Friday, July 25, 2014


“Marcus, the dungeon is yours,” Aro announces.

“Thank you.” I lead Dane around to the head of our victim. With some effort, Wayne is able to raise his head to see us. “Hello, Wayne.”

Betrayal and fear shine back at me from his beady eyes. Mistrust is not an emotion I’m accustomed to seeing on the face of my bound submissive. I can’t say I blame him, but I don’t like it.

What I don’t like even more is the way the fucker stares at Dane, burning through the boy’s clothes with his greedy glower. There’s an intimacy Wayne is no longer entitled to, a staking of a claim to Dane’s heart, body, and soul. I step in front of my lover, tucking him behind my shoulder as any protective parent in the animal kingdom would block the path between offspring and prey.

A firm hand lands on my shoulder, Dane’s fingertips curling around my bare skin. “Master, please?”

I turn and give him a wary look. The audience is dead still. Every word between us is amplified for their listening pleasure.

“Please, Master,” he repeats gently. The familiar determination is back in full force. “What’s he gonna do to me?”

Trust Dane to know what he needs. We are only doing this once.

“Okay, Dane, but I’m staying right here in case you need me.”

Dane smiles. “Of course I need you.” His hand slides across my shoulder and finds its place behind my neck. In front of our closest friends and two dozen strangers, Dane leans in and presses his lips to mine. This is no peck-and-what’s-next kiss; it’s a good, deep, pants-tightening kiss, topped off with a loud lip-smack of a parting.

A bit shaken by his display, I stare at Dane in astonishment as he steps within striking distance of Wayne, bends down so their eyes are level, and mimics my greeting. “Hello, Wayne.

The man doesn’t know whether to be angry or shocked. Either way, the only response he can manage is to narrow his eyes and blink.

“Long time no see,” Dane continues, drawing muffled laughter from the audience. His voice is lit by a jovial tone that takes me by surprise.

The bright spotlights don’t allow me to see anyone in the audience, but Edward’s amusement is quite obvious. I answer his would-you-look-at-your-boy-go grin with a happy shrug. The wonder that is Dane will always hold mystery for me, and I’m perfectly fine with that.


My heart stops for a second as I realize Dane has spoken the title directly in Wayne’s face. Obviously, the man can’t answer with the three-inch rubber ball between his teeth, but that’s hardly the point. Dane repeats the word, more insistent this time, turning his head toward me. “Master?”

I’ll admit it; I’m confused. “Dane?”

“Master, may I have a few minutes?” Ah, okay. Talking at him, not to him.

I open my arms in invitation. “The dungeon is yours, my boy.” And I’m right here.

“Thank you,” he says, acknowledging my permission with a grateful nod.

Stage-Dane takes control, stepping to the side of Wayne’s body and turning to face his audience. Dane stares out into the darkness, collecting his thoughts. In all our many conversations about how this would go down, the only communication to take place between the two men was Wayne’s apology at the end. Not once did Dane express a desire to speak. If he planned this soliloquy, he kept it to himself—a highly unlikely scenario. My guess is he’s about to do some improv.

Well, if that’s not balls of steel, I don’t know what is.

Dane turns back to the man hanging in the air beside him, rolling his gaze along the naked body he seems to be viewing with fresh eyes and a fair amount of disdain. You could hear a nipple clamp drop, it’s so quiet. The audience holds its collective breath, rooting silently but fervently for Dane to come out of this thing in one piece.


The man gives Dane the satisfaction of an angry grunt at the address lacking all respect, which makes Dane smile and repeat it.

Wayyyyyyne! I owe you a huge thank you.”

“Mmmm!” Wayne growls as best as he can, but it’s rather impossible to be fierce with a rubber ball inside one’s mouth.

“Yes, that’s right,” Dane continues. “If not for you telling me to leave, I would probably still be doing everything in my power to please you.”

His words curdle in my stomach like last month’s milk because I suspect he’s right.

“But I’m not here to focus on any of that tonight, on what might have been, because I know what is. I now know that I deserved so much better than you. Standing here between you and my true Master . . .” Dane starts with a sideways glance over at me. I try not to tear up and weaken his resolve before he turns back to Wayne, “I now know the difference between an abusive bully and a real dom. I cannot believe I ever thought you were worthy of my submission.”

“Way to go, Dane!” yells someone in the crowd.

“My true Master has taught me that intimidation is not how you inspire surrender; I serve my Master out of a genuine desire to please him, not because I’m worried about being rejected. My true Master gives his affection freely—not as a “reward” for deeds done and most certainly not as blackmail.”

“Hear, hear!” That one was Sean.

Dane’s voice is rising in tone and volume as he gathers steam from the audience. “You completely disregarded my limits, using them to humiliate me and push my body miles beyond what I wanted and could handle. I understand now how a true master will respect and test my limits to enrich my experience and open my world. You wanted nothing more than to close me off from everyone and everything that ever fulfilled me so you could be all I needed. I thought I . . .”

Dane’s voice cracks. My heart. “I thought . . .” he tries again, shaky but dogged, “I loved you . . . until I learned what real love is.”

I burn to be closer to Dane, but he knows I’m here, and he clearly wants to do this on his own. I will respect his choices to the last, but the urge to throw Dane over my shoulder and carry him out of here is nearly overwhelming.

Wayne drops his head so his eyes face the floor. Either he’s tired of straining his neck, or he no longer cares to hear what Dane has to say. I shoot Edward a glance, and he closes in with a headlock, lifting the fucker’s face.

“Respect the man,” Edward spits out, “for once in your miserable life.”

Wayne’s face is bright red, and sweat is pouring off him like a glass of iced tea left out in the sun. A gag is not an easy restraint to bear, and the more one fights it, the worse things get. I could talk him through it—if I were so inclined.

“Thank you, Edward,” Dane says. Sweeping his arm to indicate the audience, he continues, “Everyone here knows exactly what you are—an abusive bully masquerading as a dom. You won’t be welcome in any of their clubs, and word has already spread around the city not to send any new submissives your way. If you move out of Manhattan, which I really hope you do, your reputation will follow you. My Master’s network is vast and powerful.”

With all this my-dad-can-beat-up-your-dad talk, I can feel the eyes of the entire room upon me. Any one of these good men would’ve stepped up for Dane. I was just the lucky one who went to that wedding and found him.

“Before I leave you to my Master and his friends to . . . do whatever it is they’re going to do to you, I have one last thought for you, Wayne. Real men use safe words, and shame is not a weapon to be used to undermine them. I have my voice back, thanks to my true Master, so I won’t need this again.” Dane goes rooting in his pocket, retrieving the Tweety and giving it a squeeze in Wayne’s face. “I think you might, though.” As the crowd cheers and laughs, Dane stuffs the toy through one end of the leather sleeve. “Remember, don’t drop it!”

Wayne’s eyes widen with understanding and fear. Yes, it must be a terrifying thing to know you are about to be treated as horribly as you have treated others.

Edward springs into action, reaching for the whip and coiling it in his hands. Dane returns to my side without fanfare, adopting his submissive pose out of habit and respect. A theatrical pre-curtain hush comes over the dungeon as the onlookers prepare for the real show to begin, the “whatever it is they’re going to do to you” part of the evening.

I have a plan, and it begins with the set of scrotum weights in the top drawer of the cabinet to my left. “Here we go,” I whisper to Dane as I turn toward the supplies.

“Good luck, Master.”

I curl my fingers around the medium weights and scoop them out of the drawer. As I pass Dane, I ask, “You sure you want to watch?”

“If I need to leave, I will.”

Edward looks both relieved and raring to go as I approach the body laid out between us like a blank canvas ready for paint.

“Well, Wayne, I thought we’d start you off with a little challenge, because I know how much you love challenges.”

He groans into his gag, and a long strand of drool falls from his lips. Always charming.

“My colleague here,” I thrust a dramatic hand toward Edward, “is going to attach one weight at a time to your balls until we like where they’re hanging.”

Across the body, my friend is giving me a pretty dirty look. I’m aware of his aversion to handling male genitalia, but there’s no way I could put my hands on Wayne’s balls right now and not squeeze the life out of the man. Edward will forgive me—eventually.

“I’d be happy to handle the job,” Aro cuts in. Fine, let the old pervert handle the fucker’s jewels.

“Thank you,” Edward and I say in unison. Edward’s glare tells me I’m not exactly off the hook for this one.

Aro takes the hardware from my outstretched palm. Placing his free hand on Wayne’s ankle, Aro steps between the man’s knees and lets his hand slide down Wayne’s leg, turn the corner at the bent knee, and continue along the inside of his thigh. Wayne’s eyes blink, then close, and he whimpers into the gag. After a quick check of Dane’s emotional state, I return my focus to Aro as he secures the leather cuff and chains around Wayne’s sac.

“All set to add the first weight. Marcus?”



“I do believe he’s asking for more,” Aro says, adding a mad cackle at the end. The spectators rustle and squirm, eager for more.

“I’ll tell you when to stop.” There’s no joy in this for me. At this point, I’m just doing the job I promised to do. Wayne’s noises of distress are neither here nor there unless they’re upsetting Dane.

MMM! MMmmmmMM!”

The man’s body quakes with each added weight, but Aro is immune. From the audience’s vantage point, he must resemble a kid putting together a Lego set—a fairly insane kid building something really twisted.


The dungeon falls silent again. Confusion clouds Aro’s face, and Edward yells out, “Seriously?” Aro waits, the next weight poised in his hand like the cookie just stolen from the jar, and boy, does he want to eat that cookie!

Squeak! Squeak! SQUEAK!

We’re just getting started here.

The man just safe worded . . . er, safe squeaked. We’re crossing a line we can never uncross.

This is for Dane. Closure. Healing. Wholeness.


I know where to find my answer. The man standing next to me has already turned his head to see what I’ll do. I search his deep, brown eyes for clues but find none. He says, simply, “I trust you, Master. Whatever you choose is right.”

Not helpful at all, really, but I’m pleased that Dane has allowed me to bear the moral weight of tonight’s activities. He doesn’t need any of this on his conscience.

Real men use safe words.

Yeah. I know what needs to be done. I can only pray that Dane won’t be disappointed in me. Stepping around in front of my boy, I put my hands out, palms up. He breaks his pose and sets his hands in mine. In a voice loud enough only for Dane to hear, I confess. “Dane, I’m sorry. I can’t do this.”

“Please don’t be sorry,” he answers. “I told you, I’m okay with whatever you choose. I meant that.”

“I know you did, sweet boy. I wanted to do this for you, in the worst way. I wanted to hurt him the way he hurt you, but . . . now that we’re here, doing this thing, I’m afraid I can’t just disrespect the protocol and break all the rules I’ve held sacred my whole adult life. Not even for you.”

Dane lifts our joined hands to his mouth and places a gentle kiss on my wrist. “Master, do you really think I want to be the reason you compromise your values?”

“Dane, you’d be the only reason I’d ever consider it.”

“Master, I don’t need this . . . any of this. All I need is to walk out of here with my true Master.”

I lean in and give him a kiss. “In that case, we need to stop this scene because I will become somebody neither of us wants me to be if we continue.”

“Sounds like a plan.”

“What about your apology? Shall we unmuzzle the beast and let him speak?”

“Honestly, Master? I don’t think that sack of shit hanging from the ceiling could ever say anything I’d be interested in hearing.”

“That’s good enough for me, Dane.”

Dane nods and both of us turn to the faces riveted to our private conversation. 

“Gentlemen, we’re done here. A safe word is a safe word, no matter what kind of unworthy bastard uses it.” Addressing the group sitting in the darkened chairs, I add, “I’d like to thank you all for coming tonight and for spreading the word about this abusive coward. With all of your help, I believe the streets of Manhattan and beyond will be a whole lot safer.”

A cheer goes up from the crowd.

“Please give another warm round of applause to Aro, for opening his dungeon tonight for this important ceremony, and to my right-hand man, Edward, who—”


Edward’s sharp outburst cuts into the winding down applause. “What?”

“That thing you asked me to remind you of? I’m reminding you.”

Ah yes . . . going soft.

“Yes. Thank you, Edward. It’s enough.”

There are three men in this room who know my safe word, and they’ve each just received my private message: Decency is a hard limit.

Edward, being Edward, can’t quite close off the valve and stop the adrenaline coursing through his veins. Giving Wayne’s body one last disgusted glance, he asks, “Are you sure? I am not tying up this hog for you again.”

Dane bursts out laughing, bringing a fist up to cover his mouth.

“Yes, I’m sure. We are through here.”

Well...there it is. I'd love to hear from you. xoxo


  1. wow! I'm so please Dane took the initiative on this one - to speak to that horrible man and let him know what he's done and how by his actions, he's forever banished. And I love him! This is why he's one of the best - his principles never compromised - his respect for the lifestyle and it's rules never wavering. Wayne should think himself lucky he wasn't subject to so much more (and I sense Edward would have been more than happy to accommodate Marcus' wishes). I had to laugh when Marcus asked Edward to attach the weights - I could actually picture his face in that moment! Marcus you are a true gentleman - one who, like any self-respecting man would do, took the high road. BRAVO Born for this chapter! As much as revenge was always on my mind after Dane's trauma was uncovered, I have to admit that now we're at the wayne-e-roast, it's not something that rests as easily on the palate. Loved the reaction from the audience, and again, I cannot speak high enough of Dane and his mature, articulate and calm but at the same time to the point words directed toward that ass. Time to take out the trash me thinks! :) Loved it!

    1. Thank you so much for this, Lisa. Revenge always tastes sweeter before it is actually served, I think! So pleased you could picture Edward's face. He wanted to do whatever Marcus needed, but he couldn't help his reflex in that moment! I think the further I get from KEA, the funnier Edward gets for me, or maybe it's the Marcus interactions that bring out this side of him I just love poking at!

      As for Marcus, I knew from the start of this story I could only write the very noblest dom I could imagine. This was Marcus's biggest challenge, his final "remastery" and I'm so grateful you appreciated his principles. He really came to a crossroad here and had to make an active decision about who he was going to be. Even for love- or possibly ESPECIALLY for love- he could not and would not compromise. :)
      Thanks for being first to comment on this one, Lisa! And thank you for your lovely thoughts and your unwavering support. MWAH!

    2. Perfectly played! ;)

      Marcus & dane are such a treat to read! They have such a beautiful relationship & both have a huge heart, wanting to please their other half!

      Marcus had planed some things that would bring justice to his boy, yet at the end dane claimed his own justice. The strength that he receives from his Master has elevated him to a level that brings such power, he can reach for the stars. dane has said enough, no more from the abuser that is Wayne & put him on blast for all to hear & see who he truly is. Now that he knows what a true Master should look, feel, hear, & taste, dane is that much more empowered! dane let Wayne have it in such a way that will never be forgotten. dane with is courage & passion let Wayne have the last he will ever see of him, dane will forever be remembered as the beautiful strong willing submissive that Wayne will never have the gift of enjoying ever! He probably will be alone for a very long time, which is what he deserves, solitude!

      I could go on & on.... :) I am very happy for this chapter, yet I must admit, I am also a bit sad. It almost seems that we are at the end of our journey, & I am not ready to say good bye to them... :( they are two wonderful men I just love reading!

      THANK YOU!!! :D

    3. Thanks so much, Mrs Z. So great to see you! Love your comment that "Dane claimed his own justice." HE DID! Also love "beautiful, strong, willing submissive"- so pleased you see that he is the one with all the power. As much as I want to put the end note on this story, I feel the same way. They will continue to live inside my head for a long, long time. I'm sure I'll have the "what if marcus and dane tried this...?" for many moons! Thanks so much for your sweet, thoughtful words.

  2. Oh Born, I am so relieved. I was worried about what was going to happen in that room and what the repercussions of the actions might be. I had been wondering what Eleazar , Sean and Riley might feel as they are not active in club life, especially Eleazar and where he would stand morally.

    Although Dane was content to let Marcus choose how to run this and I'm sure would have loved his true Master just the same, I feared for Marcus, this non consensual scene would have changed him, compromised him and may have hurt his connection to Dane in the long term but then again I am a wuss!

    Now they can leave, unsullied by Wayne, knowing that his actions can't hurt them anymore, he has been exorcised.

    I love Edward, he is like a boy sometimes and I'm surprised Aro didn't mind Wayne getting off lightly, I wouldn't mind if he exercised his whipping arm a little bit. Just a quick go whilst Wayne is tied up right in his eye line!

    Thank you Born, really. Roll on the party


    1. You are no wuss, Jarvis. You're a sweetheart, and you gave your heart to these men and you wanted them to live up to your faith in them. I'm so pleased that's happened. I love how you expressed that... "unsullied by Wayne" ...because that is exactly how I see what could have happened in that room. They both took away Wayne's power to hurt them in this moment.

      You make an interesting point about Aro. As you might remember from early on in this story, Aro and Marcus are not always necessarily on the same page where discipline is concerned. Still, I'd like to believe that everyone in the room was inspired by Dane and Marcus's words and deeds, and that they too would have left without the need for vengeance once retribution was served. Thank you so much for leaving your insightful and very gentle thoughts here with us. <3

  3. Somehow I knew it might end up like this. We all know bullies cannot take it when it is dealt on them and Wayne proved that point. They got there revenge by living the lifestyle the way it is meant to be lived. Happily at that! Wayne will forever know that he lost something beautiful and also, lost any chance of staying in the local community. I hope there is some kind of newsletter that goes out that ppl can read in case he relocates. Marcus did the right thing. He stopped and proved that he is the better (best) man and it just goes to show how very right he is for Dane, and that Dane is so very right for him. LOL at Edward and Aro, I am sure they wanted to do more. Maybe Bella can help Edward out with his frustration (Yes, I am hinting...I miss those two!) Dane may never be completely healed from his time w/the wiener but I am sure this night went a long way towards peace for him.
    Looking forward to the party after to see everyone's thoughts. Fantastic chapter m'dear. Vicki xoxo

    1. Yeah, I do think Bella will bear the brunt of Edward's "mood" (shall we say?). Somehow I do not think she'll mind! I'd love to think that Dane CAN heal over time, and he seems well on his way now! Thanks for looking forward. That's always a treat for me! Thank you for your thoughtful comments and your steadfast support, Vicki!


  4. Grrr ... the blog ate my comment ... Ok let me redo it.
    Will I sound too silly if I say I'm teary eyed? This was one of the most intense chapters ever. Dane's taking the stage made me all goose bumped atta boy!
    Marcus wldn't be the Dom of the Doms had he acted differently. He did'nt build his reputation out of thin air.
    He was indeed kinkily noble (and his deferring to Dane was endearing!)
    I was deeply touched by Lisa's comment on 91, there's nothing else left for wayne sir, sir wayne sir, nor will he ever hurt Dane or any other person. And that goes far deeper than any physical revenge inflicted on him - the pig is literally roasted!
    (Much to Aro's discontentment LOL)
    But I must confess ... I didn't see it coming and for that once again, I bow to you MoW! You're a wicked Mistress if I may say so! *winks*
    Ok, it's time, it's time *best Alice's voice* let's take a seat and watch the after party!
    Thank you MoW.

    1. Kinkily NOBLE! LOL- could've used that as a title!
      You didn't see which part coming?
      Can't wait to share the after party! :)

  5. I have mixed feelings here. Marcus surprised me. After the surprise I felt, I realized that he did exactly what he needed to do to remain true to himself and not slip into behaving like Waynehole would have. I didn't see that coming in my bloodthirsty narrow mindedness to see revenge meted out on Wayne! You and Marcus took the high road here and it showed me something about myself.....I applaud Dane's courage. He is truly now rid of that past abuse, I think, and it is wonderful to behold. I laugh both at Aro's willingness to do what he did and Edward's initial revulsion followed by what must be a sense of frustration at not getting to participate any further than he did. Just fucking WOW!

    1. Oh Judy, that's being a bit harsh on yourself! I think we all felt a bit of a need for vengeance- the only question was what that would entail. And as so many have observed, revenge would have been much more damaging for Dane and Marcus, and therefore not an option for me. Thank you so much for being so honest with your feelings. MWAH!

  6. *standing jumpy claps!!*

    Self - policing for the win, little pumpkin!

  7. I could not be more pleased with how this turned out!

    Dane's speech was soo amazing, I definitely teared up a little bit. He has grown so much and learned so much from Marcus that he knows just how much he deserves. The squeak toy was a brilliant touch and his delivery was perfect. I can so picture the fear in Wayne-O's face at that moment.

    And the fact that the squeak toy gave Marcus an 'out,' so to speak was just awesome! I think getting Wayne rigged up like that and embarrassed in front of so many better men (and better Doms!), was the perfect amount of retribution. I was in the camp of people that were a little worried about what was gonna go down, but I knew it would be ok, and I think this was just perfect. "Real men use safe words." I was oddly proud of M for upholding his most sacredly held rules. It made me feel soo 'right' for having soo much faith in him all this time. So, thanks for that! mwah! I wonder, did you always know this would happen?

    One thing I was surprised to be thinking about during this chapter was something that was sparked by M thinking that he COULD have helped Wayne deal with the gag, had he been so inclined. It made me think back to the one scene we saw of Marcus with a diff sub in this story and to how he was while training E. Despite the level of affection he grew to have for E, I think it would be super interesting to see how Marcus interacted with other subs that he wasn't so emotionally attached to. I mean, obviously he can still do the job if he didn't like who he was dealing with, but it'd be interesting to see how objective he has to be in such an intimate activity. #neverendingstory ;)

    And, can't wait to hear what Edward has to say to Marcus after this is all over about being volunteered for that one task!

    LOVED it!

    1. Digi, I so appreciate your trust and faith. I have to say, I didn't know exactly what would happen until I wrote it, but I too had faith in Marcus. I knew I wouldn't see/write what didn't feel like HIM, and I trusted him to find the right solution. We all knew he'd be better than Wayne. :) Because the story is truly about Marcus's transformation, I knew the decision would ultimately be his, but I also wanted Dane to lead the way and show Marcus that he really was okay.

      There was that one scene with Paul (Aro's sub) where Marcus was able to be compassionate without being personally involved. I see him as a deeply sympathetic and highly empathic character, no matter the circumstances. Oh please no more ideas, YOU!

      Can't wait to share the next chapter.
      Thank you so much for your thoughtful feedback!

  8. Ah, I got a comment box! BOH, you never disappoint. :) I only had a few more minutes left after lunch, so I had to stop mid-way, uggg, I contemplated losing a few minutes pay. ;) My how I loved Dane! Nerves of steel, that one. I'm glad he got to have his words with Wayne. I do wish Edward had gotten a chance to play though. ;) Can't wait to see what our mystery men have up their sleeves for Wayne. I really think he deserves worse than he got, but love that Marcus kept to his values. Also looking forward to hear what's going through Dane's head. Until next chapter...

    1. I think all of Dane's stage experience helped him stay calm, cool, and collected. LOL on poor Edward having to swallow all his adrenaline! I think you heard just about everything in Dane's head! I'm guessing he will sleep really well tonight! ;)

  9. I really, really wanted to see Wayne suffer much more than this. And of course, I really wanted to see Edward wield that single-tail. Maybe just a few cracks in the air near the fat bastard before they release him? In retrospect, this may not be as viscerally satisfying, but it is right for Marcus and Dane, and that's really all that matters.

    I do have a question, though. Was it only Marcus speaking in the paragraph that began, “Gentlemen, we’re done here. A safe word is a safe word, no matter what kind of unworthy bastard uses it.” I can make an argument for either him or Dane and would just like clarification.

    Finally, two words. Par tay.

    1. That was all Marcus, Gumi. I would switch paragraphs for different speakers. I agree, either of them could have said it, but Dane had deferred to Marcus already at that point, having fully expressed himself. Interesting that you wanted more suffering. I asked each prereader if the revenge was satisfying, and I think they mostly concluded as you did- I think the consensus would have been for more, to be honest. I did a LOT of soul searching on how to play this one out. That's why the chapters were so very hard to write. Marcus could only do what I felt comfortable with. I knew from the start of this that I wanted to write the best dom, the most noble as one of the other comments points out, and here Marcus really has to show his hand. Thanks so much for all your support since the beginning of OUAD!!!

  10. "Decency's a hard limit" Every bit the difference between the weenie and Marcus.

    Dane found his voice in a big way. I loved how he made this the Dane show. I'd say Dane and Marcus made each other proud. With a little luck they will never see Wayne again.

    I like to think that Wayne still didn't think Dane had shared everything with Marcus. That Wayne would have thought Dane would have been too embarrassed. Then when Dane squeaks the toy, Wayne knows that everyone knows exactly what happened. That all his ugly little secrets were out and this was likely to be worse than he had previously imagined. Humiliation piled on top of fear. Worse because he knows he is responsible for this.

    This chapter builds at such a great pace. ramps up nicely and then .... no cookie what... so much fun to read. Poor Aro.

    I really liked the way this played out. He humiliated himself. What could be more perfect.

    It also plays well with this quote that kept running through my mind regarding Marcus.. "He was a verray, parfit, gentil knyght". Chaucer

    1. I'm hearing the theme music to "The Dane Show" now. THANKS?
      I love your theory. I'm wondering if Wayne even knows how much of an abuser he is. I guess he does now. :
      No cookie what WHAT? LOL

      Well thanks for classing up the joint with Ye Olde English! MWAH!

  11. Awwwww, Dane. I love him so. He said his peace, got it out face to face. Which is a wonderful and amazing thing. It is off his shoulders and out of his mind. It was perfect.
    Marcus *sighs* loooove him. Even though he wanted to bring the Bastard the pain he caused Dane. He still showed his true, amazing, and fabulous dom self.
    I have even more respect for him
    Now than I did before.
    Soooo good!

    1. Yeah, he would've done bad bad things to Wayne if it hadn't been so unethical. And the bastard is so not worth it.
      YAY Dane! :) Thanks, Pates!

  12. I never read another author who stays so true so her characters. It would be so easy to live out the revenge scenario that we've all played out in our heads over the past few months. But in the end - that just isn't Marcus. He can compromise on many things (and many more now that he's met Dane), but this is a man who in the end would never compromise his convictions. Waynehole safe worded and that has to be respected - even if he doesn't respect the Wayne himself.

    And so quiet you can hear a nipple clamp drop? I totally snorted at that one!

    1. Thank you for the tremendous compliment. I never really saw the Wayne story line even as a part of anything other than Dane's past, but once the readers got hold of it (starting with you pre-readers) I realized it was probably central to Dane's character to have Marcus put him in his place and allow Dane to put this good and behind him.

      There were several pieces of this story that refused to be written- this Wayne scene and anything more violent on Marcus's part was one. Another poignant bit was where I literally could not make Dane call him Marcus. That's when I realized how important it was. Thank you so much, Meredith.

  13. Well played Born, well played.

    I am laughing so hard but also in disgust at this pussy of a man who couldn't even bare 5 minutes of the damage and pain he inflicted on people for years on end. What a shame! He def needed to be exposed for the coward, ass licking, jackhole he is.

    When my boy took the stage... he was a true performer. Love the way his stage experience made him bold and his confidence blew everyone away. *catcalls from my seat in the audience* oh wait... no women allowed *hides*

    How proud must Marcus feel to see Dane like that, huh? I was bursting at seams with pride of our younG man. Finally find in his place and taking a stab at exacting his own. I think the most pain that was dished out to Waynehole came from the humiliating and bruising lashes of Dane's words. I also think that Wayne seeing Dane doing so well, sent a very vicious message to him. That he didn't break Dane. He didn't defeat him. And he never would damage another person in the community as long as he breathed.

    As usual Born you threw us for a loop. But I loved the direction you took it. Edward, not so much *snort* Marcus' stand against the safeword reminded me do much of why I love him and what a respectful, genuinely good person he is. Very masterful but also with a heart of purest gold. I'm glad he stood by the rules and acknowleged the safe word. No dom is above the law, and hes one of the best around. I'm glad he chose to remain withing the authorities of the community. He's built a name for himself, and I'm glad he didn't compromise it.

    What I love more than that is the fact that he sought solace in Dane. The shared moment when held Dane's hands in his and he explained to him that he had to stand by the rules. What kind of man would he be if he didn't?

    Dane letting him have the choice of how to proceed was also well played. Giving Marcus that unwavering support, standing with him no matter what... le sigh. Marcus wasn't lying when he said no matter what happened tonight they would deal with it... together. So many things went wayward of the original plan but it goes to show just how flexible they can amend themselves and their relationship around just about anything. Very little can break these two and they endure all tests and trials hand in hand. Love them.

    Okay I'll hush now before I coat your blog with my sappy feels.... let's go out for a bite, yes?

    1. Oh I got excited thinking you might be offering to meet me for dinner, then I realized you were just looking forward to the next chappie! Yeah, what I love about both of these guys is they really learn how to let the other be himself, and they love what they see when that happens. I do believe relationships need to be tested a bit, and how two people respond separately and together is so telling. These two behave the way I'd hope a really great couple would in their situations. Thanks so much, Packy.

  14. Not going to lie, the first time reading this chapter I was angry that Waynehole didn't get his "just desserts." But this time reading your story I have so much love and respect for Master Marcus. The way I processed this chapter was not only "real men use safe words" but real Doms respect safe words and safe squeaks. Marcus, even though he loathes Wayne, still respected Wayne's squeak. That's what makes Marcus a true Dom. Well done Born.

    1. I'm so pleased you changed your mind about this chapter. I know it was rough. So many readers wanted "revenge" or "justice" but that's just not the way it played when I sat down to write. Marcus is always going to do the right thing. Thank you for getting there!