answer to that ;) and will once again blow my mind in a near future.
    I have been in the process of buying a car, and the school year is wrapping up, but I'm not disappearing and I am keeping a close watch on my gmail account so when the time for providing the prize for the raffle comes I can be ready.
    As always thank you so much for creating this amazing characters, for writing their beautiful journey, and for replying so kindly to all the reviews.

    1. Love ALL your reviews, short and long!

      I agree with your assessment. If not for all the scenes I'm still picturing with these two (and will they EVER stop?) I'd say they've already reached a lovely place and I'd be happy to let them ride into the sunset together...reverse cowboy style! ;)

  8. Never thought I'd used the word beautiful to describe a scene with latex. Never say never I guess. The trust that Dane and Marcus have in each other is amazing.

    1. As Marcus would say, "Expect the unexpected." :)
      I love exploring trust. I guess that's why I love writing BDSM so much. It feels even more crucial than in a vanilla relationship. The intimacy two people can gain when they truly trust each other is just one of the most beautiful concepts I can imagine.

  9. *blissful sigh* I love Dane's subspace and Marcus' Master arena more and more with every chapter I read. Which is the effect I hope you're going for bc it just shows how much goes they've made and continue to make together. With every scene, Dane sinks deeper and deeper into his true submissive self. Elegant, talented, obedient, desirable and just overwhelmingly lovely. And ofc Marcus continuously astounds as a Master, and just a person.

    How Dane curled himself into Marcus' chest at the end there. Made me think of a little vulnerable kitty. He was so blissed out, floating on clouds of ecstasy! Sigh... makes me just want to float away from life too.

    Getting closer to the collaring and also Waynehole's demise! Feeling incredibly awesome about one of those while insanely anxious about the other.