Friday, June 6, 2014


Friday morning finds us at the dojo. I reward Dane’s quick absorption of the new forms with a round of extremely tame free fighting. Though Dane now knows how to break his fall without being injured, my kicks and punches are nowhere near vigorous enough to wound or even knock him off balance; he affords me the same courtesy. I’ve seen those legs in action onstage and underwater. Obviously, any one of his powerful kicks could do serious damage.

There is a beauty I’ve always appreciated in the choreography of karate free fighting. Respecting one’s opponent is the essence, a concept that resonates deeply with both Dane and me, especially toward each other. In the end, our “fighting” more closely resembles a deep dance-floor grind than a brawl—with the addition of plastic cups and an added dose of testosterone. Dancing, fighting, fucking . . . contact is contact is contact.

Oddly, this strikes me as the first time I’ve actually viewed this exercise as a meaningful tool for self-defense for Dane.  I’m warmed to know that he’d be quite capable of fending for himself if the unlikely occasion ever arose. A powerful visual brings a smile to my face: Dane round-housing Wayne in the skull.


I look up at Dane’s amused reflection. Fully dressed, duffel slung over his shoulder, ready to go, he’s grinning at my crazy smile. Probably best not to share my vision.

“Sushi for lunch?”

“Sure,” he answers, shaking his head at me.

Dane orders us a couple of different house specialty maki while my selections are more basic: yellowtail, salmon, and snapper sushi. Seated elbow-to-elbow at the sushi bar, we admire the artistry of the chef as he assembles our platter. Dane makes the first move, reaching for a piece of “screaming fiery dragon roll,” dragging it through a mountain of wasabi, dipping it in soy, and delivering it flawlessly to his waiting tongue.

“You’ll be hitting the mouthwash when we get back to the room. I don’t want that tongue coming anywhere near me!”

“No?” Grinning, he leans in to kiss me but leaves the last inch up to me—just in case, I suppose. I close the gap with a hungry lunge.

Dane’s tongue sets a speed record getting inside my mouth, and I break off our kiss with an angry grunt. He laughs and gives me that non-apologetic “Sorry” he thinks will keep him out of trouble with Master.

“Don’t be twinkling at me today, Dane. I have a plan I need to stick to. I don’t have time to discipline you.”

The raw salmon between his chopsticks plunks into the soy-filled saucer as he lets out a surprised guffaw. “First, I dazzle. Now, I twinkle?”

Oops, didn’t exactly mean to let that one slip. I give him a stern glare. “You should probably be focused on the threat.”

“Okay, no more twinkling. Got it.” He fishes the wayward sushi out of the brown puddle, peels the slice of salmon off the soy-soaked rice, and extends his tongue beneath the dangling food. The salmon disappears to a far, far better place while I look on jealously. The boy is lethal.

It’s good Dane’s having his fun now since the forecast for the afternoon is cloudy with a chance of spewing.

“You giving up, Dane? There are still a few pieces left.”

He rubs his belly, reminding me of a fat, jolly Buddha. “Maybe we can get a doggy bag. I’m sure they’ll taste great later tonight.”

“Sure.” Dane handles the to-go box while I pay the check.

The sun is shining as brightly as it’s able in February. I tip my face up and soak in the warmth.

“Ahh, feels good, doesn’t it?” Dane says, following me outside.

“Yeah, I’m starting to believe spring might arrive after all.”

Taking his hand, I lead us away from the restaurant. “Dane, I need to bring up something a little touchy, and I’d rather do it before we get back to the hotel.”

He falls out of step but quickly corrects himself. “Okay.”

I give the immediate area a quick scan to ensure we won’t be overheard. “One question I never asked you when we signed our initial contract was whether you’ve ever had unprotected sex. I’m afraid I can no longer leave the matter to chance.”

“I take it you’re referring to . . .” he leans in, “anal sex, since we’ve clearly been going at it orally without condoms?”

“Yes, anal.”

“That’s easy. No. Never.”

“Well,” I tell him, more than a little relieved, “I guess Waynehole did one thing right.”

Waynehole? Is that what you call him?”

“One of my many terms of endearment. Speaking of foul genital discharge,” I wait for his guffaw to pass, “I’d like us both to get tested.”

Please don’t get ruffled.



“Great. There’s a clinic near my house we can hit on Tuesday morning.”

“There’s about a two-week wait for results, right?”

“Yes, but think how much more fun we can have without all those pesky barriers.”

We walk along in silence—which I mistakenly assume is Dane picturing the same colorful bareback scenarios I am, until he asks, “So, what happens if something bad comes back on my test?”

I can feel the tension in his hand and in his voice. Dane needs to know I won’t abandon him, no matter what.

“Then, we deal with it. We take extra precautions, and we watch for symptoms. You know, it could just as well be me, Dane. Things happen, even if people are careful. The collar isn’t a vault sealing the two of us inside; it’s a choice by two free wills to be bound to each other in a very specific way. If it’s not working for either of us—no matter what the reason—we have the freedom to walk away.”

His pace slows, and I don’t think he’s even aware of being out of step.

“Dane, I’m really sorry to bring up the less pleasant side of things.”

“Nah,” he tries, “I love STDs and breakups.” At least his jest brings a small smile to his face.

“Hey, we had to get the bad part out of the way. Now we can go inside and have some fun.”

“Oh, goody, what’s next—picking out cemetery plots?”

“No, Dane, research.”

His head turns, and up go the brows. As I tug him into the revolving door at the Fillmore, I can hardly contain my smile. He’s quiet until we step inside our suite.

“Research?” he asks.

“Mmhmm. I want you to educate yourself on the full range of possibilities before you create your own individualized vows.”

“Did you have a suggestion about how I go about doing that?”

“Of course,” I answer with a grin. “Was that a trick question?”

“Not on purpose.” He looks so adorably befuddled.

I crook my finger, beckoning him in front of me, and when he gets there, I draw him in for a much-needed kiss. Cupping his chin, I ask, “Ready to do some work, boy?”

“Absolutely, Master.”

With that simple transition, Dane is changed. His uncertainty disappears; following orders is comfortable and easy. After the unpleasant realities churned up by our talk outside, Dane craves this.

“Put that sushi in the fridge, take off your shirt and shoes, and go get your iPad.”

“Yes, Master.”

Meanwhile, I grab my laptop and a couple of toys from my duffel and settle into the armchair facing the large picture window. Dane doesn’t keep me waiting, posing in front of me in his usual submissive stance but balancing his iPad behind his back.

“Hands front,” I order him, taking the iPad from him and resting it in my lap. With both of Dane’s wrists outstretched toward me, he watches closely as I reach for the handcuffs tucked beside me on the seat. What would have caused tensed shoulders or held breath just a week ago now receives a mere half-lowering of eyelids.

“These are the real deal, Dane—commercial-grade New York State Department of Corrections issue.” I clap the cuff around my own wrist until it clanks shut. “And here’s the key,” I show him, demonstrating how to insert the key into the slot and release the lock.

“Open your hand, Dane.” I press the key into his palm. “You do not have my permission to open the cuffs, but you do have the ability. I know you appreciate the difference.”

“Yes, Master.”

I clamp the heavy metal around both his wrists. “Here’s your iPad. You may be seated at your Master’s feet.”

“Thank you, Master,” he answers.

“I want you facing the window, boy. Let whatever perv-with-a-telescope who’s out there right now find you on the floor between my legs.” Nothing too serious, just enough to open the door and let his exhibitionist fantasies peek outside.

He places the key beside him on the floor and shimmies into position, resting his back against the base of the chair between my knees and stretching his long legs out in front of him. My hands are all over Dane while he gets settled in—up and down his chest and back, mussing up his hair, fondling the bulges of his shoulders and upper arms—anything to let him know he’s mine.

“Okay, Dane. Start searching for collaring ceremonies or submissive vows or anything else you think might be instructive. I’m right here if you have any questions.”

“Yes, Master.”

I peer over his shoulder with amusement while Dane figures out how to make his handcuffed hands tap the right letters on his touch screen. After many false starts and heavy use of the backspace key, he manages to open his web browser and start surfing. My fingers take turns climbing through his hair; it happens to be one of my new favorite activities, but the rhythmic scraping of his scalp is also an incredibly effective way of measuring Dane’s level of stress. A loose, relaxed neck means a comfortable boy, and with Dane’s head flopping all over the place right now, he seems okay.

Until he’s not.

Sensing the shift, I knead the stem of his neck with my thumbs, but it’s not helping, and now the stiffness has spread to his shoulders as well.

“Dane, is something bothering you?”

His finger stops the words from scrolling as he sits frozen over the pad. “Master, I’m not sure I have a right to ask this question.”

“Dane, you have a right to ask every question. I may choose to withhold the answer, but that doesn’t mean you were wrong to ask.”

Without turning around, he says, “Most of these collaring ceremonies I’m reading about have other people present. Is that what you have in mind?”

My fingers have slid to his shoulders without conscious effort, but a massage won’t help if my answer is wrong. I can only picture this intimate moment alone with him, but my wishes are only half the equation—or less. If Dane wants something different, it’s on me to understand and weigh his needs against my preconceived notions. I’m not married to any scenario that doesn’t work for Dane.

I flash back to last night and how Dane asked Sean and Riley to be there for him, and it occurs to me I’ve read this all wrong. “Dane, do you want someone else to be present for the ceremony?”

His voice sounds choked. “Do you?”

My hands freeze on his shoulders. “If I answer your question, will you answer mine honestly?”

“Of course, Master.”

I have to trust him. “Actually, I was picturing this as a very intimate moment between the two of us, but if you feel you need someone there for support, I’m open to the idea.”

Dane’s head whips around, and a relieved smile graces his face. “That’s what I want, too. Just the two of us, I mean.”

Heart attack averted. “Good.” I cover his lips with mine before pulling away with an encouraging smile. “Keep reading.”

Dane turns back to his device, already having fully mastered handcuffed internet browsing. Is there nothing this boy cannot do with his talented body and mind? 

I relax into the high back of my chair, close my eyes, and let the images roll past: the dancer, the swimmer, the very capable martial arts practitioner, the cook, the singer, the fucking poetic bed-exiter . . .

“Master, another question, please?” My thought bubble evaporates.

“Of course, Dane.”

“May I face you?”

“Yes, please.” My heart flips. I can’t remember why I wanted him facing the world instead of me, but I’m so grateful he had the good sense to fix that.

He spins around on his bottom, setting aside the iPad and resting his cuffed hands over his raised knees. His dark eyes evidence the erotic subject matter he’s been swimming in. I’d bet my last tube of lube the boy is rock hard inside his jeans.

“Okay, I get that this is a collaring, and the whole point is basically for the Master to provide some kind of collar to his submissive.”

“Right, the collar is a physical manifestation of the Master’s vows to assume responsibility for all his submissive’s needs.”

Dane’s forehead scrunches with an emotion beyond confusion, something akin to indignation. “I’ve now been researching this topic for almost an hour, and I haven’t found one ceremony where any submissive gave his Master a symbolic gift.”

As usual, Dane has tilted the axis of my world and tipped what I thought was familiar to the point where it no longer resembles anything I have previously known. “That’s what you’ve been doing all this time?”

Dane swallows hard and shifts his eyes guiltily. “Not all of it . . . just since the idea struck me.”

“Dane, I’m not angry. I’m just a little surprised.”

“But why? Why wouldn’t there be some form of reciprocity?”

I bend forward in my chair and cup his face between my hands. “The answer is a simple one, and the reason you can’t see it is your extraordinary humility.”

Confusion is written all over his beautiful face. “I’m sorry, Master. I’m not following.”

“Dane, the submissive is the gift given to the Master. You are my gift. You offer yourself freely. What more could any Master desire or need?”

Instead of the thank-you-oh-wise-one illumination I had anticipated, Dane’s expression turns stormy.  “With all due respect, Master—”

“Careful, Dane. You know how I feel about that phrase!”

His jaw hinges shut, and he looks away. I fear I may have silenced him too soon with my worry that he was about to get himself into trouble. How about trusting him, Marcus?

Dane clears his voice and raises his eyes to meet mine. “Thank you, Master. I think my frustration was about to get the better of me.”

I can’t let on how very relieved I am—both that my judgment was on target and that he so readily accepted my guidance without an ounce of defensiveness.  “You’re welcome. I really do want to hear your point when you’re ready.”

“I’m ready,” he answers immediately, making me grin because I can see it’s true. “I understand your explanation, but it’s hard for me to accept. I get that I give myself to you, but don’t you do the exact same for me? Why is it a one-way street?”

My fingers sneak into his hair while I ponder his comment. “Allowing for the possibility that your premise is correct, what are you saying? You want to mark me?”

“No, Master.” Dane blinks at me, stunned. “I just want to express my gratitude for everything you’ve become to me.”


Deep breath in, deep breath out. “Dane, that sounds lovely. I’ve never heard of it before, but I don’t see why that should matter.”

Finally, the storm clouds dissipate, and the bright smile I love so much is back on Dane’s face. “You’ll accept my gift, then?”

The answer begins with a kiss, and when I’ve had enough, I remind him, “Within reason, Dane.”

You won't find that online, folks! Dane and I are making it up as we go! I totally grossed Jayme out with the sushi bit, but I happen to love the stuff! So, what do you think about the collaring? What promises will be exchanged? What gifts? Many of you have predicted "collars" but now it seems there's another gift to be Dane!



  1. Oh boy, Dane never fails to blow Marcus (and us!) away huh? lol He is so giving that he can't help but come up with the idea that he should gift Marcus with something, in addition to the gift of his submission. He is so adorable! and on a personal level I really get that- needing to express through both words and actions (and gifts) your appreciation for another person.

    I really loved the handcuffs here (though I am wondering how Marcus got his hands on those commercial-grade cuffs! lol). Nothing too taxing, but there's no doubt what kind of mindset that puts Dane in while he's googling. and I also love what Marcus said about pervs with telescopes- just a bit of teasing to get some powerful images up and running in Dane's head! lol.

    The testing conversation went easier than expected- I was half waiting for Dane to suggest doing the testing sooner so they could get the results faster! lol. ;)

    I really really loved this part of the chapter: “Careful, Dane. You know how I feel about that phrase!” It was lovely to see that Marcus's instincts were correct about how Dane was reacting to the conversation. He didn't want to stop Dane from talking, just for him to check his tone. And with Dane responding by affirming Marcus's cause for concern, I feel like that can only help Marcus feel more confident over the little things he still worries about in regards to Dane. He must know now that he and Dane are only growing closer and closer every day and I can't picture either of them doing anything to seriously damage that connection.

    Ah, I am so happy for these boys, I will keep my "collar" guesses to myself for now (mostly because they are so loosely formed, but also so I don't have to be "wrong!" LOL), but now I really can't wait to see how Dane chooses to show his gratitude. :)

    1. Ooh, good question. Does Marcus have a supplier on the inside? Heehee!

      Thanks for mentioning that comment about "with all due respect"- I think we all have our go-to phrases (and if you don't know what they are, write a few stories and you will DEFINITELY have them pointed out to you!) and when Dane's clashes with one of Marcus's pet peeves, it's going to come up a few times until Dane has it trained out of his system. Of course, Marcus will nudge him gently but Dane needs to be careful with that.

      No such thing as wrong, Dig! Just your vision vs. mine. And you know I struggle with gifts and music selections, so it's been a very deeply researched item! MWAH!'

  2. Leave it up to Dane to blow Marcus' mind. How has no one ever thought of that before? I am really thinking ahead here and wondering what their life is going to be like in the future. Certainly going to be fun, but so many ways Dane does things unexpectedly for Marcus. He will be the envy of the community, I think.
    P. S. That sushi makes my egg salad seem blah...sigh. xoxo

    1. I really love the comment you made about Marcus being the envy of the community. You gave me a great visual of how it's going to be in that room at Downstairs with Dane by Marcus's side. Hot.

  3. Oooh, another lovely chapter, I must say I'm not keen on the sushi myself.

    The testing discussion was very necessary and I'm relieved that Wayne always kept it covered, perhaps he gets one less whack on his arse for that lol.

    I loved the handcuffs idea, together with the subject matter, that would surely have put a less dedicated sub than Dane in the right headspace too.

    How giving that boy is, always thinking of others and his logic can't be faulted regarding the gift idea and he got his reward by Marcus being so accepting of his point of view.

    I do hope a punishment is not in his future with the "all due respect" phrase, he admitted his frustration but Marcus has been so patient with him. I don't want to see him punished :(

    I've not had any more ideas for collars and now I shall try to think of a gift from Dane, you are not the only one, Born, who stays awake at night thinking about this story, thank you so much for writing and sharing.


    1. HAHA! There will be no diminishing Wayne's punishments, not for any reason. I think you're right. Dane is just so giving, Master has to stand up and take notice! PUNISHMENT? FOR DANE??? OMG. I cannot imagine. Maybe a little spanking or two!

      OMG your last line there...REALLY? MWAH!

  4. Just checking in to say again how much I'm enjoying this journey!

  5. I really like how Marcus put that. The submissive, the act of submission, IS the gift to the Master. I guess I must have looked at this as more like the Master was giving the submissive a gift of the collar symbolizing exclusivity, ownership, fidelity, love, trust, or whatever else it means to the two participating. This is Master's gift to the bond. That the submissive is giving him/herself as a gift is not exactly something I didn't think about, but more like a given, something always implied. I'm not sure what I'm saying here, but I love that once again dane has surprised Marcus and that Marcus is changed by even the asking of the question. Lovely chapter!

    1. I won't disagree at all with what you said the Master is giving. Absolutely. But there's most definitely a reciprocal giving on both sides. I see what you mean about the implication of the submissive. I guess this is a different way of looking at the same thing. I'm happy that I made YOU look at it in a new way! :D

  6. Well I wrote a review yesterday, but hit the wrong button and instead of publishing it disappeared. :-( So I'm trying again!

    It's an interesting conundrum with this collar. It is a symbol of Marcus's vows to Dane. Dane's gift is his submission - but he also cares for Marcus and vows to take care of his needs.

    I love giving presents - much more than receiving. I love hunting for that perfect gift that they will appreciate and that only I could give because of how I know them. So I THINK Dane just wants an opportunity to shower Marcus with a little bit of love and appreciation!

    1. Well, thank you for your tenacity! Sorry my blog was a big doodoo. I'm not a wee bit surprised about your love for giving. I think that's exactly how Dane feels! MWAH!

  7. i just love dane's way of thinking! (and the 'with all due respect phrase - i could hear Dane's voice as he said it.) Their conversation raised a few issues, but as ever, they always manage to resolve them. It's wonderful to see they're on the same page with regards to the ceremony being just the two of them. I can't wait to see the vows they choose and the collar and of course Dane's gift. :) isn't it great we get to be the flies on the wall in their little moment? :)

    1. Yeah, thanks, Lisa. There are a few issues still swirling in the air around them, but I think what I see with these two is that their PROCESS is so pure, we can count on them to work out anything that might come up. That's why I love introducing issues into the mix and just watching them work through it together. These two just know how to communicate, and with the trust and affection and love they have for each other, I don't see anything really coming between them. Sigh...

      Ah, the fly on the wall. Sounds fun!

  8. I love how you keep shifting paces through the story and this chapter is the perfect example of it. There were so many things happening here and a few important topics got addressed. I guess we have Marcus to thank for that, his mind is amazing, he goes through so many different emotions and covers so many issues in a short span of time. It is so sweet how he is always so concerned with Dane's well being, and how he realizes that karate is anew tool as his disposal in the event he should need to defend himself. The talk about protection and testing goes to show how their relationship has taken a turn for the better and is becoming permanent. It is great to see Marcus so relax but still able to maintain his edge as a Master always know when to loose the reins and when to pull them back. Dane is back in full force in this chapter, flying high on his happiness, his comment “First, I dazzle. Now, I twinkle?” was priceless, he has come so far in so little time. The vow research is a lovely example on how well they are within their roles and how strong their relationship is, which allows Dane to express himself freely trusting his Master to keep him safe and set the limits he needs. Dane has become such a confident and strong submissive, I love how articulate he is, there is beauty, intelligence, and mischief in his words, I could picture him as a playful character in a play like A Midsummer Night's Dream. My favorite line in the chapter came from Dane when Marcus suggests Dane wants to mark him: “No, Master.” Dane blinks at me, stunned. “I just want to express my gratitude for everything you’ve become to me.” It was Dane at his best so honest and disarming. Well now I'll be impatiently waiting for the collaring ceremony, for the vows to be revealed and to see what Dane has in mind as a present for his Master.
    As always I thank you for writing and sharing this amazing story and for taking the time to reply to all reviews.

    1. I think what you're feeling in the pacing and the topic covering is Marcus's pressure to accomplish as much as possible in their 30-day trial period together. This is condensed (like all my stories) into a really intense time period. Happy you liked that dazzle/twinkle remark. I do see Dane saying it with such pride and joy in his heart!

      It's really helpful for me to hear how those lines affect you. I could not be more pleased that you saw Dane as "disarming" and I actually think that is the PERFECT word to describe how he continuously takes Marcus off guard, "disarming" him of his weaponry and his body armor. Thank you. That is so lovely. xoxo

  9. I think this thoughtful exchange on planning the ceremony may end up being more emotionally intimate than the ceremony. I wish more people put more thought into what they promise in a relationship. Wonderfully written... as always.

    1. That's also a lovely thought. I just love it when these two talk it out! MWAH!

  10. I'm soooo enjoying Danes personality. He just keeps blowing Marcus away with his love, gratitude, care, and giving nature. He sure does give me the goosebumps. I adddooooooore him so damn much.
    The fact that he wants to give something to Marcus too. #sighsallthesighs. And Moooooosh!
    Marcus, your in trouble! Good trouble, but trouble non the less! Wheeeeeee!!!! Hahaha!!

    1. :) I have a Dane moment coming up in chapter 83 that I think you're going to love. Hold your thought? GOOD TROUBLE FTW!
      Yes... so much.

  11. Wow this chapter was a huge one for me. Not in terms of word count but content. So many important bits to it that I absolutely adored.

    Laughing at Marcus spilling the beans about Dane twinkling. And ugh his shenanigans with the goddamned sushi. I don't rly like the stuff but when paired with Dane twinkle tonging, who the hell can resist that?

    I think it's brilliant that Marcus made a scene of having Dane do some research on the collaring ceremony. Also important was the convo they had in regards to the testing for them both. Dane was worried about the consequences of his test coming back negatively and Marcus, ever the sweet, reassuring Master, making sure he knows that his has the potential to come back with bad results as well. They're all human, ppl make misses, shit happens. But the real test of strength comes from you deal with it. Not by running away but standing by your partner and fighting for your union in spite of.

    ~The collar isn’t a vault sealing the two of us inside; it’s a choice by two free wills to be bound to each other in a very specific way.~

    That's incredible. I love how Marcus says it. Dane has to understand first and foremost that a collaring is not just a lock down or show of ownership. But it's a choice made by two individuals to belong to each other, in spite of anything. After the decision to belong to each other has been made, things can be put in place, rules made and/ or altered to suit. Nothing is set in stone but for the pledge to each other. That goes no where, everything else can be reformed or moulded to suit the needs and demands of the relationship. Dane's not going anywhere, not even by the results of some test.

    ~The collar is a physical manifestation of the Master’s vows to assume responsibility for all his submissive’s needs.~

    SWOOOOOOON looooove that. Leave it to Marcus to make it about Dane. And how he talks about the submissive's gift to the Master, being himself. What more can a Master want... God I died. I loved that Dane fought him on it though. Sweet boy continues to blow us all away. His idea of giving something back is brilliant!!!!! It goes back to what I've been saying all along. Neither of then view their relationship as a one way street. Each has just as much to gain as the other. And Dane loves his Master way too much for that collaring ceremony to be symbolic to just him. He knows, accepts and understands how much he has to gain by accepting Marcus as his Master, just as much as Marcus has gained by his requesting and accepting him as his submissive. And he wants in on the gift of gratitude. Also I appreciate his suggestion to make their collaring something for the record books. Different, something never done before. Something perfect and unique to them. Seems like Master Marcus is not the only strategic planner in the bunch. I quite love it.

    1. So happy this rang so many of your bells, Packy! It seems to me that Dane is easing back into being himself when they're out of scene, but little snippets like this one show that he's still kind of warring with expressing himself IN scene, and Marcus is playing on that here, pushing Dane past and through his barriers. Keeping him on edge sexually to maybe allow him to focus on something else so that natural Dane can rise to the surface. Because only good things happen when Dane is fully present and fully himself. :)

  12. Had to slice my review into two bc the blog said it was too long for one post omg. So here's the latter bit...

    I did also love the handcuff bit too. A beautiful, submissive twist on restraint and discipline. And the fact that Marcus handed him the key and trusted him to know the different between having a way out and actually taking it. The irony of it especially in the Master/sub space they are in right now... BEAUTIFUL! I'm glad I can rest assured saying that I can trust that Dane couldn't bare to leave Marcus willingly. Like it's almost impossible to see. The same for Marcus. There's nothing I can imagine that would cause him yo turn Dane away. Not now, after they've both seen so much; both apart and away from each other as indivisual entities of themselves as well as in their beautiful, flowering union together.

    ~“Careful, Dane. You know how I feel about that phrase!”~ MY GOD THATS SO HOT!!!! I love when men... ~dominant men get a little authoritative and on edge. That teasing hint of caution and discipline... unf!

    Wow this might be my longest review yet, eh? And I'm sure there's still something I failed to remember to mention. As is the case with almost every review... lol. As I said it was a huge chapter for me. I thought you should know how beautifully chaotic things were in my head.

    Mwah... another awesome chapter under your belt. What is it now, chapter 77 of those? :))

    1. I would quite agree. I suppose if there were something that Marcus would do that would really disappoint Dane or cause him to mistrust him, but such a circumstance seems remote to me. I kind of hate that "With all due respect"- second only to "I love him/her but..." You just know someone is going to be real catty after that! A beautiful chaos you are indeed, Miss Packy. How lucky I am you're spending it here with me! MWAH!