Thursday, July 17, 2014


“Master,” he responds with a simple, desperate plea.

I couldn’t say whether the set of Dane’s jaw or his unflinching glare clinched it for me, but one look at my boy makes me swallow every objection screaming its way out. I may be pulling the strings, but Dane is the one running the show. Respecting the man’s limits means more than avoiding certain sexual acts checked off on a list; it means allowing Dane—encouraging him, even—to explore his terrifying outer bounds when he expresses readiness. Right now, my boy is radiating “ready” with the human equivalent of a nuclear power plant, his carefully set shoulders heaving with the effects of adrenaline coursing through his system.

Though every protective cell in my body wants to throw Dane in my M5 and make a break for suburbia, I know I won’t deny him anything he asks for today.

Before I can say “yay” or “nay,” Edward moves to Dane’s side in a show of solidarity. “Marcus, be reasonable.”

Dane doesn’t quite know whether to be comforted or worried by the intervention, but Aro makes his amusement known with a murmured, “Well now, isn’t this delightful?”

The sting of Edward’s warning is a hurt I cannot afford in the heat of this moment, but the guy needs to back the fuck off before his doubt ravages Dane’s faith in me. “I’ll thank you not to tell me how to speak to my submissive, Edward.”

Instead of backing down, Edward stiffens and folds his arms over his chest. Whatever he’s about to fire back at me is stifled by Dane’s firm, “Edward . . . don’t.

Edward’s jaw drops, and his astonishment gives way to a smirk. “Looks like your submissive agrees with you, Marcus.”

Aro jumps in with a surprisingly tender, “Of course he does,” but I can’t tear my focus from Dane to acknowledge either of their remarks.

There is not a quiver to be found in Dane’s voice as he addresses Edward. “Look, I appreciate that you’re trying to protect me,” he starts, then shifting his attention to me, adds, “both of you . . . but I can speak for myself.”

This is Dane asking me to remove the training wheels and set him free. I’ve never seen him as fiercely determined as he is right now, and I’d be the last one to compromise his confidence or hold him back—no matter how much I’d like to swathe him in bubble wrap.

“We need to revise the ground rules, then,” I respond.

Dane rightly takes my answer as assent, and he crashes into me with one of his exuberant hugs. “Thank you, Master,” he sniffles into my ear.

You’re welcome doesn’t feel like the appropriate response for what I’ve just unleashed, so I simply hug Dane back even tighter. I suppose I’m the parent holding onto the handlebars that one last stretch between my brain’s decision and my heart’s hesitation.

“I’d like to hear those rules,” Aro says, shaking us from our embrace. Dane gives me a nod as we pull apart.

Reality is one strict master, and right now, the motherfucker has my balls firmly in its grasp, but I’m still the mastermind of this operation. The first condition seems obvious, but I’m taking nothing for granted. “One—Dane’s clothes stay on. Two—”

“Excuse me, please, Master.”

My fists fly to my hips. “Dane, you cannot seriously be suggesting we string you up naked in front of this crowd!”

“Now, now,” Aro cuts in, “let the boy have his say.”

Edward flattens Aro with one of the dirtiest looks I’ve ever seen while Dane sputters out, “Not totally naked!”

Goddammit, Dane!” He flinches at my harsh response, and I hold out my hand in apology. “Just a second. I need a fucking breath.”

Calm your shit, Marcus. NOW.

This was not the plan. This was so not the plan.

“Would you care to elaborate, boy? What exactly are you suggesting you wear? And if you’re about to say ‘my new bathing suit,’ you might as well call the paramedics right now.”

Dane gives me a miserable shrug. My face is on fire, and I’m pretty sure there’s a bulging vein in my forehead about to bleed out all over the hard, cold floor. “Fucking hell, Dane, really?

Dane steps closer so only I can hear. “Not my suit, per se. I packed a little something for . . . later . . . another of my costumes I thought you’d like.”

“Not the thong!” Crap! I’ve shouted.

“No!” Dane blushes and shakes his head furiously as Aro and Edward attempt to muffle their laughter behind him. So much for privacy.

“Sorry, Dane. I’m not . . .” handling this well at all. “Okay, what is this ‘costume’?”

“It’s just a nude bikini. We used them when I danced with Gregory Hawkins. I guess I thought I might feel like dancing later . . .” The words tumble from Dane’s mouth in his eagerness to assuage me. “You probably won’t even find it sexy. I’m sorry; I don’t know what I was thinking.”

Fuck if I’m not grinning now. “You thought you’d feel like dancing later?”

Dane rolls his eyes at my getting snagged on the wrong detail. “Crazy, right?”

I grab both his hands and close in for another kiss. “No, Dane. Perfect.”

“So I can wear it to the demonstration?”

“You really want to show that bastard what he’s missing, don’t you?”

Even through this rare hint of pride, Dane is ninety-nine percent humble. He lowers his luxurious lashes as he looks away. I’m not having any.

I draw Dane’s attention with a gentle tug of his wrist. “He’s going to be demolished, Dane.”

He thanks me with a brief nod. I squeeze his hand and step to his side, allowing Edward and Aro back into our conversation. “Two—nobody touches Dane but me.”

Aro is first to pipe in. “That’s a given, Marcus.”

“Thank you, Aro, but I’m not taking any chances.”


“Three—Dane wears my collar.” I turn to my submissive and continue. “I was planning on having you by my side without defining your position, but if you’re going to expose yourself, I have to insist you wear my collar.”

Dane smiles. “No argument here.”

“Aw, c’mon. What fun is that?” asks a teasing voice behind me.

I swivel to my other side, where I find that smug grin I’ve known and loved for too many years to count. “Keep it up, Edward. We can always arrange for a second demo model.”

“Priceless,” Aro kicks in, “but can we get back to the rules, gentlemen?”

Edward cocks his brow, and I give him a don’t-test-me glare.

“Master? Anything else?” Dane asks reverently.

I turn away from the three of them so I can scroll through the new script in my head: Dane is stripped, collared, and suspended from the ceiling. The audience is invited in. Enter the creep, who will immediately recognize Dane—and vice versa.

“Four—I want you blindfolded, Dane.”

Dane gasps, and I spin around to face him again. “I know you think the blindfold will make you more vulnerable, but in this case, I’m doing it to protect you. Even though you know intellectually that you and I aren’t scening, you’re going to sink into sub space. You’re already on your way, if I know you, boy.”

“Agreed,” Dane acquiesces. “Are you going to leave me blindfolded for the whole thing, then?”

“Absolutely not, sweetheart.” My brain shifts back into preview mode as the plan rolls across my mind. “I’ll ask for an audience member to administer the techniques to my submissive as I narrate. Wayne will probably knock his chair over jumping up to volunteer.” This earns a small smile from Dane. “Edward will have our big, bad dom test out the new cuffs first—”

“Meaning, I’ll have the ass-wipe locked in tight before he can say, ‘What’s the motherfucking safe word?’” Edward boasts.

I interrupt Edward’s dark chuckle. “Oh, don’t worry about that. He doesn’t believe in safe words.”

“Holy shit! Are you screwing with me, Marcus?”

“No, a real pillar of the community, this one."

“Oh please, Marcus, do let me play too,” says Aro. “So, while our friend Edward here incapacitates the prey, you will be releasing Dane from the bindings and blindfold, I gather?”

“Yes, Aro, I will take Dane out of the room to transition him safely back.” I give Dane’s hand another squeeze, and he gives me his I’d-follow-you-to-the-end-of-the-earth eyes. “I haven’t decided yet if I’ll uncollar you at that point, Dane. I’ll decide what is safer for you in the moment.”

“I trust you,” Dane answers.

“Please don’t feel compelled to put his clothes back on.”

I doubt my glare is even half as harsh as Edward’s, but Dane laughs off Aro’s comment.

“Any more last minute curveballs, Marcus?” Edward asks.

I turn toward my boy, He Who Is Full of Surprises. “Dane?”

“That’s pretty much everything, Master,” he answers with a half-smile. Dane has already started down the path to sub space, and I need to get him alone.

“Curtains up in thirty minutes?” I give Dane a wink so he can properly appreciate my clever theatrical reference; apparently, he hasn’t sunk too far to answer with a pained groan.

“See you in thirty.” Edward nods and steps in for a one-armed hug. “Call me if you need anything, man.”


“Dane, break a leg,” Edward says, extending his hand.

Dane shakes Edward’s hand, then puts his other arm around Edward’s back as he’s just seen Edward do to me. I’m standing close enough to hear Dane say, “Thank you for being here for him.”

Edward peeks around Dane’s back to smile at me, pats Dane on the back, and answers, “I’m here for you, too.”

The two men release each other with the beginning of a new bond between them, one I’m sure will be strengthened by the activities about to unfold.

If you want a preview of Dane in that nude bikini, take a look at the banner again. *wink* 

When I started this story back in November, I never imagined I'd write this scene...and yet, here we are. *DEEP BREATH* 

Care to share your thoughts? xo


  1. my thoughts?? it's all crickets up there right now. lol kinda speechless in regards to Dane's confidence in himself, but I'm loving it. ;) More review to come... mwah!

    1. some of my favorite moments in this chapter (besides the obvious ones) have to do with Edward. Go Figure! lol.. I loved when M got all stern with E and warned him about not telling Marcus how to talk to his sub.. *shivers* lol. And then of course, when M tells E he can be demo number 2, if he doesn't watch out.

      and, I really, really loved when D hugged Edward and thanked him for being there for Marcus. That was a bit of a surprise, but then it totally made sense to me. All this time I've been thinking the friendly faces in the audience (and on stage) would be there for Dane, but Marcus may very well need some support in this as well. Because as was said in the next sentences, Dane and Edward's friendship is just forming now, but Edward being there to help Marcus will be such great support for him. *sigh* I love their relationship, and even more that Dane is quickly joining that friendship.

      And on more of a funny note, I definitely giggled when Marcus kind of outed him and Dane about the thong! so perfect!

  2. Brav-fucking-O.....what a balls to the wall chapter!! I'm so proud of dane! Marcus, as always, protects and supports his lovely sub and, once again adapts to meet the situation very bravely! Aro, I'm not so sure of....well I know he won't hurt dane, but damn he's a big ole perv, isn't he?? Edward, of course, walks on water as far as I'm concerned.....LOL! I really can't wait to see Waynehole get his comeuppance and I know were close.

    1. HAHA- BALLS TO THE WALLS? Sorta! I'm pleased you noted Marcus's courage in all this. I think poor Dane challenges Marcus in all the best ways to move outside his comfort zone, which is a concept one normally attributes to the submissive in the relationship. The name of the game is remastering Marcus, so I love that you're commenting on that forward motion along with Dane's. Yeah, Aro is totally a big perv. It struck me that someone in his position just might be! ;) Thank you so much, Judy Blue!

  3. I didn't see it going this way but that's why you are a terrific writer and..... I'm not lol.
    But it is almost like poetic justice, all of the support and love of Eleazar, Sean, Riley and of course Marcus has brought Dane to this point, the point where Dane himself can play an active role of de-doming Wayne.

    I shall remember this scene for a long time, the strength of Dane, the unfazed, unafraid support of Edward, the perviness of Aro and the huge love of Marcus, it's all something really special.

    Thank you Born


    1. I love how you went around the room and told me how you saw each character at his core. Love that you mentioned poetic justice...between their love for poetry and the justice imagery of the upcoming chapters fits nicely! Thank you for your lovely, thoughtful comments, Jarvis!

  4. I can almost hear Michael Sheen's Aro's voice saying "Isn't this delightful?" LOL LOL And how about Dane calling Edward by his name? I thought there was some sort of etiquette for a sub to address other doms? That right there shows me how confident and nuclear-ready *chuckles* Dane is. And, Jarvis? I wholeheartedly agree with your comment on the web of support and love around Dane and Marcus. Go Dane!
    *shakes head* I once said I knew it wld take you more than once chapter to cover the de-doming but this? You're making me run for my meds! Oh wait ... I have no meds YET LOL I surely will by the time all this is said and done! *winks*

    1. The name thing and all the sirs are just to get Wayne believing they're doing this in scene, but no. Edward is not a dom in Dane's world. He'll probably remain respectful to Aro with the "sir" title because he's Dane, but he doesn't need to address Edward that way.

      Yeah, I had a really long chapter coming up but we decided to split it up. I'll try to post them a little closer together when the time comes! XOXOX

  5. Oh Dane. Wow have you found yourself. Voice and Courage! He really shines in this chapter, especially when compared to the Dane we first met. He is articulate, physically confidant. Poor Marcus loses his cool a little. Roll reversal? You have written such a clear picture for me. Marcus and Dane standing, staring and connecting strongly with Edward and Aro as satellites.

    Marcus and Dane always looking after each other. Why is Marcus still surprised?

    1. Ah....role reversal. What a very cool observation! I've looked at it as them trading off in different situations, Marcus definitely growing and changing in his own ways as Dane earns back his voice and pride. Marcus is a bit of an old dog and he hasn't had all that long to learn these new tricks. I'd say he's more delighted than surprised at this point... Really love your thoughtful comments. Thanks, AD!

  6. No matter how much he is in control, Marcus still loses it a little when it comes to Dane (Not the thong!) I really laughed when Marcus let loose on Edward a couple of times. Not matter how much I see Edward as a big bad Dom from KEA I still see him as a Dom in training whenever he is around Marcus. Aro and Edward also seem to have a little backstory, wonder what we missed with that.
    Dane was the star of this show though. He has come into his own now. Secure in his role as a well trained, well loved, respected submissive. Have a feeling when everything is said and done he will be the talk of the, maybe then he can let loose some more of his exhibitionist qualities.
    Cannot believe it has been since Nov. since this started. Time flies when you are reading fun. Great chapter m'dear
    Vicki xoxo

    1. I still see him as a Dom in training whenever he is around Marcus.-- Accurate! Same as I always feel like a daughter around my folks. Aro and Edward...I see them more as two other characters in the community. Edward never really lived the club life but I'm sure Marcus would've talked about Aro in the past. I don't think those two have much in common!

      What a very interesting projection you made. I love how you connected his exhibitionist tendencies with this community. He does seem to love the spotlight! I started posting in March after I returned from my trip, but the story gripped me in November. NEVER would I have imagined I'd still be writing it now!
      Thank you so much for your really insightful comments.

  7. This chapter shows how Dane has come full circle. Loved how Marcus thought on his feet and tweaked the scene so it would fit in with Dane being involved. I imagine that no matter how much a Master plans a scene, he always has to have a contingency plan in the back of his mind in case. Aro made me giggle with the 'isn't that delightful' line (shudders) lol. And Edward as ever is being Edward - and that's always a good thing. Great chapter! Let the de-domming begin! :D

    1. I don't know if every Master would manage to be as flexible as this guy or let his submissive kind of run the show so much, but it seems right with these two. And by the way, I've had to adapt and change every chapter so why shouldn't they? TOTAL SHUDDERS on Aro. Blech! Happy you enjoyed the Edward moments as well. Thank you, Lisa.

  8. I'm not quite sure what to say. I'm kind of speechless. I had a mini flashback to Dane and the wedding table not saying a word - to now telling 3 Doms how its going to be. Right now I'm all:

    1. He's come quite far, but hey...200k is a lot of words! :D

  9. I loved this chapter. It not only shows the truth to Marcus and Dane's relationship, but also the truth to how friends do come together for each other. Even if, one of them *coughs* Aro *coughs* is a creepy pervy friend! hahaha! I wouldn't want it any other way.
    Edward is freaking adorable, not only with his "I'm gonna beat him down" attitude for the BASTARD, but his friendship, support, and love for Dane and Marcus.

    You can see Marcus' true feelings coming out for Dane. This chapter showed that he not only wants to keep him safe and secure, but he wants to show him that too. He is showing his trust in Dane by letting him be the "doll" in this showcase, yet making sure HE is the one to care for him completely.

    Eeeeeeep! The next chapter!!!! *runs*

    1. Yeah, Aro sure is a creepy perv but he does seem to be a terrific ally. I guess maybe there are some strange bedfellows happening! So happy you're experiencing Edward that way. He can be a bit of a hothead but we know his heart is always right where it belongs!

      Ah, Dane is the doll in the showcase. Very cool metaphor, Pates. I love the image of Marcus letting Dane shine but also being close by to take care of anything he needs. MWAH!

  10. Rahhhh I'm so all over the place right now.

    I do love it when Marcus gets explosive. Talk about taking a breath and paramedics. Lol. I can just feel how he was erupting with frustration and anxiety. Its not like Marcus to not be in control of things. And unexpectedly when Dane stepped up and offering himself like that totally knocked him off balance.

    My damn nervousness and intrigue just skyrocketed by a million. I'm pretty sure my bp just went up a notch as well. Gah but so far the plan sounds ready to go.

    Let's get this show on the road, shall we?!

    1. Maybe I should have the paramedics on hand for YOU, Packy Pie! MWAH!