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Grabbing Dane by the hand, I lead us away from the “sack of shit” as fast as my shit kickers can carry us.

The door to the submissive room closes behind Dane with a mighty thud, echoing off the concrete floor and vaulted ceiling. With a firm tug on his hand, I pull Dane past my body and propel him toward the cot.

“Have a seat.”

He sits on the edge of the bed, hands by his sides, blinking up at my crotch with a bit of the devil in his eyes. “Is there something I can do for you, Master?”

Cupping his chin in my fist, I answer, “Don’t tempt me, boy. It wouldn’t be polite for the guest of honor to be late to his own party.”

Dane’s hand wraps around my thigh, and he nuzzles his face into my bare belly. “I’m sure they’d understand.” Soft kisses draw a line to my belt buckle.

This might not be such a bad idea after all.

Sensing that the lower half of my body is on his side, Dane tips his chin up to see if my head has given in yet. Hair and eyelashes and thick, luscious lips.

“Sweetheart, I want this too, so badly . . .” My fingers burrow into Dane’s hair.


“Let’s save it for later, okay? This place doesn’t exactly inspire me romantically.”

“Okay.” Dane places a goodbye kiss on my belly button and sinks back to his relatively innocent position on the bed.

“Before everyone else steals you away from me, I wanted to take a minute to tell you how proud I am of you.”

“Are you going to make me cry?” he asks.

I shrug. “I have no idea. That’s not my goal.”

“All right.”

He’s blushing and sweet and I’m still hard from his offer. It wouldn’t hurt to get a little closer. Straddling his legs, I lift one knee at a time onto the bed on either side of his thighs. Dane’s eyebrows rise in surprise as I sink into his lap and clasp the back of his neck with my joined hands. Maybe I am feeling a little romantic after all.

“Dane, I am really proud of you.”

“Thank you, Master.” His hands close around my back, and his forehead tips to meet mine.

“That was quite a little speech you made.”

He lets out a shy chuckle. “The spew to end all spews.”

“Hunh.” My nose brushes against his. Can’t get close enough. “Do you think it really might, Dane?”

“I’m not making any promises for the future, but right now, the reservoir is empty. I just don’t have anything left.”

“How are you feeling about everything that just happened?”

“Honestly?” He pauses for a moment, and I’m almost wondering if he needs confirmation. “I’m pretty embarrassed right now.”

“About what?”

He tries to turn his head away, but we’re too close, too locked together, and I really need him to stay here with me right now. “What are you embarrassed about, Dane? Can you say?”

“You are going to make me cry.” Poor Dane. His eyes are shiny with tears.

“Just get the rest out, Dane. Let’s just do this all the way, and then we won’t ever have to come back to this place.”

He nods before he can speak, but finally, my wait is rewarded. “I’m embarrassed I ever fell for that sorry excuse for a man out there.”

“Sweetheart, we can’t help who our heart and body fall for.”

“The man has no redeeming qualities. I can’t even think of one. I just don’t know what I ever saw in him.”

“I hate to say it, Dane, but I do.”


I shift in his lap, scooting back toward his knees so we can have a little space for a conversation. “You’re a giver; he’s a taker. He was a bottomless pit of need for your desire to please.”

“I wouldn’t exactly consider that a redeeming quality.”

“Neither would I, but I do think you were attracted to the challenge of pleasing him.”

He thinks about it for a few seconds, then shrugs. “You’re not a taker.”

I have to stifle my smile. “No.”

Dane’s devilish grin comes out to play. “So what do I see in you?”

“Ignoring all those glorious traits you mentioned out there about your true Master, I believe I satisfy your deep need to be genuinely appreciated for who you are and what you bring to the relationship. That’s why givers give so much.”

“Hmm, that’s probably why you’re with me too, then.”

“Ha! I’m a giver now?”

“Yes, Master. You’re a giver. Deal with it.”

“Oh, I will deal with it . . . and you . . . later. You can count on that, boy.”

His grin is a mile wide. I’d love to dive inside it and never resurface. Happy Dane is a very, very good thing.

“Come on. Let’s get out of here. You know Edward is gonna eat everything if he beats us there.”

We’re both chuckling as I pull away to stand up, but Dane yanks me down onto the cot with him, knocking us both onto our sides. “Since I’m already in trouble,” he starts with that twinkle, “can we just . . .”

Without naming it, he pulls my body against his chest and binds his arms in a tight circle around me.


I can’t take my eyes off the confident set of Dane’s shoulders as he bobs and weaves through the post-theater crowd at Good Times, following the overly peppy hostess to our private room.

“Right through here, gentlemen,” she says, pressing a button to open the frosted glass door.

Dane thanks her and pauses to run his palm down the length of his leather necklace—his only wardrobe change from the dungeon. Before stepping inside, he reaches back for my hand. I’m not sure either motion was conscious, which makes them both all the more touching.

Conversation dies out as awareness of our arrival ripples around the room. Edward leads the applause, and the rest soon follow. I have that urge again to throw my shoulder in front of Dane and protect him from the crowd—friendly though it is—but before my Papa Hawk instincts take over, Curtain Call Dane lifts our joined hands toward the ceiling and bends us both forward in a dramatic bow.

On the way up, I glance over at my boy. He’s already grinning at me, waiting for my astonished head shake, and he winks at me when I play right into his hands. This man deserves the cheers all to himself, so I jiggle my hand free and step out of the spotlight, clapping and whistling with the rest of the crowd until tears roll down Dane’s cheeks.

He brings his palms together and acknowledges each face in the crowd individually with the karate bow I taught him. Each of our friends graces him with the proper form in return—Aro, Edward, Bella, Riley, Sean, and Eleazar.

Respect, the very essence of Dane, his primary instinct and what makes him so very easy to respect in return.

He completes his circle by spinning around to face me. Taken by surprise yet again—we’ve already said our words in private—I snap into position and prepare to bow.

It’s the word that rolls off Dane’s lips just before he bows—“Sensei”—that draws the tears from my eyes. By the time we both straighten up, we’re a matched set of weepy messes.

Bella saves the day with a champagne flute in each hand. “Congratulations! I hear the evening was a complete success.”

Before my boy can get any bright ideas about making another damn tribute to me, I lift my glass and shout, “To Dane! You stole the show tonight, sweetheart. I’m so damn proud of you. Cheers!”

“Cheers!” the crowd repeats.

Dane gives me his you’re-too-good-to-me eyes as our glasses clink. We share a slow kiss as the champagne works itself down. Dane clears his throat as we pull apart.


“Just a baby spew,” he tells me, lifting his glass toward the center of the room again. “As I explained in excruciating detail earlier,” he starts, pausing for appreciative laughter, “I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have landed in the hands of this most gifted Master.” He lifts our joined hands. “But now that we’re among friends, I also want to say how lucky I am that this man—Marcus—has become both lover and trusted friend as well.”

My head slingshots toward Dane.

My knees go weak. A violent rush of heat smacks me in the face. My mouth goes bone dry. All I can do is stare at this courageous man, who has basically just “outed” us. Not that anyone in the room needed the announcement to see what was happening between us, but Dane’s made it clear that he truly believes in his worthiness as my equal partner.

Humbled to the core, I stare at the man while he finishes. “I also wanted to say thank you to each of you for being here for me. Not just tonight,” he says, turning directly toward Eleazar and Sean, “but throughout my recovery. To all of you!”

Sean is first to pull Dane into a hug, and I reluctantly allow Bella to coax me from his side.

“Marcus, you look like you could use a real drink.” With one wave of her hand, Bella has the waiter taking my order.

“Ah, beautiful Bella! You are a rose among thorns, my dear!”

Bella’s sweet laughter soothes my soul. “You call these beautiful men ‘thorns’?” We scan the room together, and Bella bursts into giggles when her gaze lands on Aro. “Okay, maybe that one!”

I roll my eyes and pop one of the tuna tartare cones into my mouth. “Please, don’t get me started on him. Mmm, this is delicious. Bella, thank you so much for taking care of the dinner arrangements.”

“My pleasure, and just so you know, Edward helped with the menu, so . . .”

“We’re having sweet potato fries?”

“Maybe.” We share one of our gotta-love-Edward grins.

“It’ll be a bit of a shock to the system. Dane’s been pushing the superfoods pretty hard.”

I take advantage of the excuse to seek him out with my gaze. Across the room, Dane is embroiled in some wildly animated conversation with Riley and Sean.

“It’s painful for you to take your eyes off him,” she says.


I illustrate her point by continuing to stare. Silly sap.

“Sir, your drink?”

“Oh, thanks.”

In the nanosecond I looked away, Riley picked up the leather tags on Dane’s necklace. My heart rate spikes with a giant HELL NO!

“Excuse me, Bella—”

“Hey.” She catches my arm, but it’s her gentle voice that stills me in my tracks. “Wait. Give them a chance.”

Brave girl, this one. Anyone else might’ve pulled back a bloody stump after a stunt like that. I take a sip of my Macallan, letting the dry, smoky liquid temper the rough edges. Dane’s eyes dart to mine as they frequently do whenever we’re in the same room.

The boy has more than earned your trust. Show him that.

I lift my glass and tip my chin, and Dane shoots me back a relaxed smile. I watch from afar as he picks up the tags one at a time and explains their significance to Riley. Dane’s pride is evident even from afar, especially as he reverently smoothes his necklace back into place.

Covering Bella’s hand with my own, I say, “Thank you, Bella.”

She leans in and kisses me on the cheek. “You’re welcome, tough guy.”

“Whoa, whoa, whooooaaa, what the hell is happening here?”

Without waiting for the answer, Edward snakes his arm around Bella’s waist and tugs her back against his chest. “This one’s mine, old man!”

Bella giggles and rolls her eyes at her frisky husband. “I can see I have my hands full tonight,” she says, swooning as Edward nibbles on her ear. “I don’t know what happened in that club tonight, but whatever it was certainly got him all worked up!”

Edward pipes up from behind her, “No! It was horrible, Isabella! It wasn’t bad enough I had to take the asshole’s clothes off, but this one . . .” he flicks his hand toward me, “tries to make me touch the guy’s sweaty balls! I swear, I’m gonna have nightmares for a year!”

Bella reaches a hand to Edward’s cheek and gives him an exaggerated pout. “Poor baby.”

“All this talk of assholes and balls? Methinks the boy doth protest too much.” Aro sneaks up on our little group, offering a plate of pigs-in-the-blanket. “Weenies anyone?”

One of the few people I know who is unfazed by Aro, Edward lobs back, “Methinks the boy dothn’t protest nearly enough! If I had known I would be handling twigs and berries, I would have packed my rubber gloves!”

Bella turns beet red and slithers out of Edward’s arms. “I think that’s my cue to go check on the main course!”

As entertaining as it might be to watch Edward and Aro go at it, I am antsy for Dane. I give my empty glass a little shake before darting away. “Need a refill.”

Dane’s smile brightens when he sees me closing in. Next to him, Eleazar turns his head to follow Dane’s gaze.

“Ah, I should have known,” he says. “You two don’t tolerate separation too well, do you?”

“Not particularly,” I answer, meeting Dane’s shoulder with my own. The pride ship sailed long ago, and I can’t say I miss being in port.

The waiter pops in with a plate of mini pizzas. “Refresh that for you, sir?”

“That would be delightful. Gentlemen, what are you drinking?”

“Never got past the champagne,” Dane answers. “What would you suggest?”

“I would suggest you get snockered,” I tell him. “We are not getting out of bed tomorrow until you have to leave.”

“In that case,” he says to the waiter, “I’ll have a Ketel One with a cranberry splash.”

“Make that two,” Eleazar adds, popping one of the appetizers into his mouth.

“Eat, Dane.”

He reaches for a pizza without pausing to question my authority or whether he’s even hungry, a point that is not lost on Eleazar.

“You two were pretty spectacular out there.”

Dane is beaming, still riding the post-show high, and I’m sure I’m doing the same.

Grinning at us both, Eleazar continues, “Dane, I was wondering . . . All those points you made about the difference between Marcus and Wayne, do you have those written down somewhere?”

I’d wondered the same thing myself.

Dane shrugs. “No. Why?”

“Well . . .” Eleazar shifts from Dane to me. “I was hoping you two might take your show on the road, so to speak.”

“Ah, this is the favor you mentioned last time we spoke.”

“Yes. As you know, I’m not a fan of beating around the bush.”

“One of your best qualities,” I tell him.

Eleazar smiles at me. “You’re thinking about me dancing again, aren’t you?”

“Whaaaat?” Dane asks, his voice deteriorating into a chuckle at the end. “Why would he be picturing you dancing?”

“I’m not!” All three of us are laughing when the waiter returns with our drinks. I pull the dark one off the tray and suck down a generous sip. “Okay, Eleazar, tell us more. What are you looking for?”

“If you’re both amenable,” and here his glance shifts back to Dane before continuing, “I’d like to bring you into the center to lead a workshop for some of our clientele who may be exploring the lifestyle.”

Dane tenses beside me, and I grasp his hand in mine. Relax.

“Eleazar,” I ask, “are you suggesting we do some kind of demonstrations at the center?”

“No!” He throws up his hands, sloshing the drink over the sides. “Oh, shit, sorry.” Dane and I hand off our cocktail napkins, and Eleazar dabs at his hand and arm. “What I meant was I’d like you two to talk to people about what a caring, responsible BDSM relationship looks like, answer some questions, and possibly—possibly—highlight a technique or two, with your clothes on, of course!”

“What do you think, Dane? This sounds like your chance to help other people.”

“I like it. But what about my work schedule? I’m on stage every night but Monday, and I . . .” He stops there because he’s far too unselfish to finish.

Luckily, I’m not.

“Monday is our day.” Dane gives me a relieved smile, and I turn back to Eleazar. “What if we do this during the day?”

“We can absolutely work around your schedules. We could even videotape a couple sessions, might even be easier that way for the participants too. I can add them to my self-help library.”

“I love the idea,” Dane answers, turning to me for confirmation.

“Sure, let’s make it work.”

“Marcus!” A slightly sloshed Riley hitches his arm around my neck. “Dude, you rocked the bondage!”

Eleazar smirks and excuses himself while Sean steps into our little circle next to Dane.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it, Riley.”

“Let me clarify: I really enjoyed looking at Dane. That other guy? Not so much.”

I cross my arms and give Riley as much of a glare as the Macallan allows. His backpedaling is instantaneous.

“Oh shit, I didn’t mean it that way. Okay, I guess I actually did mean it because Dane is all kinds of hot, but I didn’t mean I was having any inappropriate thoughts, except toward Sean, of course, which brings me to what I wanted to ask you—can you teach me how to do that?”

I’m about to chew a hole right through my cheek. Riley is a trip when he’s sober; this tipsy version is even more entertaining. That he would find Dane beautiful in bondage only proves the man has a working set of eyeballs. How could I fault him for that?

“If your partner is willing . . .” Dane and I both glance at Sean, who has turned a bright shade of pink but stays quiet, “you two could come out to the house one night, and we could truss him up together in my dungeon.”

“You hear that, baby?” Riley says, giving Sean a giant poke in the belly. “Marcus says we can come to the dungeon, and he’ll help me string you up!”

Sean covers his face with one hand and lets out a moan. Dane can’t help chuckling, but he wraps a supportive arm around his friend.

“Marcus,” Dane starts, then pauses to smile and shrug when all three of us gape at him in astonishment, “maybe you can teach Riley how to wrap Sean like you did to me last night.”

Sean doesn’t seem to know what to make of this idea, but Riley pulls out his best puppy dog eyes. “That sounds promising.”

“I don’t know, Dane. I’m not convinced Riley has the patience for shibari.”

Sean’s head pops up. “Patience? Um . . . that would be a no.”

“Not true, babe. Remember that night I licked every inch of you starting with your toes? That’s a lot of inches. Remember how long that took?”

Dane is full-on laughing now, and poor Sean is the color of Dane’s drink. “Could someone please shoot me now? Or shoot Riley? Or both of us?” Groan.

“Okay, gentlemen,” Bella calls out. “Dinner is served.”

Hope you all enjoyed the after-party. There were so many wonderful predictions made in last chapter's comments...hope you all were satisfied with the results- and maybe there was a surprise or two?

Yes, we're winding down. I have a million more scenarios in my head for these two, but I suppose they'll have to live some of them out away from prying eyes and bloggers. As always, you're free to use your own imagination! XXX


  1. Laughing My Ass OFF!!!!!! Oh my gosh there were so many funny moments!!!

    After they share a kiss, & as they pull apart, dane is ready to provide his audience with another speech... "Just a baby spew" Marcus is surprised that his boy has made the choice to take command of the floor, yet again. Marcus is beginning to realize dane is not as fragile as he once was. Marcus has allowed dane to blossom to this beautiful strong giving man!!! BEAUTIFUL!!! ;) Funny for me, cause I can just picture Marcus's surprised face as he looks at his boy ready to claim the spot light! ("Dane?") I was laughing out loud!!! (Good thing my daughters are getting ready for bed) lol!!!

    Then Riley.... Oh Riley... "You hear that, baby?" "Marcus says we can come to the dungeon, and he'll help me string you up!" Priceless!!! :) I can just picture all four of them standing in a circle talking, & Riley speaking to loud since he's had too much to drink. As I can picture Sean's blush & embarrassment... ;) Love it!!! So funny!!! :)

    dane is so strong! Oh, & is it crazy how much I LOVE it when dane uses the name Marcus... I love it so much!!! Love the master combo too, yet it seems so much more personal. It seems that its such a treat, & I think Marcus enjoys it as well! I would love an outtake of our two lovely men, yet not in scene, just Marcus & Dane.... Saying each-others names out loud!!!! Lol ;) one can wish... & dream... :)

    I also enjoyed how Eleazar requested their help to become a model for others who are searching for their own happiness/fulfillment yet may not know what that should sound/look/taste/feel like. That seems super exciting!!! :) It seemed to me, (I may have not read him correctly) that dane got a lil jealous about having others participate? Love how dane doesn't like to share his Master! Very Hot! ;)

    Ok, I think I just left you a novel... Lol! I'm excited what other morsels you might have left for us... :)

    THANK YOU!!! :D


    1. I love your metaphor of Marcus allowing Dane to blossom. Not to belabor the issue, but I would add that he provided the fertile soil and nurtured him with sun, water, and fertilizer. (blech, just went too far on that one) Glad you enjoyed Marcus's surprise there. I too saw him doing a double take...Seriously? You have MORE to say? LOL

      So wait, a whole scene of them just saying each other's names? LOL!

      Dane was never too keen on sharing Marcus with other subs, but I think his concern there was more about their "performing" in front of other people together. I wanted to show Dane's enthusiasm for Marcus helping Riley and Sean so you could see how comfortable he is with that. I know Marcus will never go back to taking in other subs the way he used to, but I feel there's a very happy compromise here where everyone wins.

      Thank you so much for your lovely words. I'm so pleased you enjoyed this one. Humor isn't the easiest thing to write and I'm never sure until I hear the responses whether I've hit the mark. Your critique means so much to me. XOXO

  2. Loved it, a really happy chapter where Dane seemed even lighter now the reservoir is dry, he was comfortable saying 'Marcus' and even outing them to all their friends. Although I was thinking that this must have been the old Dane before Wayne, I like to think that he was never as happy and contented in his private and professional life as he is now.

    Loved the group dynamics, especially Bella's reaction whilst setting eyes on Aro, and Eleazar asking for Marcus and Danes help, I wondered what that would be and Dane would be so good, it would also be his way of offering something back after receiving love and support from Eleazar and his friends.

    I think you can see the future clearly in this chapter... which brings me nicely on to my final point; Born, there are still many, yes many unresolved issues here, Dane's family, the lonely bookshop lady waiting to meet Marcus' brother. The pumpkin sister, aka you, and the nieces all waiting to meet the love of M's life. Dane being fed chocolate strawberries, I know you have mentioned them but I've often imagined that scene when Marcus feeds them to Dane, yum and I'm sure there are many other things to be wrapped up before you go (I just can't think of them all at the minute). I never want it to end.

    Thank you


    1. I've kept meaning to ask you, is the man in the picture up above a real person? An actor maybe? I've grown really fond of that face..


    2. OMG I'm SO SORRY! You know what happened? I saw the indented comment and when I scrolled through, I thought I'd replied already!! I would NEVER not talk to you, Jarvis! EEEP FORGIVE ME?? Okay...let's dive in! *rubs hands together*...

      What a GREAT question you raise about whether this was pre-Wayne Dane or if this guy was never quite this actualized until Marcus showed up in his life. I'm not sure I can answer that for you, but I will admit to wondering the same myself!

      Thanks for holding Eleazar's request in your short-term memory and pulling it up here! I do think Dane would continue to search for a way to help, and Eleazar has brilliantly solved Dane's problem at the same time as helping the newbies along! (ain't he smart!)

      Loving your questions about the future. I have plans to show you some of that. Others, as usual, will be left to your own wonderful imagination to ponder and "write" for yourself. Let me know if you come up with anything good- I'll publish it as an outtake!

      You would have to ask Betti Gefecht about where that banner face came from. The pose of the two dancers was something I gave her to start with, an Alvin Ailey PR shot that really struck me. "My" Marcus is a porn star named Chad Brock, who made quite a few erotic massage videos back in the day. Really beautiful older man with a very gentle, caring way of watching his partner that got to me as much as everything else that was going on in the scene. Again, please forgive me for inadvertently failing to reply to your thoughtful comments! MWAH!

  3. Brilliant, elegant afterparty! My favorite moment is when dane called his Master by his name, Marcus, in front of the entire crowd and outed their relationship as one of equals. I loved that part. I teared up a bit reading this too at my stupid envy at these fictional characters having more of a life than I do....I may....or may not....attend a munch next month....if I don't lose my nerve.....

    1. Awww your tears. MWAH, Judy Blue. Do that munch and tell us all about it! WOW. Awesome!

  4. So many feels... How you wrote this chapter is one of the reasons I love your writing so much. It's funny and yet very telling and poignant at the same time.

    Lovely moment between Marcus and Dane after the weenie roast. I particularly liked the flip of Marcus on Dane's lap. It seemed ... age-appropriate (?) that Dane mistook what he needed when he chose Wayne. He knew he needed someone to give to. He just didn't know what he needed out of it. Most of us have relationships that become stepping stones to the relationship that most fully works. Dane, unfortunately, ended up with an abuser.

    Contrasting Dane from the wedding to Dane at the post roast party is wonderful.. Surrounded by friends, loved ones and supporters. He is so open and light. Marcus too is so much lighter. I'm searching for a quote about opening the door to the soul to let in light, but it escapes me.

    Bella is a lucky lady among all those guys. Just sayin....

    The talks with Eleazar and Sean and Reilly. Funny, but also shows how much of a couple Marcus and Dane are. Big hugs to all.

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely words. I really appreciate that.

      I sat for a long time and tried to understand why Dane would've been with that creepy awful man. I think Dane is a victim of his own heart. I think I can understand that piece of it. We know he could have fallen victim again if not for the care of Sean and Eleazar and the loving hands of his true Master. Thank you so much for seeing that contrast from the prologue to now. I heard another author say that the side character's job is to provide a prism through which to view your mains in a new light. I hope that's how you see all of their friends and colleagues. Thank you so much for all your insights, sweetie.

  5. Oh Marcus I think Dane could make you feel romantic at a full laundrymat on a 102 degree day with the AC broken. Pardon the pun ...but you are whipped lol. Poor Edward is still grossed out about touching Wayners balls lol. Bella help your man. Aro is still a hoot. I love Eleazars idea about talking or making a video. I think that would help people so much who are questioning whether they want to enter the lifestyle or not.
    As for Riley, that boy really is a bundle of fun. Sean has his hands full with that one, and hopefully soon Riley will have his hands full of a bundled Sean...heehee. Teach him well Marcus.
    Fantastic party, and fantastic chapter.
    Vicki xoxo

    1. Oh I forgot to ask, what happened to Wayne after the lesson? Did they just untie him and let him go, did someone have a talk with him?

    2. LOL on the hot as Hades laundromat. So glad you enjoyed the merry cast of characters! What happened to Wayne? Not much. Marcus was in charge (honoring Dane's wishes) and those two didn't want to violate the code of the community. Wayne was set free to roam the earth lonely and unsexed forever and ever.

  6. What a fabulous after party! I Looved seeing Bella and Edward, along with Sean and Riley. Poor Sean. Or should I say ooooohhh, Sean!!! Eeeep! Lol
    I adored the moment right after in the submissive's room. These twoooo!

    1. Thanks for your sweet note. So happy you enjoyed the after partay!

  7. Best after party ever! I loved seeing how strong Dane is now, speaking in public, addressing his Master by his name, and even 'outing' him and his partner.- Speaking of partners, that part was amazing with him acknowledging that outside of the dungeon he is equal to Marcus in every way. Beautiful!

    I really loved the mental image you painted of M climbing onto D's lap. I guess it just seems like the action of the person in the 'weaker' position (maybe thats not the way to inperpret it, but that's how it sits in my head), the more submissive position if you will.. haha So to see M offer himself like that to have a quiet, tender moment congratulating Dane, it was just lovely. And I really really REALLY loved Dane's "Since I'm already in trouble..." moment! ;)

    Once again, you did a lovely job balancing all the characters in the room! Even a tipsy Riley! No small feat there!

    I was impressed with Bella holding her own standing next to M, I almost forgot that she knows him pretty well at this point, they have a history together, etc. Kinda wanted to see her speak to Dane though, thought that would be very interesting on a sub to sub level. lol :)

    I love Sean and Riley so much, I feel like I would behave exactly like Sean in this situation: quick to blush and get embarrassed, but deeply curious, loving every minute of it, and wanting to explore. ;)

    It's lovely that Dane's going to get the chance to 'pay it forward' and help other people with some of the support he has received from his expanding circle of trusted friends.

    Another amazing chapter, Mistress. Only problem I have with it, is that you can just feel like its wrapping up. :( lol #iWANTaneverendingstory :)

    1. :) I don't know what came over Marcus to climb on top of Dane that way. I'd just told them they were NOT going to play right then and BAM. Does that man EVER listen to me?
      Hells to the no.
      It's hard for me to show you Dane and Bella because this is MPOV. If Marcus can't hear, best he can do is watch from afar or hear the convo recounted later. Not very cool. BUT, that said, I too think it would be a fascinating converstaion. I'm gonna call you Sean from now on. Teehhehhehheee.

      I always like to include a little some'm some'm of a social consciousness in my stories. Maybe that's my way of making the world just a little bit better.
      Yeah, I'm afraid the neverendingstory is coming to a close. *wipes tear*

  8. This was so much fun. I can't even make a list of all my favorite parts, because I would be here all night (I'm a really slow typist). Suffice to say that in my opinion, the after party is a roaring success!

    1. LOL on the slow typist part. That's quite all right!
      So glad you enjoyed this scene.

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