Wednesday, January 6, 2016



“Ahh, I never get tired of your super food salad, Dane.” Master rubs his bare belly, and I bite back the compliment he won’t appreciate. But damn, the six-pack really pops above his soft, ripped jeans—my favorite pair. And that swirl of gray hair on his chest . . . woof! The silver fox strikes again.
“Glad you enjoyed it, Master.”
I scurry into the kitchen, grateful for the black bikinis he let me pull on when it was time to come upstairs. We’d been famished when Master finally released me from the swing. In my haste to serve our lunch, I’d left the kitchen a godawful mess of nuts and seeds—something else Master wouldn’t appreciate.
“Hey, there’s an email from Eleazar. Come.”
I dry my hands as I round the island to peer over his shoulder. Master stretches the email on his phone so he can read without his glasses. Normally, I’d rib him about it, but right now, I’m too anxious to see Eleazar’s feedback on yesterday’s workshop.

From: Eleazar 

Sent: Wednesday, April 16, 2013 10:52 AM
To: Marcus Andrews; Dane Carmichael
Subject: Workshop Follow-up
Another note of gratitude on what I feel was an extremely successful first workshop. Thank you for staying to speak one-on-one with Cole and Danny. I know they were quite eager to hear your perspectives on discipline.
I’ve already received several emails requesting separate break-out sessions for doms and subs. Of course, I’d be pleased to host if you’re game. I am happy to facilitate either session or leave it to you both. I’m eager to hear your thoughts.

Kind regards,


Eleazar Wheeler, LMSW 

Sexual Health Specialist

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center

208 W 13 St
New York, NY 10011
Master chuckles. “Poor Danny. Sounded like he was in for quite the paddling.”
“Yeah, what was he thinking? As if Cole wouldn’t smell the cigarette on his clothes?”
Master snakes an arm around my back and pulls me into his side. “I don’t know what I’d do to you if you ever decided to smoke.”
“Don’t think you need to worry about that one.”
“No, don’t suppose I do.” Master’s hand glides down my back and palms my ass. “Put your hands flat on the table, Dane.”
And I’m hard. Master’s gone and gotten himself excited thinking about Cole paddling Danny. Round and round that palm goes.
“A spanking for your thoughts.”
I angle my head backward so I can see his face. “Excuse me?”
“You heard me, Dane. I’d like to hear your thoughts on Eleazar’s email, and as a reward, I will give you a spanking.” All the while, his hand moves, down the back of my thighs and up again, cupping my ass, squeezing, playing, teasing.
We’re in that delicious ambiguous place, playing outside the dungeon, where I know he wants me to feel free to have some fun, and I do.
“Excuse me for saying so, Master, but I think you might need to work on your motivational technique.”
Laughter escapes him. “Is that so? I think this is working just fine.” His hand slides between my legs where he finds my erection waiting for him. I’m so damn easy. I let out a groan.
He laughs again. “That’s what I thought.” The hand moves back again, pinching, scratching, rougher. “Do we have a deal?”
“Was there ever a doubt?”
Pop! “Your thoughts, Dane?”
“Mmm, Master, I can’t think while you’re—”
Pop!  My head drops to the table.
“Let me help you, Dane. How do you feel about leading a submissive group?” Pop!  
“Yes! Yes, I’d like to do that.”
“See? I knew you could focus if I incentivized you properly.” Pop!  “Spread your legs and give me what I want.”
What he wants is my ass in the air, and I oblige.
“Good boy, Dane.” Pop!  “Next question, what had you so apprehensive about reading Eleazar’s email?”
How did he . . .?
Pop!  My hips rock forward with the unexpected force. “No hiding, Dane. You’ve had almost twenty-four hours to tell me what’s been bothering you. Now, out with it.” Pop!  
“Nnnn. Okay, okay. It was that young kid . . .”
Master grants me a reprieve, sliding his fingers under the edge of my briefs to caress me while he coaxes out my words. “The one who looked like you.”
“Yes. I can’t get him out of my head.”
“What do you want to do about it, Dane?”
“I don’t know. I want to help him. I hated to watch him leave like that, all alone.”
Master’s hand moves up my back. Less erotic, more loving. “Would you like to have a talk with Eleazar and see what we can do to help?”
“We?” I’ve swiveled around again.
“Sure. Maybe it’s you reaching out to him alone, or maybe it’s the two of us together. I don’t think I’d try to approach him alone right now.”
That didn’t sound like an off-the-cuff remark. “You’ve been thinking about him?”
“Dane, you can’t possibly believe I wasn’t stirred by the boy. He was all too familiar.”
A pinprick of jealousy sours my thoughts. “You’re attracted to him, Master?”
Pop!  “You earned that one for real! Of course not, boy. My heart was stirred, not my cock.”
“Sorry.” Master’s indignation and the absurdity of my position bring on the giggles, and the enormous relief I’m feeling makes me realize I’ve been stewing about this. Now I owe my Master a true apology. “Thank you, Master. I’m sorry I didn’t bring this up sooner.”
“Hence, the spanking you are about to receive.”
He was just waiting for me to catch up. “Thank you, Master.”
“You’re welcome. But you haven’t answered my question. Would you like to bring this to Eleazar?”
“Yes, sure, but I’m not exactly clear about what we’re offering.”
“Neither am I, sweet boy. Perhaps the good doctor will have an idea or two for us.”
“I have a feeling he will.”
Master rises from his chair. “Now that we have that settled . . .” He peels the bikinis halfway down my thighs, ignoring the erection that springs back like a catapult.
Sorry, buddy, I don’t think you’re gonna be getting much attention this time.
“Do you know why you’re receiving this punishment, Dane?”
“Yes, Master. I stewed.”
His bare hands circle my ass again. “Just think, you’re going to have this fresh in your mind when you lead your submissive group.” Pop!  “You will be that much more empathic.” Pop!  “And you’ll be well equipped to explain the difference . . .” Pop!  “. . . between an erotic spanking and discipline.” Pop!  
He alternates cheeks and puts a little more sting into each one, or maybe that’s just my ass on fire making it feel that way.
“Four more, Dane.”
“Yes, please, Master.” I hold my stance while he finishes and pushes the bikinis down my legs the rest of the way.
“You can email Eleazar after you finish the dishes.”
From: Dane Carmichael
Sent: Wednesday, April 16, 2013 1:25 PM
To: Eleazar Wheeler
Cc: Marcus Andrews
Subject: Re: Workshop Follow-up
Hello, Eleazar. Thank you for your earlier email. Marcus and I would both be amenable to leading breakout sessions. I would feel more comfortable if you were present at mine—thank you for the offer. I’m sure Master can handle his group without assistance!
We have also discussed our shared desire to help the boy damaged by Wayne, not Jay but the one without a name tag. If we have made an incorrect assumption about who he is, perhaps we could help him anyway. He seemed to respond to my story, and Marcus and I would really like to work with him if you can figure out how we might be useful. We’re open to ideas.
Thank you for giving us this chance to give back.

Is anyone else "stirred"? Heehee! I hope so! Now, then...what ever are Eleazar, Marcus, and Dane going to come up with to help that boy? 


  1. Yup! Stewin' about somethin' he had every intention of sharin' with Marcus in the first place deserved a physical response *clinch {and I'm not tellin' you what clinched}!* Dane should have known Marcus would be so tuned in to him he'd be on board with offerin' help in whatever way possible!

    1. RIGHT! And he knows by now that stewing is not something his Master will let go unpunished. *wink*

  2. Am I "stirred"? Well, I believe these two, even when they're just being adorable stir up one emotion or another for me so, yes. I am stirred. Lol. We get to meet "the boy with no name" soon, don't we? EeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeP! I look forward to that. I'm hoping we also get to see Dane lead a break out session but I won't be terribly disappointed if we don't...SO LONG AS we get more sexy times ;)

    Wonderful chapter, my dear!


    1. Yeps, we're meeting that boy...and then some. *winkety wink* I did start to write that scene of Dane leading the breakout session but I think that will be a diversion from the main storyline I won't be taking right now. :( Trying to keep this to a dull roar! XOXO

  3. Master is very good at his punishments.

  4. Don't feel bad Marcus. I too enlarge my phone to read, even with my glasses on.
    I really had forgotten the connection those two have. It is so nice to see it again though. Marcus really knows his sub and his sub should remember that lol. Less smacked bottoms that way.

    1. HAHA I'm sure Marcus feels loads better now. Yeah...I do believe these two know each other inside and out by now *ahem*

  5. ah, I see. Is the difference between the punishment and the erotic spanking here, the lack of orgasm to accompany said spanking? I can see where that might be the difference....I just love these 2. Can't wait to read more. You rock!

    1. It's a little blurry how it started out, but yeah, your distinction makes sense to me. Though Marcus really did start out with more of an erotic, feel-good spanking. Once Dane confessed, things shifted a bit. Thanks, Judy!

  6. I am quite stirred, yes! Marcus having to enlarge his email made me smile - I sometimes have to do that even with the glasses on! How I missed these two getting their kink on - as ever Marcus brought the absolution Dane needed. Loved the update :) and I can't wait to see how they help the nameless boy.

    1. Fear not, Lisa, the kink is definitely a part of this story too! *wink* Ya dirty girl! LOL on the glasses. Unfortunately, writing the old feels comes pretty naturally. :P

  7. Stirred? Uh, yea- something like that ;) I will echo what some others have said, I missed these two, the vanilla-ish part of the relationship and def the kink too! This scene was a cool moment, starting vanilla(ish) and ending- well- not vanilla. i love that kind of fluid transition there... oh, you make me swoon, B.

    1. I'll tell you a secret- I love writing the talking scenes WAY more than the sex, so I'm really pleased you enjoy that too. And yes, this one morphed...out of my control! (As they often do) Thank you, Digi!

  8. Woof!.. ha Of course they are thinking of the nameless boy. And of course everyone wants more of them. For some reason, I really liked that Dane was the one to email Eleazar back. I'll have to think more on why that seemed important.

    1. :) Because Marcus knows how to empower Dane, and we like that?

  9. A pinprick of jealousy sours my thoughts. “You’re attracted to him, Master?”
    Pop! “You earned that one for real! Of course not, boy. My heart was stirred, not my cock.”

    HAHAHAHAH this gave me life. SMH at Dane for even questioning. I think the extra fire he felt in his lashes came from me. *smacks that sweet ass through the screen*

    How much I love love love that they are making this step together to move beyond what they are already doing to reach out to this boy. He clearly needs someone to show that they are interested in him, and wants to help him. I know Dane feels inexplicably drawn to him, and his being wont be a ease until he makes it his business to reach out to him, on a one-on-one basis.

    I admire so much the purpose you've given these men. Thank you for that, Born. They've given my heart reason to soar, and this time with so much more love and pride for them.

    And YOU... I LOVE YOU TOO!

    1. HAHAHA you're smacking Dane now? That is awesome. You are absolutely perfectly correct that Dane won't ever truly be at ease with himself now that he knows he can actually help. I'm so pleased you're soaring! Nothing could make me happier!!