Sunday, February 21, 2016



“Are you breathing, Dane?” Master grins down at me while his hand gently coaxes out the end of my orgasm.
“I doubt it.”
“Hmm, maybe some mouth-to-mouth would help . . .” He leans in and covers my mouth with a soft kiss and a tender touch of tongue.
“Mmm, definitely.”
Master’s hands glide up my chest. “I’m going to release you now. How are you feeling?”
“Woozy and wonderful.”
“That too.”
Master chuckles at my punch-drunk state as he unlocks my right wrist. My arm drags along the table to where it meets Master’s hip. “Master, may I take care of you now?”
He answers after running his fingers through my hair and kissing me again. “I can wait . . . but judging from the looks of things, our guest can’t say the same.”
I follow Master’s gaze. Poor Tyler. The longing on the boy’s face makes me want to cuddle him again, but a more pressing need strains at the confines of his tighty whities. At least we can help with that.
“What do you say, Dane?” Master asks me as he moves around the table. “Would you like to give the boy some relief?”
He unclips my second ankle, then looks up. “Sure, why not?”
Why not? Because I know how it feels to be left out, and I can’t do that to Master. Besides, two on one was hot as hell.
“Actually, Master . . . can we do it together?”
Master raises an eyebrow. “Aren’t you the kinky boy today?” He confirms my inclination that this question was rhetorical by pivoting toward Tyler without waiting for an answer. “How does that sound to you? Could you stand it?”
“Oh, hell yes.” All three of us enjoy a chuckle. “I mean, yes, please, sir.”
“Get over here, boy. I promise we won’t squish you this time.”
“You can do whatever you want to me.”
Master jerks his thumb in Tyler’s direction. “Will you listen to this one? Didn’t take him long to get cheeky, did it?”
It feels great to laugh with Tyler. Despite the tension obviously coiled inside those briefs, or maybe because of it, Tyler is able to let loose and be himself. I’m pleased Master is allowing Tyler the leeway to express himself more informally.
I offer an answer to this question of Master’s, which I’ve decided was not rhetorical. “See what happens when you give a boy a feather duster?”
Master chuckles. “I sure as hell saw what happened to you!”
A blush heats my cheeks. “Uh, I thought we were onto a new subject.”
Master gives me his we’ll-talk-about-this-later smirk. “Okay, Tyler, I want you to put your right arm around Dane’s shoulders and your left around mine. Let’s see if you can stand still.”
“Are you kidding? I’d gladly stand on my head right now!”
I share a knowing grin with Master. Been there, done that. Learned “the hard way” it’s not so easy to maintain an erection when all the blood rushes to the big head.
“I think we’ll pass on the headstand,” Master says. “However . . .”
“Uh-oh,” I interject. “Now you’re gonna get it, Ty.”
Tyler sobers up a bit, his gaze ping-ponging back and forth from me to Master. “Let’s have you on your tiptoes.”
Tyler isn’t sure at first if Master is serious, but all it takes is a semi-stern lift of the masterly eyebrows to raise the boy onto his toes. “Lean on both of us . . . that’s it.” Master and I each grasp Tyler’s hand on our outside shoulder, reinforcing his support. “Okay, are you ready to hear the deal, Tyler?”
“Deal?” Tyler’s voice crackles with apprehension.
My chuckle escapes. “Oh, Master is famous for his deals.”
Master shoots me a grin. “Looks like someone else is getting a bit cheeky.
I’m not worried. We’re in playful territory now, and while I’m firmly under Master’s command, I’m also feeling that surge Master promised at having a submissive somewhat under my control.
“Speaking of cheeks, Master”—I let my gaze drift to Tyler’s ass— “shouldn’t we bare these two?”
“Good thinking, Dane. I believe you owe our friend here an undergarment removal.”
We continue our light-hearted chat as if Tyler can’t hear us, but it’s clear from the boy’s bright blush and uneven breathing that he’s eagerly anticipating my next move.
“Yes, Master. I believe I will enjoy undressing Tyler as much as he enjoyed undressing me.”
“And I’m quite sure,” Master responds with a grin, “I will enjoy this as well. Now, get to it, Dane!”
Without further delay, I reach my free hand inside the back of Tyler’s briefs. The boy sighs and sways forward, but Master and I hold him steady. I don’t venture a guess as to when Tyler was last touched with the sole purpose of producing pleasure, but I am going to make damn sure he enjoys this.
“The deal?” Tyler asks again, quaking a bit on his toes. Oh yeah, that.
Master gives Tyler the Let’s Make a Deal smile I know and love so well. “Right. As long as you’re on your toes, our hands are on you. You rest; we stop.”
Tyler considers this for a moment while my hand plays at his skinny ass. “You stop for good if I rest?”
“No, Tyler. We stop while you rest. It’s all up to you. Ultimately, the submissive is always in control. Isn’t that right, Dane?”
Tyler turns a look of such disbelief my direction, I can’t decide if I should laugh or cry. “Yes, it’s true, even though it doesn’t feel that way sometimes—when feathers are going up your asshole, for example.” I slide a finger along his crack to hammer my point home.
Tyler grunts, blinks a couple of times, and produces his answer. “Deal. Deal, deal, deal!” He lifts a touch higher on his toes, and Master responds with a deep chuckle.
“Get those briefs off him, Dane, before the boy sets fire to them!”
I slip my fingertip around the front of the elastic and ease the tight band over his erection. Master and I have our first look at the uncut cock as it springs up and slaps against Tyler’s belly. Master reaches for it first, and I can almost feel the long, tight stroke along my own shaft. Tyler moans; I moan along with him, working my fingers deeper between his cheeks.
Tyler slumps to his heels, forgetting himself inside the long, sexy groan he releases. Master pulls his hand away; I reluctantly follow suit.
“Up, Tyler. When you’re ready for more,” Master reminds him.
“Ready,” Tyler says, mouth lolling open as he pushes onto his toes.
“That’s a good boy,” Master says. The praise for Tyler shoots right to my cock. I’m hard again, and I’m guessing Master is, too, inside those dark pants.
“Ohgodohgod!” Tyler stumbles again but rises quickly. He stiffens his spine with a renewed effort not to slip onto his heels again.
“Feel good, Tyler?” Master taunts.
“Yesss, so good!”
My eyes are riveted to Master’s hand as he strokes and rolls his hand down that lucky shaft. I push inside Tyler with the tip of my finger; Tyler answers with a gratifying moan.
Master nods at me and grins. The phrase “partners in crime” runs through my mind, making me deliriously happy. About half as happy as Tyler right now, apparently.
“Sir, permission to come?”
“Hmm, what do you think, Dane? Should we let him come?”
And just like that, Master shifts all the control over Tyler to me!
Tyler shoots me a desperate plea, even lifting higher onto his toes for good measure. Master picks up speed with his hand. Tyler whimpers.
And then he begs. But it’s not to Master, for once. It’s to me.
“Please, Dane!”
It has to be the power trip. I have no other explanation for the dominant impulse that takes over. Master has given me some free rein, but I’m no fool; he is still quite in charge. And this is a big enough risk without stepping outside my authority, too.
“Master, I think I’d like a kiss from Tyler first.”
Master smiles. “I had a feeling you’d make this interesting, Dane.” I know that look he’s giving me; I’ve seen it after he’s watched me perform. Pride.
Meanwhile, Tyler writhes between us, skewered on my finger behind and cradled by Master’s spiraling palm in front. All the boy can do is wait and endure and hope.
Peering around Tyler’s body, I ask, “Was that a ‘yes,’ Master?”
“If Tyler agrees to the kiss.”
Tyler is so quick on the uptake, he nearly interrupts Master. “Yes, I agree!”
Master and I grin at each other. I lean in to kiss this foreign pair of lips, not knowing what to expect. Master interjects an extra command just before my mouth meets Tyler’s. “Only if it’s orgasm-worthy, Dane.”
My lips quirk up into a grin as they meet Tyler’s. I can feel the hum of pleasure in his mouth; I can taste his desperation. The boy is close, but he’s been well trained in the fine art of denial. Only this time, Tyler will get his happy ending. He kisses to impress, and it works.
I pull back from the kiss, leaving the faintest trace of my tongue on his lips, and answer Tyler’s wide-eyed appeal with a smile. “That was nice. You definitely have my vote.”
Tyler’s head lolls back as he gives up the fight. Master’s mouth is at his ear. “Come for us, boy, but stay on your toes. Don’t make me have to stop!”
Master’s arm settles into a steady, punishing rhythm. I reach through Tyler’s legs, rubbing the sensitive skin leading to his ball sac. His arm tenses around my shoulder. He sucks in a sharp breath and holds it while his hips thrust out a violent release. Master cajoles him through it, alternating dirty words with praise, until Tyler’s body slumps across our shoulders like Jesus on the cross.
We lower Tyler onto his feet. Master places a sweet kiss in Tyler’s hair, and Tyler turns a glassy-eyed stare toward him.
“Thank you.”
Master gives him a warm smile. “You’re welcome. Our pleasure.”
Master leans across Tyler’s spent body, reaches behind my neck to unbuckle my collar, and kisses me on the lips. “You were beautiful, Dane. Just perfect.”
“Thank you, Master. So were you.” I can tell from Master’s warm gaze that he feels the pride I’m beaming at him.
“Can you stand up if we let go, Tyler?” Master asks.
“Not sure,” he answers in a floaty, faraway voice.
“Okay.” Master chuckles. “I’m going to leave you in Dane’s very capable hands. Dane, I want you to take Tyler into the sub room, give him a nice, hot shower, and make sure you’re both well hydrated. Take as much time as you need . . . but no hanky panky without me.” Master wags a finger at me, but there’s a giant smile behind it.
Tyler’s head shakes. “I seriously doubt there’s any hanky left in my panky, sir.”
Master folds his arms across his chest. “Oh yeah? How old are you, twenty-two?”
“Twenty-three,” Tyler answers, doing his best to puff out his chest.
Master chuffs. “Twenty-three, and I’ve ordered you to shower with this perfect specimen of manhood? I give you ten minutes, tops, before your boner is back in full force.”
I feel the heat spreading across my cheeks. There he goes again. “Don’t worry, Master,” I tell him.
“I’m not. I’ll talk to you both when you bring Tyler to my office.”
He’s signaling me that he remembers our deal not to allow anyone else into the other spaces of Master’s house, our home. “Thank you, Master.”
“Of course.” Master clasps my shoulder once more, granting me an extra assurance of our bond before turning to the business of cleaning the dungeon and leaving me to manage the certainty of Tyler’s next erection.



  1. B, that might have been the best happy-ending dungeon scene ever. I think it was the sheer giddiness on Dane and Marcus' parts, bringing that sort of pleasure and knowledge to Ty. Wonderfully done. Perhaps Tyler will find it a bit easier to overcome the barriers Waneker placed before him.

    As for the "boys", their partnership in this chapter was undeniably sexy. They've proven they can work together as M/s and as co-dominates (sort of on Dane's part) for someone else's benefit. These two would make an amazing therapy team;)

    And how about Marcus denying himself an orgasm so that the subs in his care. I LOVE THAT MAN!

    Favorite line...He’s signaling me that he remembers our deal not to allow anyone else into the other spaces of Master’s house, our home. “Thank you, Master.” ...Their relationship and the innate trust makes me smile so big!

    Sorry I haven't commented on the last couple of posts. They were PHENOMENAL but my comp wasn't near and every time I tried to comment using my iPad or phone it ate my comment, AND I HAD SUCH A GOOD ONE FOR THE LAST CHAPTER!

    Love ya so much, sweets.


    1. OH WOW. A therapy team! That is SUCH a cool idea! LOVE LOVE LOVE. (and didn't write but LOVE) I do love your comments but I get that blogger doesn't love remote devices for some reason I really can't understand. Sucks to be too dirty for fanfic!! Thank you for all your insights and sweet compliments. XOXO

  2. So? SO??? OMG talk about getting one heck of a happy ending! And like I have said before, Master and sub's exchanges? Organic. They have so much trust in one another, interpret each other's needs so quickly and easily, and wow what a joy that is to read. And if Tyler doesn't get something out of this scene, he's got rocks in his head. Or he got his rocks off. or something. lol. Loved!!

    1. HAHAHA!! "Sew buttons on ice cream," we used to say! I love your description - "organic." Maybe that's why the dialogue flows so easily on this one. They just know each other so well now and respond to each other without even trying. LOL on your rocks, m'dear. Love your take on things ...thanks for sharing!

  3. Tyler must think he's died and gone to sub heaven LOL! Marcus and Dane will be lucky to get him to leave now!

  4. I'm quite jealous of Tyler! This chapter makes me wish I was a man....almost. Wonder what "the talk" will be about. Interesting to me that Tyler doesn't seem as damaged as Dane it because he prided himself on being able to "take" anything Wayne could give? that mindset might be even worse than how Dane was...almost. Great job, dear!

    1. Great question about Ty. When I envisioned him, I tried to imagine someone Wayne had broken in different ways than Dane. Not everyone has the heart of a truly submissive masochist like our friendly neighborhood Broadway dancer. Tyler seems to be a different animal with a different response. And remember, he was who Wayne chose to replace Dane, so they have some things in common and many things not. Thanks, JB!

  5. Unnnggghhh. That was good for everyone but Master, wasn't it? I know that Marcus enjoyed himself, though. Well done, Born!

    1. He sure did, and don't worry. He has Dane alone after this.

  6. My mind just went to Master Edward's school for wayward girls....wouldn't Marcus make a fantastic headmaster and Dane the lovely assistant lol. He really is a master of the mind though. I hope Tyler really can appreciate the help he has been given. I think Dane is actually healing even more now. Great and fun chapter.

    1. OH YES! That was quite a filthy storyline. Thanks for the reminder.

  7. "So???" she says... lol It was awesome- incredible happy ending there. I was incredibly surprised (and PLEASED) at the lighthearted tone to this scene. I guess I just assumed that since the boys had discussed this possibility at such lengths, in a very serious manner that that serious tone would continue- I mean they have some serious reprogramming to work on for poor Ty, right? But it was lovely to see Marcus and Dane be able to show Tyler that the dungeon doesn't always have to be dark and somber.

    And the 'surge' of power that Dane experienced with his ounce of control over Tyler was very cool. At first I wasn't sure if he would own it, but as he settled in to his role (and reveled in it a bit!), I got more and more excited by his comfort and confidence in the moment. I was pretty surprised at how 'hands on' he was with Tyler, but it was awesome, of course. ;)

    Also very cool how a few times Dane felt like he was experiencing what Ty was- He moaned when Tyler moaned, he almost felt what he could see happening to Tyler. That added another whole layer of arousal to everyone in the room, I think (and those following along at home probably *coughcough* ;) ).

    Too many amazing things for me to comment on as always, but I know I'll be re-reading this chapter a lot in the coming days as I contemplate what we might see next: will you show us the hanky-panky-less shower? do we get to see Tyler sharing his feelings on this new brand of BDSM (not just his immediate, blissed out euphoria)? How might Dane take care of his Master after their guest leaves them for the day???? ahh so many pretty thoughts. lol :)

    1. Dig, you did a phenomenal job picturing all the dilemmas I asked myself as well. Hope you will be satisfied all your questions are answered by the end of the story!

  8. So wonderful that they were able to have fun with this. Tyler was under command to act in a a way that so physically took the place of safe words. Brilliant. Control within control. And look how much progress Dane has made. Making suggestions to Marcus. I could almost see the puppeteers strings. Marcus know how to play these guys. Great Chapter.

    1. I TOTALLY see Marcus as puppeteer, but he always leaves Dane enough slack to control his own destiny. Neither would be the same without the other. Tyler, too, controlled his own destiny, as you spotted. :)

  9. Beautiful... just stunning! These three in scene was absolutely spectacular. I love the visual of them on both sides of Ty, holding him up... supporting him. Literally carrying him through this scene. Such a treat.

    Laughing at Marcus assuring Ty that Dane could put the panky right back into his hanky in no time. These three in scene were quite lovely.

    1. They were certainly fun to imagine! Glad you liked!