Friday, July 4, 2014


Eyeliner or no eyeliner; that is the question.

It’s one of the few freedoms I’ve given Dane since collaring him, and I have to admit to getting a nice charge out of his nightly surprise. The makeup remover has become Dane’s mood ring, a wordless way for him to broadcast his needs. Eyeliner equals intensity; he knows I’m bound to approach our scene with just that much more passion, that much less of the Marcus-Dane dynamic.

As the train roars into Scarsdale station, I step out of my car and stretch my legs. Rock hard and eager to hold Dane against my body, I acknowledge the vote my body has clearly cast: eyeliner. A loud screeching of brakes is followed by a loud hiss of released pneumatic energy as the doors slide open, and my boy dismounts.

Our third night into this pickup routine, Dane knows exactly where to find me. This first week is about setting expectations, establishing patterns, cradling Dane in the potent embrace of consistency, giving him every reason to trust. It breaks my heart he still exhibits that microsecond of terror that I haven’t shown up, but each night, the demon makes a quicker exit, leaving one of Dane’s glorious smiles in its place.

And the eyes. Thank you, God. For the second night in a row, the eyeliner has it.

He jogs over to my car, duffel slung over his left shoulder, and greets me as I’ve demanded—with a body-crushing, full-contact kiss. Despite my somewhat legendary imagination, Dane always manages to exceed my wildest expectations. I give him the you-can-let-go-now slap on the ass, and he pulls back, smiles, and says, “Good evening, Master.”

“Hello, my sweet boy. Is there anything I need to know before we begin?”

Dane pauses; my heart clenches. Has something happened? Is he having second thoughts? Regrets?

“Just that I’m incredibly eager to serve you tonight, Master.”

And I breathe. “Noted.” Responding to the subtlest shift of my eyes, Dane scoots around to the passenger door and tosses his bag in the back before hopping into his seat. I take a deep breath and settle my erection into a semi-comfortable position so my dick doesn’t end up doing the steering.

Under cover of the dark winter night, we’re fairly safe inside my M5—so long as I don’t do anything to attract unwanted attention from the bloated, suburban police force; however, the chance of getting caught in the act is real enough to be titillating.

Dane started this with the damn eyeliner, and before we are clear of the parking lot, I issue my first demand. “I want to see two things: your dog tags sitting on your bare chest and a nice, hard erection struggling to break free of those sweatpants.”

“Yes, Master.” Dane complies immediately, unzipping his down jacket and pushing it over his shoulders. The seatbelt complicates the task, especially since Dane’s shirt is a long-sleeved crewneck. Luckily, my submissive is part contortionist; within seconds, he has the shirt gathered around his neck and bunched behind him, leaving his entire chest gorgeously exposed.

Dane smoothes a hand down the leather cords, lovingly ensuring the lowercase “d” is resting in its proper position atop the “M.” I cannot resist the urge to reach over and recreate his motion. “Whose boy are you?” I ask, caressing the copper ring with my thumb.

“Yours, Master. I’m all yours.”

“You are.” My hand continues its journey south, gliding along the tantalizing landscape of his carved ridges, snaking under the nylon shoulder and lap belts, and following the downy trail inside Dane’s pants as he looks on with helpless curiosity. Dane gasps as my fingers penetrate the waistband of his briefs and my palm claims his erection. “Ah, that’s exactly what Master was hoping to find. Good boy, Dane. Such a good boy.”

And this is why the Germans invented automatic transmission. The stick in my hand is far more responsive than any leather-covered knob; the man controlled by this slab of fleshy perfection is the ultimate submissive machine.

Precum coats my fingertips as our tires meet the highway. Dane squirms pleasingly as I slick up the rod in my fist with the juices of his arousal. My focus is on the road where it needs to be, but I feel Dane’s eyes on me, feel his breaths bottom out more quickly as his desire builds.

“Pull your pants down, Dane. I want them on the floor.”

“Yes, Master,” he grunts out, hooking his thumbs in his waistband and lifting his ass off the leather as much as the seatbelt allows. My hand swirls and pumps.

“Oh, Dane. Look at you.” I shake my head as if I had nothing to do with his predicament. “Aren’t you feeling a bit exposed?”

“Yessss, Master.” Even without looking at him directly, I can see the clenching of his jaw and the intensity of his glare.

“Hands behind the headrest, boy. I don’t want anyone’s view blocked, least of all, my own.”

Dear God! The boy whimpers as his hands go up and around behind his head, creating the very vivid image of Dane being bad-ass-cop arrested and grabby-hands frisked and body-cavity searched. Role-play is so in our very immediate future!

Leaving his slick erection for a second, I run my fingertips up his pebbled flesh, finding his pencil-point-sharp nipple and rolling it between thumb and index finger. Dane lets out a needy groan—just what my aching cock needed to start beating a bass drum pedal against my fly.

“You are good and worked up tonight, aren’t you, boy?” Right, he’s the only one.

“Mmmyesss, Master. So worked up!”

Eyeliner and extraneous dialogue? This is Master’s lucky night, it seems. Who am I kidding? They’ve all been lucky since Dane entered my life.

“Aww, sweet boy. You know your Master is going to take good care of you, don’t you?” My fingertips tickle and tease their way back to his shaft.

“Yes, Master, please and thank you.” He thrusts eager hips off the upholstery and into my palm. I reward his greed with three slow pumps.

Checking my mirrors, I settle into the cruising lane at a reasonable sixty miles per hour and allow myself one quick peek into the gorgeous, outlined eyes pleading with me to get him off. Fucking hell, he is so beautiful.

This is gonna hurt me more than you, boy.

I retract my hand, wipe the sticky goo on his belly, and give him a couple of friendly pats on the knee before resting my hand on his thigh. “Not yet, Dane. No jizzing on Master’s leather seats. That would be very, very naughty.”

Dane throws his head against the headrest. “Yes, Master,” he manages through shallow, panting breaths. His cock can’t decide between sad and angry, but one thing is for sure: it wants more.

Good. That’s how it should be.

“How fast can you get your face in my lap, boy?”

Zero to sixty in . . . fffuck, that feels good!

Safety first, but damn, what I wouldn’t give to make Dane thrust that bare ass of his up against the window and make every other poor sap on this road weep with envy! I settle for enjoying my private view of Dane’s long, lean, bared-from-neck-to-ankles body snaked between gearshift and arm rest, lips feasting on my very joyful cock. One bump of his head on the steering wheel is all it takes for me to let out a couple inches more between my lap and the windshield.

Two hands on the wheel! I discipline my fingers though they long for their happy place in his hair. Dane’s head bobs and swivels over my lap while emitting noises so obscene, they alone might have done the trick.

With the single brain cell I still control, I click on my right turn signal, carefully pull off to the side of the highway, and throw the car into park. Finally liberated of driving duties, my hands each seize a fistful of hair and hang on for dear life as my orgasm rips through my groin.

Dane tends to the cleanup with soft, loving strokes of his tongue and sweet little moaning noises that draw my eyes to the boy’s furious erection. Poor baby.

Tugging slightly on his hair, I signal Dane up to my lips, and we share a nice—if a bit tangy—kiss.

“Well done, boy,” I tell him, navigating the lap belt while zipping up.

“My pleasure, Master,” he answers with a warm smile.

“Are those nipples hard because you’re cold or aroused?”

The passing headlights illuminate Dane’s blush in crashing waves of bright arcs. “A little of both,” he says.

“You better put your shirt back on.”

Dane gives his head a knowing shake. That’s right, boy. The pants stay right where they are.

“Here you go, sweetheart. This should warm you up.” I flick the switch for Dane’s seat warmer, and he thanks me for it. “Think you can stay hard for me ‘til we get home?”

“Yes, Master. I don’t see that as a problem.”

We grin at each other while I hoard one last helping of thick cock and bedroom eyes before carefully reentering traffic.

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  1. OH so good! Love the eyeliner reference Marcus and dane use as a signal of mood! Very clever! I notice that dane still has an infinitesimal pause waiting for Marcus to arrive, indicating his lingering, although greatly waning, doubt. He's come so far with trust, though, that it seems almost not there. I love to see, read, these 2 in action! It's a pleasure to read.....

    1. Dane's like a living, breathing mood ring! I think it might be unrealistic (GOD FORBID!) for Dane to be totally trusting without a moment's hesitation JUST yet. Give him a day or two! ;) Thank you so much for your lovely comments, Judy. So happy you enjoyed the chapter.

  2. That was a surprise, it was great to have a sexy moment, I thought we might be in for a tricky few chapters but it is always lovely to see them in D/s mode during every day routines.

    Even with Marcus being all masterly, you can sense his love in everything he says and does, Dane's gain is certainly other subs loss and Dane truly is a perfect submissive, no pouting for him when Marcus changes direction and gets his satisfaction first.

    Looking forward to the next part.

    Thank you


    1. Hey Jarvis...expect the unexpected! *wink* I'd love to know more about what you expected from the next few chapters. Tricky-as in, getting adjusted to life as collared sub and master? I LOVE that you noted that Dane would never pout over Marcus's pleasure taking precedence over his own. Indeed, I do believe Dane still prefers that and might always feel that way. Thank you for your wonderfully thoughtful review.

  3. well now that was one hot interlude! and Dane with the eyeliner - always gets his Master's blood pumping extra hard ;) Dane may still need reassurances from his Master, but his insecurity sure is diminishing which is a great thing to see. And even Marcus had his moment there until Dane reassured him he was eager to play. These two are so great for one another - and the way they prop one another up so effortlessly - the way they know each other's needs and cater to them - beautiful thing to witness. x

    1. Happy you enjoyed it, Lisa. AHHH, you noticed that Marcus has his insecurities too. Mmhmmm! I thinki you pointed out one feature to their relationship that really makes it a nice place for me to live with them- they truly do bolster each other in every meaningful way. It's nice for me to live with these two and the loving way they regard each other. Thanks so much for your sweet comments. FEEL BETTER, would you now?

  4. RAWR!!
    These two boys are delicious.
    I love the guyliner reference for what Danes mood is.
    And Marcus is such a teeeeease! I or Dane! lol
    Have fun in Vegas BABY!!

  5. Seems like everyone is having fun this weekend! I hope you enjoy your trip to Vegas! I was technology free this weekend so I missed everything, including this wonderful little glimpse into the life of a loving Dom/sub relationship. These moments in their day just are lovely lol. Besides, now I can imagine a lovely man sitting on a fancy warmed seat, bare bottomed. What an image to start out my week lol.
    Vicki xoxo

    1. I was "technology free" for a bit too. More like JAIL! Heehee, hope that image sticks with you like the leather when you try to get up from the seat on a hot day! :) Great to have you back!

  6. These two are so eager to give each other what they need and want. It's no surprise they also are able to give them cues to there moods.

    Think of the scenarios you could write if you had them pulled over by Hottie mcCop...

    1. I did one of those cop fantasies in the sequel to my first slash story "After the Smoke Clears." I don't know if you remember my hottie firefighter (Jasper) who rescues Actorward from a burning nightclub. The two become friends and BOOM! The sequel was a hot cop fantasy called "Moving Violation"'s the link:

      But yeah, the theme "resonates" with me. *WINK*

  7. There will never be enough guyliner Dane. And jfc the imagery you created of Dane holding on to the back of the car seat while Marcus strums him and the noises!!!! *_____* its all I could think about tbh. Jesus

    1. Mmmm yeah that was a fun ride! Glad you enjoyed it too!