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From: Marcus Andrews
Sent: Thursday, April 17, 2013 4:41 PM
To: Eleazar Wheeler
Cc: Dane Carmichael
Subject: Ground rules

Hello, Eleazar. After spending some time considering your suggestion, Dane and I would like to extend Tyler the invitation to join us for a scene in my dungeon. We have set down some initial ground rules for you to discuss in your meeting with him tomorrow, subject to fine-tuning, of course:

  • If all parties agree, we may scene together more than once, but the goal is to transition Tyler to another dom, should he desire to continue his role as submissive. What we are proposing is not expected to become a long-term sexual relationship.
  •  While I fully expect our scene(s) to provide some measure of healing, the dungeon is not therapy. As such, I would expect and require Tyler to maintain his therapeutic relationship with you for the duration of our arrangement.
  • Dane will be present and actively engaged in our scene(s) to the extent I deem appropriate. I do not foresee working one-on-one with Tyler.
  • Tyler will complete the standard checklist to the best of his ability before our first scene.

If Tyler is amenable to our terms, you may tell him to email me. Please let me know if you require further clarification.

There were other matters Master and I had negotiated, but those were just between us:
No poetry.
No overnights.
No visits to our room at the Four Seasons.
No bringing Tyler to Master’s den, kitchen, or bedroom. The dungeon and the office were the only approved spaces.

We’d left other points open for discussion: kissing, nudity, specific sexual acts.

I couldn’t pretend to have a clue how I would feel once the wheels were set into motion, but I was certain about one thing—I trusted Master to find the proper balance.

Eleazar’s reply follows quickly, mercifully, so at least I have a clue where things stand before I have to head out for work.
From: Eleazar Wheeler
Sent: Thursday, April 17, 2013 5:04 PM
To: Marcus Andrews
Cc: Dane Carmichael
Subject: Re: Ground rules

Thank you both for your willingness to help. Your response seems reasonable and well thought out, not that I expected anything less from either of you. I will share your message with Tyler in our session tomorrow morning, and I’ll let him take the lead from there as you suggest.

I have to tell you I truly hope he will have the courage to avail himself of this tremendous gift.

Kind regards,

Eleazar Wheeler, LMSW
Sexual Health Specialist

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center
208 W 13 St
New York, NY 1001
“Try not to let this distract you tonight?”

Distracted? Why should the idea of inviting another man into our relationship distract me? “Would you like me to ask the sun not to shine tomorrow as well?”

Master chuckles as he leans in to kiss me goodbye. “Always so dramatic.” His deep kiss contradicts the nonchalance Master is trying to project as he sends me off to work. “Go, Dane. Be fabulous. When you greet me tonight at the stage door, no talking unless something unusual has happened. Understood?”

We haven’t stopped talking since breakfast, and I’m all talked out. As usual, Master knows what I need. I’m guessing he’s equally exhausted. “Yes, Master. Thank you.”

When the singing and dancing are done for the night and the last curtain call is over, I’m even happier not to have to speak to anyone, even Master. Surely my yapping with Master all day counts as “good boy” behavior, deserving of the promised relief, but I take no chances. Tonight is an eyeliner-stays-on occasion. Take that, Master!

He greets my nonverbal cue with a knowing smile before crushing my lips with his kiss. Fuck, yes. Master checks in briefly with a silent pause, making sure I don’t need to tell him anything before we start walking. My question is answered—Master is not planning to speak either. This is . . . different.

Instead of taking my hand, Master hands me a foil-wrapped gyro, and I have to stifle my urge to thank him. The message is clear: eat now, keep walking. I dig in gratefully, moaning out loud as the rich lamb hits my tongue. Oops. I shoot Master an apologetic grimace, but he’s all smiles. No talking, he’d commanded; moaning is apparently not a violation. Not surprising, he always loves my noises in the dungeon.

He chuckles as the creamy tzatziki sauce dribbles down my chin, and he reaches inside the brown bag to hand me a napkin. I’m going to need a bath by the time I get to the other end of this pita, but Master seems nothing but entertained. By the end of the next block, the gyro is a savory memory for my tongue and a warm ball of happiness inside my belly.

With dinner out of the way, my gait snaps to Master’s brisk pace. He surprises me by taking my sticky hand in his. I have no clue what lurks behind Master’s contented grin. What does the wizard have up his sleeve? No peeking for me tonight. I wonder only momentarily before curiosity gives way to a deep, unshakable trust. Whatever it is, Master will take me where I need to go. Of that I am certain.

We take our right turn onto West 56th Street. With about half a mile until we reach the hotel, my mind has achieved a perfect state of receptivity. I am an extension of Master’s body and will. 

He could turn a one-eighty on a dime, and I’d make the pivot without a stutter. It’s not something I think about consciously when we walk and talk, but the comprehension of our unique synchronicity is a gift of his imposed silence. Even the multitude of city noises and random New Yorkers all around us fail to cut into this soul-hearing.

At the hotel entrance, Master sends me into the revolving door and tucks in behind me. The silence in the tiny chamber is almost deafening. Now that we’re just a few short steps from our room, serenity loses its battle with lust. With our heavy decisions made, my day’s work behind me, and my hunger slaked, my world collapses like shrink wrap around my physical desire—which, not coincidentally, achieves its fullest magnitude. On top of the normal, everyday horniness that has become my new reality with Master, the lively permutations of a potential third play partner wreak sheer havoc on my unrelieved libido.

Thank God I’ve signaled Master with the eyeliner. If he didn’t know earlier this afternoon, he’ll be certain now; my self-control is not going to win me any awards tonight. His pace is encouraging. Master drags me out of the elevator, key card extended while he skips me down the hall. Inside at last, he throws my duffle bag to the floor and flattens my back against the wall.
Words are unnecessary. Master wants; Master takes. My wrists are flung against the wall above my head while his other hand shoots straight up my shirt. He pinches my nipple hard and buries my whimper inside a rough kiss.

Master sucks the oxygen out of my lungs. I can’t breathe, and I couldn’t care less.

His thigh presses between my legs; I press back. Glorious friction at last! He rocks into me harder still, and I’m sure my ass is about to crash through the wall. I only pray Master gets me off before I end up on the floor of the room next door in a pile of plaster crumbs.

He peels his lips off mine and catches my eye before sliding his gaze to my pinned hands. He presses them into the wall once more before letting go, and his message is plain as day: Stay. Not the easiest command my Master has ever given, especially when his next move is to yank down my pants and briefs in one swift motion with absolutely no regard for my swollen dick.

He answers my gasp by wrapping his palm around me and cupping my balls with the other hand. Sensory overload. Hard and fast is not Master’s usual speed. I take partial blame—eyeliner does him in—but let’s face it, the threesome has him stoked, too. He kisses me again, claiming my mouth with his tongue while he works my cock with his fist. If I could speak, I’d beg his permission to come, but all I can do is jackknife my hips and pray Master won’t stop.

My back arches . . . must keep hands above head . . . teeth clamp down on my nipple . . . I cry out . . . sweet, sweet release.

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  1. Dane's treat is our treat and I can see I've missed a lot {damn it}! I'm tryin' to imagine Tyler's reaction when he hears about their proposal to scene with him in Marcus's dungeon! Do you think we'll get to see that from his POV?

    1. That's a truly lovely idea. I have only written Dane's POV for this story (which is completed on my end). You will, however, see Tyler's RESPONSE to their offer, if that helps. If I did my job, you'll know how Tyler feels. :) YES, dammit, you missed a lot, but the good news is, you have 250K of fresh words when this story is done...and for everyone else, their story is done (again)! LOL!! LOVE YOU!

  2. Love the letters to and from Eleazar. They are well thought out and concise. I also love the way Marcus reacts to Dane's eyeliner and perhaps anticipation of the scene with Tyler. Maybe part of his lust is for Dane's reassurance? As usual, your chapters deliver and satisfy. Thanks.

    1. I like your theory about Marcus's lust. I'm not sure he can control his lust, exactly, but I do think his reaction to the guyliner is something Dane can count on, and he seems to invoke it when he knows he will need Master's undivided attention! *wink*
      Thanks for your kind words.

  3. I'm glad to see they have put parts of their relationship off limits to Taylor and really Eleazor (for this anyway). It will be so important to know that they each have a private relationship as they share other parts with Taylor.

    After all the talking and emotional tending going on, it's not surprising it moves to the physical fast and furious. I can't wait to meet Taylor, and I too would like in his head at some point.

    1. Yes, I've read other stories where a third party comes between or even participates equally and that will NEVER EVER EVER happen with these two. They are sacred to each other, no matter what. I totally agree (I guess it's obvious) that the intensity of emotions shared would translate into an intensity of physicality. Nom nom nom. I'll hold my tongue about Taylor for a bit here.

  4. oh, B- I kinda feel like gushing over this one. IDK what it is you do to me, but its just so good. Right before I opened the chapter, I tried to remember where the last chapter left the boys and I psych myself up for more talking and difficult decisions between Marcus and Dane. And then I see the e-mail headings and immediately think "gah, she's so good at this." you so smoothly skip past more of the talking and don't even bother with summarizing what they decided or what they told Eleazar, you just show us the e-mails. I suppose that's a part of being a great author- the whole showing instead of telling, but I just love your style. ;)

    and I love their non-verbal cues, i.e. the eyeliner. :D lol. I mean the image it creates in my head is pretty awesome but just the way it says everything Dane doesn't need to... gah. lol. And I totally get Dane's desire to not talk to anyone at the end of his day. We've all had those days, even if its as vanilla as coming home and knowing there's no way you can decide what's for dinner tonight. I had a week a few months ago where my manager had a family emergency and I had to take over- let me just say that if I could have come home to someone while wearing eyeliner, I would have. lol.

    And last but not least, you asked me what I thought Tyler might be like? I have imagined him in a couple different personality types, but try as I might, I can't picture him any way but similar to how Dane was at the very beginning. Perhaps quicker to recover/ maybe not as shy to start, but IDK. maybe that's why I don't write! lol. I really can't wait to see what he's like and what he brings to the table with Marcus and Dane- I know it will probably be a lot different than anything I can imagine myself.

    Oh and another 'last but not least'-- how far gone do I have to be to be a little disappointed by "What we are proposing is not expected to become a long-term sexual relationship." ????? ;) lol

    1. So much love for all the sweet thoughtfulness you put into this response and the lovely, LOVELY compliments. I really appreciate what you said at the beginning. It's a constant challenge to know how much and exactly what to share. This story is one I'm writing for a very small, very select audience, and you guys don't need me to fill in all the blanks for you. Everyone who's still here, still reading understands Marcus and Dane as well as I do by now. You get the eyeliner cue as much as Marcus does! So my theory is "less is more," and I try to stick to that. Hopefully, the questions you guys pose will be answered by the narrative itself. I feel like if I have to answer on the side, that's a cheat! It's a balancing act, and it makes me really happy that you're satisfied with the level of detail I'm providing, whether it's very very or not much at all. :)

      I get what you mean about wishing you could wear eyeliner coming home. I think the way I "dress" for bed is a pretty powerful non-verbal cue. I have a little drawer for special somethings, and if I've got one of those on, hubby figures out I'm revved up (more than usual!). Flannel pj bottoms are usually not a great sign (got my period or I'm just plain zonked or freezing). Etc...

      You've got pretty much the exact picture of Tyler that I did at this point in the story. If you contrast his first email back to Marcus with Dane's, you'll see how far Tyler is in his recovery...well past where Dane was at the point he met Marcus. So you've done it.

      I don't know if you and I ever talked about another m/m BDSM series I read where a third character was introduced into the relationship and then pretty much became an equal partner. It was extremely disturbing to me after the original couple had been set up, and I felt as though the original sub had been cast aside for an old flame of the dom's. I will not have Marcus do that to Dane! It was a fantastic series otherwise, if you're interested...
      Thanks again, so much, for taking all that time to write such a thoughtful review.

  5. I'm glad that parts of their relationship won't be shared with Tyler, but the parts they are sharing are truly a gift. I can't wait to see Tyler's response to their proposal.

    The eyeliner was quite a way for Dane to let Master know what he was thinking ;)

    And the urgency - wow off the charts!! Wonderful chapter :)

    1. :) It's a great non-verbal cue the two of them have gotten into the habit of using- gives Dane a bit of control or at least a way to send a certain message to his Master. :)

  6. Adore the fact that even the master of patience can sometimes be tempted too far and just has to let go. It speaks to their relationship I think.

    1. Ah...YES! Of course, Marcus can restrain himself when he needs to, but he can also JUST. Let. GO! :)

  7. "Master sucks the oxygen out of my lungs. I can’t breathe, and I couldn’t care less."

    You do that to us too Master Marcus


  8. Oh my... oh my. I truly truly love this so so much. Such a stellar representation of two beings, two souls as one. I was just about floating on a cloud at the peace this piece gave me. Poetry right out of the mind of yours truly, Dane Carmichael.

    So responses were given, emails were sent, and I think that the fact that it's finally in the works is a bit more added pressure for Dane to handle. So tonight is full of pent tension and yes yes yes... mmmmhmmmm, yes. Less talking, more moaning. Mmmmmm... Again Master taking very good care of his boy. He knows just how much his boy needed that moment to set his mind at ease. A little reminder that what they have isn't going anywhere, and no one could never ever take his place in his life and heart. Love them so much. **sigh**

    1. Mmhmmm, there's basically no room for anyone else inside that head once Master is finished with him! XOXO