Wednesday, February 3, 2016



“I need to ask you something.” Master loosens his embrace but stays comfortingly close. Great, we’re going to play Poke the Beast over Dane’s first tragic love.
“Okay,” I answer cautiously. Whatever he wants, I will give, but I wouldn’t mind moving on.
“Did you actually remember that story word for word, over twenty years later?”
“I’m afraid so. That script played itself out in my head more times than I’ve performed Disaster. My own personal disaster show, I guess.”
Master’s hand moves across my back, kneads the skin where my neck and collarbone meet. “Thanks for sharing that with me, Dane. I appreciate that it wasn’t easy.”
“It was easier than I thought it would be . . . but a blowjob would’ve been more fun.”
Master’s head drops forward as he chuckles. “Don’t worry, boy. You can make it up to me later.”
“Whatever pleases you, Master,” I answer.
“I’m sure we’ll figure out something. Meanwhile . . .” Master picks his phone up off the coffee table, checks the screen, and frowns. “Still nothing. You?”
Master scrubs his hands up and down his face. “Ugh.”
We’ve been cooped up too long in this hotel room. I stand first and offer Master a hand up. “Pick a museum, any museum.”
“You’re right. We need to get out of here.”
Manhattan is a pretty decent place to distract oneself. We cab it up to our favorite spot; before long, we’re holding hands in front of the 65-million-year-old Triceratops. Romantic he ain’t, but he does help put things in perspective for us. We’re not even a blip in the grand scheme of things.
After a long, filling lunch and an exhaustive tour of the Met, I’ve reached the end of my rope. “Master, I really need to sit down and relax before my show tonight. If you’re not in the mood for—”
“I’m in the mood,” he answers, hailing a taxi so fast it makes my head spin. Oh, Master, where has your head been?
We’re two caged tigers in the back seat, staring out our respective windows and actively ignoring our phones. Once we’re inside our room, Master wastes no time, kicking off his boots and stepping out of his boxers and pants.
“Leave your clothes on this chair and meet me on the bed.” He turns down the bedspread and stretches out along the length of our king bed with his arms folded behind his head, watching me. Yummy.
I don’t keep him waiting. Master grins as I bend to kiss his toes, and his smile widens as my knees land on the soft sheets. I drop soft kisses up his shins, knees, thighs . . . glancing up for permission before pulling his balls into my mouth. Master closes his eyes and reaches for my head, running his fingers through my hair. That would be a yes.
I tease him with lips, tongue, and teeth while my hands work his shaft. Master lifts my head and pulls me toward his chest. I leave a trail of kisses along his tight belly. A subtle jut of his chin toward the nightstand commands me to grab the lube while he fluffs his pillow and replaces his hands behind his head. My Master is feeling lazy today. I think I’ll wait till later to tease him about it.
I know what he wants. Lucky for Master, I have a bit of the hambone in me. I squeeze a glop of lube onto my fingertips, settle my ass into place just under his armpit, and throw one leg across his chest. Master gifts me with an appreciative wave of his eyebrows. I lean back on my elbow, lifting my ass so he has the perfect view. When he’s good and eager, I begin. My eyes are riveted on Master’s attentive stare. Both of us could probably get off on this fingering alone, but Master has other plans.
He takes over with two fingers. All I can do is drop back and moan. This propels Master to the next level of scissoring and probing; soon, I’m a quivering mess.
“Master, please.”
“Yes, Dane. Climb on.”
I attempt grace, but efficiency wins out. We both need this. Without instruction or incentive to hold back, I ride Master for all he’s worth. He clamps his hands around my hips and matches my rhythm. I love this position, a rare chance to watch Master’s face as he loses control. He barely touches me, a few strokes of his palm, and I join him in paradise.
Afterwards, I collapse forward against his side and doze off into a peaceful nap. My eyes open to Master pushing his arms through the sleeves of his sweater.
“How long did we sleep?”
“Not long. About half an hour. You said you needed to relax, so I didn’t want to wake you. Feel better?”
“Yes, I feel great.” I stretch my limbs from one corner of the bed to the other. “You haven’t heard anything, have you?”
“No. We gave him a lot to think about, Dane. Give him some time.”
“Yeah, I know.” I meet him near the chair and pluck my briefs from the pile. “So, what are you doing tonight while I’m at work?” I doubted Master could be in the mood for more exploring after the day we had.
“Research.” His sly grin could mean almost anything.
“Should I be worried?”
He leans over and plants a kiss on my lips. “Only if you’re scared of subversive poetry.”
“I think I’ll manage.”
“You always do, Dane.”
And manage I do. Courtesy of my strenuous submissive training, I compartmentalize like a champ. When I hit that stage, nothing interferes, and tonight is no exception. When the last curtain call is over, I check my phone. Nothing.
Master greets me at the back door with a kiss. “How was your show?”
“Same as always.”
“I got nothing, Dane.”
“I figured.”
“C’mon, let’s go get you some dinner.” He must be eating with me tonight because he leads without consulting me. 
I know where he’s taking me as soon as he turns right onto Tenth. “Steak? What’s the occasion?”
“I wanted to make sure you had a good meal tonight.” He stops in the doorway of Diamond Joe’s. “I’m heading home tomorrow morning. I need to get the dungeon ready.”
He knows my work schedule as well as I do. I’m committed to one show tomorrow and two on Sunday. The best I can do is take the train late Sunday night, and I know Master wouldn’t schedule our first time with Tyler for that late. He’s hoping for Monday, my day off, but if he waits to come home with me, he won’t have time to prepare.
“What if he doesn’t respond?”
Master smiles. “Oh, he will.”
I shake my head as I follow him inside. Must be nice to live life with Master’s confidence. I have the next best thing—a second-hand certainty that comes from believing in Master.
Of course he’s right. The email comes on Saturday afternoon, but it’s not exactly a blanket acceptance of our terms.
From: Marcus Andrews
Sent: Saturday, April 19, 2013 2:24 PM
To: Dane Carmichael
Subject: FW: Exploring


I am inclined to accept Tyler’s terms so long as you are amenable to my private conversation with him via email ahead of our first session.

Begin forwarded message:
From: Tyler Duncan
Sent: Saturday, April 19, 2013 2:19 PM
To: Marcus Andrews
Subject: Exploring

Sir, thank you for your generous offer. I would like to try.
Can we keep the details of my checklist between the two of us, or is this a deal breaker for you?


The checklist conversation . . . oh, how I despise thee.

My thoughts shoot me right back to Master's kitchen when I sat with that damn green Sharpie revising my checklist before our collaring ceremony. Having hard limited just about everything the first time through for Master, I was forced to revisit every kink and fetish in the most excruciating detail.

Naturally, Master figured out a way to make the process palatable. My lips quirk into a smile as I recall Master’s whirlwind tour through his own checklist for my benefit. If I remember correctly, and I usually do, Master had also promised not to play with other subs in front of me. That promise represented where we were three months ago in our relationship and in my healing. The needle has moved for my benefit, because of this unique opportunity Master seems to have been waiting for, and only with my blessing.

If Wayne has left Tyler anywhere near as vulnerable as I was, the boy’s psyche and body could be a minefield. Master absolutely needs to know as much as he can up front. Who could blame Tyler for not wanting to enumerate his innermost fears and desires to an extra person? I get it.

But I also can’t help the flash of jealousy that crosses my heart. I name it and let it go. Yes, my Master and this Tyler will share a certain intimacy I won’t be a part of, but I try to view it as nothing more than a surgeon reading an X-ray before slicing open his patient.

My answer is clear.
From: Dane Carmichael
Sent: Saturday, April 19, 2013 2:29 PM
To: Marcus Andrews
Subject: Re: Exploring


i trust You implicitly.


Greetings from the Atlantic Ocean! WiFi is spotty so I wanted to post this one while I had a good signal! Hope you're all enjoying M and D relieving each other's tension. *wink* So...Tyler's checklist...


  1. And so it begins... I get that Tyler doesn't want to make himself any more vulnerable than he already is poor boy, but Marcus definitely needs to know everything he possibly can. Dane has come such a long way from those dreaded green sharpie days, too, and I admire him for letting the jealousy go and looking at the big picture. One that shows Marcus helping someone who has been through similar things to him.

    Way to relieve the tension felt from waiting for the dreaded inbox to ping there too - *fans face*

    1. The "green Sharpie days" - LOL! I love how you put that about Tyler's vulnerability and how Marcus will approach him. XOXO

  2. I hope you're enjoying your trip! Thanks for all the comments and stories along the way! This chapter really shows just how far Dane has come in his relationship with Marcus! He gets to name his fears, feel them, then trust that Marcus will do what is best for him. I love that! The lemon you slipped in was brief, but hot nevertheless! Tyler's email shows both his bravery and trepidation at the upcoming scene. Good for him! As always, I'm wowed by your talent and generosity!

  3. I just got chills from "i trust You implicitly." I KNOW I would have trouble with that level of trust. I have a bad habit of getting antsy, when I suspect I'm being left out of the loop on something (fun fact- I once messed up a small surprise party one of my roommates was trying to give me, by complaining to the other roommate about the sparse- and purposefully inaccurate- details that the first roommate had told me about... whoops). I give Dane big time props for that level of trust.

    Oh I can't wait to meet Tyler. Should be interesting. ;)

    enjoy your trip, B.

    1. When you are with the right person, the trust will happen! But yeah, being the third wheel can feel really scary. Thanks for sharing your story too!

  4. It's always great to see Dane take care of Marcus. Moving them out of the hotel room and into the world was such a great example of comfortable Dane has become in this relationship. He knows what they need and he doesn't ask just moves them forward.

    It is wonderful how these two trust each other so much that the relationship has room to shift and change. What limits are important today may move tomorrow. As always, communication and the others security is what makes this possible. I can see Marcus' smile and eyes softening as he reads Dane's email.

    1. I love that you see the power shift flowing back and forth effortlessly between the two men now. Nothing is static with these two. :)

  5. I love that you are on vacation...its like we are getting a postcard. LOL, hope you are having a great time.
    Best way to relieve tension I say. Glad that they know exactly what each other needs. Such a good thing.

  6. I envy them their access to the Met! Luckily, I'm not that far from Amsterdam's Rijksmuseum featurin' Rembrandt's "Nightwatch," which is freakin' awesome!
    At least the wait is over on Tyler's response...lookin' forward to their first encounter!

    1. Yeah, New York makes a lovely backdrop for part of their story. Glad you're enjoying!

  7. I am proud of Dane to confront a part of his jealousy and how his trust is growing more for his and Marcus's relationship.

  8. I can't tell you how sensitive how mobile version of blogger is. I hate it. I make a mistake and brush my finger to the left, and it goes back a chapter and deletes my entire review. How the hell does it keep happening to me. Grrrrr...

    Anyway, we have boarded the plane! It was like a huge breath of relief when the response email came in. These next moments will almost be like flashbacks for Dane. Even as he was sitting there, just remembering what the initial checklist stage was like for him. **shivers** he was in a real bad place, and he's anticipating that Tyler could be in a similar position or even worse.

    I do admit, if I was in Dane's position, I might be a little worried to. Willing lending his Master over to another bruised submissive will be hard to come to terms with. Knowing the kind of connection and intimacy he drew from his time of healing, I'd be afraid too that Tyler could similarly latch on to Marcus. But I do have faith, as Marcus said, that it isn't about forging any permanent connections, but just opening his eyes to the way things should be and helping mold his cracks and getting him comfortable and used to the idea of being Mastered again. People are submissives because it is a vital part of their being. We can't give Waynehole the power and pleasure of taking that away from anyone else now, can we?

    1. Yes, that latching on is the real issue for Dane. He knows how attached HE became, and he knows he can't afford for another to enter into that kind of connection with his Marcus. Ah, love your thoughts on "the idea of being Mastered again." And you raise a really critical question for Tyler. Thank you!