Wednesday, June 4, 2014


As much as I enjoyed the double date, I have to admit, it’s awfully nice having Dane to myself the next day. After a light breakfast—including a “Nothing Butt Danes” mug of coffee Dane serves me with a teasing wink—we hit the gym on the 34th floor. Dane spends the majority of his time on the mats doing things most humans would never dare contemplate while I look on with a possessive ache.

Mine, mine, mine.

I brush past him on my way to the treadmill, putting my mouth near his ear and warning, “You know what happens to boys who tease their Master.”

He tries doing his Mr. Innocent I-wasn’t-trying-to-kill-you impersonation, but I’m not buying what he’s selling.

I lean in closer, his heavy musk filling my nostrils. “I want you good and hard when you get on that stationary bike.”

His eyes turn an even puppy-doggier shade of Hey-what-did-I-do? After a quick glance at the stationary bike he had no intention of mounting, Dane lowers his chin and whispers back, “Yes, Master.”

Dane straddles the seat and continues to eye me dolefully the entire time he’s pedaling. The average Joe wouldn’t see that his revolutions are slightly off because even imperfect Dane is still poetic, but I can see the hitch in his cadence as he accommodates the thick erection between his legs. Dane studies me for a reprieve that doesn’t come until I feel he’s been duly punished for being unfairly hot and sinfully flexible. After a while, I give him a nod, which he answers with a grateful sigh.

He materializes at my side while I run the hand towel across my forehead. “Finished?”

“Yes,” he answers.

“Good. I’m ready for my bath.”

With a dip of his chin, Dane silently assents to my implied command. As soon as I unlock the door to our suite, Dane breezes past me to the bathroom and starts the water running in the tub. By the time I kick off my sneakers and peel off my grubby clothes, Dane is waiting for me, naked and posed at the side of the bubble bath.

Oh, hell yes.

I slip into the hot water with a happy hiss, tip my head back against the porcelain wall, and close my eyes. One foot is tenderly cupped and raised to the water’s surface while the washcloth swipes around each toe, along the ball of my foot, and around my heel.  As Dane works his way lovingly up my calf and thigh, I sigh, moan, and sink further into perfect relaxation. Once he reaches my shoulders, I’m in danger of nodding off.

“Master,” Dane starts in a hushed voice, “may I wash your face and hair?”

“Yes, boy, give me the works.”

“Okay. Take a breath . . .”

I’m dying a little behind my closed eyes because what I wouldn’t give to see how he’s looking at me right now. Soap in the eyes is not sexy, however, and Dane would be crushed if he burned out my eyeballs, so I behave.

“Here comes the water,” he warns. Cradling my head, Dane gently guides me under the spout while he rakes his long, attentive fingers through my hair. There’s a cool drizzle of shampoo followed by a slow, sensuous scalp and neck massage. I release a long, contented groan as my head flops around in his capable hands, and I’m answered by Dane’s soft chuckle.

“You like, Master?”

“God, you spoil me, Dane.”

“As it should be, Master.”

I’m sure he feels the goose bumps as they cover my skin; whether caused by his words or his fingers, I can’t be sure.

Dane rinses me off and pushes the wet hair off my forehead. The moment it’s safe to open my eyes, I do, finding the exact gaze I’d imagined—the same one I’m probably giving him.

“Thanks, Dane. That was lovely.”

“My pleasure, Master,” he answers with a gentle, guileless smile.

“I need you in here with me.”

Without delay, he steps into the opposite end of the tub, squats into the water, and extends his perfect legs until his feet trap me against the tub wall. His head ducks below the water, and he pops up, dragging his fingers through his long, bubble-topped hair. I dig out the washcloth from the murky water and run it along each of Dane’s legs, working my way up to that magical spot where they join.

“Mmmm,” he moans, folding his hands behind his head, elbows wide, submitting without being told while I work him over with the warm cloth.

Damn, how I’d love to slide him over my cock and take him this way, but we haven’t had the conversation yet, let alone the testing. With that fucker of a dom screwing around on Dane, who knows what Fuckface might have transmitted? God, the idea sickens me, but I’m not going to spoil this beautiful moment with “what ifs.”

Tugging his leg, I order, “Closer.” He complies instantly, sliding across my thighs until our erections bump together. Scooping up some of the deflated bubbles, I clean the rest of Dane’s torso, smiling as I make him squirm with the washcloth in his armpits.

He drops his arms around my shoulders, clasping his hands behind my neck and rocking gently in my lap.

“Do it, boy. Get us both off.”

Dane grins as my arms wrap around his strong back. I feel the muscles flex and pop under my hands as he rolls and glides back and forth. His sexy smile is more than I can ignore, and I close my lips over his, pressing my tongue deep inside his mouth while he builds the delicious friction below.

I lower my hands to his ass—clench, release, clench, release—and nip his lips so he gets the message I’m not fucking around. Tightening my grip, I narrow his range of motion, so not in the mood to be teased any further.

Being the sensitive sub he is, Dane picks up on my not-so-subtle signs and steps it up, frotting against me with a frantic pace, drawing us both to our shared, aquatic release.

My fierce mashing against his mouth is replaced by ripples of laughter, soon shared by Dane. “I think we’re dirty again,” I inform him.

“Would you like me to get the shower ready for you, Master?

“No, Dane. Fuck it, let’s just stay here and kiss a while longer.”

He chuckles. “Whatever you say, Master.”

We kiss until the water cools, and the last of the bubbles fades away. Reality interferes with our happy time once again; I know he’s hungry, and there’s serious talking to be done. We drag ourselves out of the tub, get dressed, and head downstairs to scout out lunch. Dane leaves the restaurant choice to me, as usual.

I know what his body needs before a performance, and there’s no shortage of lunch spots in the vicinity to provide it. My only requirement is a place where we can talk without being overheard. Murray’s is just the spot—a hopping deli where the hostess gives us a booth in the back corner, so I can see the server coming a mile away, and nobody else will intrude. Perfect.

Before I launch this heavy conversation, I place my hands palms-up on the table, and Dane sets his on top. Connected. He’s already read the tension on my face and reflected it back at me. I need to get this going before his imagination takes off into dangerous what-have-I-done territory.

“Dane, as you know, our contract is up in just a few days.”

He bites his lip. “Yes, Master.”

“You might say the road diverges, and it’s time to choose which path to follow.”

Poor Dane is turning the same shade of green as the pickled tomatoes in the stainless steel dish between us. I hate putting him through even a moment’s unrest, so I follow quickly with, “I want to state right now before we go any further that I would like to continue our relationship as dominant and submissive.”

Dane’s shoulders fall at least two inches as he forces out a deep breath.

“Before you say anything, Dane, I’m not asking you for an answer or any kind of commitment tonight. I simply want to lay my cards on the table and give you some food for thought.”

He looks skeptical but answers, “Okay,” and waits for more. He’s a far better waiter than I’ll ever be.

“The first option is . . .” I swallow hard before I can continue, “you choose not to renew our agreement—that is, you want to move on.”

Dane has agreed not to speak, but he looks exactly how I feel—as if he’s being stabbed from the inside out.

“I want you to know, Dane, if that’s what you choose, I will honor and respect your decision.” And I’ll curl up in a corner and die a slow, painful death.

Dane is close to bursting. “No, Master. Forgive the interruption, but I already know I would never choose that. I don’t need to think about it. Please don’t . . . let’s not even talk about that.”

I suspected those were his sentiments, but it’s damn good to hear him say it, nonetheless. “Thank you, Dane. I’m happy you feel that way.”

He nods and waits some more.

“In that case, I’d like to collar you on Monday.”

Dane’s expression reminds me of the stunned disbelief on the face of an Academy Award nominee as the presenter announces he’s won. The submissive-to-be-collared award goes to . . . Dane Carmichael! His gaze falls to the table; his grip tightens on my hands as if he’s afraid the floor might bottom out beneath him.

Agonizing seconds march along; I wait.

“Dane, I do not require an answer tonight. This is something you should take your time to think about.”

He’s stock still, and I’d give anything to know what’s going on inside that head of his. Our joined hands start to shake, ripples that travel up his arms to his shoulders and head. A giant teardrop falls from his nose and splashes onto the table.

I’m a fucking idiot for doing this in a public place. How could I have failed to anticipate his emotional response? Some fucking caring Master you are!

“Dane, I’m sorry. We don’t have to talk about this now.”

He lifts his tear-streaked face and apologizes. “I’m sorry, Master. I guess it’s spewing time.”


I slide out of my side of the booth and quickly glide in next to Dane, wrapping my arms around him and holding him tight against my body. “It’s okay, Dane. Don’t be afraid to feel; just let it out.”

The server brings our chef salads, and I catch his eye and signal for him to leave them and go.

“Sorry,” Dane repeats, still quaking.

“Not your fault, Dane. I should’ve known this would upset you.”

“I’m not upset!” He pulls away from me and swipes the back of his hand across his eyes. “I’ve never been happier!”

Laughter bubbles up through the tension and awful anxiety. “You mean to tell me you’re spewing happiness right now?”

Dane sob-snorts. “Yeah, I guess.”

“Okay, okay, this is good. Carry on.”

Dane stares at me with an amused grin. “I think I’m finished now.”

“Here.” I set his salad onto the paper placemat in front of him. “Eat.”

Sliding the napkin out from under his fork, he dabs his wet face and takes a first stab at a hunk of Swiss cheese. I suppose I could go back to “my place” across from him, but this feels nice, so I drag my utensils over and start in on my lunch.

Every few bites, my head starts to shake, and a giddy giggle escapes me. This boy will absolutely be the death of me. Dane looks over at the crazy man beside him, gives me a happy grin. “Was there more you wanted to say before I had my meltdown?”

“Yes, but I don’t want to give you indigestion.”

Dane chuckles. “I think you might be projecting.”

Oh, what this boy gets away with!  “You really want me to continue?”

“Yes, please, Master.”

“Okay, since you already seem to have made your decision—one I am completely thrilled about, by the way—I want us both to start thinking about what this means for us.”

Dane’s smile falls. “I’m not sure I understand what you mean. Isn’t it kind of standard?”

“In the broadest sense, yes. It’s an expression that you and I are in a committed, monogamous Master-submissive relationship. How does that sit with you?”

“It sits very well,” he answers with an ever-widening grin.

I reach my arm around his back and inside his shirt, feeling him shiver as my fingers meet bare skin. “Good, Dane.”

He shuttles a forkful of lettuce and julienned turkey into his mouth, chewing thoughtfully before asking, “So, do you see this as a 24/7 power exchange or basically what we’re doing now?”

“That’s a fantastic question, and I’m really glad you asked it. I have to admit, I can’t say I exactly know ‘what we’re doing now.’ Between my birthday celebration and switching things up on your opening night and your general ability to dazzle me into doing all kinds of crazy shit . . . I wouldn’t have a clue how to label what we are.”

Dane chuckles. “I dazzle you, huh?”

“Pshh, as if you don’t know.” We’re flirting again, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m as red as the squeeze bottle of ketchup on our table. “The point is, this is exactly what we need to be talking about over the next few days.”

“Okay, so we talk?”

“Yes, I want you to do some deep thinking about what this relationship means to you and what kind of vows you want to make to me. I’ll be doing the same.”

He sets down his fork. “You’re not going to give me a script?”

“No, sweetheart. This is supposed to come from your heart.”

“What if I get it wrong?”

“How can your heart produce a wrong answer?”

He shrugs. “What if I don’t say what you want to hear?”

“What if I don’t say what you want to hear?”

“You will!”

I smile. “Exactly.”

As usual, Dane’s confidence in me far exceeds that in himself.

“Dane, you have yet to disappoint me. Answer this simple question: Do you want to wear my mark of ownership?”

“Yes, more than anything I’ve ever wanted before.”

My heart.

“Hold onto that. Let me guide you through the rest. And please, whatever you do, trust yourself in this.”

“I’ll try my best.”

“I know, my sweet boy. You always do.”

OH the double bubbles! :)  I couldn't decide whether 'twas better to give or receive, so I had them do both! Murray's is a real place- just not in NYC. Family favorite down in the Bahamas. The pickled tomatoes are to get indigestion for! Yeah, look who projected! 

Well, I guess Marcus doesn't have to keep torturing himself that Dane will walk away. Shocking, huh?

I've written a one-shot called Wrong Number that was supposed to be short but got a little bit long (shocking again!). ANYWHO, it's Edward/Bella with a little slash splash just for fun! You can find my story and many more by your favorite authors in the Disaster Relief Compilation available June 29 by donating $10 or more to a relief agency working to help victims of the recent earthquakes in Nicaragua and Chile. For more info, click here. We thank you for your support!

We're barreling toward the exciting climax(es) now...see you next time! xxx MWAH!


  1. Awww ... be still my heart! And yes, Marcus, you were not vry sensible in choosing to have this conversation in a public place! WOW man! Anyway, very important things to discuss such as ... some tests? Living together together? A 24/7 M/d? No, no, perhaps ... 50/50?
    Oh MoW may I say I hear bells in my pc? LOL
    I'm giddily happy for these 2! *sappy Muse*

    1. Ha! Poor Marcus. But really, I have a little cabin fever with them always in that hotel room! You have a lot of thoughts going on there, young lady!

  2. Well hell. The sighs and heart clenching moments never end with these two. This was so lovely. I can NOT wait to see what they decide to do. I wonder if he'll be having a convo with Edward about how he and B make it work? ;)

    Favorite line... “Hold onto that. Let me guide you through the rest. And please, whatever you do, trust yourself in this.” ...I fucking love that man.


    1. I don't know about that convo, Lady V. Those two and these two are just so different. I see them as supporting each other to the moon and back and being sympatico, but not sure if the day to day workings of one lends itself too much to understanding the other. I have thought about it a lot. Trust me. :)

      Thanks for your kindnesses.

  3. Oh, I don't know if I can handle Dane "spewing happiness" in the restaurant! lol. These boys own me so hard. And I'm ok with that! :)

    I can't wait to see their conversations to come! (hopefully we do get to see some of them, anyways!) I was surprised that Marcus wants to do the collaring so quickly, but then again I think it will be lovely for Dane to KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is loved, and wanted, and owned when the time to confront Wayne comes!

    I really loved seeing them playing a bit at the gym! It was kind of like what I said last chapter- interesting to see how the D/s dynamic can play out in unexpected ways in everyday situations. M doesn't have to tell Dane "first you stretch, then i want you on the treadmill, then this, then that.." he takes command of the situation in a much more specific way- one little command and we know who's in charge. *shivers* :)

    and as for the bath time? i can't even....! lol. soo hot.

    as always, thanks for sharing your boys with us. this was a lovely midday surprise for me before heading to work! but something about your A/N leads me to believe you're trying to wrap up your #neverendingstory! WHY? lol.

    1. HA! Yeah, how'd you like to be sitting at the next table with all that spewing? I think the collaring is an easy commitment for them both to make at this point. They probably could've done it when Marcus decided to stop working or taking on any other subs, because we know Dane ain't going anywhere else! I agree, that had to be in place before Dane could face the Waynehole.

      MMMMhhmmmm! You probably remember E and B's rooftop gym visit, and he did just exactly that, but Marcus and Dane are different. Marcus would never know what Dane's body needs, and he would never disrespect that and try to boss him around in that realm. Oh good lord, yes, I am trying to work up to this climax and give these boys the ending they both (and all of you) deserve and then move along. I'm not sure these two will ever leave me. Dang, I hope not!

  4. These 2 men and their love and commitment for/to each other give me hope. Even though I know they are fictional characters, I still bask in the glow they radiate off the page. I donated to the Red Cross for the disaster relief fund just so I could get your contribution to the collection. I'm so glad I found you and your wonderful stories, albeit belatedly.

    1. Oh my gosh, I am so honored! I just put the finishing touches on my story and I do think you'll like it, Judy Blue. Don't forget to register for the raffle items too!
      Thank you so much for all your support!

  5. It's good to know that Marcus isn't perfect, he makes mistakes just like everyone else and having THAT conversation in a public place could have gone horribly wrong but actually it turned out well, our boys sat together and built even stronger ties between them and Marcus always seems to know what to say to give Dane more confidence and opportunities for growth.

    They have stated their wishes and now the detail can be discussed, I'm looking forward to discovering how they are going to set the parameters of their relationship, does anything need to change really, they both seem so happy and when Wayne is dealt with, that will lift the dark cloud. I'm intrigued, Born.

    Loved the gym and the bath time, in fact I love all their interactions but I do have one bone to pick with you, Born.... how can you hint about reaching climaxes (the culmination?) in a neverendingstory?? Huh, huh, this goes against the trade descriptions act surely? There is still so much story to tell, I've been thinking about Dane reconnecting with his family which is always a delicate thing and absolutely shouldn't be rushed ha ha and then, the book shop lady has to meet Marcus' brother, who is very busy at work at the moment and can't visit for a good couple of months, Oh I could go on.... and on and I so wish you would go on and on and on....please

    Thank you for your writing


    1. You ask a wonderful, important question- do things need to change? Let me liken it to my wedding. We were engaged and living together (basicallY). Did anything change with the wedding? You bet.

      JARVIS!!! If we were FB chatting, I would give you the big purple face that kind of blows up! YES, all of those things need to happen. And don't forget, the prologue (and the epilogue) are 18 months into the future. So, we have some time to play with, but i might just invoke the TIME JUMP- something you rarely see in a BOH epic.

      Love your love for the story and all your wonderful ideas, even if they never let me sleep.

  6. "until I feel he’s been duly punished for being unfairly hot and sinfully flexible" <--- This could be one of my favorite lines from this story. Glad they finally has "the talk". Of course Dane was bursting at the seams to be collared by Marcus. From the 1st time Marcus cuffed him, Dane hasn't want to part with this man. This story has bound itself to my heart. Oh man that was so sappy - but true <3

    1. Bahaha, figures you like that one!
      You ARE sappy. Must be the multicolored leis around your neck.
      Thank you.

  7. Of the many sexy things that they have done, I don't know why but I said it before, I find frotting to be so incredibly erotic. So many thanks on behalf of both me and my husband for including it in this chapter ;) I love the fact that recently every chapter is full of new developments, change, growth, and plans; which I guess goes to show how much their relationship has developed and it also reinforces the fact that they are building a future together. So amazing to see them moving forward and closer to the being the Dane and Marcus we met on the prologue. I also loved how Dane was able to freely spew happiness, so healthy to express his emotions and even better if those emotions are on the positive side. I can hardly wait for the collaring ceremony to see what they come up with and how they will define their relationship. But my most favorite part Marcus admitting to being dazzled, I know the feeling and it is amazing. One minute you are talking or thinking about something and all it takes is one look, a sweet comment, a sexy gesture, or even a cute comment to derail your attention if only momentarily... Thank goodness Marcus possesses a little more self restrain than me. So exciting to hear about the one-shot you wrote and a bit of slash you say, I have to read it.
    As always thank you so much for sharing your writing and your kind replies to every review.

    1. Well you know I do too! (the frotting) HA! Another happy husband. Wheee!

      Thanks for mentioning their growth and movement toward the future selves you meet in the beginning. Thanks for all your support for all my stuff. Much much much appreciated.

  8. Cranked up the heat in this chapter. The image of those two at the gym, all hot and sweaty, muscles bulging, heavy breathing...then the bathtub, all hot and slippery, muscles slick, heavy breathing...Sigh! Then the line "how can the heart give a wrong answer". Perfection. Loved it! xoxo

    1. I love how you mixed all those textures together in one happy brew!
      Thanks for the cool insight.

  9. I like the trust and care it takes to close your eyes and let someone bathe you."Give me the works". yep

    Marcus goes from zero to 100 in 5 seconds. Poor Dane just couldn't keep up with tears. Wonderful.

    “How can your heart produce a wrong answer?” Lovely thought.

    1. Thank you for your sweet, kind words, Austen D

  10. Awwww, B!!!!!! My heart!!! I was smiling, nervous, and giddy all at the same time! I Loove it!!!
    My heart is still all fluttery! OMGosh! I can't imagine what it's going to be like at their ceremony!!! Gaaahhhhhh!!

    1. HA! You are the cutest little flailer, Pates! Thanks for all your !!!!!
      So happy you're enjoying it!

  11. All the dreamy sighs for these two. Propsal made and accepted all at once. I knew Dane didn't need a sliver of time to think about moving on with Marcus. But I do respect that he still laid all the cards on the table. Its very important for Dane to feel like he has choices. That it's as much about him as it is about Marcus. Marcus provided the rejection option not only out of fear that Dane could in fact leave, but to let him know that if he so wants this... as much as Marc does, he has to choose it. And that his decision and choices would be respected regardless, even though we'd all die if it went any other way.

    I loooooved seeing Dane so eager to accept. And his emotional eruption at the table just about had me weepy too. I do love a man who I not afraid to be vulnerable and stripped bare for the things that matter to him. It saying they'd cry for every little shit but you know, when things get intense, and they have been so many times for these two, it can be warranted.

    The gym and bath scenes... HOH! Marcus is evil making that boy mount and ride that stationary bike with a hard on. But then Dane deserves it for constantly flaunting his holy hot flexibleness all over the place. Teasing his master... unffff. The bath scene *sighs and sinks into bubbles and orgasms*

    ~“You’re not going to give me a script?”

    “No, sweetheart. This is supposed to come from your heart.”

    “What if I get it wrong?”

    “How can your heart produce a wrong answer?”

    He shrugs. “What if I don’t say what you want to hear?”

    “What if I don’t say what you want to hear?”

    “You will!”

    I smile. “Exactly.”~ BEST. THING. EVER. LOVE LOVE LOVE THAT! Marcus sure does know how to reassure hi boy in the swooniest ways possible!

    Although I've never worried that they would go beyond the Dirty Thirty... I feel that now this convo has been had I can breathe. Nothing feels better than having it out in the open that they both agree and insist on having a future together. A more permanent one. MY SHIP SAILSSSSS... heh

    1. HAHAHA Your ship has indeed left port! Thanks for all this, Packy. You're so right to zero in on the CHOICE each man has as to how and whether to continue with their relationship, whatever it might be. So happy you're enjoying it.