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Tyler knocks on the door as he enters Master’s office ahead of me. Master glances up from his computer, and a smile spreads across his face. “Well, well, well, aren’t you boys looking”—Master raises his eyebrows at my towel—“relaxed.”

“Apologies, Master. I didn’t want to put my dirty leggings back on after my shower.”

Master leans back in his leather throne, hands clasping at a leisurely pace across his chest, blue-gray eyes dancing with amusement. “Why would you ever need to apologize for being undressed? Have a seat over there next to Tyler, please. I am quite enjoying my double vision today.”

My delicate descent into the chair is observed with great interest by both Master and Tyler. I fight a losing battle with the open end of the towel, and Master chuckles at my futile attempt at modesty. I suppose it’s silly, considering what just transpired, but with Master dressed in his power blacks and Tyler fully clothed, my outfit feels all too brief in Master’s office.

Thankfully, Master moves on with a merciful change of subject. “So, aside from the fact that Dane is bare-assed, what do the three of us need to process?”

Tyler pipes up with a bold retort that drops Master’s jaw. “I wouldn’t mind processing that a bit longer.”

“Unfinished business, boys?” Master stares down Tyler first, then aims the inquisition at me.

Tyler opened this can of worms; he can deal with it. I fix my attention on the boy, and Master follows suit.

Tyler shakes his head, making light of his comment. “Let’s just say it was a bit of wishful thinking on my part.”

“Okay,” Master says, without any apparent irritation, “I guess we know where to start the conversation. I’m at a bit of a disadvantage. Would either of you care to bring me up to speed?”

Please don’t lead with the kiss. I implore Tyler as powerfully as I possibly can without speaking. I squirm enough to raise Master’s curiosity level. He quirks an eyebrow but doesn’t call me out—yet.

“Long story short,” Tyler explains, “I asked Dane if he would take me on, and he turned me down.” I give Tyler props for fearlessness, but then, maybe he doesn’t see that he has anything to lose.

To my great relief and Master’s credit, he meets Tyler’s comment without uproarious laughter. He does, however, shoot me a quizzical look before answering. I give him a go-figure shrug.

“I’m sorry, you asked Dane to take you on as his submissive?”

“No disrespect intended, sir.”

“None taken. Who could blame you? Dane was compelling in the role. I should thank you for drawing it out of him, Tyler. God knows, I couldn’t have done that on my own.”

Good grief. If I could sink any lower in this chair, I surely would.

“Oh, and don’t worry, sir, Dane has already made it perfectly clear you aren’t an option either.”

I cut in, eager to justify my conclusion to Master. “Master, I—”

“Did he now?” If I’d expected to see the mouse who’d just had his cheese swiped away, Master is anything but. He gifts me with a warm smile before turning back toward Tyler. “I hope Dane also assured you I will find you someone worthy of your submission.”

No questions asked.  No explanations necessary. We’ll discuss this when we’re alone, but Master won’t try to change my mind. Even if he’d wanted to explore this three-way, we’ve already agreed that one man’s limit overrules the other’s curiosity. Case closed.

My fingers have found my leather jewelry once again. How this all turned around to be about me, I have no clue. Tyler seems to be masterful at deflection. I suppose this is what it might be like to have a little brother. Definitely a more complicated dynamic than being Master’s “only child.”

“Yes, Dane did tell me that,” Tyler says, “and I appreciate it. After today’s session with the two of you, I feel like I’m ready to put myself out there again . . . with the right person.”

Nothing Tyler could have said would make me happier. I shoot my hand across the gap between our chairs and grasp Tyler’s hand, a forceful reenactment of my first breakthrough with Master. I have to clear the lump out of my throat before I can speak, and when I do, Tyler tears up. “Ty, that’s amazing. I’m so happy for you.”

Master leans forward, folding his hands on the desk in front of him. “Tyler, I can’t promise to pick the right match for you on my first try, but I do promise to stick with it until I do. In the meantime, I am available to you for whatever you need”—Master pauses to glance at me—“short of inviting you into the dungeon with us again.”

Tears bite at the back of my eyes. This is working. Tyler is going to be fine, and there isn’t anyone I trust more than Master and Eleazar to make sure of it.

“Thank you, sir.” Aww, Ty’s all choked up, too.

I give Tyler’s hand a squeeze, and he turns toward me. “Me too, Ty. I really hope we can hang out together, maybe grab a coffee or . . .”

“A shower?” He squeezes me back and adds a huge wink for Master’s benefit. It’s effective.

“No more showers for you two—at least, not together.” Master’s firm voice brooks no argument, but Tyler can’t quite leave it alone.

“No matter how many times I dropped the soap, Dane just wouldn’t go for it.”

“My boy knows what’s good for him.” Possessive Master raises the temperature inside my terrycloth kilt.

Once again, Ty grabs the bait off Master’s hook, turning his full grin on me. “Oh, your master must be referring to that feather duster.”

“You’re dead to me, Ty.”

Master’s rich laughter floats across his desk like a ribbon tying all three of us together. “Now, now, Dane, let’s not be too harsh on the boy. After all, you did seem to enjoy yourself quite a bit.”

“Oh, Master, please don’t encourage him.” As the comment leaves my mouth, Master recognizes my invitation to do exactly that—encourage Ty.

“Honestly, Dane,” Master says, “you can’t blame me for this when you’re sitting here in a towel.” Tyler and Master nod at each other and grin.

“So you two are ganging up on me now? Is that how it is?”

“He didn’t seem to mind when we ganged up on him in the dungeon, did he, sir?”

“Hmm.” Master narrows his eyes. “No, I believe that was begging we heard, not minding.”

I could turn the tables on Tyler; there’s no shortage of ammunition between his eager deal-taking and enthusiastic toe-standing—not to mention the boy’s frisky behavior in the shower. But I’m happy to take what Master and Ty dish out together, and I don’t believe it’s the masochist in me this time.

I’m still high from my trip to sub-space; perhaps Tyler is, too, or maybe he’s floating in a cloud of post-orgasmic bliss, a hot shower, and some much-needed physical affection. For his part, Master might be riding his double power trip, getting two subs off for the price of one, or he could well be anticipating his own sweet release in the very near future. Any or all of these physical forces might be driving the euphoria in the room, but I believe something far more profound is responsible.

A kid like Tyler would never speak, let alone tease, in the presence of a new dom and his committed sub. Every playful dig he throws out is a testament to his comfort level with us. Tyler feels safe enough to take risks. It’s exactly what we were hoping for, something that took me weeks with Master to achieve, but Tyler isn’t me, and I didn’t have another sub to guide me through.

“Speaking of begging . . .” Tyler looks at me while nudging his chin toward Master. “Wasn’t there something you wanted to ask your master, Dane?”

Me? It was your idea.”

Tyler shrugs. “He’s your Master.”

Master jumps into the fray. “Yes, he most certainly is. And a very curious one at that.”

I give them a stage sigh and an exaggerated roll of my eyes. “Fine. Tyler wanted me to ask if we could have one last kiss.” Two can play at this game, my smirk tells Tyler.

Master bolts up from his chair, hands on hips. “Clearly, the productive part of this meeting is over. Get up, boys.”

My feet hit the floor before Tyler’s, and I assume my submissive pose for good measure. Master is not fooling around. “So, you boys want to kiss again?”

“Yes, sir.”

Master raises a brow at me. Oh, what’s the use of denying it? “Yes, Master.”

Master’s lips curl into a smile at our shared eagerness. “Well then, here’s the deal.” Oh boy. “Dane loses the towel.”

“Deal!” Tyler shouts.

If my hands weren’t locked behind my back, I’d punch the guy in the gut. “Master hasn’t finished, Ty.”

Master chuckles before continuing. “Correct. You two can go right ahead and have yourselves a humdinger of a kiss. Then you, Tyler, are going to get into your car and drive your cute little ass home while your new friend, Dane, takes care of this”—he points to the impressive bulge forcing his zipper to its maximum capacity—“situation you’ve both inspired.”

Tyler opens his mouth again to seal the contract, but Master’s raised hand stops him. “As soon as you arrive safely home, you will email Dane to set up a date”—Master shakes his head when Tyler shoots me a lusty smirk—“for coffee. After you two put something on the calendar, you have my permission to do what you need to do about that, Mr. No-Hanky-Left-In-Your-Panky.”

Tyler’s sweatpants merely hint at what we all know lurks inside them. The same cannot be said of my towel.

“Now, gentlemen . . . do we have a deal?”

“Yes, Master,” I answer all polite and submissive, while Tyler rips the towel off my waist and tosses it at Master’s chest with a booming, “Yessir!”

Master tries not to laugh, but even he cannot contain himself. “Have at it, boys.”

Before I can even turn to face him, Tyler plants his hands on my ass and yanks my hips against the baggy front of his pants. Luckily, balance is one of my strengths, or I’d have face-planted in his crotch—a move Ty wouldn’t complain about but Master might take issue with.

“Very romantic,” I say, a surprised chuckle escaping me.

“He said to make it a humdinger; I’m just following orders.” Tyler angles his head, leans in, and presses his lips to mine.

Then he kisses me.

I thought Tyler had kissed me before, but it was nothing like this. Hot and hard, pure sex. Plump lips and a tongue taking no prisoners. A kiss I feel deep in my balls.

My arms snake up Tyler’s chest and around his neck, hanging on for dear life.  Tyler is not a beefy guy, but in the throes of passion, his grip is more powerful than I’d expected. My pelvis grinds against his, seeking friction, and we’re starting to feel better than we have permission for.

Noises—sloppy suction and deep, guttural grunts; master’s muttered curse words and groans from the sidelines.

An alarm sounds in my head. I have to break this off, be the responsible one. Ty isn’t strong enough to end us, and if Master has to do the job, there will be unpleasant consequences. It’s not so much the threat that pulls my lips off Tyler’s but my respect for Master and his trust in me. I can’t take advantage of this situation no matter how good it feels in the moment.

Pushing on Tyler’s chest doesn’t finish the job. The fucker makes me reach back and pry his fingers off my cheeks. I stagger away, my raging erection about as inconspicuous as a wino at an AA meeting—a detail that goes unnoticed by no one in this room. Leave it to Tyler to call a spade a spade.

“Now, there’s a humdinger if I ever saw one.”

Master rounds his desk and imposes his body between us, effectively blocking Tyler’s view. “Yes, but it’s my humdinger.” The cloth of Master’s pants brushes my protruding tip, not that I need another reminder of my buck-nakedness. “That kiss should suffice for your goodbye with Dane.”

“Yes, sir.” Tyler’s grin is visible even with the back of Master’s head blocking most of my view.  
“Now, for my turn . . .”

My heart leaps into my throat. Is Master really planning to let Tyler kiss him the way he just kissed me? “Yellow” is on the tip of my tongue, and I’m not afraid to use it.

“Bring it in, Tyler,” Master says, opening his arms wide, an invitation for a hug, not a kiss.
What the hell was I thinking? Master knows me better than that.

Tyler steps inside the hug and shoots me a wink over Master’s shoulder. A strange thing happens to the boy as he settles into Master’s embrace. Tyler’s eyes drift closed; he stops working so hard to ingratiate himself with flip remarks. He sinks into Master’s acceptance and truly relaxes for the first time. Honestly, it’s one of the most beautiful moments I’ve ever witnessed.

Master releases Tyler with a kiss on the cheek. “You did well today, son. You should feel very proud of yourself.”

A ripple of pride shimmies down my spine, not just for Tyler but for my Master as well. To be in the man’s presence is to know true mastery.

“Thank you, sir.” Tyler catches my eye over Master’s shoulder. “Thank you, both.”

I nod back. “Don’t forget to email me when you get home.”

“Oh, I think it’s fair to say I will not forget any part of this day for a very long time.”

Master claps his arm around Tyler’s shoulders and leads him to the door but not without looking back over his shoulder to level me with one of his imposing glares. “Drop to your knees and warm up that jaw, Dane.”

I don't think Master will have to tell Dane twice. :)
Thanks, kind readers, as always, for your support.


  1. Wow! Humdinger of a kiss is right, leavin' poor Dane with a humdinger of an erection LOL! However, once again, Marcus deftly corrals those hot boys ending with a hug for Tyler that brought tears to my eyes *sniff!* Lookin' forward to Marcus receivin' his just desserts for bein' so fabulous *gigglesnort!*

    1. Thank you for those tears. I might've wiped one away myself... sigh.

  2. Wow that was a hell of a send off for Tyler! I marvel at Master's wisdom, Dane's courage and self-knowledge. Tyler is like a kid in a candy shop here, but I caught a smidgen of burgeoning self-esteem there at the end. This story warms my heart and almost gives this old woman hope, and maybe courage, to go out and find a buried self within at this advanced age. Thank you!

    1. Aww it's never to late to dig for that buried self! LET HER OUT! :)
      I love your image of Tyler as the kid in the candy store. I do believe he probably thought what he had Dane and Marcus opened his eyes and heart to the true possibilities. It's a beautiful thing. :)

  3. THE CHEEK! And by cheek I mean "ornery, pushy, teaming up on, Dane again-ness"! LOVED IT!!!!!! And that kiss? Hhhhholyshitballsoffire, my dear.

    Marcus handles all these situations with the proper amount of Mastery and fun. GUH! Telling them to make it a humdinger, the scamp! I knew immediately that Tyler would jump at the chance but Dane's observations about how strongly he was held and how much more provocative the kiss was were lovely. The best part of that scene was Marcus adding in the condition that Ty schedules a coffee date with Dane. Encouraging the friendship just shows how little M seems to fear anything more between the two which strengthens D's belief that he is enough for my mind anyway;)

    Also, the hug. *Whimpers* THAT HUG! Marcus is my only book boy best friend, just saying.

    Favorite line(s)... "“My boy knows what’s good for him.” Possessive Master raises the temperature inside my terrycloth kilt." ...You HAD to know this would stand out for used one of my happy thought triggers! If I could have cut and paste the ENTIRE chapter I would have. It was beyond a doubt one of my favorite ever. The levity, sexiness, and total dedication to Ty's well-being made it astounding. Perhaps even more than the scene in the dungeon, but that's likely only in my head.


    1. Heehee, I did think of you when I invoked the kilt, but really, the image produced itself! (probably thanks to you!) I guess Tyler felt as if he had nothing to lose so he just went for it with that full-bodied kiss/maul. I love what you said about M encouraging their friendship. It would have been fun to hop back inside his head there, but we've seen him do this before, with Sean at the clothing store, where his generosity outweighs his own need for Dane's time. I see these two men (D and M) as so completely fulfilled in their relationship that they can reach out with full heart and spirit to the world. Able to heal because they are whole together and separately. :) Thank you so much for sharing your lovely insights. XXX

  4. Yeah, what V said!

    Love it


  5. And I just let out a great big sigh, because that ended so very well. No hurt feelings, no self doubts, just a boost of self esteem, and an insight to how very special that couple are.
    enjoyed it bunches m'dear!

    1. Fiction is so lovely that way. :) But really, no need for angst here. They're all grownups. I'm sure there are twinges of coulda/wouldas, but mostly just lovely memories to go around. :) Thank you.

  6. “Now, there’s a humdinger if I ever saw one.”

    "Yes, but it's my humdinger." YAAAAAAS

    Never heard of that word before today but it might just be my new fave one. Haha

    What a goodbye, indeed. That was an intense first time between them. Tyler inviting and accepting the right way for a Master to be in his life, as well as Dane and Marcus's first time having an external party withing their M/s environment. And it got a little intense and intimate real quick. I think it was necessary to get Ty on track so I'm glad it happened. But as far as them having anyone else exist in that space with them... no way. Ty is such a cutey. His next dom will have quite a treat, and I hope Marcus and Eleazar can help him find the right path. Also yay to Marcus encouraging them to not lose touch. I do hope they could be friends, you know, out there in the world.

    At that last line, I found myself flexing and stretching my own jaw. Hahha. Some time alone? Here for it.

    1. Heehee, you good little subbie, you. ;) Did you crawl around the house on your hands and knees all day, chasing Marcus too? *wink* I'm glad you pinpointed that little shift where Marcus claims Dane in no uncertain terms. Hubba hubba, how that must feel to Dane. Fun's fun but this one is MINE. GROWL. I agree with you. It was fun to throw in that third play partner for the right reasons, and who's to say they wouldn't invite someone else in down the road, someone who might not evoke such an intense emotional response in Dane. But for now, our boys need to be all alone together...with us. MWAH!.

  7. This was one of my favorite chapters in the whole story. I remember what fun we had discussing this one, and I love that you left in all the Ty's just for me!!

    On the other hand, I loved how Tyler's self worth seemed to blossom in Marcus's hold.

    Well done, my friend! xoxo

    1. YES, that was a very excellent and helpful review comment! MWAH. No wonder I keep you around! And I also remember your reaction to that hug. :)

  8. What a fun chapter. I loved how Tyler threw Dane under the bus. Such a guy thing. Marcus' and Danes happiness is so infectious. While I'm sure so much of their relationship is a revelation to Tyler I have to think the humor is at the top of the list. The kiss was surely hot, but boy did that hug hit me in the gut. Great chapter.

    1. Ahhh. Perfect. Thank you. I love that you're infected by their happiness...or were you referring to Tyler? LOL. Hopefully a little of both.

  9. GAH. All your characters have such a special place in my heart and in my mind. And Tyler just joined the permanent cast of characters! I loved seeing Tyler's true spirit emerge here. Being so cheeky with his new friends was so cute! I love the fast forming friendship between him and Dane. I think Tyler is gonna be just fine in Eleazar's hands, with Dane as a friend, and Marcus helping find someone worthy of his submission.

    I teared up during Tyler's hug with Marcus- it was so sweet with the "son" statement from Marcus. GAH, some words just really touch me and in this scene, "son" really did it for me. Pair that with a kiss on the cheek and Im in a puddle over here!

    favorite line: "we’ve already agreed that one man’s limit overrules the other’s curiosity." A beautifully succinct summary of how I think it should be always. There can of course be discussions and negotiations but when it comes down to it, one "no" is enough.

    I can't get enough of these guys and I am sooo going to miss them. I'll have to start giving them scenarios to act out in my head now... hehehe

    1. I'm so pleased that "son" worked for you. Thank you for saying so I give Marcus the credit for whispering it into my ear. I think it helped Dane too, to hear Marcus refer to Tyler in a way that clearly differentiated him from his relationship with Dane- not that there's much of a comparison anyway, but the little term of endearment was a definite shift away from seeing Tyler as any kind of equal. to that philosophy, that mirrors a "rule" that mr. and I have had since day one, though he phrased it differently when he taught me: Whoever wants something MORE than the other one (doesn't want that thing) gets that. For example, he likes the windows down in the car but it makes me all frizzy and cold so we just generally don't. :) You go right on imagining, sweets. They're yours to play with too.

  10. Well that was a productive conversation! I loved the comfortable banter Tyler shared with them both, but what melted my heart was when Master pulled Ty in for a hug. Beautiful moment, and wonderful chapter :)

    1. I'm so pleased that touched you. Thank you for mentioning it, Lisa.